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Inclusion and Democracy

Author : Iris Marion Young
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Democratic equality entails a principle that everyone whose basic interests are affected by policies should be included in the process of making them. Yet people often claim that they are unrepresented. This text explores the ideals of inclusion.

Activism Inclusion and the Challenges of Deliberative Democracy

Author : Anna Drake
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Deliberative democracy – whereby people debate competing ideas before agreeing upon political action – must rest on its capacity to include all points of view. But how does this inclusive framework engage with activism that occurs in opposition to deliberative systems themselves? Through the examples of ACT UP, Black Lives Matter, and other contemporary activist movements, Activism, Inclusion, and the Challenges of Deliberative Democracy explores the systemic oppression that prevents activists from participating in deliberative systems as equals. Anna Drake concludes that only by addressing activism separately and on its own terms can we acknowledge its distinct democratic contribution.

The Politics of Democratic Inclusion

Author : Christina Wolbrecht
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How institutions foster and hinder political participation of the underrepresented

Revisiting Iris Marion Young on Normalisation Inclusion and Democracy

Author : U. Vieten
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Revisiting Iris Marion Young on Normalisation, Inclusion and Democracy presents an innovative collection of politically and theoretically inspiring papers by feminist, queer and postcolonial writers. All authors engage with Young's politics of cultural difference and a 'politics of positional difference' read against her critique of normalisation.

Inclusion Participation and Democracy What is the Purpose

Author : J. Allan
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Offering a cross-cultural perspective, this book contains papers from internationally renowned scholars who provide fresh insights into the goals and ambitions for inclusion, participation and democracy and how these might be realized today. The 'insider' accounts highlight the complex political and cultural changes required to achieve success with the inclusion project. This book is for researchers studying inclusion, teacher educators and teachers.

Changing Citizenship

Author : Osler, Audrey
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Changing Citizenship supports educators in understanding the links between global change and the everyday realities of teachers and learners. It explores the role that schools can play in creating a new vision of citizenship for multicultural democracies.

Justice and the Politics of Difference

Author : Iris Marion Young
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In this classic work of feminist political thought, Iris Marion Young challenges the prevailing reduction of social justice to distributive justice. The starting point for her critique is the experience and concerns of the new social movements that were created by marginal and excluded groups, including women, African Americans, and American Indians, as well as gays and lesbians. Young argues that by assuming a homogeneous public, democratic theorists fail to consider institutional arrangements for including people not culturally identified with white European male norms. Consequently, theorists do not adequately address the problem of an inclusive participatory framework. Basing her vision of the good society on the culturally plural networks of contemporary urban life, Young makes the case that normative theory and public policy should undermine group-based oppression by affirming rather than suppressing social group differences. Danielle Allen's new foreword contextualizes Young's work and explains how debates surrounding social justice have changed since — and been transformed by — the original publication of Justice and the Politics of Difference.

Democratic Inclusion

Author : Rainer Bauböck
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Rainer Baubock is the world's leading theorist of transnational citizenship. He opens this volume with a question that is crucial to our thinking on citizenship in the twenty-first century: who has a claim to be included in a democratic political community? Baubock's answer addresses the majortheoretical and practical issues of the forms of citizenship and access to citizenship in different types of polity, the specification and justification of rights of non-citizen immigrants as well as non-resident citizens, and the conditions under which norms governing citizenship can legitimatelyvary. This argument is challenged and developed in responses by Joseph Carens, David Miller, Iseult Honohan, Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson, David Owen and Peter J. Spiro. In the concluding chapter, Baubock replies to his critics.

Democracy Education

Author :
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The Politics of Reconciliation in Multicultural Societies

Author : Will Kymlicka
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In recent years, many countries have pursued various ideas of

Reframing Democracy

Author : Jayadeva Uyangoda
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Gender Democracy and Inclusion in Northern Ireland

Author : Carmel Roulston
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Mainstream politics in Northern Ireland have not been welcoming to women, but many women have been present in community and voluntary organizations, where their contribution has been outstanding. This book examines four organizations (including the recently-formed Northern Ireland Women's Coalition) where women have been active. It discusses the processes and structures created by these groups in order to work democratically across differences and argue that their experiences are invaluable to the development of feminist debates on democracy and difference.

Democratic Practice

Author : Robert M. Fishman
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At a time of growing concern over the fate of contemporary democracy this book shows how vast differences between countries in forms of political conduct, and taken for granted assumptions, determine what democracies actually accomplish. In Democratic Practice, Robert M. Fishman elucidates why some democracies include the economically underprivileged, and cultural others within the circles of political relevance that set policies and the political agenda, whereas others exclude them. On the basis of in-depth research on Portugal and Spain, Fishman develops a theoretically innovative explanation for the breadth of democratic inclusion and draws out large implications for democracies everywhere. Democratic Practice examines the record of two countries that began the worldwide turn to democracy in the 1970s, showing how and why basic assumptions about what democracy is, and how political actors should treat one another, diverged. The book offers detailed empirical evidence on how an inclusive approach to democratic politics provides major benefits not only for the poor and excluded but also for others, drawing large lessons for contemporary democracies.

The Inclusion of the Other

Author : Jürgen Habermas
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Since its appearance in English translation in 1996, Jurgen Habermas's Between Facts and Norms has become the focus of a productive dialogue between German and Anglo-American legal and political theorists. The present volume contains ten essays that provide an overview of Habermas's political thought since the original appearance of Between Facts and Norms in 1992 and extend his model of deliberative democracy in novel ways to issues untreated in the earlier work. Habermas's theory of democracy has at least three features that set it apart from competing positions. First, it combines a concern with questions of normative justification with an empirical analysis of the social conditions necessary for the realization of democratic institutions. Second, at the heart of his model is the assertion of an internal relationship between liberalism and democracy. Finally, Habermas defends a conception of universal human rights that is not only sensitive to cultural differences but also calls for legal and political institutions that facilitate the cultivation of cultural and religious identities within pluralistic societies. These essays demonstrate the extraordinary power of Habermas's theory of democracy through a further engagement with Rawls's political liberalism and through original contributions to current debates over nationalism, multiculturalism, and the viability of supranational political institutions.

African Voices

Author :
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A newsletter on democracy and governance in Africa.

Waiting for Democracy

Author : Jesse Craig Ribot
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References pp. 115-132.

The Inclusion Delusion

Author : Aislinn O'Donnell
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It may seem self-evident that a democratic society ought to develop inclusive institutions and an inclusive educational system, yet when we try to define what we understand by inclusion, its complexity becomes apparent. This book does not seek to diminish that complexity but aims to deepen our understanding of the idea and ideals of inclusion, as well as examining the presuppositions, values, aims and blind-spots associated with the language of inclusion. What do we mean by the concept? What normative assumptions underpin discourses of inclusion? What happens when we fail to think about the unintended consequences of including those who were previously excluded? Is there an implicit ideal of 'normality' at play? Does the concept of inclusion foreclose interrogation of patterns of privilege and power? <BR> This book argues that in order to develop just and inclusive institutions we must begin from the standpoint of those who feel silenced, marginalised and excluded. Responding to the context of Irish education, it makes an important contribution to ongoing debates in Ireland and internationally about how institutions need to change if they are to become genuinely inclusive.

Evaluation as a Democratic Process Promoting Inclusion Dialogue and Deliberation

Author : Katherine E. Ryan
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Inclusive approaches to evaluation emphasizing participation andcollaboration can enhance the efficiency of data collection,improvelearning, and strengthen commitment to act on results andalso reflect the highest aspirations and ideals of a democraticsociety. The contributors to this volume use case studies todiscover the lessons learned so far from successful andunsuccessful attempts to democratize evaluation. They offer tenquestions to guide evaluation planning from a deliberative,democratic viewpoint, and look at a failed attempt at inclusiveevaluation to analyze how deliberative intentions can be distorted.Focusing on participation, they discuss how best to use differenttypes of dialogue to make evaluation more participatory, examine anevaluation program in a psychiatric institution to explore thechallenge of employing participatory, democratic approaches in ananti-democratic environment, and more. This is the 85th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions forEvaluation.

Journal of Humanities

Author :
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Immigration as a Democratic Challenge

Author : Ruth Rubio-Marín
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Examining Germany and the United States, this book argues that immigration policy in Western democracies is unjust and undemocratic.