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Insights from a Wandering Lizard

Author : Nouna Bakhiet
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The Wandering Lizards We, the wandering lizards are the heroes of new memes. We strike out and away from tradition. We create what is different; we dare to live beyond what is known. We are human revolutions. These insights from a wandering lizard defy human platitudes, shattering the most basic social preconceptions.

The Friend

Author :
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The Iron Tree

Author : Cecilia Dart-Thornton
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Jarred, recently come of age, is leaving the sun-scorched desert village that has always been his home. He sets out with a band of friends to see the mighty and beautiful kingdom of the north and to seek out the truth about his father, who came to the village a stranger and departed when Jarred was ten, never to return. After the travellers are set upon in a ravine and several of their number sustain injuries, they seek shelter in the Marsh of Slievmordhu – a cool green world of dazzling beauty as different from their homeland as night and day. Here Jarred meets Lilith, and in a single moment he realizes that his life can never be the same again. But neither of the young lovers is aware how closely linked their fates – and their past – really are. During a visit to Cathair Rua, the Red City, Jarred stumbles across the secret of the Iron Tree, and with it an unbearable truth about his father's identity... Praise for the ‘Bitterbynde’ trilogy: ‘Dart-Thornton’s Bitterbynde trilogy – each book and all three together - deserves to win every fantasy award there is’ Tanith Lee 'Hobbit-fanciers will find much to delight them' The Times

Fleeing Falmouth

Author : Carl W. McClure
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Janiana and Henry Hocking of Falmouth, England are in a terrible way. The spring rains and summer heat have all but destroyed their annual crops. Making matters worse is the hurricane that sweeps over the island that fall of 1859. Together with their equally poor neighbors, Clive and Harriet Murley, they struggle against the weather and the manorial system under Queen Victoria. The hurricane is a blessing in disguise, for it provides an escape from their impasse. The Cheryl Belle, a sailing ship caught by the storm in the Channel, takes refuge in Falmouth Harbor. Through great effort and no small amount of luck, the families book passage to New York on the ship. Disease, hardship, and personal tragedy curse the voyage, but they emerge to begin a new life in a new country. Narrated by a most unusual character, and punctuated by a cavalcade of succinct commentaries, Fleeing Falmouth is a rich source of nineteenth century English history. Immerse yourself in it to learn how the families go on to farm once more, only to be torn apart by yet another calamity in their new home.

A History of the Earth and Animated Nature

Author : Oliver Goldsmith
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Goldsmith s Natural history with notes collected with a life of O Goldsmith by G M Bussey by H Innes

Author : Oliver Goldsmith
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Delusion and Dream

Author : Sigmund Freud
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Jensen’s brilliant and unique story of Gradiva has not only literary merit of very high order, but may be said to open up a new field for romance. It is the story of a young archæologist who suffered a very characteristic mental disturbance and was gradually but effectively cured by a kind of native psychotherapeutic instinct, which probably inheres in all of us, but which in this case was found in the girl he formerly loved but had forgotten, and who restored at the same time his health and his old affection for her. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about the work is that the author knew nothing of psychotherapy as such, but wrought his way through the labyrinth of mechanisms that he in a sense rediscovered and set to work, so that it needed only the application of technical terms to make this romance at the same time a pretty good key to the whole domain of psychoanalysis. In a sense it is a dream-story, but no single dream ever began to be so true to the typical nature of dreams; it is a clinical picture, but I can think of no clinical picture that had its natural human interest so enhanced by a moving romance. Gradiva might be an introduction to psychoanalysis, and is better than anything else we can think of to popularize it. It might be added that while this romance has been more thoroughly analysed than any other, and that by Freud himself, it is really only one of many which in the literature of the subject have been used to show forth the mysterious ways of the unconscious. It indicates that psychoanalysis has a future in literary criticism, if not that all art and artists have, from the beginning, more or less anticipated as they now illustrate it. The translator is thoroughly competent and has done her work with painstaking conscientiousness, and she has had the great advantage of having it revised, especially with reference to the translation of technical terms from the German, by no less an eminent expert in psychotherapy than Dr. Smith Ely Jelliffe.


Author : D. Draaisma
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Does forgetting signal a failing mind? What can be done to ward off forgetfulness? Is there an upside to forgetting? In his highly praised book The Nostalgia Factory, renowned memory scholar Douwe Draaisma explored the puzzling logic of memory in later life with humor and deep insight. In this compelling new book he turns to the "miracle" of forgetting. Far from being a defect that may indicate Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, Draaisma claims, forgetting is one of memory's crucial capacities. In fact, forgetting is essential. Weaving together an engaging array of literary, historical, and scientific sources, the author considers forgetting from every angle. He pierces false clichés and asks important questions: Is a forgotten memory lost forever? What makes a colleague remember an idea but forget that it was yours? Draaisma explores "first memories" of young children, how experiences are translated into memory, the controversies over repression and "recovered" memories, and weird examples of memory dysfunction. He movingly examines the impact on personal memories when a hidden truth comes to light. In a persuasive conclusion the author advocates the undervalued practice of "the art of forgetting"--a set of techniques that assist in erasing memories, thereby preserving valuable relationships and encouraging personal contentment.

A New and Improved Standard French and English and English and French Dictionary

Author : Alexander G. Collot
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Insight Guides India Travel Guide eBook

Author : Insight Guides
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India is like nowhere else on earth - thrilling, frustrating and incredibly diverse. Be inspired to visit by the new edition of Insight Guide India, a comprehensive full-colour guide to this fascinating country. Inside Insight Guide India: A thoroughly updated new edition by our expert authors. Stunning photography brings this most colourful of countries and its people to life. Highlights of the country's top attractions, including the iconic monument of the Taj Mahal, the desert citadel of Jaisalmer and evocative ruins at Hampi. Descriptive region-by-region accounts cover the whole country from the bright lights of Delhi and Mumbai to the green backwaters of Kerala and the cool heights of the Himalayas. Detailed, high-quality maps throughout will help you get around and travel tips give you all the essential information for planning a memorable trip. About Insight Guides: Insight Guides has over 40 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps as well as picture-packed eBooks to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture together create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure. 'Insight Guides has spawned many imitators but is still the best of its type.' - Wanderlust Magazine