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The Eye of the Law

Author : Michael Stolleis
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Written by the eminent German legal historian, Michael Stolleis, these two ‘Essays on Legal History’ offer an original and compelling history of the symbolism through which law is characterised as being 'above' us. In ‘The Eye of the Law’, the history of this metaphor is followed from antiquity through to the present day: from the Greek Eye of Justice, the eye of the impartial judge of the Underworld, the Eye of God watching past, present and future, the Eye of the Prince, guiding his subjects, to the almighty Eye of the Law. While our belief in the law may have become brittle, nothing escapes what is now the Eye of Big Brother. ‘In the Name of the Law’ takes up the various formulas used to legitimate the decisions of the courts, from the times of absolutism over the 19th century until today. The speaker who speaks in the name of a higher being underlines his function: his authority comes from above. And it is ‘in the name of’ god, king, people, state, nation, or law, that a weak, earthly, justice receives its support.

Eye of the Law

Author : Cora Harrison
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A Mystery of Medieval Ireland 1510. A great feast is being held. Into a crowd listening to the story of Balor, the one-eyed god, come two strangers. The younger of the two, Larla, bears a letter that claims that the wealthy Ardal O'Lochlainn is his true father, which Ardal vociferously denies. So when Larla is found dead, with one eye missing, some think he was killed by the god, but most suspect Ardal. Mara, the Brehon of the Burren, is called to investigate.

Real Knockouts

Author : Martha McCaughey
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Women's Studies: Essential Readings provides a wide range of readers with an entirely comprehensive selection of ever 140 readings on women's studies, representing the entire diversity of current feminist thinking. The book is a divided into fourteen sections that reflect primary topics within women's studies, covering theory and perspectives, including: feminist social theory; psychological and psychoanalytic theory; cross-cultural perspectives and historical perspectives, as well as themes such as: education and work; marriage and motherhood; sexuality; the law; crime and deviance; politics and the state; science, medicine and reproductive technology; language and gender; feminist literary criticism; and the media tool Features: Introductions to each section provide an overview of the main issues and debates. Commentaries on each extract locate the work of individual authors within wider debates and identify the perspective from which they are writing. Each section contains a guide to further reading.

Marriage Proposals

Author : Anita Bernstein
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The essays in Marriage Proposals envision a variety of scenarios in which adults would continue to join themselves together seeking permanent companionship and sustenance, linking sexual intimacy to a long commitment, usually caring for each other, and building new families. What would disappear are the legal consequences associated with marriage. No joint income tax return; no immigration privileges like the “fiancée visa” or the right to bring in a husband or wife; no special statuses for prison visits or hospital decisions; no prerogative to remain silent in court by claiming “confidential marital communications”; no pension entitlements; no marital benefits and detriments regarding criminal or civil liability. The anthology makes a unique contribution amid the two marriage furors of the day: same-sex marriage and the Bush Administration's “marriage movement” (that marrying is good and more marriages would be better for society). Abolishing the legal category of marriage is the only policy suggestion in current American discourse that speaks to both causes. Activists on both sides of the same-sex marriage fight, along with marriage movement partisans, all seek improvement through law reform. Marriage Proposals gives them a viable reform—abolition of marriage as a legal status—for fighting battles in the courtroom and the streets. Contributors include Anita Bernstein, Peggy Cooper Davis, Martha Albertson Fineman, Linda C. McClain, Marshall Miller, Lawrence Rosen, Mary Lyndon Shanley, and Dorian Solot.

Animal Maltreatment

Author : Thomas Grisso
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Animal maltreatment includes physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or hoarding of animals, and all states have laws prohibiting various forms of animal maltreatment. About one-half have statutory provisions mandating or allowing courts to order forensic mental health assessments of individuals convicted of animal maltreatment offenses. Yet there are few resources on this topic for mental health and legal professionals and none that offer guidance for evaluations in animal maltreatment cases. Animal Maltreatment is the first book to provide an overview of animal maltreatment as a legal, clinical, and forensic issue. It offers guidance for mental health and legal professionals involved in the adjudication of animal maltreatment offenses, with a special focus on forensic mental health assessments in such cases. The book reviews the legal and social contexts of animal maltreatment and then describes research-based and clinical knowledge within the area. It offers perspectives on social and clinical responses in animal maltreatment cases and describes prospects for an area of forensic mental health assessment focused specifically on the forensic evaluation in cases of animal maltreatment. This is the first book that brings together descriptions of the characteristics of those who maltreat animals, factors associated with animal maltreatment behaviors, information about the impact on the animals themselves, and evaluations of offenders to assist courts in decisions about their rehabilitation. Animal Maltreatment will be of great benefit and interest to general and forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, as well as lawyers, legal scholars and students, veterinarians, humane law enforcement professionals, and others involved in animal welfare advocacy.

Manifesting Unlock Your Full Potential With Law of Attraction and Third Eye Awakening How to Stop Wishing for Change and Manifest Success With Visualization

Author : Luke Hawkins
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Manifestation meditation is about directing your creative energy to attract specific outcomes in your life. At the same time, manifestation meditation is a powerful tool to release your manifesting blocks and heal your past. By letting go of what longer serves you, you free up new energy you can channel into making your dreams a reality. Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside: The secret behind a successful hero – and what it can teach us about the law of attraction How you can become the hero of your own life and fulfill your true potential Breaking down the science behind visualization, intuition, and the art of mindfulness And so much more… The most complete, thorough and practical guide ever written on the topic of co-creation and the law of attraction. In power manifesting, nick delivers true stories of incredible synchronicity. He breaks down and simplifies concepts at their core. He shares his life experiences in a deep and penetrating way. The end result? A journey that unlocks the mind, moving the reader into a new paradigm of understanding. Get this book today

Journal of Professional Practice

Author :
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Anti Suicide

Author : William Hart
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Laws of Karma through the eyes of a child

Author : Sourabh Roy
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Take a dive into the fictional world of a child and witness the laws of karma through his eyes. If you tired of being an adult or feeling lost, may be a child’s perspective is all you need.

Pennsylvania State Reports

Author : Pennsylvania. Supreme Court
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Containing cases decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.