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Insomniac Dreams

Author : Vladimir Nabokov
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First publication of an index-card diary in which Nabokov recorded sixty-four dreams and subsequent daytime episodes, allowing the reader a glimpse of his innermost life.

Dreams of an Insomniac

Author : Irena Klepfisz
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In a framework that is Jewish, lesbian, feminist and class-conscious, Klepfisz speaks out against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, anti-Semitism and homophobia, compulsory motherhood, and the commercialization of the Holocaust, and for the strengthening and preservation of secular Yiddish culture in the US and the joy of doing creative work. Some of the essays have been previously published. Published by The Eighth Mountain Press, 624 Southeast 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214-3026. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

H G Wells and All Things Russian

Author : Galya Diment
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H. G. Wells and All Things Russian is a fertile terrain for research and this volume will be the first to devote itself entirely to the theme. Wells was an astute student of Russian literature, culture and history, and the Russians, in turn, became eager students of Wells’s views and works. During the Soviet years, in fact, no significant foreign author was safer for Soviet critics to praise than H. G. Wells. The reason was obvious. He had met – and largely approved of – Lenin, was a close friend of the Soviet literary giant Maxim Gorky and, in general, expressed much respect for Russia’s evolving Communist experiment, even after it fell into Stalin’s hands. While Wells’s attitude towards the Soviet Union was, nevertheless, often ambivalent, there is definitely nothing ambiguous about the tremendous influence his works had on Russian literary and cultural life.

The Literary Insomniac

Author : Elyse Cheney
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A collection of stories and essays about insomnia by insomniac writers includes contributions by E. Annie Proulx, Jonathan Carroll, Tom Beller, Bradford Morrow, Tim Cahill, and Haruki Marukami, among other notables.

The Planetary Clock

Author : Paul Giles
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The theme of The Planetary Clock is the representation of time in postmodern culture and the way temporality as a global phenomenon manifests itself differently across an antipodean axis. To trace postmodernism in an expansive spatial and temporal arc, from its formal experimentation in the 1960s to environmental concerns in the twenty-first century, is to describe a richer and more complex version of this cultural phenomenon. Exploring different scales of time from a Southern Hemisphere perspective, with a special emphasis on issues of Indigeneity and the Anthropocene, The Planetary Clock offers a wide-ranging, revisionist account of postmodernism, reinterpreting literature, film, music, and visual art of the post-1960 period within a planetary framework. By bringing the culture of Australia and New Zealand into dialogue with other Western narratives, it suggests how an antipodean impulse, involving the transposition of the world into different spatial and temporal dimensions, has long been an integral (if generally occluded) aspect of postmodernism. Taking its title from a Florentine clock designed in 1510 to measure worldly time alongside the rotation of the planets, The Planetary Clock ranges across well-known American postmodernists (John Barth, Toni Morrison) to more recent science fiction writers (Octavia Butler, Richard Powers), while bringing the US tradition into juxtaposition with both its English (Philip Larkin, Ian McEwan) and Australian (Les Murray, Alexis Wright) counterparts. By aligning cultural postmodernism with music (Messiaen, Ligeti, Birtwistle), the visual arts (Hockney, Blackman, Fiona Hall), and cinema (Rohmer, Haneke, Tarantino), this volume enlarges our understanding of global postmodernism for the twenty-first century.

Handbook of Dreams

Author : Benjamin B. Wolman
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Reviews theories on and research in dreams and sleep, illuminating the ideas of scientists including Freud and Jung and discussing rapid eye movement, the biology of sleep, dreams and schizophrenia, and extrasensory communication and dreams

New Scientist

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Literatures of Asia Africa and Latin America

Author : Willis Barnstone
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Presents excerpts of works, biographical profiles of authors, bibliographies, and annotations explaining obscure references in the texts

Author : Ryūichi Tamura
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The American Voice

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The Pembroke Magazine

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Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Author : American Academy of Arts and Letters
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The Legacy of Kafka in Contemporary Austrian Literature

Author : Frank Pilipp
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Perhaps one of the clues to answering the question of why Kafka's writing continues to be so compelling to a worldwide readership and why it has drawn such an enormous international range and scope of responses is that, despite its surreal appearances, Kafka's fictional world is a familiar, universal one. He revolutionized prose writing in the sense that almost all narrative authors who came later recognized his significance and were influenced by him. This still remains true in the present. The essays here show how Franz Kafka has impressed his seal on the identity of a number of Austrian writers: especially Aichinger, Canetti, Handke, Jelinek and Turrini.

Angry Hills Silent River

Author : Aśoka Śarmā
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Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Author : American Academy of Arts and Sciences
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Travelaid Guide to Greece

Author : Michael Haag
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Harold Norse the Love Poems 1940 1985

Author : Harold Norse
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Author : Richard Gavin
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Gavin has been called the future of horror by "Dark Discoveries" magazine. His unique tales of the macabre and the occult have been published around the world to critical acclaim.


Author : Craig Douglas Dworkin
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Poetry. "Craig Dworkin produces a poetry rich and strange, a counterpart of French Oulipo but with a characteristically American pragmatic inflection. Dworkin takes seriously Wittgenstein's axiom that there are no gaps in grammar, that everything is already there if we will only see the connections"—Marjorie Perloff.