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Innovative Tools for Health Education

Author : Marilyn Grechus
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"Innovative Tools for Health Education: Making Inexpensive Props, Visuals, and Manipulatives "guides teachers in using inexpensive materials as props in health classes. This book has 30 projects with activity suggestions to make lessons meaningful, and it helps teachers bring creativity to their lessons to keep students engaged in learning.

Innovative Tools for Health Education

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Handbook of Research on Adult and Community Health Education Tools Trends and Methodologies

Author : Wang, Victor C. X.
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"This book presents educational and social science perspectives on the state of the healthcare industry and the information technologies surrounding it, offering a compilation of some of the latest cutting edge research on methods, programs, and procedures practiced by health literate societies"--Provided by publisher.

Toward Equity in Health

Author : Barbara C. Wallace, PhD
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This essential collection presents a state-of-the-art framework for how workers in public health and related disciplines should conceptualize health disparities and how they should be addressed worldwide. The contributors, who are leading public health professionals, educators, and practitioners in complimentary fields advance new evidence-based models designed to mobilize and educate the next generation of research and practice. The resulting chapters articulate new theory, procedures, and policies; the legacy of racism; community-based participatory research; new internet technology; training community workers and educators; closing the education and health gap; and addressing the needs of special populations. Toward Equity in Health is an essential book for all who are working toward global health equity-whether in health education, health promotion, disease prevention, public health, the health care delivery system, or patient- and population level health.

Health Promotion Settings

Author : Angela Scriven
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Health Promotion Settings combines the theoretical discourse of the settings approach, covering a wide range of fundamental principles, concepts and policy issues, with real life examples of settings, including workplaces, schools, neighbourhood, cities and prisons. Frameworks and processes that are actively shaping health promotion in settings in the 21st Century are documented and the ideas and research covered will provide a vital set of indicators for those who promote health in settings. Combining theory with practical examples and case studies, the authors show how a settings approach can work in practice, drawing on a range of local, national and international initiatives and coordinated projects. Health Promotion Settings provides a rich source of ideas and case examples which highlight the challenges for promoting health in a range of contexts. Special attention is given to the workplace as both a priority area for health promotion and a key determinant of health. Written by a highly experienced team of health promotion and public health professionals, academics and researchers, this book is essential reading for both students and practitioners working towards the improvement of health using a settings approach. Online Resources are provided.

Departments of Labor and Health Education and Welfare Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1969

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations
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Measurement Tools in Patient Education Second Edition

Author : Barbara Klug Redman
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Interdisciplinary Innovations in Health 2000

Author :
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Community Health Education Methods

Author : Robert J. Bensley
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The Third Edition of Community Health Education Methods: A Practical Guide teaches students to effectively communicate health education messages and positively influence the norms and behaviors of both individuals and communities. This text explores the methods used by health educators, including didactic techniques designed to guide others toward the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The authors explain the essential tools involved in communicating messages to specific audiences, providing readers with a full grasp of the skills necessary in making a difference.

Serious Games and Virtual Worlds in Education Professional Development and Healthcare

Author : Klaus Bredl
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"This book explains how digital environments can easily become familiar and beneficial for educational and professional development, with the implementation of games into various aspects of our environment"--Provided by publisher.

Health Literacy in Primary Care

Author : Gloria G. Mayer, RN, EdD, FAAN
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Designated a Doody's Core Title! At the intersection of health care delivery and practice there lies a large area of patient care with no manual: how to provide the best care to patients who have a critically low level of comprehension and literacy. Because all patients play a central role in the outcome of their own health care, competent health care becomes almost impossible for caregivers when the boundary of low literary skills is present. In a concise and well-written format you will learn: Common myths about low literacy Examples of low health care literacy How to recognize patients with low literacy Strategies to help patients with low literacy and reduce medical errors Cultural issues in health literacy Ways to create a patient-friendly office environment How to improve patient communication Guidelines to target and overcome common problems practitioners encounter This clear, well written book is packed with examples and tips and will serve as a much needed guide for primary care providers, nurse practitioners, hospital administrators, and others who are looking for ways to improve their communication with patients and provide the most beneficial health care to their low-literacy patients.

Effective Patient Education A Guide to Increased Adherence

Author : Donna Falvo
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Written by a nursing expert and former Chair of patient education for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, Effective Patient Education: A Guide to Increased Adherence, Fourth Edition gives clinicians the tools they need to become effective patient educators. Using a patient-centered approach, this essential text provides specific strategies for communicating in a way that motivates patients to take action. Crucial to this approach is an understanding of the patient as a partner in the patient education process. The text uncovers patient concerns and challenges that may interfere with patient adherence to recommendations, enabling clinicians to gain insight into their patients and devise communication strategies that can empower patients to overcome obstacles. In addition, this completely revised and updated edition explores the challenges that clinicians may face in conducting patient education. Using case examples to illustrate key points, this text moves beyond theory to offer practical application principles for the real world. Featuring a clinical approach in examining established patient-education theories, Effective Patient Education: A Guide to Increased Adherence, Fourth Edition is an invaluable guide for nursing students and professionals!

Medical Education Theory and Practice E Book

Author : Tim Dornan
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Medical Education: Theory and Practice is a new text linking the theory and the practice for graduate students and educators who want to go beyond the basics. The scholarship of medical education is, above all, a ‘practice’, but one that has a strong theoretical foundation. Neither theory nor practice stand still, and both are grounded in research. The novelty of this book lies in its interweaving of practice, theory, innovation and research. The book starts with a theorised, contemporary overview of the field. Next, it explores the theoretical foundations of medical education in depth. The remainder of the book reviews a whole a range of educational contexts, processes and outcomes. This work has been edited by a distinguished, international team of medical educationalists and written by equally accomplished authors from across the globe representing a spectrum of disciplines. This will be an invaluable text for all Masters Students in health professions education as well as PhD students and education researchers wanting a background to the discipline. Educators and medical students will also find it a very useful resource. Written by key figures in medical educational research combined with a strong editorial influence from the international editorial team. The text has a strong evidence-based approach that is fully cognisant of research methodology issues, The book provides a scholarly explanation on the topic, rather than aiming to say the last word. Written throughout in a clear and comprehensible style. The content is extensively referenced with additional suggestions for further reading.

Issues in Pharmacology Pharmacy Drug Research and Drug Innovation 2011 Edition

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Issues in Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Drug Research, and Drug Innovation: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Drug Research, and Drug Innovation. The editors have built Issues in Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Drug Research, and Drug Innovation: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Drug Research, and Drug Innovation in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Drug Research, and Drug Innovation: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Anger and Indigenous Men

Author : Andrew Day
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This book is for social work and criminal justice practitioners who wish to develop culturally appropriate and effective programs for reducing anger-related violence perpetrated by Indigenous men. It places cultural context at the heart of any intervention, broadening the focus from problematic behaviour to a more holistic notion of well-being. The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 explores Indigenous perspectives on anger and violence, on both sociological and psychological levels. The different views presented show there is no single "cause" but provide contexts for understanding an individual's anger. Part 2 outlines methodologies and processes for collecting meaningful data on anger and Indigenous men. Part 3 presents ideas for developing and delivering anger management programs that meet the needs of Indigenous men: how to adapt existing programs in culturally appropriate ways specific needs of the staff delivering the programs a pedagogical framework and sample session plans, and future directions for program development and evaluationThe contributors include psychologists, counsellors, educationalists and academics from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds.

Shaping Academia for the Public Good

Author : Louise Potvin
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With increasing demands for evidence-based decision-making, the academic community must be ready to train researchers who can reduce the gap between health care research and practice. One program dedicated to promoting such training is the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF, now the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement) and Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Chair Program. Participants of these programs were selected to develop innovative research programs that bridge this divide, as well as to mentor the next generation on building partnerships with organizations outside the university through applied research. The CHSRF/CIHR Chairs have come together in Shaping Academia for the Public Good to draw out valuable lessons learned throughout its first decade. It includes chapters on funding, knowledge transfer, policy frameworks, working with multiple stakeholders, and managing organizational settings, among other topics. Shaping Academia for the Public Good will be a helpful resource for those interested in the potential of new research approaches to improve our healthcare system.

Knowledge management Innovation in the Knowledge Economy Implications for Education and Learning

Author : OECD
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This report explores some key determinants of innovation and their implications for primary and secondary education.

Health Promotion in Children and Adolescents through Sport and Physical Activities

Author : Antonino Bianco
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I made the important decision to manage a Special Issue, because I believe it to be extremely important to focus on children’s and adolescents’ physiological and psychological development. I aimed to collect research that investigates the role of physical activity and sport on physical and mental well-being, with a particular focus on practical implications, innovation, tools, and technique. This Special Issue, “Health Promotion in Children and Adolescents through Sport and Physical Activities” addresses pediatric exercise science as a key scientific discipline able to help future generations live longer and better. It is already clear that sedentariness and a low level of muscular strength and power significantly affects cognitive functions and daily relations, but it is interesting to understand the key determinants and how we can help practitioners better manage these concerns in their patients. Authors were invited to submit letters, original research papers, case studies, meta-analyses, and systematic reviews.

Lesson Planning for Skills Based Elementary Health Education

Author : Holly Alperin
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Over 180 field-tested lesson plans, learning activities, and assessments for implementing a skills-based approach in your class. This resource is aligned with the National Health Education Standards and comes with a web resource that includes English and Spanish versions of the book's reproducible forms.

Global Health Informatics Education

Author : E.J.S. Hovenga
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Throughout the world, healthcare professionals often lack knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of systematically processing data, information and knowledge and of the resulting impact on quality decision-making. They are often asked to use information technologies of which they have limited appreciation, in order to enhance their practices through better use of information resources. However, for systematically processing data, information and knowledge in medicine and in healthcare, healthcare professionals who are well-trained in medical informatics or health informatics are needed. It will only be through improved education of healthcare professionals and through an increase in the number of well-trained workers in health and medical informatics that this lack of knowledge and associated skills can begin to be reversed. Although we can recognize further progress in educating health and a considerable number of educational programs for health informatics / medical informatics specialists have been set up, there is still a need to enhance these educational activities world wide, considering global developments as well as new curricular concepts and technological opportunities. IMIA and in particular its working group on health and medical informatics education is the leading international society stimulating such educational activities in various ways. This book is especially helpful for educators in the field of health / medical informatics.