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Inspiration Bacchus and the Cultural History of a Creation Myth

Author : John F. Moffitt
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The Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law Online offers in-depth articles on issues such as Human Rights, UN organs and Commissions as well as questions of international law in connection with the United Nations. The core of authors proves to be a well balanced mix between young scholars and professors from all over Europe.

Iconology Neoplatonism and the Arts in the Renaissance

Author : Berthold Hub
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The mid-twentieth century saw a change in paradigms of art history: iconology. The main claim of this novel trend in art history was that renowned Renaissance artists (such as Botticelli, Leonardo, or Michelangelo) created imaginative syntheses between their art and contemporary cosmology, philosophy, theology, and magic. The Neoplatonism in the books by Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola became widely acknowledged for its lasting influence on art. It thus became common knowledge that Renaissance artists were not exclusively concerned with problems intrinsic to their work but that their artifacts encompassed a much larger intellectual and cultural horizon. This volume brings together historians concerned with the history of their own discipline – and also those whose research is on the art and culture of the Italian Renaissance itself – with historians from a wide variety of specialist fields, in order to engage with the contested field of iconology. The book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, Renaissance history, Renaissance studies, historiography, philosophy, theology, gender studies, and literature.


Author : John Varriano
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From celebrations of Bacchus in ancient Rome to the Last Supper and casual dinner parties, wine has long been a key component of festivities, ceremonies, and celebrations. Made by almost every civilization throughout history, in every part of the world, wine has been used in religious ceremonies, inspired artists and writers, been employed as a healing medicine, and, most often, sipped as way to relax with a gathering of friends. Yet, like all other forms of alcohol, wine has also had its critics, who condemn it for the drunkenness and bad behavior that arise with its overconsumption. Wine can render you tongue-tied or philosophical; it can heal wounds or damage health; it can bring society together or rend it. In this fascinating cultural history of wine, John Varriano takes us on a tour of wine’s lively story, revealing the polarizing effect wine has had on society and culture through the ages. From its origins in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the expanding contemporary industries in Australia, New Zealand, and America, Varriano examines how wine is made and how it has been used in rituals, revelries, and remedies throughout history. In addition, he investigates the history of wine’s transformative effects on body and soul in art, literature, and science from the mosaics of ancient Rome to the poetry of Dickinson and Neruda and the paintings of Caravaggio and Manet. A spirited exploration, this book will delight lovers of sauvignon blanc or pinot noir, as well as those who are interested in the rich history of human creativity and consumption.

International Review of Biblical Studies Volume 51 2004 2005

Author : Bernhard Lang
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Annotation. Formerly known by its subtitle "Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete", the International Review of Biblical Studies has served the scholarly community ever since its inception in the early 1950's. Each annual volume includes approximately 2,000 abstracts and summaries of articles and books that deal with the Bible and related literature, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, Non-canonical gospels, and ancient Near Eastern writings. The abstracts - which may be in English, German, or French - are arranged thematically under headings such as e.g. "Genesis", "Matthew", "Greek language", "text and textual criticism", "exegetical methods and approaches", "biblical theology", "social and religious institutions", "biblical personalities", "history of Israel and early Judaism", and so on. The articles and books that are abstracted and reviewed are collected annually by an international team of collaborators from over 300 of the most important periodicals and book series in the fields covered.

Mysterium Magnum Michelangelo s Tondo Doni

Author : Regina Stefaniak
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Drawing on the fifteenth century theology of Saint Joseph, classical visual sources, Ficino’s commentary on the Phaedrus and Symposium, and Dante’s rime petrose, this book interprets Michelangelo’s Tondo Doni as a model of Ephesians’ ‘great sacrament’ of marriage for the new Florentine republic.

A Different God

Author : Renate Schlesier
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Dionysos erscheint innerhalb der modernen Wissens- und Darstellungsformationen oft als untypisch für die antike Kultur, als Ausnahme im Kontext des antiken Polytheismus, ja als Instanz einer Differenz, die die Moderne antizipiert. Was können neuere Forschungen zum genaueren Verständnis der vielfältigen Transformationen des antiken Gottes beitragen? Dieser Frage widmen sich Vertreter aller Bereiche der Altertumswissenschaften in diesem Band, der aus einer internationalen Tagung im März 2009 im Berliner Pergamonmuseum hervorgeht. Vasenbilder und Heiligtümer werden dabei ebenso berücksichtigt wie Texte antiker Dramatiker, Historiker und Philosophen, Papyri und Inschriften. Die Stärke des Bandes liegt in dieser Quellen- und Methodenvielfalt, aus der sich ein umfassendes, facettenreiches Bild des „differenten“ Gottes ergibt.

Guardians of the Humanist Legacy The Classicism of T S Eliot s Criterion Network and Its Relevance to Our Postmodern World

Author : Jeroen Vanheste
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The T.S. Eliot of the 1920s was a European humanist who was part of an international network of like-minded intellectuals. Their ideas about literature, education and European culture in general remain highly relevant to the cultural debates of our day.

Notions of Nationhood in Bengal Perspectives on Samaj c 1867 1905

Author : Swarupa Gupta
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This book opens fresh ways of rethinking colonial nationalisms, qualifying derivative, political and modernist paradigms. Introducing the category of samaj (cultural entity), it shows how indigenous socio-cultural origins were reconfigured in modern Bengali-Indian nationhood to conceptualise unities and mediate fragmentation.

The Idea of Creativity paperback

Author : Karen Bardsley
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With over 950 entries and approximately 400 contributing scholars, the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics is the authoritative reference work of all aspects of the history and study of the Hebrew language from its earliest attested form to the present day.

Subjects and Objects

Author : Jeffrey Strayer
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Subjects and Objects provides the philosophical groundwork for the determination of the limits of Abstraction in art. This involves extensive consideration of the subject-object relationship and properties of subjects and objects that pertain to making and apprehending works of art.