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Institutional Reform of Air Navigation Service Providers

Author : Rui Neiva
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Institutional Reform of Air Navigation Service Providers deals with the changes that have taken place in this major, technologically progressive industry as many countries moved away from direct provision by the government to forms of corporate or private provision. The author provides an up-to-date institutional and economic analysis of air navigation service providers’ efforts to reform their governance and funding structures under these changes. The book discusses air navigation service providers in great detail, with a focus on the historical evolution of the industry’s institutional and regulatory frameworks as well as the ongoing developments in the industry (e.g. the Single European Sky in Europe and NextGen in the US). The author departs from the more conventional quasi-descriptive analysis by performing economic and econometric analyses of the industry that explicitly include institutional variables, e.g. to explore whether the nature of ownership can be associated with different economic efficiency outcomes. The result is a rigorous assessment of the structures of various air navigation service providers, strengthened by the use of case studies and policy analysis of potential reform. The theme and scope of this book will appeal to anyone interested in the institutional and regulatory history of air navigation service providers, and its accessible approach will appeal to policy-makers and professionals as well as people who are interested, more broadly, in economic regulation.

Air Transport Liberalization

Author : Matthias Finger
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This groundbreaking book offers a critical and wide-ranging assessment of the global air transport liberalization process over the past 40 years. This compilation of world experts on air transport economics, policy, and regulation is timely and significant, considering that air transport is currently facing a series of new challenges due to technological changes, the emergence of new markets, and increased security concerns.

Public Private Partnerships

Author : Robert M. Clark
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This book discusses Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and their potential to protect and maintain critical infrastructure in a variety of global governmental settings. Critical infrastructure is defined as essential services that underpin and support the backbone of a nation's economy, security, and health. These services include the power used by homes and businesses, drinking water, transportation, stores and shops, and communications. As governmental budgets dwindle, the maintenance of critical infrastructure and the delivery of its related services are often strained. PPPs have the potential to fill the void between government accounting and capital budgeting. This volume provides a survey of PPPs in critical infrastructure, combining theory and case studies to provide a comprehensive view of possible applications. Written by a diverse group of international experts, the chapters detail PPPs across industries such as transportation, social infrastructure, healthcare, emergency services, and water across municipalities from the US to New Zealand to Hong Kong. Chapters discuss objectives and legal requirements associated with PPPs, the potential advantages and limitations of PPPs, and provide guidance as to how to structure a successful PPP for infrastructure investment. This book is of interest to researchers studying public administration, public finance, and infrastructure as well as practitioners and decision makers interested in instituting PPPs in their communities.

Air Traffic Management

Author : Margaret Arblaster
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Air Traffic Management: Economics Regulation and Governance provides the latest insights on approaches and issues surrounding the economic regulation and governance of air traffic management (ATM). The book begins by explaining what ATM is, showing its importance within the aviation industry. It then outlines the unique institutional characteristics that govern ATM, also discussing its implications for economic regulation and investment. Technological developments and the issues and approaches to safety regulation are also covered, as are the implications ATM has on airports. The book concludes with an exploration of future directions, including the entry of drones into airspace and the introduction of competition in ATM services Air traffic management plays a critical role in air transport, impacting both air safety and the efficiency of air services. Yet air navigation services are shifting from government provision to private industry, creating the need for more critical analysis of governance and economic regulation within the ATM industry. Consolidates the latest economic regulation and reform material regarding air traffic management Provides numerous practical examples and real-world case studies drawn from around the globe Explores economic regulation in both larger and smaller economies Written from an objective, informed and practical perspective by an experienced regulation practitioner and researcher


Author : Martin Kaltschmitt
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This book provides a detailed overview of aspects related to the overall provision chain for biokerosene as part of the global civil aviation business. Starting with a review of the current market situation for aviation fuels and airplanes and their demands, it then presents in-depth descriptions of classical and especially new types of non-edible biomass feedstock suitable for biokerosene provision. Subsequent chapters discuss those fuel provision processes that are already available and those still under development based on various biomass feedstock materials, and present e.g. an overview of the current state of the art in the production of a liquid biomass-based fuel fulfilling the specifications for kerosene. Further, given the growing interest of the aviation industry and airlines in biofuels for aviation, the experiences of an air-carrier are presented. In closing, the book provides a market outlook for biokerosene. Addressing a broad range of aspects related to the pros and cons of biokerosene as a renewable fuel for aviation, the book offers a unique resource.

Air Transport and the GATS

Author : World Trade Organization
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This special compilation describes air transport services from a regulatory and economic point of view, with a special focus on market access questions. In preparation for the second air transport review mandated by the GATS Annex on Air Transport Services, the Secretariat has gathered in the present book the documentation produced in 2000-1 for the first review. It is intended to facilitate Members' cross-reference to information contained in the documentation produced for the first review. The structure adopted for this volume is a sectoral one sub-divided when necessary by themes: maintenance; computer reservation systems; selling and marketing; franchising; freight forwarding and warehousing; leasing; catering. In each of the themes, economic developments are addressed first, followed by regulatory developments.

ITF Round Tables Better Economic Regulation The Role of the Regulator

Author : International Transport Forum
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Discussion at this Roundtable focused on how to achieve effective independent regulation and how to reconcile independence with the legitimate control of policy by the executive part of government.

Annuaire Europ en

Author : Bartholomeus Landheer
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Official SADC Trade Industry and Investment Review

Author :
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The Official SADC Trade Industry and Investment Review

Author :
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Annual Air Traffic Control Association Fall Conference Proceedings

Author : Air Traffic Control Association. Fall Conference
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Annales de Droit A rien Et Spatial

Author : Nicolas Mateesco Matte
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Air and Space Law

Author :
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The Journal of Air Traffic Control

Author :
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Aviation Infrastructure Performance

Author : Clifford Winston
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"International transportation experts compare and contrast how different nations have managed their airports and air traffic control systems to address congestion and delays, carrier competition, and air travel safety and how well they are meeting the needs of their people"--Provided by publisher.

Industrial relations in Europe

Author : European Commission. Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs. Directorate D.
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1998 Summit Brochure

Author :
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National Transport Development Plan 2001 2010

Author : Papua New Guinea. Department of Transport and Civil Aviation
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Achieving the Single European Sky

Author : Daniel Calleja Crespo
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This book, the first to cover the SES in depth, presents unparalleled insight into a versatile and complex undertaking which will determine the future of air traffic management in Europe. Its chapters analyse the progress as well as the shortcomings and setbacks encountered in the implementation of the SES policy objectives. With forward-looking contributions from over forty well-known experts working in virtually every arena of aviation, from airports and airlines to regulatory agencies and air law practice and scholarship, the book thoroughly explains what has been achieved so far, not only in theory but in fact.