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Integrated System for Intelligent Control

Author : Ming Rao
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Integrated System for Intelligent Control

Author : Ming Rao
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The main objectives of this book are a) to provide a refe- rence book for teaching graduate and undergraduate students in control systems, distributedAI, computer integrated ma- nufacturing, AI in engineering applications and computer science, b) to help professional research staff to trace the up-to-date technology developed in above areas; and c) to provide a self-instruction tutoring book for retraining en- gineers in industry. In order to accomplish the above objec- tives this book provides the following special features: 1. fundamental knowledge about intelligent control and integra- ted intelligent system, 2. primary concepts, 3. functions analyses of meta-system 4. the newest development in distri- buted AI, 5. the coherent integration of academic research and real industrial applications, 6. a comprehensive, syste- matic and original work through stages as philosophy, metho- dology, functionality, architecture, implementation and ap- plications.

Integrated Distributed Intelligent Systems in Manufacturing

Author : M. Rao
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Intelligent Manufacturing is a new disciplinary field which applies computer science, artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering and systems science to industrial manufacturing processes. This book presents a new integration architecture for implementing real-time distributed intelligent manufacturing systems.

Intelligent Control in Energy Systems

Author : Anastasios Dounis
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The editors of this Special Issue titled “Intelligent Control in Energy Systems” have attempted to create a book containing original technical articles addressing various elements of intelligent control in energy systems. In response to our call for papers, we received 60 submissions. Of those submissions, 27 were published and 33 were rejected. In this book, we offer the 27 accepted technical articles as well as one editorial. Authors from 15 countries (China, Netherlands, Spain, Tunisia, United Sates of America, Korea, Brazil, Egypt, Denmark, Indonesia, Oman, Canada, Algeria, Mexico, and the Czech Republic) elaborate on several aspects of intelligent control in energy systems. The book covers a broad range of topics including fuzzy PID in automotive fuel cell and MPPT tracking, neural networks for fuel cell control and dynamic optimization of energy management, adaptive control on power systems, hierarchical Petri Nets in microgrid management, model predictive control for electric vehicle battery and frequency regulation in HVAC systems, deep learning for power consumption forecasting, decision trees for wind systems, risk analysis for demand side management, finite state automata for HVAC control, robust μ-synthesis for microgrids, and neuro-fuzzy systems in energy storage.

Integrated Distributed Intelligent Systems for Engineering Design

Author : Ming Rao
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Presents the philosophy, methodology, techniques, and applications of IDIS for engineering design. Looks at recent research, and details a five-step problem-solving strategy of problem definition, conceptual design, parameter design, design analysis, and design evaluation. Describes industrial applications of IDIS, including the design of a mechanical transmission, a heat exchanger network, and a process control system. For graduate courses on engineering design, artificial intelligence, and computer integrated manufacturing. No index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Learning Systems and Intelligent Robots

Author : K. Fu
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This book contains the Proceedings of the S~cond U. S. -Japan Seminar on Learning Control and Intelligent Control. The seminar, held at Gainesville, Florida, from October 22 to 26, 1973, was sponsored by the U. S. -Japan Cooperative Science Program, jointly supported by the National Science Foundation and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The full texts of the twenty-one presented papers are included. The papers cover a variety of topics related to learning control and intelligent control, ranging from pattern recognition to system identification, from learning control to intelligent robots. During the past decade, there has been a considerable increase of interest in problems of machine learning, systems which exhibit learning behavior. In designing a system, if the a priori infor mation required is unknown or incompletely known, one approach is to design a system which is capable of learning the unknown infor mation during its operation. The learned information will then be used to improve the system's performance. This approach has been used in the design of pattern recognition systems, automatic control systems and system identification algorithms. If we naturally extend our goal to the design of systems which will behave more and more intelligently, learning systems research is only a preliminary step towards a general concept of integrated intelligent systems. One example of this class of systems is the intelligent robot, which integrates pattern recognition. learning and problem-solving into one intelligent system.

Intelligent Control Systems

Author : Alfred Silva
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Intelligent control systems use artificial intelligence to manage and control other systems such as production or manufacturing for machines or controlling equipment. These systems utilize fuzzy logic, neural networks, and fuzzy neural networks in principle. Adaptive controls, advanced control algorithms and applications, artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering, automation system, autonomous systems, complex systems and intelligent robots, hybrid systems, industrial automation and online monitoring, integrated and complex automation systems, intelligent automation and manufacturing are some of the important topics discussed in this book. It strives to provide a fair idea about this discipline and to help develop a better understanding of the latest advances within this field. While understanding the long-term perspectives of the topics, the book makes an effort in highlighting their impact as a modern tool for the growth of the discipline. Researchers and students actively engaged in this field will find this book full of crucial and unexplored concepts.

Process Control Engineering

Author : A. Ramachandro. Rao
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"Computer-aided instruction technology has been used here as an educational tool. A user-friendly computer software package, "Process Control Engineering Teachware" (PCET) is available on a diskette..." - Pref.

Industrial Intelligent Control

Author : Yong-Zai Lu
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With a strong emphasis on applications of intelligent control, this extremely accessible book covers the fundamentals, methodologies, architectures and algorithms of automatic control systems. The author summarizes several current concepts to improve industrial control systems, combining classical control techniques of dynamic modeling and control with new approaches discussed in the text. Addresses such intelligent systems as neural networks, fuzzy logic, ruled based, and genetic algorithms. Demonstrates how to develop, design and use intelligent systems to solve sophisticated industrial control problems. Includes numerous worked application examples.

Safety Reliability and Applications of Emerging Intelligent Control Technologies

Author : T.S. Ng
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Increasingly, over the last few years, intelligent controllers have been incorporated into control systems. Presently, the numbers and types of intelligent controllers that contain variations of fuzzy logic, neural network, genetic algorithms or some other forms of knowledge based reasoning technology are dramatically rising. However, considering the stability of the system, when such controllers are included it is difficult to analyse and predict system behaviour under unexpected conditions. Leading researchers and industrial practitioners were able to discuss and evaluate current development and future research directions at the first IFAC International Workshop on safety, reliability and applications on emerging intelligent control technology. This publication contains the papers, covering a wide range of topics, presented at the workshop.

Intelligent Control and Automation

Author : De-Shuang Huang
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Results of the International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI), Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences (LNCIS). 142 revised full papers are organized in topical sections: Blind Source Separation; Intelligent Sensor Networks; Intelligent Control and Automation; and Data Fusion, Knowledge Discovery, and Data Mining. Includes a Special Session on Smart and Intelligent Home Technology.

Proceedings of the 1991 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control

Author : IEEE Control Systems Society
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Intelligent Control

Author : Zi-Xing Cai
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Introducton; Methology of knowledge representation; General inference principles; Hierarchical control systems; Expert control systems; Fuzzy control systems; Neurocontrol systems; Learning control systems; Intelligente control systems in application; Prospectives of intelligente control; References; Bibliography; Subject index.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 2003

Author : Gérard Morel
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Presents the findings of experts and practitioners from the major soft-computing themes Provides an overview of the theory and applications of IMS systems The Area of Intelligence in manufacturing has generated a considerable amount of interest occasionally verging on controversy, both in the research community and in the industrial sector. This proceedings looks at the broad manufacturing domain dealing with both technical and organizational issues, intelligent control is only part, albeit important, of optimal integration and control of intelligent techniques. The importance of creating a synergy of efforts aiming at efficient employment of intelligence in global technological development for manufacturing was recognized by the international IMS (intelligent manufacturing Systems) Initiative and is discussed in this proceedings volume.

Intelligent Control Systems with an Introduction to System of Systems Engineering

Author : Thrishantha Nanayakkara
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From aeronautics and manufacturing to healthcare and disaster management, systems engineering (SE) now focuses on designing applications that ensure performance optimization, robustness, and reliability while combining an emerging group of heterogeneous systems to realize a common goal. Use SoS to Revolutionize Management of Large Organizations, Factories, and Systems Intelligent Control Systems with an Introduction to System of Systems Engineering integrates the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and systems control in a framework applicable to both simple dynamic systems and large-scale system of systems (SoS). For decades, NASA has used SoS methods, and major manufacturers—including Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, BAE Systems—now make large-scale systems integration and SoS a key part of their business strategies, dedicating entire business units to this remarkably efficient approach. Simulate Novel Robotic Systems and Applications Transcending theory, this book offers a complete and practical review of SoS and some of its fascinating applications, including: Manipulation of robots through neural-based network control Use of robotic swarms, based on ant colonies, to detect mines Other novel systems in which intelligent robots, trained animals, and humans cooperate to achieve humanitarian objectives Training engineers to integrate traditional systems control theory with soft computing techniques further nourishes emerging SoS technology. With this in mind, the authors address the fundamental precepts at the core of SoS, which uses human heuristics to model complex systems, providing a scientific rationale for integrating independent, complex systems into a single coordinated, stabilized, and optimized one. They provide readers with MATLAB® code, which can be downloaded from the publisher's website to simulate presented results and projects that offer practical, hands-on experience using concepts discussed throughout the book.

Intelligent Testing Control and Decision making for Space Launch

Author : Yi Chai
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A comprehensive exposition of the theory and techniques of fault identification and decision theory when applied to complex systems shows how modern computer analysis and diagnostic methods might be applied to launch vehicle design, checkout, and launch the space checkout system is a specialized area which is rarely explored in terms of the intelligent techniques and approaches involved an original view combining modern theory with well-established research material, inviting a contemporary approach to launch dynamics highlights the advanced research works in the field of testing, control and decision-making for space launch presented in a very well organized way and the technical level is very high

Advances in Intelligent Control Systems and Computer Science

Author : Loan Dumitrache
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The conception of real-time control networks taking into account, as an integrating approach, both the specific aspects of information and knowledge processing and the dynamic and energetic particularities of physical processes and of communication networks is representing one of the newest scientific and technological challenges. The new paradigm of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) reflects this tendency and will certainly change the evolution of the technology, with major social and economic impact. This book presents significant results in the field of process control and advanced information and knowledge processing, with applications in the fields of robotics, biotechnology, environment, energy, transportation, et al.. It introduces intelligent control concepts and strategies as well as real-time implementation aspects for complex control approaches. One of the sections is dedicated to the complex problem of designing software systems for distributed information processing networks. Problems as complexity and specific instruments for modeling and control are also presented in a group of papers which identifies a large opening towards the new generation of CPS. The book is structured so as to ensure a good equilibrium between conceptual and applicative aspects.

Distributed Fuzzy Control of Multivariable Systems

Author : Alexander Gegov
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It is known that many control processes are characterized by both quantitative and qualitative complexity. Tbe quantitative complexity is usually expressed in a large number of state variables, respectively high dimensional mathematical model. Tbe qualitative complexity is usually associated with uncertain behaviour, respectively approximately known mathematical model. If the above two aspects of complexity are considered separately, the corresponding control problem can be easily solved. On one hand, large scale systems theory has existed for more than 20 years and has proved its capabilities in solving high dimensional control problems on the basis of decomposition, hierarchy, decentralization and multilayers. On the other hand, the fuzzy linguistic approach is almost at the same age and has shown its advantages in solving approximately formulated control problems on the basis of linguistic reasoning and logical inference. However, if both aspects of complexity are considered together, the corresponding control problem becomes non-trivial and does not have an easy solution. Modem control theory and practice have reacted accordingly to the above mentioned new cballenges of tbe day by utilizing the latest achievements in computer technology and artificial intelligence distributed computation and intelligent operation. In this respect, a new field has emerged in the last decade, called " Distributed intelligent control systems" . However, the majority of the familiar works in this field are still either on an empirical or on a conceptual level and this is a significant drawback.

Intelligent Control in Drying

Author : Alex Martynenko
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Despite the available general literature in intelligent control, there is a definite lack of knowledge and know-how in practical applications of intelligent control in drying. This book fills that gap. Intelligent Control in Drying serves as an innovative and practical guide for researchers and professionals in the field of drying technologies, providing an overview of control principles and systems used in drying operations, from classical to model-based to adaptive and optimal control. At the same time, it lays out approaches to synthesis of control systems, based on the objectives and control strategies, reflecting complexity of drying process and material under drying. This essential reference covers both fundamental and practical aspects of intelligent control, sensor fusion and dynamic optimization with respect to drying.

Control Systems Robotics and AutomatioN Volume XVII

Author : Heinz D. Unbehauen
File Size : 49.42 MB
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This Encyclopedia of Control Systems, Robotics, and Automation is a component of the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems EOLSS, which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. This 22-volume set contains 240 chapters, each of size 5000-30000 words, with perspectives, applications and extensive illustrations. It is the only publication of its kind carrying state-of-the-art knowledge in the fields of Control Systems, Robotics, and Automation and is aimed, by virtue of the several applications, at the following five major target audiences: University and College Students, Educators, Professional Practitioners, Research Personnel and Policy Analysts, Managers, and Decision Makers and NGOs.