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Indigo Quilts

Author : Kay Triplett
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The beauty of Indigo quilts is undeniable. Step inside the Poos Collection of quilts, one of the largest privately held collections in the world. Explore the origins of the fiber and fabric presented by two members of the American Quilt Study Group. Featuring stunning quilts circa 1750 to 1890, this collection of blue-and-white beauties will inspire you to make gorgeous quilt projects using present day Indigo or reproduction fabrics.

Exam Prep for Indigo Quilts 30 Quilts from the Poos

Author :
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Making History Quilts Fabric From 1890 1970

Author : Barbara Brackman
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Learn the Fascinating True Story of Fabrics in America...Make Your Own Period Quilts. The comprehensive guide to fabrics and their influence on American quilts, from the machine age to the atomic age. Essential companion volume to America's Printed Fabrics 1770-1890. Includes 9 quilt projects inspired by vintage quilt designs and fabrics. Packed with historic photos, stories, and insights into the role of fabrics in everyday life

Pioneer Quilts

Author : Lori Lee Triplett
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Discover the history and culture of America’s pioneers chronicled in quilts and learn how to create your own inspired designs. Join fictional character Esther Heinzmann as she narrates the journey through authentic, pioneer-era creations from the Poos Collection—each featured in full color on a 2-page spread. Ideal for traditional quilters and quilt history buffs, this robust offering of 30 antique quilts also includes 5 quilt projects that readers can recreate at home. Offering access to the authors’ privately held family collection, this book gives an in-depth look at the importance of quilts to the pioneer life. As you view the quilts, you'll also read accounts of the Westward Expansion, including information on preparation for the long journey and a depiction of real life on the prairie.

The Little Book of Little Quilts

Author : Books Indigo
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Aimed at quilters of all skill levels, The L ittle Book of Little Quilts presents a collection of traditi onal and contemporary designs for small quilts. '

Four Centuries of Quilts

Author : Linda Baumgarten
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An exquisite and authoritative look at four centuries of quilts and quilting from around the world Quilts are among the most utilitarian of art objects, yet the best among them possess a formal beauty that rivals anything made on canvas. This landmark book, drawn from the world-renowned collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, highlights the splendor and craft of quilts with more than 300 superb color images and details. Fascinating essays by two noted scholars trace the evolution of quilting styles and trends as they relate to the social, political, and economic issues of their time. The collection includes quilts made by diverse religious and cultural groups over 400 years and across continents, from the Mediterranean, England, France, America, and Polynesia. The earliest quilts were made in India and the Mediterranean for export to the west and date to the late 16th century. Examples from 18th- to 20th-century America, many made by Amish and African-American quilters, reflect the multicultural nature of American society and include boldly colored and patterned worsteds and brilliant pieced and appliquéd works of art. Grand in scope and handsomely produced, Four Centuries of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection is sure to be one of the most useful and beloved references on quilts and quilting for years to come.

Quilt Me

Author : Jane Brocket
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An exciting new title from the leading quilt author, Quilt Me! celebrates Jane Brockets liberated, joyous, colourful approach to quilting using wonderful fabrics and simple shapes and patterns to create stunning effects. Taking inspirational fabrics as its starting point, the book explores not only the designs available in cotton, made-for-the-market quilt/patchwork fabrics, but also moves into a new realm of alternative fabrics that can be used to make beautiful, practical, usable quilts. It is as if a quilt-maker has walked into the haberdashers of her dreams and has explored the many possibilities that traditional fabrics offer, fabrics such as ticking, linen, gingham, tweed, tartan, suiting, shirting, velvet, silk and calico. With clear instructions for a fantastic variety of quilts, Quilt Me! recreates the excitement, known to all quilters, of rummaging through a new stash of fabrics. The author describes the joy to be found in a wonderful colour scheme, design or pattern, as well as the aesthetic and practical advantages of making the most of what we find in traditional fabric shops and in our textile heritage, finding alternatives to quilt cottons, and casting a new eye over fabrics made for other purposes such as clothes, curtains, upholstery and interior decoration.

The New England Quilt Museum Quilts

Author : Jennifer Gilbert
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Important Note about PRINT ON DEMAND Editions: You are purchasing a print on demand edition of this book. This book is printed individually on uncoated (non-glossy) paper with the best quality printers available. The printing quality of this copy will vary from the original offset printing edition and may look more saturated. The information presented in this version is the same as the latest edition. Any pattern pullouts have been separated and presented as single pages. If the pullout patterns are missing, please contact c&t publishing.

Celebrate Great Quilts circa 1825 1940

Author : Karey Patterson Bresenhan
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"Collect with your heart, not your head" is the philosophy of these first-rate quilt collectors. The quilts they cherish may be classic designs or folk art, skillful or eccentric, and pristine or time-worn, making for a collection that is loved by all who see it. Enjoy an intimate look at the International Quilt Festival collection, featuring over a century of traditional American quiltmaking. Read the stories behind 75 historic quilts dating from 1825–1940. Learn about the fabric printing processes, quilting techniques, and popular patterns and colors of each era. 4 patterns for best-loved quilts from the book will be available separately, so you can re-create your favorite.

Quilts in Community

Author : Ricky Clark
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Describes the quilts, quiltmakers, and quiltmaking traditions of Ohio

Nebraska Quilts and Quiltmakers

Author : Patricia Cox Crews
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Features over one hundred quilts created from Nebraska's territorial period to the 1980s, with descriptions of the patterns, materials, and techniques and biographical sketches of the quiltmakers

Glorious American Quilts

Author : Museum of American Folk Art
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Describes and illustrates quilts from the late eighteenth century to the present

Foundation Pieced Nature Quilts

Author : Stephen Seifert
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American Quilts in the Modern Age 1870 1940

Author : Marin F. Hanson
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Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich has remarked, “Much of the social history of early America has been lost to us precisely because women were expected to use needles rather than pens.” This book, part of the multivolume series of the International Quilt Study Center collections, recovers a swath of that lost history and shows us some of America’s treasured material culture as it was pieced and stitched into place. American Quilts in the Modern Age, 1870–1940 examines the period’s quilts from both an artistic and a historical perspective. From pieced block to Crazy style to Colonial Revival examples, as well as one-of-a-kind creations, the full array of style and design appears in this book covering seven decades of quiltmaking. The contributing authors provide critical information regarding the modern and anti-modern tensions that persisted throughout this era of America’s coming of age, from the Civil War to World War II. They also address the textile technology and cultural context of the times in which the quilts were created, with an eye to the role that industrialization and modernization played in the evolution of techniques, materials, and designs. With full-color photographs of over 587 quilts, American Quilts in the Modern Age, 1870-1940 offers a new visual and tactile understanding of American culture and society, bridging the transition from traditional folk culture to the age of mass production and consumption.

West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers

Author : Fawn Valentine
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Valentine, involved in a project to seek out, document, and help preserve West Virginia quilts, presents a fabulously beautiful collection of quilts created prior to 1940. Coverage of each work includes a map showing the county in which it was created, its maker, the date it was finished, its pattern, and a lively description of the quilt's composition, including patterns, fabrics, and techniques employed and its relationship to other quilts of the same era. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

Shizuko Kuroha s Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns

Author : Shizuko Kuroha
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Shizuko Kuroha's Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns infuses a cherished American craft with an exquisite Japanese sense of color, detail, and design. This book brings a fresh eye to classic patchwork patterns in a way that is delighting quilters all around the world today. Here, Kuroha shares her intricate hand-quilting techniques and a design sense that has been refined over her 40-year career as a celebrated book author and teacher. Her easy combinations of soft colors, detailed patterns, and bold stripes show how to achieve balance and flow in any type of patchwork project—from the simplest to the most complex. Step-by-step illustrations walk quilters through Kuroha's intricate hand-piecework process. The book includes 19 sampler blocks used to make hundreds of different combinations for all kinds of quilting projects. The photos and diagrams of the block assembly are so clear, you hardly need to read the steps! A handy printable pattern sheet at the back of the book takes the labor out of drawing the pieces used to build these blocks. Detailed instructions show you how to incorporate the blocks into projects large and small, including: Pincushions in round and square designs Drawstring bags and zippered pouches embellished with patchwork Quilted tote bags and a stylish backpack Table runners and wall hangings with gorgeous color schemes Full-sized quilts destined to become cherished heirlooms This book is an invaluable introduction to the basics of hand-stitched piecework. Practiced quilters will also love it for the way it broadens their horizons. Kuroha fans will be happy to see this popular book finally available in English—where it's sure to become a treasured reference for years to come!

Classic Quilts from the American Museum in Britain

Author : Laura Beresford
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The American Museum in Britain's textile collection is recognised not only as the finest collection of American textiles in Europe but also as one that is equal to many collections in the United States. In addition to carpets, embroideries and furnishing

Living with Quilts

Author : Phyllis George
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The former first lady of Kentucky shares her own quilt collection while showcasing over fifty examples of American quilting

Quilts of the Oregon Trail

Author : Mary Bywater Cross
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Presents quilts as documents of history that help us learn about the lives and experiences of the many women who traveled the Oregon Trail from 1840-1870. Features 56 quilts made before, during, and after the journey, shown in full color along with vintage photos of the makers and historical background. Includes multiple appendices, glossary, and extensive bibliography.

Let s Quilt Our New York County

Author : Carole Marsh
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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