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The Inheritance of Exile

Author : Susan Muaddi Darraj
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In The Inheritance of Exile, Susan Muaddi Darraj expertly weaves a tapestry of the events and struggles in the lives of four Arab-American women. Hanan, Nadia, Reema, and Aliyah search for a meaningful sense of home, caught in the cultural gap that exists between the Middle East and the United States. Daughters of Palestinian immigrants who have settled into the diverse southern section of Philadelphia, the four friends live among Vietnamese, Italians, Irish, and other ethnic groups. Each struggles to reconcile her Arab identity with her American one. Muaddi Darraj adds the perspectives of the girls’ mothers, presented in separate stories, which illuminate the often troubled relationship between first and second generations of immigrants. Her suite of finely detailed portraits of arresting characters, told in evocative, vivid language, is sure to intrigue those seeking enjoyment and insight.

Eve in Exile The Restoration of Femininity

Author : Rebekah Merkle
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The swooning Victorian ladies and the 1950s housewives genuinely needed to be liberated. That much is indisputable. So, First-Wave feminists held rallies for women's suffrage. Second-Wave feminists marched for Prohibition, jobs, and abortion. Today, Third-Wave feminists stand firmly for nobody's quite sure what. But modern women--who use psychotherapeutic antidepressants at a rate never before seen in history--need liberating now more than ever. The truth is, feminists don't know what liberation is. They have led us into a very boring dead end. Eve in Exile sets aside all stereotypes of mid-century housewives, of China-doll femininity, of Victorians fainting, of women not allowed to think for themselves or talk to the men about anything interesting or important. It dismisses the pencil-skirted and stiletto-heeled executives of TV, the outspoken feminists freed from all that hinders them, the brave career women in charge of their own destinies. Once those fictionalized stereotypes are out of the way--whether they're things that make you gag or things you think look pretty fun--Christians can focus on real women. What did God make real women for?

Ces forces obscures de l me

Author : Christine Margerrison
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This is the first major investigation of Camus’s prose fiction to explore the developing presentation of women, from the author’s earliest writings to his last, unfinished novel. Avoiding the traditional relegation of this subject to an emotional or private sphere, it traces Camus’s intellectual development in order to demonstrate the centrality of this subject to Camus’s work as a whole. If the Absurd, constructed over the body of the “real” woman, liberates the writer to follow a “true path” of literary creation, the impending loss of his Algerian homeland impells a return to “all that he had not been free to choose”, the ties of blood. These conflictual and unresolved ties are here investigated, in conjunction with the presentation of mythical female figures expressing Camus’s darkest fears, partly voiced in other writings, concerning that “other” Algeria for which he would never fight. Exploring complex interconnections between sexuality, “race” and colonialism, this volume is pertinent to all who are interested in the writings of Camus, particularly those seeking relevant new ways of approaching his work.

Modern Arab American Fiction

Author : Steven Salaita
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Exploring the works of such best-selling authors as Rabih Alameddine, Mohja Kahf, Laila Halaby, Diana Abu-Jaber, Alicia Erian, and Randa Jarrar, Salaita highlights the development of each author’s writing and how each has influenced Arab American fiction. He examines common themes including the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Lebanese Civil War of 1975–90, the representation and practice of Islam in the United States, social issues such as gender and national identity in Arab cultures, and the various identities that come with being Arab American. Combining the accessibility of a primer with in-depth critical analysis, Modern Arab American Fiction is suitable for a broad audience, those unfamiliar with the subject area, as well as scholars of the literature.

Jackie Robinson

Author : Susan Muaddi Darraj
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Highlights the life and accomplishments of the first African American to play Major League baseball, including his childhood, his career as an MVP-award winning baseball player, and his role as a hero of the Civil Rights Movement.

Borders Boundaries and Frames

Author : Mae Henderson
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The essays in this volume take up the challenge of working out -- or reworking -- the problematics of the borders, the boundaries and the frameworks that structure our various and multiple notions of identity -- textual, personal, collective, generic, and disciplinary. The contributors to this volume write about subjects (and are often themselves subjects) who "refuse to occupy a single territory" -- who cross geographical, cultural, national, linguistic, generic, specular and disciplinary borders. Essays by Kathryn Hellerstein, Anita Goldman, Jane Marcus and Scott Malcomson exlpore the semiotics of exile and the problem of its representation in the lives and writings of individual aritists and intellectuals. Autobiographical criticism, as represented in the essays by Nancy Miller and Sara Suleri, enlargess our conventional notions of what consitutes literature in general and criticism in particular.

Biblical Portraits of Exile

Author : Abi Doukhan
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Exile constitutes one of the most central experiences in the Bible, notably in the book of Genesis. The question has rarely been asked however as to why exile plays such an important role in the lives of Biblical characters. Biblical Portraits of Exile proposes a philosophical reading largely inspired by the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas of the experience of exile in the book of Genesis. Focusing on the 8 central figures of exile Adam, Eve, Cain, the sons of Shem, Abraham, Rebekah, Jacob and the sons of Levy the book draws out the ethical and redemptive implications of exile and thereby paves the way for a renewed description of the human subject, one that situates ethics at its very core.

Recruiting Drafting and Enlisting

Author : Peter Karsten
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First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Magical Realism and Cosmopolitanism

Author : K. Sasser
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Magical Realism and Cosmopolitanism details a variety of functionalities of the mode of magical realism, focusing on its capacity to construct sociological representations of belonging. This usage is traced closely in the novels of Ben Okri, Salman Rushdie, Cristina García, and Helen Oyeyemi.

the inheritance

Author : sahar khalifeh
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In this powerful novel, acclaimed Palestinian author Sahar Khalifeh examines the stark realities in the lives of Palestinian women. Through her protagonist, Zeynab, born to an American mother and a Palestinian father, Khalifeh illuminates the disorienting experience of living between two worlds, and the search for identity that mirrors the Palestinians' own quest for nationhood. Set against the emotionally charged background of the early 1990s-- when the Gulf War and the Oslo Accords fundamentally shifted the political landscape-- The Inheritance takes as its subject the fate of young Palestinian women who supported their families for decades working elsewhere in the Middle East. In vivid prose, Khalifeh traces the disruption caused by the Gulf War on the life of these women, as Zeynab returns to her homeland and tries to adapt to her new life on the West Bank after years spent in Kuwait. In her previous novels, Sahar Khalifeh has established herself as the premier female novelist of the Palestinian diaspora; with The Inheritance, she breaks new ground in giving voice to these Palestinian women and their return from economic exile. With its critical portrayal of the Palestinian Authority, its mistakes, and limitations, The Inheritance offers a surprising look at the realities of Palestinian life and society. As the story of an immigrant torn between two cultures and struggling to adapt to both, Zeynab's tale touches on universal themes that will resonate with readers everywhere.

The Land Without Promise

Author : Katerina Koci
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Katerina Koci charts the development of the promised land motif, starting from its biblical roots and examining its reception over the centuries until the present day. As her cornerstone, Koci uses Hans-Georg Gadamer's claim that there are two complementary paths towards understanding and knowledge: science and art. Thus, to be faithful to the creed of the great hermeneutist, Koci ventures into both topics, arguing that while science sets out historical-critical analysis of the promised land motif in the Hebrew Bible and its later receptions, art enriches the interpretation with its literary illustrations. This volume places particular focus on American contexts, since the concept of the promised land is so deeply intertwined with American religious-political mythologies, and with the art of John Steinbeck and Walter Brueggemann in particular. By discussing artistic interpretation in biblical hermeneutics, the context and reception of Genesis 15.7 and Exodus 3.8 in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, and the history of the promised land motif and its interpretations, Koci argues that artistic receptions of biblical motifs are crucial for biblical scholarship in opening new hermeneutical and thematical horizons.

Petals in Darkness

Author : Birdella A. Tucker
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Jesus tells His disciples that anyone who has seen Him as seen the Father. This book, Petals In Darkness, contains glilmpses into the heart of the Father through seeking Jesus. We have heard about Jesus, but we must know Him intimately. Each petal is a component part of who Jesus is and how we fit into His plans of redemption. How wonderful, how marvelous are His ways revealed to us as we learn how to be holy in Him, not just saved by Him. Holiness is becoming partakers of the Father's nature through experience. Each petal represents an experience we go through to our knowing Him.

Aspects of Contemporary World Literature

Author : P. Bayapa Reddy
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Festschrift volume dedicated to Kamjula Venkata Reddy, b. 1939, former Professor of English, Sri Krishnadevaraya University; contributed articles; some previously published.

Exile from the Actual

Author : Scott Richardson
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The Theme of Recompense in Matthew s Gospel

Author : Blaine Charette
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Matthew's theology of the Spirit has received scant scholarly attention, a regrettable oversight since the evangelist is careful to note that the eschatological redemption described in his Gospel is the direct result of the activity of God's Spirit. Matthew's narrative of God's restoring work, which begins with Jesus and continues through his followers, is informed by, even as it extends, the larger biblical narrative concerning God's creative, redemptive, and restorative work at the centre of which stands his Spirit, his active presence. As the study elaborates upon the broad sweep of Matthew's interest in the Spirit, the operation of the Spirit is examined in relation to the three theological categories of christology, soteriology, and ecclesiology.

Emmanuel Levinas

Author : Abi Doukhan
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Our era is profoundly marked by the phenomenon of exile and it is has become increasingly urgent to rethink the concept of exile and our stance towards it. This renewed reflection on the problem of exile brings to the fore a number of questions regarding the traditionally negative connotation of exile. Is there not another way to understand the condition of exile? Permeated with references to the 'stranger', the 'other' and 'exteriority', the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas signifies a positive understanding of exile. This original and compelling book distills from Levinas's philosophy a wisdom of exile, for the first time shedding a positive light on the condition of exile itself. Abi Doukhan argues that Levinas's philosophy can be understood as a comprehensive philosophy of exile, from his ethics to his thoughts on society, love, knowledge, spirituality and art, thereby presenting a comprehensive view of the philosophy of Levinas himself as well as a renewed understanding of the wealth and contribution of exile to a given society.

The Sociology of Migration

Author : Robin Cohen
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A collection of articles dating from 1976 to 1992, organized in sections on migrant labor, international labor migration, women migrants, enclaves and labor markets, effects of return migration, migration and social structure, refugees and displaced persons, the brain drain, migration in Asia, and the effects of migration on the state system. Specific topics include labor migration in the Arab Gulf states, the impact of male labor migration on women in Botswana, and the migration of talent in India. Of interest to sociologists nd migration scholars. No index. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Inheritance of Loss

Author : Kiran Desai
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Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Man Booker Prize: An “extraordinary” novel “lit by a moral intelligence at once fierce and tender” (The New York Times Book Review). In a crumbling, isolated house at the foot of Mount Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas, an embittered old judge wants only to retire in peace. But his life is upended when his sixteen-year-old orphaned granddaughter, Sai, arrives on his doorstep. The judge’s chatty cook watches over the girl, but his thoughts are mostly with his son, Biju, hopscotching from one miserable New York restaurant job to another, trying to stay a step ahead of the INS. When a Nepalese insurgency threatens Sai’s new-sprung romance with her tutor, the household descends into chaos. The cook witnesses India’s hierarchy being overturned and discarded. The judge revisits his past and his role in Sai and Biju’s intertwining lives. In a grasping world of colliding interests and conflicting desires, every moment holds out the possibility for hope or betrayal. Published to extraordinary acclaim, The Inheritance of Loss heralds Kiran Desai as one of our most insightful novelists. She illuminates the pain of exile and the ambiguities of postcolonialism with a tapestry of colorful characters and “uncannily beautiful” prose (O: The Oprah Magazine). “A book about tradition and modernity, the past and the future—and about the surprising ways both amusing and sorrowful, in which they all connect.” —The Independent

Literary Disinheritance

Author : Najat Rahman
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Literary Disinheritance examines post-nationalist articulations of "home" in the writing of the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and the Algerian writer Assia Djebar, providing a rare comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary writers from the Mashreq and the Maghreb.

A Suggestive Commentary on St Paul s Epistle to the Romans

Author : Thomas Robinson
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