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The Inside Hustle

Author : Joanna Walden
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Ignite your inner adventurer and delve into the unknown on this journey of transformation. The Inside Hustle shakes off the ordinary for the extraordinary, delivering thought-provoking wisdom for the now moment with fierce authenticity, honesty and humour. Living through 9/11 in New York, Joanna Walden experienced a moment of clarity, which propelled her to search for something greater than her 9-5 existence. Leaving her high-flying career on Madison Avenue behind her, she hikes the Camino de Santiago through Spain beginning the comedy of errors in her search for both purpose and a greater truth. Journeying around the globe, Joanna climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, imbibes plant medicine, consults energy healers and shamans, determined to solve the problem of herself. After the death of her father, she swaps her Brazilian boyfriend for a Brazilian girlfriend, eventually finding answers right on her doorstep back home in New Zealand. It's sex, drugs & spirituality; an unconventional path from dark to light, and a modern version of personal evolution. This transformational travel adventure takes you on a wild ride, as entertaining as it is enlightening. Are you ready to unlock the truth of who you really are?


Author : Neil Patel
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A dynamic, game-changing guide to finding success and fearlessly outsmarting the system Too often we feel like underdogs fighting a system that stacks the odds against us. We work hard, follow the rules, and dream of a better life. But these days, working harder doesn’t always lead to fulfillment. In fact, according to Gallup research, nearly 90 percent of people feel disconnected from their jobs. So how do you break free from the drudgery and achieve more success on your own terms? You hustle. The secret lies in making manageable tweaks and placing small bets on pursuits that propel you from who you are today to the person you’re destined to become. In Hustle, Neil Patel, Patrick Vlaskovits, and Jonas Koffler--three of the nation’s top entrepreneurs and consultants--have teamed up to teach you how to look at work and life through a new lens--one based on discovering projects you enjoy and the people and opportunities that support your talents, growth, income, and happiness. The authors reveal their groundbreaking three-part framework of Heart, Head, and Habits. Along the way, you will learn to redefine hustle as the optimal path to success using powerful, often counterintuitive, advice, including: • Why you must own your dreams, not rent dreams from others • Ways to create your own luck and “POP” • How to betray yourself to stay true to yourself--and develop your potential • The four major career hustles and the path that's best for you More than just an inspirational career guide, Hustle aims to fundamentally transform the way you work and live, and give yourself permission to thrive in today’s uncertain world.

Side Hustle

Author : Chris Guillebeau
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The author of the New York Times Bestseller THE $100 STARTUP, shows how to launch a profitable side hustle in just 27 days. To some, the idea of quitting their day job to start a business is exhilarating. For others, it’s terrifying. After all, a job that produces a steady paycheck can be difficult to give up. But in a time when businesses have so little loyalty to employees that the very notion of “job security” has become a punchline, wouldn’t it be great to have an additional source of income to fall back on? And wouldn’t it be great to make that happen without leaving your day job? Enter the Side Hustle. Based on detailed information from hundreds of case studies, Chris Guillebeau provides a step-by-step guide that anyone can use to create and launch a profitable project in less than a month. Designed for the busy and impatient, this plan will have you generating income immediately, without the risk of throwing yourself head first into the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you just want to make some extra money, or start something that may end up replacing your day job entirely, the side hustle is the new job security. When you generate income from multiple sources, it gives you options, and in today’s world, options aren't just nice to have: they're essential. You don’t need entrepreneurial experience to launch a profitable side hustle. You don’t need a business degree, know how to code, or be an expert marketer. And you certainly don’t need employees or investors. With this book as your guide, anyone can learn to build a fast track to freedom.

Harlem Hustle

Author : Janet McDonald
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Hustle's personal Harlem was sorely in need of a renaissance. For him, it was the place where a scared kid named Eric Samson had been ditched by druggy parents and dismissed by frustrated teachers. Abandoned to the streets to raise himself, Eric Samson knows life won't be easy, beginning with the choices he must make. The fast cash of the streets still tempts him, but the threat of getting locked up – again – is daunting. Maybe Eric's way out is as Harlem Hustle, the rapper he dreams of being. At his side is Manley "Ride" Freeman, surrogate brother and best friend. And Jeannette Simpson, the college-bound "round-the-way" girl he hopes will be more than a friend. But does Eric have the strength to leave the familiar street life behind and the courage to reach for his dream? In her companion to Brother Hood, Janet McDonald once again captures the rhythms of Harlem in this fast, funny story of a restless teenager who uses the power of words to rise above it all.

The Illustrated American

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The Paper Box Maker and American Bookbinder

Author :
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Chronicles of the Creek

Author : Richard Means
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Reading this book will help one to understand that although this is a book of fiction, there is some truth to the overall story. This book follows a young man who is the eleventh of thirteen kids through some of the trials and tribulations of growing up in a housing project. He is searching for his niche in life that will make him fit in with what he feels is society. He joins the U.S. Army and barely makes it out alive after nearly three years. After discharging from the army he settles back into civilian life working hard and peddling drugs

The Jewelers Circular

Author :
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Inside Rikers

Author : Jennifer Wynn
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Rikers Island--just six miles from the Empire State Building--is one of the largest, most complex and most expensive penal institutions in the world, yet most New Yorkers couldn't find it on a map. Jennifer Wynn, the director of the Fresh Start program at Rikers, takes readers into the jails and then back out-to the communities where her students were born and raised. She chronicles their journeys as they struggle to "go straight" and find respect in a city that fears and rejects them. Part memoir, part social commentary, Inside Rikers details the author's experiences on Rikers. Wynn offers a compelling portrait of its 18,000 inmates and how Rikers was transformed from one of the most violent jails into one of the safest.

Doing Time

Author : Bell Gale Chevigny
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A special collection of the best fiction, essays, poetry, and plays from annual PEN Prison Writing contest offers unique insights into the emotions and thoughts engendered by the prison experience, ranging from humor and empathy to rage, fear, and despair. 15,000 first printing.

The Age of Steel

Author :
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Iron and Machinery World

Author :
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The House That Hustle Built Part 1

Author : Nisa Santiago
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Beg, Borrow, or Steal. Worlds collide when a car thief and a self-proclaimed entrepreneur meet. Pearla is a born hustler, and Cash was born to steal. Pearla sets her sights on Cash and motivates him to take his petty crimes to the next level. Together, the two get money throughout the tri-state, while friends and family want to be upgraded without putting in work. At first, the couple makes it rain in the hood, taking care of those they love, but a hustler always knows when to draw the line. Suddenly, Pearla proclaims the ATM closed, and a quiet storm begins to brew. When the beggars can't beg anymore and the borrowers can't borrow anymore, friends become enemies. Words and bullets are exchanged, leaving The House that Hustle Built under attack and at risk of collapse.

Hustle Sweet Love

Author : Maggie Davis
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From small-town streets to high-fashion runways, one model’s life changes and love will never be the same. By the author of Diamonds and Pearls. Leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma, behind for the glamorous life of a fashionista in New York City, model Lacy Kinsgley finds herself on an adventurous journey of self‐discovery. Lacy’s all‐American good looks and sexy fashion sense not only help her land a job at fabulous Fad Magazine, but also get her into mischief when she is mistaken for a high‐priced escort by a charismatic and powerful publishing magnate. One passionate encounter with cool‐headed Michael soon grows into something much more, as Lacy’s life is changed in ways a small‐town girl would have never dreamed.

The Homicide Hustle

Author : Ella Barrick
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One of them has been eliminated…permanently. The traveling TV dance show, Ballroom with the B-Listers, is coming to Washington, D.C., and ballroom dancer Stacy Graysin is first in line to participate. Not only will the publicity propel Graysin Motion, Stacy’s dance studio, into the limelight, but the prize money could help offset her looming debt. Plus, Stacy’s teen idol, heartthrob Zane Savage, specifically requested to be her partner. But the whirlwind reality contest stumbles when the show’s coproducer, Tessa King, is found dead in the Potomac River. All the clues point to Tessa being murdered—and the suspects are the contestants and crew of B-Listers. Now Zane and the rest of the B-Listers must promenade back to fame, and Stacy will need to hustle to maintain her reputation, win the competition, and catch a killer.

It Was Never a Gamble

Author : James Conrad Jr.
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It Was Never A Gamble is a true-life story of an early 1900's gambler and hustler. It chronicles the life of Jimmy James. Born in 1900 and leaving home at the age of 14, he made a living by taking advantage of other's greed. He learned early that to get ahead he might have to bend a few rules. But, in a time when the rules were few and the enforcement was often left to one's own conscious, there could be big rewards for the person with the intestinal fortitude to bend the rules. From the worn down storefront street games to the most luxurious hotels and clubs of the times, Jimmy James was able to operate freely and feel at home. He was able to mingle with the common street grifters and rub shoulders with some of the most influential people of the times as he made his way across the country. This is a story of one man's life journey through many adventures, twists and turns, ups and downs. Cards, dice, roulette, no game was safe; no game was ever a gamble. This is the story of Jimmy James, hustler and gambler.


Author : Tyler Spence
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All jaws drop when high school track and football star Tyler Spence throws in his helmet and cleats to form Dance Machine a, “white boy,” funk band with four fellow classmates. Rising in popularity, the band sets off on a road-trip to a remote corner of their State to play for yet another Sadie Hawkins Dance. Car troubles turn what should have been a simple “gig-n-go” into a two-day ordeal. An unexpected encounter with an old teammate puts conflict into motion for Tyler and his friends when they find themselves at the mercy of the local Sheriff and townsfolk who all agree “they’d never seen boys wearing shoes like those before!” With no way out Tyler is forced to face his rival head-on in a climatic showdown to settle the score. PLATFORMS is a one of a kind, coming-of-age road-trip story with a fun funky vibe making it a timeless classic in the same way the 1970s fashions did for denim, sequins, rainbow knee-socks, and high-heeled shoes, “for men”!


Author : Michael J. Scott
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Katherine Holt lives in a state of desperate poverty in the Lower Quarter of Incorporated Municipality Number 27, FEMA Region II, foraging for food with her disabled sister, Rebecca, and hiding with her Mother from the teams of Sweepers who roam the Lower Quarter, which is supposed to have been evacuated due to plague. But Katherine and her sister hide a secret-one that REGA, the controlling, authoritarian governmental bureaucracy in her sector, would do anything to get their hands on: she and her sister are immune to the virus. When they are picked up by a Sweeper team and taken to the HUT - a prison-like processing center for the indigent, events begin to spiral rapidly out of control as REGA becomes aware of their secret, and Katherine engineers her own escape. Can Katherine rescue her sister from the clutches of REGA before they use Rebecca for their own ends, or is she falling into a clever trap laid specifically for her? And what dark secret has her adopted Mother been hiding for the past twenty years? Available in both paperback and E-book

The Side Hustle

Author : Nick Loper
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Make Money and Live BetterThe Side Hustle is for people who want or need to earn some extra money outside of their day jobs. Maybe you need a few extra dollars to make ends meet. Maybe you want to pay off debt.Maybe you want to save for a rainy day or for your children's education. Maybe you just want to treat yourself to a nice vacation or a new car without feeling guilty about it. Maybe you're looking for a way out of the corporate world, an escape plan. That's the ultimate financial freedom, right?That's how I got started down this entrepreneurial path, and it's the best choice I ever made.You're willing to work for it because your future is worth working for.But your time is limited, and you may not know where to start. There are a million and one ways to "make money online" and everyone wants to sell you their "proven system for Internet riches." It's hard to tell what's a scam and what's legit. Real-World ExamplesThis book offers real-world examples of how regular people just like you and me are earning side hustle income outside of traditional employment. Many have even turned these part-time ventures into full-time businesses, throwing off the shackles of their corporate overlords for good.And the cool thing is, there are no special technical skills or prerequisites to get started with any of the ideas presented. Most don't require any big scary upfront investment. (If you're a fan of Chris Guillebeau, Pat Flynn, or Tim Ferriss, you'll love this!)Why Side Hustle?> Build Skills Build Security Build Income Build Freedom My StoryAfter college, I did what you're supposed to do: I got a job.The problem was almost immediately I found myself looking for a way out. It wasn't that I hated the work or my coworkers, but it just wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. The thought of spending my next 30 years there was terrifying.So evenings and weekends I turned my attention online. I'd been dabbling with building rudimentary websites, learning online advertising channels, and even running my own small marketing campaigns for other companies' products to test the waters. And that's what The Side Hustle is about-finding a low-risk way make more money. Most entrepreneurship books assume you have limitless time and limitless startup capital, but I know from talking to thousands of side hustlers, that's simply not the reality. I started small and lean, but steadily built up my side hustle until I could say good-bye to corporate work. You can do it, too. I'll show you how.What's Inside?If you're looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme or the secret to overnight success, you won't find it here. But what you will find are the "Big 3" side hustle business models you can take action on right away.I've interviewed hundreds of profitable side hustlers on The Side Hustle Show to figure out how their businesses work, how they make money, and most importantly, how you can replicate their success.In this book, you'll meet these real-world side hustlers who built and sustained businesses they care about. They faced the same fears and uncertainties you're wrestling with, but made something happen.Now it's your turn. What are you waiting for? The timing will never be perfect. Scroll up and hit the "Buy Now" button to grab your copy now!


Author : Jana DeLeon
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From New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the third book in the Shaye Archer thriller series. Nine years ago, the police found Shaye Archer wandering in the French Quarter, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous fifteen years, not even her name. Now, at twenty-four, Shaye is a licensed private investigator, determined to get answers for her clients when the police can’t help. But her last case uncovered more than anyone anticipated, and pieces of Shaye’s missing past have surfaced with unexpected consequences. She’s starting to remember. Will Shaye unlock the secrets buried deep in her mind? And more importantly, can she handle the truth if she does?