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In the Shade of the Camelthorn Tree

Author : Mark Campbell
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Short Stories / Anicdotes relating to African Hunting Safaris/As a small boy growing up in Kenya, I would listen to the stories my mother told me with avid interest. I would hang on to her every word and vowed that one day I was going to be a hunter too. Many of my parent's safari boys were my friends and would scare the daylights out of me by telling me hair-raising stories of their own. Each chapter of this book is a complete story in itself. The book is designed to make light and amusing reading.

Under the Camelthorn Tree

Author : Kate Nicholls
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Kate Nicholls left England to raise her five children in Botswana: an experience that would change each of their lives. Living on a shoestring in a lion conservation camp, Kate home-schools her family under a camelthorn tree while they also learn at first hand about the individual lives of wild lions. Their deep attachment to these magnificent animals is palpable. This contemporary, gritty and humorous memoir explores the shocking impact of PTSD on a close-knit family, and their eventual recovery. It is a timely book that shines a light on an aspect of sexual crime that is often shrouded in shame: children of parents with PTSD can suffer collateral damage. The character-driven narrative moves effectively across time and place, revealing the gradual fragmentation of a strong woman. Kate Nicholls pulls no punches and her passion to act as advocate for the secondary victims of trauma is expressed in raw, unsentimental prose. She skilfully counterbalances this with amusing insight into family life. She explores the universal challenges of child-rearing with wit and engaging honesty, offering an unsanitised insight into raising a family in the African bush. Kate Nicholls' tightly constructed narrative has received widespread praise and she made a much-acclaimed appearance at the Hay Festival with Jane Garvey in May 2019.

The Road to Infinite Phant

Author : Barrington Strydom
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This story is about Puddy, a young elephant in the Kruger National Park, whose herd is culled. He and his mother are spared and sold to a small game park. Five years later at the age of nine, he, accompanied by an otter named Tarak, a polecat, a dog and two eagles, returns to his original home to search for his father. He and five bull elephants prevent a cull from taking place after which he and Tarak set out to explore the park. They meet a Russian named Bosky who for the past 28 years has been digging the park full of holes in fruitless search for gold he believes was buried there during the Anglo South African war. Bosky, who is able to communicate with animals and lives amongst them fearlessly, decides to accompany them. Bosky rescues Puddy when he gets into trouble with game rangers. They are joined by an old zebra; they annoy a baboon; foil the plans of two poachers, and are confronted by a lion and his mate. Puddy goes to place his memory of which is afterwards insubstantial and elusive. Later, Burchell saves Bosky from being trampled by an enraged elephant that flung him to the ground. Then the three animals together save the severely injured Bosky's life again. The story ends where plans are being made for a journey to a land where mammoths once lived; a story that is nearly complete.

The Kalahari

Author : Stefan Schreier
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A Part of the world in one book. This book takes you on an exciting journey to southern Africa and describes the unique landscapes, flora and fauna of the Kalahari. Discover the small and large living artists in this different world between sand, salt and marsh. Meet with us the wild animals in their original environment. You are up close and personal in 200 colour images. Let yourself be carried away by the campfire into the world of myths and legends. Get inspired for your next holiday destination. The book is suitable for all ages; to read yourself or to read aloud for the youngest.

Between Fire Shadow A personal Journey inspired by Horses

Author : Isabel Wolf-Gillespie
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Inspired by an intrinsic and powerful passion for horses, Lloyd Gillespie and Isabel Wolf- Gillespie set off on a life changing epic adventure journey across the far corners of South Africa eventually covering a total of over 7411 kilometers. Theirs is a story of determination, commitment, humility and love on an inspiring journey alongside their horses. There is a very interesting and often at times trying relationship dynamic between the different personalities. On the one hand there is the relationship between humans, between humans and horses and between horses themselves, all the while faced with a variety of challenges and difficulties with the result being a life changing experience.The book is written from a South African male and German female perspective sharing the extreme conditions of traveling in the African wilderness for one year and 7 months alongside a herd of horses!

Strike of the Black Mamba

Author : Ian Kruger
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The unthinkable has happened. An environmental organization warned the world against it. Still, nobody believed that it would turn out like this. But Donald Morse proves everyone wrong. Defying all security measures, he manages to steal a shipment of nuclear material from a cargo ship destined for Japan's nuclear power reactors. Could anything be worse than this scenario? Perhaps the fact that Donald Morse knows that South African scientists developed extremely dangerous nuclear weapons during the apartheid years, weapons that the world thought were not possible to construct. Donald has information where these deadly weapons are hidden - and he has plans to get them out. Ken Palmer is sent by the FBI to find Donald Morse and to arrest him. But Ken has to deal with traitors from within as well as onslaughts on his life. However, he discovers the real spine-chilling reason for Donald's need for the nuclear weapons and he realizes that Donald has to be stopped in any way possible.

Grassland Biomes

Author : Susan L. Woodward
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This volume in the Greenwood Guides to Biomes of the World covers grasslands, those biomes the cover vast areas of the landmass of earth. It covers the two major types of grassland biomes: the temperate grasslands (such as the North American prairie), and the tropical grassland (e.g. the African savanna), examining all aspects that define these biomes: Vegetation, Geographical Distribution, Soil, Challenges posed by the environment, Adaptation of the plants and animals to the environment, Conservation efforts Maps, photos, diagrams, drawings, and tables accompany the text, as do sidebars that highlight habitats, species, and ecological relationships.

Africa What It Gave Me What It Took from Me

Author : Margarethe von Eckenbrecher
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Africa: What It Gave Me, What It Took from Me is a memoir of an extraordinary woman who, as a newlywed, travelled with her husband to German South West Africa, a colony situated just above South African on the Atlantic coast.

A Better Ending and Other Short Stories for Boys and Girls

Author : Doreen Tamminga
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Caleb desperately wants a cat, but his mother is allergic to them. When a stray cat show ups at the house, Caleb can’t resist taking care of it—despite his mother’s sneezing! Hopes are dashed when Caleb’s father explains to him that he cannot expect God to always answer his prayers in the way he wants. Yet a surprising twist in the story makes Caleb eventually realize that “God does answer prayer, in His own time and in His own way.” A Better Ending is a collection of short stories and poems that take place at home, in school, across the world, and in out own back yards. Each story has a theme that encourages readers to reflect on their own hearts and lives as the relate to God’s Word. Table of Contents: 1. A Better Ending: “Small Steps” 2. A Higher Purpose: “Instruments of Praise” 3. Hand-Me-Down Dog: “A Child’s Walk with God” 4. The Red Geranium: “Let Them Come to Me” 5. When the Rains Came: “Just a Little Cloud” 6. Caiman and Camelids: “White as Snow” 7. The Ruins: “Heroes of the Faith” 8. Second Chances: “Blessings from Above” 9. French for Rachel: “Planned with Care” 10. The Swindler: “Tangled in Sin” 11. Patches’s Way: “The Saddest Sight to See” 12. Sweeter than Them All: “Today Is the Day” 13. Too Much Chatter: “Creatures of the Deep” 14. Surprised by Joy: “Happy Inside” 15. Two Are Better than One: “Closer than a Brother” 16. Wait for Me!: “To Serve His Way” 17. Missing!: “Jesus, Shepherd” 18. Ahead of the Storm: “My Feathered Friend” 19. A Break from Spring Break: “The Master’s Way” 20. Laughter in the Woods: “We Are Bears” 21. Someone Special: “The House of God” 22. Treasures and Daydreams: “What God Has Given Me” 23. Better than Sacrifice: “Be Holy” 24. Camping Woes and Wonders: “Two Words” 25. Hungry Inside: “Tell Me”

Walking with Secrets

Author : Carla Huxham
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Centred on the fabulous diamond beaches on Africas West Coast, harsh realities impact on the seemingly idyllic pattern of life in a deeply rural village. Key characters, Hafeni and Abed, are wrenched from their community to seek work. The mens arduous journey across the dessicated veld introduces their realitydistant and remote. A troubled German teenager, Alex, experiences the beauty of the wilderness, and unwittingly undergoes a transition into manhood. As a prelude to the ending of the drought, an enchanting, unusual story plays out with a visit by the mythical rainbird. The men settle into the alien and unfamiliar routine of life at the mine, where an undercurrent of diamond theftlike fine desert sandpervades everything. Hafeni remains steadfast and committed to his mission. Abed, however, falls victim to temptation. The novel reaches across cultural divides, revealing drastically different worlds. Bessie, child of a domestic worker, grew up in a suburb near Windhoek, privileged to receive an education. Against all odds, she makes her dream come true. Sharing her success is engaging and meaningful. Betrayals, however, turn her life upside down. Fortuitous circumstances find her working at the mine. Too late Bessie discovers that she is harbouring a diamond thief, and pays a terrible price. Intrigue and ingenuity provide compelling suspense in the battle of wits between Security and the diamond thieves. The villagers meanwhile experience a miraculous change in circumstances. When the men return to the mine for a second contract, their wivesNala and Jaloosuffer a traumatic incident. They endure the arduous walk back to the village, bound by shame and secrecy, and vengeful murder is the outcome. Walking with Secrets offers unique views on aspects of the arcane world of diamonds. It is a captivating human story, sensitively told, with deeply poignant insights.