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The Individual Society and Education

Author : Clarence J. Karier
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This is an updated version of Karier's highly regarded Man, Society, and Education, which focuses on the concepts of human nature and community throughout American educational history. For the new edition, Karier has added chapters on the major movements in American education from World War II to the present and on the major Supreme Court cases involving educational policy during the same period. "This classic volume remains a remarkable study in the history of ideas into which the implications for American schooling have been deftly woven. It is balanced, thorough, and intelligently challenging." --- Ann M. Keppel, College of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa "This new edition should have great use as a primary text at the graduate and advanced undergraduate levels." --- Peter A. Sola, School of Education, Howard University

The Individual and Society

Author : Fathali M. Moghaddam
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How is it that individuals grow up to be independent beings with private thoughts and feelings, yet also become integral parts of a continuous collective life? This book explores the fascinating relationship between the individual and society through a multi- disciplinary approach, drawing from research in social psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, cultural psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. The concept of carriers, such as flags and other means by which styles of behavior are socially manufactured, individually appropriated, and collectively passed on from generation to generation, is introduced to explain the merging of individuals in society, and the penetration of the social into all aspects of behaviour. The multi-disciplinary approach is matched by the breadth of the topics discussed, from romantic love, personality, intelligence, memory, eating disorders, depression, and Alzheimer's disease, to more macro level topics of revolutions, human rights and duties, social class, gender, and collective aggression.

Individual and Society

Author : Lizabeth A. Crawford
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Unlike other texts for undergraduate sociological social psychology courses, this text presents the three distinct traditions in sociological social psychology—symbolic interactionism, social structure and personality, and group processes and structures—and emphasizes the different theoretical frameworks within which social psychological analyses are conducted within each research tradition. With this approach, the authors make clear the link between sociological social psychology, theory, and methodology. Students will gain a better understanding of how and why social psychologists trained in sociology ask particular kinds of questions; the types of research they are involved in; and how their findings have been, or can be, applied to contemporary societal patterns and problems. This new, second edition includes the latest research on topics related to current events and changing societal patterns; more detailed discussions on intersectionality, social media, and contemporary social movements; as well as a new concluding chapter that asks students to reflect on what they have learned about sociological social psychology and its applicability to contemporary social issues. Engaging exercises and group activities are also embedded within in each chapter to enhance students’ understanding of key concepts, theories, methods and research findings within the field and how they relate to everyday life.

Aging the Individual and Society

Author : Susan M. Hillier
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Updated throughout with relevant new examples, research, and photos, AGING, THE INDIVIDUAL, AND SOCIETY, Tenth Edition, brings a social problems approach to the interdisciplinary study of gerontology. This accessible text combines academic research with an empathetic view of the lives of older people to involve students emotionally and intellectually in the material. Activities offer many opportunities for experiential learning. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Individual and Society in Islam

Author : Abdelwahab Bouhdiba
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This volume, the first of six to be published, studies fundamental values of Islam, along with the nature of rights and the responsibilities in a general context. The authors analyse the development of social thought and morality in Islam, and ways in which they are enforced through the family and education. Particular attention is paid to the status of women, children, youth and the socially excluded. Several chapters broach specially Islamic approaches to economics, government and justice. A world religion since its inception in the seventh century A.D., Islam is today seeking vigorous answers to contemporary problems through its multi-faceted history. Issues of poverty and wealth, inequality and demands for political expression, and respect for diversity in a difficult world of conformity are dealt with in this series. The study is organized along thematic rather than chronological lines and thus it is not necessary to read the volumes in order. Volume II is in fact the first to have been published. Volume IV is forthcoming end 2002, volume V mid 2003 and volumes III and VI in 2004. This volume, the first of six to be published, studies fundamental values of Islam, along with the nature of rights and the responsibilities in a general context. The authors analyse the development of social thought and morality in Islam, and ways in which they are enforced through the family and education. Particular attention is paid to the status of women, children, youth and the socially excluded. Several chapters broach specially Islamic approaches to economics, government and justice.

Individuals and Society in Mycenaean Pylos

Author : Dimitri Nakassis
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This book revises our understanding of Mycenaean society through a detailed prosopographical analysis of individuals attested in the administrative texts from the Palace of Nestor at Pylos in southwestern Greece, ca. 1200 BC.

The Individual After Modernity

Author : Mira Marody
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Moving beyond the individualisation paradigm in sociological theory, this book develops an approach to the analysis of human activities and the social phenomena produced by them that centres on the processes that generate coordinated behaviours among individuals. Emphasising the relational and processual character of social phenomena, as well as the importance of a broader cultural and historical context for analysing them, the author questions the view of contemporary society that sees individuals acting in a context in which social bonds are dissolving, and unveils the rationale hidden behind the chaos of everyday activities. Through an analysis of the continued importance of cooperation and the consequent emergence in society of various kinds of communities, this volume examines the changing character of social ties. An overview of transformation of social bonds and the intensification of mutual influences among individuals as they seek to address social dilemmas in new contexts, The Individual after Modernity will appeal to social scientists with interests in social theory.

Marx and Hegel on the Dialectic of the Individual and the Social

Author : Sevgi Dogan
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Marx and Hegel on the Dialectic of the Individual and the Social is a detailed investigation of the major works of Hegel and the young Marx exploring how the concept of the individual is positioned within their ontologies and how this positioning is reflected in their related political views.

Individuals and Societies

Author : Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya
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A revision of the author's thesis, University of London, 1963. Includes index. Bibliography: p. [273]-275.

Belief History and the Individual in Modern Chinese Literary Culture

Author : Artur K. Wardega
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A value system in constant change; a longing for stability amid uncertainties about the future; a new consciousness about the unlimited challenges and aspirations in modern life: these are themes in modern Chinese literature that attract the attention of overseas readers as well as its domestic audience. They also provide Chinese and foreign literary researchers with complex questions about human life and achievements that search beyond national identities for global interaction and exchange. This volume presents ten outstanding essays by Chinese and European scholars who have undertaken such exchange for the purpose of examining the individual and society in modern Chinese literature.

Atom and Individual in the Age of Newton

Author : G. Freudenthal
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In this stimulating investigation, Gideon Freudenthal has linked social history with the history of science by formulating an interesting proposal: that the supposed influence of social theory may be seen as actual through its co herence with the process of formation of physical concepts. The reinterpre tation of the development of science in the seventeenth century, now widely influential, receives at Freudenthal's hand its most persuasive statement, most significantly because of his attention to the theoretical form which is charac teristic. of classical Newtonian mechanics. He pursues the sources of the parallels that may be noted between that mechanics and the dominant philosophical systems and social theories of the time; and in a fascinating development Freudenthal shows how a quite precise method - as he descriptively labels it, the 'analytic-synthetic method' - which underlay the Newtonian form of theoretical argument, was due to certain interpretive premisses concerning particle mechanics. If he is right, these depend upon a particular stage of con ceptual achievement in the theories of both society and nature; further, that the conceptual was generalized philosophically; but, strikingly, Freudenthal shows that this concept-formation itself was linked to the specific social relations of the times of Newton and Hobbes.

Individuals and Societies for the IB MYP 3

Author : Paul Grace
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A concept-driven and assessment-focused approach to Individual and societies teaching and learning. - Approaches each chapter with statements of inquiry framed by key and related concepts, set in a global context - Supports every aspect of assessment using tasks designed by an experienced MYP educator - Differentiates and extends learning with research projects and interdisciplinary opportunities - Applies global contexts in meaningful ways to offer an MYP Individual and societies programme with an internationally-minded perspective

Era of the Individual

Author : Alain Renaut
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In The Era of the Individual, the author explores the most saliant feature of post-structuralism: the elimination of the human subject. At the root of this thinking lies the belief that humans cannot know or control their basic natures, a premise that led to Heidegger`s distrust of an individualistic, capitalist modern society and that allied him briefly with Hitler`s National Socialist Party. While acknowledging some of Heidegger`s misgivings toward modernity as legitimate, Renaut argues that it is nevertheless wrong to equate modernity with the triumph of individualism. Here he distinguishes between individualism and subjectivity and, by offering a history of the two, powerfully redirects the course of current thinking away from potentially dangerous, reductionist views of humanity.

Social Psychology Individuals Groups Societies

Author : John W. McDavid
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Individual Duty within a Human Rights Discourse

Author : Douglas Hodgson
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Over the past two decades or so, legal literature has devoted much attention to various human rights issues at both the national and international levels. Yet there has been comparatively little written on the concept and importance of individual duty within the human rights discourse. This book attempts to comprehensively and systematically examine the corollary of human right - the principle of individual duty - from a number of different perspectives, including history, the law (principally international human rights and humanitarian law and national constitutional law), philosophy, jurisprudence, religion, and ethics. The author attempts to demonstrate that a greater emphasis upon individual duties is consistent with a cultural relativist critique, natural law theory, the experience of national legal systems and regional human rights systems, certain socio-political philosophies and conventional sociological postulates, and the dictates of good public policy. The author urges the assignment of a greater, indeed revived, role for the principle of individual duty in order to achieve a more salutary balance between rights and duties and in the relationship between individual freedom and the welfare of the general community.

Retirement and the Individual

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee on Aging. Subcommittee on Retirement and the Individual
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The Wiley Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences Clinical Applied and Cross Cultural Research

Author :
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Volume 4, Clinical, Applied, and Cross-Cultural Research of The Wiley Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences The Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences (EPID) is organized into four volumes that look at the many likenesses and differences between individuals. Each of these four volumes focuses on a major content area in the study of personality psychology and individuals' differences. The first volume, Models and Theories, surveys the significant classic and contemporary viewpoints, perspectives, models, and theoretical approaches to the study of personality and individuals' differences (PID). The second volume on Measurement and Assessment examines key classic and modern methods and techniques of assessment in the study of PID. Volume III, titled Personality Processes and Individuals Differences, covers the important traditional and current dimensions, constructs, and traits in the study of PID. The final volume discusses three major categories: clinical contributions, applied research, and cross-cultural considerations, and touches on topics such as culture and identity, multicultural identities, cross-cultural examinations of trait structures and personality processes, and more. Each volume contains approximately 100 entries on personality and individual differences written by a diverse international panel of leading psychologists Covers significant classic and contemporary personality psychology models and theories, measurement and assessment techniques, personality processes and individuals differences, and research Provides a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the field of personality psychology The Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences is an important resource for all psychology students and professionals engaging in the study and research of personality.

Either Freedom Or Slavery Individual Liberty and the Novels of Ayn Rand

Author : Karen C. Nolan
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Until now, Ayn Rand's novels have been almost exclusively discussed in terms of Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Either Freedom or Slavery: Individual Liberty and the Novels of Ayn Rand, approaches the novels as literature, in particular, as novels firmly entrenched in traditional American literary history. These six essays address topics as diverse as modern feminism and male-female interactions; George Orwell and the dystopic mis-use of science and technology; C.S. Lewis and Christianity; and Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, and slavery, all the while addressing the foundational theme of the book, Rand's application of traditional American rugged individualism to contemporary story telling.


Author :
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A philosophical journal.

ETHOS Individual Social Cultural Institutional

Author : Andreas Sofroniou
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