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Leadership Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Driving Forces of the Global Economy

Author : Rachid Benlamri
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This volume aims to outline the fundamental principles behind leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship and show how the interrelations between them promote business and trade practices in the global economy. Derived from the 2016 International Conference on Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (ICLIE), this volume showcases original papers presenting current research, discoveries and innovations across disciplines such as business, social sciences, engineering, health sciences and medicine. The pace of globalization is increasing at a rapid rate and is primarily driven by increasing volume of trade, accelerating pace of competition among nations, freer flows of capital and increased level of cooperation among trading partners. Leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship are key driving forces in enhancing this phenomenon and are among the major catalysts for contemporary businesses trading in the global economy. This conference and the enclosed papers provides a platform in which to disseminate and exchange ideas to promote a better understanding of current issues and solutions to challenges in the globalized economy in relation to the fields of entrepreneurship, business and economics, technology management, and Islamic finance and management. Thus, the theories, research, innovations, methods and practices presented in this book will be of use to researchers, practitioners, student and policy makers across the globe.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy

Author : Charlie Karlsson
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We have, in recent decades, been able to witness a veritable revolution in the world economy, known as ‘globalization’. Generally, the term is connected to the rapid increase of the free movement of goods, capital, people, ideas, information and knowledge around the globe. This book contributes to the meso- and micro-economic literature on innovation and entrepreneurship in the global economy.

Global Clusters of Innovation

Author : Jerome S. Engel
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In the geography of the global economy, there are known 'hot spots' where new technologies germinate at an astounding rate and pools of capital, expertise and talent foster the development of new industries and new ways of doing business. These clusters of innovation are significant drivers of value creation and function as models for economic expansion in both developed and developing countries. This book explores the key attributes of these innovation hubs using case studies from around the world.

Entrepreneurship Innovation and Economic Development

Author : Adam Szirmai
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Three sets of questions are addressed.

Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Author : Zhao, Fang
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It has become a widely-recognized fact that entrepreneurs and information technology have become the backbone of the world economy. The increasing penetration of IT in society and in most of industries/businesses, as well as the joining forces of entrepreneurship and innovation in the economy, reinforce the need for a leading and authoritative research handbook to disseminate leading edge findings about entrepreneurship and innovation in the context of IT from an international perspective. Information Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation presents current studies on the nature, process and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation in the development, implementation, and application of information technology worldwide, as well as providing academics, entrepreneurs, managers, and practitioners with up-to-date, comprehensive, and rigorous research-based articles on the formation and implementation of effective strategies and business plans.

Clusters of Creativity

Author : Rob Koepp
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"An innovative book for an innovative topic." Charles Hampden-Turner Like the subject matter it covers, Clusters of Creativity is innovative and original. It breaks with popular interpretations of Silicon Valley and similar regions, which range from the hyperbolically laudatory to the contemptuously dismissive, and takes a critical, objective look at the lessons that these locations provide about innovation and entrepreneurship. Readable, yet rigorous in its analyses, the book provides a practical and balanced set of perspectives on how the powers of business creativity are fostered and sustained. It focuses not so much on the generations of high technologies but on the motivations and strategies of business leaders who turn revolutionary innovations into commercial realities. Clusters of Creativity demystifies the many enigmas that surround two leading capitals of the modern global economy, providing insights on managing innovation and entrepreneurship that are both eye-opening and broadly applicable to all organizations and industries. Clusters of Creativity will challenge assumptions, dispel myths, enlighten, inspire, and generally provoke thought. In an age where technology and hyperbole frequently go hand-in-hand, the book's well-founded insights are all the more refreshing and important.

Innovation Imperative

Author : Göran Marklund
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Focuses on the changing roles and challenges of innovation and growth policy, and the strategies and measures that are critical in a globalizing world. This title provides guidance for innovation policy strategy formulations and design of innovation policy measures.

The Entrepreneurial Society

Author : David B. Audretsch
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In the depiction of the post-World War II economy, two factors mattered for economic growth: capital and labor. Economists were thus focused on macroeconomic policy, in order to induce investment in capital, while social institutions like education were oriented towards producing a labor force equipped to work in an economy consisting of large-scale factories. However, in the leading developed economies, globalization and technology have triggered a shift away from capital, which can be moved to lower-cost locations through downsizing and outsourcing of employment, and towards knowledge. Audretsch argues in this book that the entrepreneurial economy is the strategic response to this shift. In this economy, a new growth policy has emerged, focusing on promoting knowledge capital and entrepreneurship capital with programs like incubators, science parks, and start-up programs. In addition, knowledge-based geographic clusters have arisen, like Silicon Valley, Cambridge, and Bangalore. This book will provide a lens for understanding and interpreting the emergence of entrepreneurship policy. Audretsch will make connections between entrepreneurship and economic growth at the levels of individual firms and entire regions. He concludes that entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth by serving as a conduit for knowledge spillovers, injecting competition into the market for new ideas, and increasing the amount of diversity. This book should appeal to researchers and students in developmental economics.

Internet for Everyone

Author : Emdad Khan
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Help the world bridge the digital divide by learning an easy-to-use method that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of the Internet using just a phone and their voice. Computer and technology expert Emdad Khan pinpoints the factors that affect the use of technology, including the language divide. While the English-speaking world dominates the Internet, it’s possible for all people to reap its benefits using just their voice in their native language. The Voice Internet ushers in a new era of access to technology. It eliminates the need to learn a new language, is affordable, and overcomes problems associated with many devices, such as needing to use a small keypad and screen. Get ready to learn • how Voice Internet technology rides on existing infrastructure; • how to take further steps to harness the benefits of the Internet; and • how this technology can positively affect economies and cultures. If you are a decision maker, governmental policy maker, teacher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, or someone concerned with helping humanity enjoy access to the Internet, then this guidebook provides you with the knowledge to take action. Bridge the gaps that limit the usage of technology and open up the Internet for Everyone.

Sustainability in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author : Antonio Leal-Millan
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This book provides a richly illustrated study of sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. Specifically, it examines the ways in which governmental policies and practices modify the social conditions necessary to promote innovation in businesses and by so doing impact economic development. Exploring topics such as green innovation, green customer capital, smart cities, green entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility, this book presents some of the most current research and best practices in the field. In today’s global economy, strategies, policies and practices that address the negative effects of human activity on the environment need to be incorporated into the business framework in order for companies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Around the world, such changes have already resulted in a broad range of products, production methods and technical features that ensure environmental protection. At the same time, the mass media’s communication of a deteriorating earth have motivated a growing number of citizens in both developed and developing nations to modify their consumption habits towards more ecological products. Consequently, an increasing number of companies are reacting to these changes in business and legal frameworks and consumer preferences by investing in new forms of green innovation or “eco-innovation” designed to promote both environmental and corporate sustainability. For example, Hewlett-Packard eliminated lead from its welding process; Wal-Mart reduced the emissions of their suppliers; and Cisco, Dell and IBM are investing in smart grids. This volume showcases pioneering efforts among companies, citizens, and government agencies that are moving from theory to practice by placing sustainability at the core of their development strategies.

Cultivating Grass Roots for Regional Development in a Globalising Economy

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First published in 1999. The key to successful regional development is more a personality issue than a global one, contends social economist Dr. James Cécora. With a fresh new interdisciplinary approach, Cécora tackles traditional economic theory to show that a distinct type of individual, the 'innovative entrepreneur', can do more to secure economic stability in a particular region than any multinational corporation. Arguing that global economics have spiraled out of control, Cécora builds a case for supporting and promoting the development of entrepreneurs at the local and regional level. These individuals will, he says, work at strengthening the regional economy over the long term because of their permanent attachment to a region, as well as in vested self-interest. Cécora compares the personalities of corporate managers to self-starting entrepreneurs, drawing the conclusion that the risk-taking ability of entrepreneurial types prompts more creative thinking and regionally appropriate action and solutions. This willingness to try new approaches is often a key to success.

Innovation Strategies for a Global Economy

Author : Fred Gault
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This book is about innovation strategies for a global economy, their development, implementation, measurement and management. Following the global economic crisis, people are asking: what went wrong? Here, Fred Gault illustrates that a part of the problem was innovation in financial services, which resulted in the release of attractive new products to the market that diffused rapidly and then lost value. This book considers innovation and how policies are developed and implemented to support it. In so doing, framework conditions such as market regulation and the cost of doing business are examined to discover how future problems could be avoided. A better understanding of innovation and innovation policy may result in improved economic and social outcomes from these activities. The book therefore begins with an exploration of the language and system framework used to discuss innovation, and the statistical indicators needed to describe it. The author provides a critical assessment of innovation policy development, monitoring and evaluation, and considers innovation strategies, their components and management. He concludes by prescribing directions for new work in developed and developing countries.Academics engaged in the study of innovation policy, its monitoring and evaluation, will find this book to be of great interest, as will graduate students in the fields of business and management, and sociology. It will also strongly appeal to governmental policymakers and statisticians responsible for innovation statistics.

Universities Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author :
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in China

Author : Xiaozhou Xu
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Women s Entrepreneurship and Economics

Author : Miguel-Angel Galindo
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Over the past century, an extensive literature has developed, exploring the impact of entrepreneurship on economic performance. The active participation of entrepreneurs in virtually all aspects of business and economic activity has obliged policy makers within the global economy to consider entrepreneurship as a determining variable in any political force, not only for bodies and groups created specifically to this end, but also for any decision-making body. To this end, specific actions promoting entrepreneurship have already been established around the world. However, the particular dynamics of entrepreneurship by women present unique opportunities and challenges. The women’s perspective has often been overlooked in research, practice, and policymaking, and yet yields rich insights and implications. This volume features research from an international array of authors, global data, and in-depth analysis of women’s entrepreneurial activity in Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Canada, to shed light on the positive impact of women’s entrepreneurship on economic growth and development. The first part covers a broad range of concepts relating to the history and context of the female economic perspective. The second part focuses on performance and success factors, with respect to such issues as innovation, social needs, and entrepreneurial orientation. The third part addresses issues of financing, including discussion of access to capital, microcredit, and entrepreneurial behavior. The fourth part considers additional topics, such as work-family balance and access to education. Together, the chapters offer new perspectives on the unique characteristics of women entrepreneurs and their contributions to economic development in theory, practice, and policymaking.

Innovation Capabilities and Economic Development in Open Economies

Author : Vanessa Casadella
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Innovation Engines

Author : Dimitri Uzunidis
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In an uncertain economy where business risk is significant, the company tends to rely more on its environment than to invest, for example, in all steps of technological creation; This can be explained by the fact that investments in the acquisition (ownership) of production resources are less expensive than those implied in the formation of these resources; which also explains the attractiveness (in an open economy) of regions with abundant scientific and technical resources. To understand and analyze the innovation process in order to better design and launch new goods, services and technologies, one has to consider the creative dimension of the individual, the business and the organization in general. In new approaches to innovation, the entrepreneur and the company are analyzed through their skills, and their function of resource generation; Innovation thus becomes endogenous, gradual or radical, integrated in a complex process with many feedbacks and interactions. The innovative organization (small or large) is presented in this book as a dynamic system composed of specific and diverse skills (including those of the contractor, engineers or managers). By acquiring, combining and mobilizing these skills, the innovative agent (entrepreneur or company) can create technological resources and develop relations with its environment. Hence the importance of management in design, implementation, protection of intellectual property as well as of the development of new goods, services and technology, commercial and organizational models.

Research and Innovation Policies in the New Global Economy

Author : Philippe Larédo
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'The book is quite valuable, with its broad international coverage of state activities in the area of research and innovation support. It should also foster serious debates on the balance between public and private efforts in research and innovation.' - Mats Benner, Journal of Economic Literature '. . . this book provides the reader with a valuable summary of national public policy approaches to research and innovation at the end of the twentieth century and is a useful addition to the shelves of industrial policy experts.' - David Gray, Entrepreneurship and Innovation The book analyses the evolution of research and innovation policies in the world's leading countries. The last decade has witnessed a radical transformation of the landscape shaped after World War II, as described in the seminal collection edited by Richard Nelson in the early 1990s. Even though national systems have inherited different institutional arrangements and trajectories, analyses show three major converging trends in their public policies. There has been a retraction from support to large firms and programmes and a shift toward small to medium enterprises and the innovation infrastructure; the focus on public research and training capabilities is growing; and there has been a redesign of public intervention with the growing role of regions and states on one hand and multinational authorities on the other, particularly in the European Union.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author : Charles H. Matthews
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This book presents a new model, the competency framework, for students, innovators, entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone who wants to better understand the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship. Focused on both the individual and strategic organizational level, this book is about people and the competencies each person needs to learn to be successful in creating a more dynamic future. Matthews and Brueggemann’s framework for innovation and entrepreneurship competencies empowers individuals to excel at innovation and new venture creation. It provides a practical guide and clear and concise understanding of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences that are needed to increase imagination, creativity, innovation and new venture creation capability. Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be attractive for students of entrepreneurship, innovation, management and cross-disciplinary classes, such as design thinking. Presented in a modular format, Innovation & Entrepreneurship informs the future direction of people and technology, as well as the educational systems producing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Based on extensive academic research, this book is organized into two sections: Twelve innovation elements and twelve competency categories. The elements are the foundation and the competency categories are the building blocks that inform our path toward a more precise understanding of how innovation and entrepreneurship plays an important role in economic development and our daily lives.

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary Knowledge Based Global Economy

Author : Baporikar, Neeta
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The rapid rise of knowledge-based economies has revolutionized the perceptions and practices of globalized business. Recent developments in engineering, electronics, and biotechnology have expanded the very definition of entrepreneurship in today’s international market, weaving discussions of enhanced connectivity and communication, environmental sustainability, and government policy changes into a complex, multidimensional conversation. The Handbook of Research of Entrepreneurship in the Contemporary Knowledge-Based Global Economy provides a comprehensive survey of the most recent developments in the field of entrepreneurship, highlighting their effects on information technology, business networking, knowledge production, distribution, and organization. This timely publication features extensive coverage of the fast-developing entrepreneurial field, illuminating recent technological, social, and strategic innovations in language that is accessible for a worldwide audience of business educators, researchers, and students. This authoritative text showcases research-based articles on entrepreneurship for knowledge economies; academic entrepreneurship; women and entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship education; organizational learning ability; innovations in industry, agriculture, and management; and the evolution of a new, all-inclusive corporate culture.