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Information Technologies in Medicine

Author : Ewa Piętka
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ITiB’2016 is the 5th Conference on Information Technologies in Biomedicine organized by the Department of Informatics & Medical Equipment of Silesian University of Technology every other year. The Conference is under the auspices of the Committee on Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The meeting has become a recognized event that helps to bridge the gap between methodological achievements in engineering and clinical requirements in medical diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation. Mathematical information analysis, computer applications together with medical equipment and instruments have become standard tools underpinning the current rapid progress with developing Computational Intelligence. Members of academic societies of technical and medical background present their research results and clinical implementations. This proceedings (divided in 2 volumes) include the following sections: ؠ Image Processing ؠ Signal Processing ؠ Medical Information System & Database ؠ Ambient Assisted Living ؠ Bioinformatics ؠ Modeling & Simulation ؠ Biomechatronics ؠ Biomaterials

Current Research on Information Technologies and Society

Author : Jennifer Earl
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Research on communication and information technologies is of growing importance to sociology and the interdisciplinary examination of communication and (new) media. This volume includes eight chapters examining recent developments in the field, illustrating the maturation, vibrancy, and diversity of this field of study as well as pointing to rich new avenues for scholarly exploration. Contributions aptly chart three key developments that characterize current research on communication and digital media. First, chapters demonstrate the maturation of work on measurement, demonstrating the importance of refining measurements of online activities and their consequences. For instance, contributions evaluate: social network measures frequently used in online research; alternative measures for online activity; and alternative measures of Twitter activity. Second, the volume showcases continued work on understanding user behaviour, including research on the consequence of reward systems similar to badges and on the limitations of purely technological solutions to social dilemmas in emergency preparedness. Finally, chapters identify emerging questions for the field related to social media, such as research on potential privacy and identity implications of social media, different dispositions toward social media use, and variation in levels of social media usage. This book was originally published as a special issue of Information, Communication & Society.

Technen Elements of Recent History of Information Technologies with Epistemological Conclusions

Author : Andrzej Piotr Wierzbicki
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The book expresses the conviction that the art of creating tools – Greek techne – changes its character together with the change of civilization epochs and co-determines such changes. This does not mean that tools typical for a civilization epoch determine it completely, but they change our way of perceiving and interpreting the world. There might have been many such epochs in the history of human civilization (much more than the three waves of agricultural, industrial and information civilization). This is expressed by the title Technen of the book, where n denotes a subsequent civilization epoch. During last fifty years we observed a decomposition of the old episteme (understood as a way of creating and interpreting knowledge characteristic for a given civilization epoch) of modernism, which was an episteme typical for industrial civilization. Today, the world is differently understood by the representatives of three different cultural spheres: of strict and natural sciences; of human and social sciences (especially by their part inclined towards postmodernism) and technical sciences that have a different episteme than even that of strict and natural sciences. Thus, we observe today not two cultures, but three different episteme. The book consists of four parts. First contains basic epistemological observations, second is devoted to selected elements of recent history of information technologies, third contains more detailed epistemological and general discussions, fourth specifies conclusions. The book is written from the cognitive perspective of technical sciences, with a full awareness – and discussion – of its differences from the cognitive perspective of strict sciences or human and social sciences. The main thesis of the book is that informational revolution will probably lead to a formation of a new episteme. The book includes discussions of many issues related to such general perspective, such as what is technology proper; what is intuition from a perspective of technology and of evolutionary naturalism; what are the reasons for and how large are the delays between a fundamental invention and its broad social utilization; what is the fundamental logical error (using paradoxes that are not real, only apparent) of the tradition of sceptical philosophy; what are rational foundations and examples of emergence of order out of chaos; whether civilization development based on two positive feedbacks between science, technology and the market might lead inevitably to a self-destruction of human civilization; etc.

Computing and Information Technologies

Author : George Antoniou
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This book is a balanced presentation of the latest techniques, algorithms and applications in computer science and engineering. The papers, written by eminent researchers in their fields, provide a vehicle for new research and development. The proceedings have been selected for coverage in: • Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings) Contents:Internet ApplicationsComputing in BiologyHuman Computer InterfaceParallel Computing/TechniquesComputing EducationLearning AlgorithmsCommunication Systems/NetworksInformation Technology/LinguisticsComputing Formalism/AlgorithmsAI/Fuzzy Sets Application and TheoryImaging Applications Readership: Researchers in artificial intelligence, databases, fuzzy logic, neural networks, software engineering/programming, theoretical computer science, machine perception/computer vision, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, biocomputing, bioinformatics, biophysics and computational physics. Keywords:Computing;Parallel Computing;Technology;Imaging Applications;Databases;Bioinformatics

Teaching of Information Tech

Author : R.c.mishra
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Diffusion and Use of Geographic Information Technologies

Author : I. Masser
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The diffusion and use of geographic information technologies have increased dramatically in recent years. This book considers the geographic information systems (GIS) phenomenon from a number of different perspectives. It presents the findings of recent research on the diffusion of GIS in Europe and North America. These highlight the extent to which national cultural and institutional factors influence the nature of the diffusion process in different countries and different applications fields. Because it brings together an unique collection of materials on the diffusion and use of geographic information technologies this book will be of particular interest to students taking advanced courses on geographic information systems as well as readers researching the shape of the future market and those involved in implementing these systems in a wide variety of organisations.

Emerging Information Resources Management and Technologies

Author : Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A., Mehdi
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"This book supplies the industry leaders, practicing managers, researchers, experts, and educators with the most current findings on undertaking the operation of the latest information technology reforms, developments, and changes. It presents the issues facing modern organizations and provides the most recent strategies in overcoming the obstacles of the ever-evolving information management and utilization industry"--Provided by publisher.

Douglas V American Information Technologies Corporation

Author :
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World Yearbook of Education 1988

Author : Duncan Harris
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Published in the year 2005, World Yearbook of Education 1988 is a valuable contribution to Major Works.

Violence Conflict and Intercultural Dialogue

Author : Jean-Fred Bourquin
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This publication is part of a series linked to the Council of Europe's project "Responses to violence in everyday life in democratic society" which considers various aspects of policy making and law enforcement to combat crime and violence in society. This book examines how intercultural dialogue can channel conflict to bring about positive changes, since discussing cultural differences can lead to mutual understanding and help reduce the potential of conflict to degenerate into violence.