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Installation art as experience of self in space and time

Author : Christine Vial Kayser
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Installation art has modified our relationship to art for over fifty years by soliciting the whole body, demonstrating its sensitivity to space, surroundings, and the living beings with which it is constantly interacting. This book analyses this modification of perception through phenomenological approaches convoking Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, as well as Levinas, Depraz, and the neuroscientist Varela. This theoretical framework is implicit in the various case studies which revisit works that have become classic or emblematic by Carl Andre, Bruce Nauman, Dan Graham; inaugural experiments that remain available only through photographic and written archives by Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Philippe Parreno, as well as the influence of the mode in the realm of music. The book also examines the transference of this Western form to Asia, revealing how it resonates with ancient Asian representations and practices—often associated with the spiritual. The distinct chapters underpin the role of space as a metaframe, the common ground of the various installations. While the nature and agency of space varies—from social, historical space, leisurely or political space, inner psychological space, to shared empty space—these installations reveal the chiasm between the individual body and the outside space. The chapters bear testimony of the process in which the physical journey of the spectator’s body within a material—at times invisible—space and its structural components takes place in time, as a succession of micro-experiences. ‘Installation art as experience of self, in space and time’ adds to the existing literature of art history a level of theoretical, experiential and transcultural analysis that will make this inquiry relevant to both university students and independent researchers in the academic fields of philosophy, psychology, aesthetics, art theory and history, religious and Asian studies.

Advances in Artificial Life

Author : Fernando Almeida e Costa
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Artificial Life, ECAL 2007, held in Lisbon, Portugal. The 125 revised full papers cover morphogenesis and development, robotics and autonomous agents, evolutionary computation and theory, cellular automata, models of biological systems and their applications, ant colony and swarm systems, evolution of communication, simulation of social interactions, self-replication, artificial chemistry.

Art and the Church A Fractious Embrace

Author : Jonathan Koestle-Cate
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A vibrant critical exchange between contemporary art and Christianity is being increasingly prompted by an expanding programme of art installations and commissions for ecclesiastical spaces. Rather than 'religious art' reflecting Christian ideology, current practices frequently initiate projects that question the values and traditions of the host space, or present objects and events that challenge its visual conventions. In the light of these developments, this book asks what conditions are favourable to enhancing and expanding the possibilities of church-based art, and how can these conditions be addressed? What viable language or strategies can be formulated to understand and analyse art's role within the church? Focusing on concepts drawn from anthropology, comparative religion, art theory, theology and philosophy, this book formulates a lexicon of terms built around the notion of encounter in order to review the effective uses and experience of contemporary art in churches. The author concludes with the prognosis that art for the church has reached a critical and decisive phase in its history, testing the assumption that contemporary art should be a taken-for-granted element of modern church life. Art and the Church: A Fractious Embrace uniquely combines conceptual analysis, critical case studies and practical application in a rigorous and inventive manner, dealing specifically with contemporary art of the past twenty-five years, and the most recent developments in the church's policies for the arts.

Emotions in Technology Design From Experience to Ethics

Author : Rebekah Rousi
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Understanding emotions is becoming ever more valuable in design, both in terms of what people prefer as well as in relation to how they behave in relation to it. Approaches to conceptualising emotions in technology design, how emotions can be operationalised and how they can be measured are paramount to ascertaining the core principles of design. Emotions in Technology Design: From Experience to Ethics provides a multi-dimensional approach to studying, designing and comprehending emotions in design. It presents emotions as understood through basic human-technology research, applied design practice, culture and aesthetics, ethical approaches to emotional design, and ethics as a cultural framework for emotions in design experience. Core elements running through the book are: cognitive science – cognitive-affective theories of emotions (i.e., Appraisal); culture – the ways in which our minds are trained to recognise, respond to and influence design; and ethics – a deep cultural framework of interpretations of good versus evil. This ethical understanding brings culture and cognition together to form genuine emotional experience. This book is essential reading for designers, technology developers, HCI and cognitive science scholars, educators and students (at both undergraduate and graduate levels) in terms of emotional design methods and tools, systematic measurement of emotion in design experience, cultural theory underpinning how emotions operate in the production and interaction of design, and how ethics influence basic (primal) and higher level emotional reactions. The broader scope equips design practitioners, developers and scholars with that ‘something more’ in terms of understanding how emotional experience of technology can be positioned in relation to cultural discourse and ethics.

Visual Arts Practice and Affect

Author : Ann Schilo
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Visual Arts Practice and Affect brings together a group of artist scholars to explore how visual arts can offer unique insights into the understanding of place, memory and affect.

Poetics of Curriculum Poetics of Life

Author : Mary-Elizabeth Vaquer
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Through multiple lenses of curriculum studies, the author explores how poetry is situated in the pedagogical world. Her work aims to illuminate how poetry is studied in schools and how these practices of studying poetry give poetry its cultural identity. Each chapter is guided by insight from John Dewey’s Art as Experience which promotes explorations of opportunities for students to have profound experiences with poetry and art in schools. The purpose of this book is not to offer a prescription for teachers to use in their classrooms. This is not an outline regarding how someone should include poetry in a lesson plan. Rather, the author explores why poetry is important in our lives and how poetry can contribute to opening avenues for new possibilities through imagination and transformation based on phenomenological experience and scholarship. She explores poetry through Dewey’s notion of aesthetics across diverse aspects of meaning making through poetry in a contemporary context. She also explores the influences that poetry has on the curriculum of our lives, and the influence that our lived curriculum has on the future of poetry.

Installation Art

Author : Claire Bishop
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Presents an examination of installation art through case studies of artists and individual works.

Roni Horn Ann Veronica Janssens Mike Kelley Mike Nelson

Author : CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
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Integrating the Expressive Arts into Counseling Practice

Author : Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, LMHC-IN, LPC-NC, NCC
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"Once in a while a book comes along that is both unique and invaluable.... By reading and studying this work, practitioners can enrich the lives of their clients and their own effectiveness. [It] translates theory into practice and transforms mainstream counseling approaches into extremely useful devices for modifying the way clients and counselors function in therapy." Samuel T. Gladding, PhD Department of Counseling, Wake Forest University (From the Foreword) While traditional "talk" therapies remain at the foundation of counseling, the use of expressive and creative arts in conjunction with these methods can often deepen the healing process as well as expedite diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Integrating the Expressive Arts into Counseling Practice is designed to provide readers with an understanding of the ways in which expressive arts counseling techniques can be productively integrated into the leading counseling modalities. Accessible to students and practitioners alike, it presents field-tested expressive arts interventions within the context of the most commonly taught theoretical orientations, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Gestalt Theory, Adlerian Theory, Choice Theory, Existential Theory, Feminist Theory, Person-Centered Theory, Narrative Therapy, and Integrative Theory. These chapters include the work of over 40 contributors, including expert practitioners and faculty, who offer detailed descriptions of their own successful expressive arts interventions. Key Features Presents over 50 expressive art interventions in an easy, step-by-step format Describes interventions within a framework of 10 commonly used treatment modalities Explains the connection between theory and intervention Includes art, writing, drama, music, movement, dance, puppetry, and sandplay activities. Discusses appropriate populations, settings, and diagnoses with which to use each intervention

Wild Hunger

Author : Bruce Wilshire
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This pioneering work explores why our culture is plagued by addictions—by giving serious attention to our genetic legacy from our hunter-gatherer ancestors.