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Integrating Literature in the Disciplines

Author : Sharon Kane
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The Second Edition of this practical and comprehensive resource offers a multitude of ways to incorporate literature into teaching and learning across a range of disciplines. Future and practicing teachers, librarians, instructional coaches, and school leaders can implement the ideas within this text to improve the literacy skills and knowledge of students, while also addressing standards and curricular goals of various content areas. The new edition recognizes a paradigm shift from content areas to disciplines, reflecting the specific ways reading and writing are used in different fields of study. Updated with current research and practices, the volume recommends and evaluates books in different genres and categories, with chapters on informational books; fiction; biography and memoir; poetry; and hands-on and how-to books. For every category, Kane provides a rationale, instructional strategies, and author studies, as well as lists and descriptions of books related to curricular areas. With a wealth of activities and new BookTalks, this Second Edition is greatly revised and features expanded attention to technology, digital learning, diversity, and culture. Using this text will create opportunities for deep discussions and will stimulate students’ interest and motivation to read and learn. Integrating Literature in the Disciplines helps educators identify books that fit with any subject to enhance the creative and affective dimensions of school life; encourages interdisciplinary connections; and increases the depth and relevance of lessons. It is ideal for professional development and serves as a tool for Readers’ Advisory to match books with readers throughout the school day and beyond.

Integrating Literature and Writing Instruction

Author : Judith H. Anderson
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Judith H. Anderson and Christine R. Farris, colleagues at Indiana University and prominent scholars in literary studies and composition respectively, aim here to bridge the perceived division between the two disciplines. In a spirit of curricular collaboration, Integrating Literature and Writing Instruction presents an array of courses, mainly for non-English majors, that use literature in teaching first-year college students how to read, write, and think critically. Contributors teach at a range of institutions—from Research I and large state universities to small, selective colleges—and use different classroom approaches, some highly participatory and others combining lectures with small-group work. Divided into three groups, representing humanities core courses, courses that focus on literature, and courses that focus on cultural issues in relation to literature, the essays explore the use of a variety of literary texts, from Shakespeare's sonnets to historical novels to detective fiction. Contributors offer imaginative assignments and innovative pedagogical techniques that can be adapted profitably in multiple courses and institutional contexts. The concluding section narrates the collaborative development of a course on language, metaphor, and textuality, which the editors offer as a successful model of what literature and writing instruction can accomplish together.

Integrating Scientific Disciplines

Author : William Bechtel
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Interdisciplinary research has been a popular idea with many people in the last 20 years. Academic administrators have admonished their faculty to become more interdisciplinary. Students often request the chance to pursue an interdisciplinary degree. While the issue of managing interdisciplinary projects has received a fair amount of attention by those interested in science management, interdisciplinary research has received little attention from historians, philosophers or sociologists of science or from scientists themselves. Yet, there l;lre a number of cases within the life sciences where researchers have been actively engaged in endeavors that take them across disciplinary boundaries. These are ripe for investigation by those interested in the process of science. To provide an in-depth study of some historical or contemporary cases of cross disciplinary research activity in the life sciences, a conference was held at Georgia State University in May, 1984. This conference was supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities (U. S. A. ) through their research conference program. Over a three-day period historians, philosophers, and researchers who were actively engaged in various of the life sciences discussed specific examples of interdisciplinary research and tried to analyze what was needed for successful crossing of disciplinary boundaries. After the conference, each of the participants revised their original presentations, partly in light of the discussion at the conference. The papers in this volume are the fruits of that endeavor.

Meeting Standards Through Integrated Curriculum

Author : Susan M. Drake
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A guide to integrating standards across the curriculum through the Know/Do/Be framework.

Integrated Performance Management

Author : Kurt Verweire
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Linking various disciplines and management functions, Integrated Performance Management provides the reader with a concrete framework to manage organizations successfully. The authors do not isolate a single strategy to manage performance. Instead, the book focuses on a range of strategies providing the reader with an introduction to each one. The concepts under analysis were developed through intense dialogue with business managers. While maintaining academic rigour, Integrated Performance Management presents ideas that students will find relevant outside of the classroom. Postgraduate and MBA students in a range of areas including strategy, accounting, finance, operations management, marketing, leadership and human resource management will find this book useful.

World Literature in Theory

Author : David Damrosch
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World Literature in Theory provides a definitive exploration of the pressing questions facing those studying world literature today. Coverage is split into four parts which examine the origins and seminal formulations of world literature, world literature in the age of globalization, contemporary debates on world literature, and localized versions of world literature Contains more than 30 important theoretical essays by the most influential scholars, including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hugo Meltzl, Edward Said, Franco Moretti, Jorge Luis Borges, and Gayatri Spivak Includes substantive introductions to each essay, as well as an annotated bibliography for further reading Allows students to understand, articulate, and debate the most important issues in this rapidly changing field of study

From Literature Circles to Blogs

Author : Susan M. Church
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An inspiring exploration of teacher-learning communities that provides a useful framework for reflection, cooperation, and collaboration.

Cognitive Science

Author : Jay Friedenberg
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This landmark text introduces the novice reader to what great thinkers think about thought. Unlike most texts, authors Jay Friedenberg and Gordon Silverman use a theoretical, rather than empirical, approach to examine the most important theories of mind from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. While experiments are discussed, they are used primarily to illustrate the specific characteristics of a model.

Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Author : Eric J. Green
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Praise for Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy WithChildren and Adolescents "With this book, Drs. Green and Drewes have filled an importantvoid in the play therapy literature, namely the integration of theexpressive arts in play therapy with children and adolescents. Theyhave assembled the best theorists and practitioners of theexpressive arts and given them an appropriate structure to writetheir chapters. The book is outstanding and provides readers within-depth case studies, detailed methodologies, research findingsand is a useful resource for further training options. I recommendthis book most highly for trainers, practitioners, and graduatestudents." —John Allan, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Counseling Psychology,University of British Columbia, author, Inscapes of the Child'sWorld "Brimming with chapters by 'oracles' from various disciplines,Green and Drewes' guidebook articulates essential competencies forthe cross-disciplinary practice of play therapy and expressive artstherapies. Practical and timely, responsible and readable, it is animportant resource for the mental health community and students whoseek to work creatively with children. A significant contributiontoward bringing professionals and professions together to learnfrom one another." —Barry M. Cohen, MA, ATR-BC, founder, Expressive TherapiesSummit, cofounder, Mid-Atlantic Play Therapy Training Institute Interventions and approaches from the expressive arts andplay therapy disciplines Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy With Children andAdolescents presents techniques and approaches from the expressiveand play therapy disciplines that enable child and adolescentclinicians to augment their therapeutic toolkit within a competent,research-based practice. With contributions representing a "who's who" in the playtherapy and expressive arts therapy worlds, IntegratingExpressive Arts and Play Therapy With Children and Adolescentsis the definitive bridge between expressive arts and play therapycomplementarily utilized with children and adolescents in theirhealing and creative capacities.

Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Development Projects

Author : Michael Bamberger
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A report based on a workshop held in 1998 at which outside research specialists and World Bank staff discussed the importance of integrating quantitative and qualitative research methods and reviewed experiences in the use of mixed method approaches in Bank research and project design.

American Literary Studies

Author : Michael A. Elliott
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Leading scholars discuss strategies and methodology in American literary studies.

Psychology Christianity Integration

Author : Daryl H. Stevenson
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Literature Based Teaching in the Content Areas

Author : Carole Cox
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Grounded in theory and best-practices research, this practical text provides teachers with 40 strategies for using fiction and non-fiction trade books to teach in five key content areas: language arts and reading, social studies, mathematics, science, and the arts. Each strategy provides everything a teacher needs to get started: a classroom example that models the strategy, a research-based rationale, relevant content standards, suggested books, reader-response questions and prompts, assessment ideas, examples of how to adapt the strategy for different grade levels (K–2, 3–5, and 6–8), and ideas for differentiating instruction for English language learners and struggling students. Throughout the book, student work samples and classroom vignettes bring the content to life.

Guide to Library User Needs Assessment for Integrated Information Resource

Author : Dora Biblarz
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Applicable for all types of libraries. Needs assessment can be defined as the process of using one or more techniques to collect and analyze data on library users or potential users. The guide includes the methodology and techniques for carrying out needs assessment projects, ranging from short-term assessments to long-term research or comprehensive collection assessments. Various types of data, techniques, and methodology are described, as are associated pointers and pitfalls.

STEM Integration in K 12 Education

Author : National Research Council
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STEM Integration in K-12 Education examines current efforts to connect the STEM disciplines in K-12 education. This report identifies and characterizes existing approaches to integrated STEM education, both in formal and after- and out-of-school settings. The report reviews the evidence for the impact of integrated approaches on various student outcomes, and it proposes a set of priority research questions to advance the understanding of integrated STEM education. STEM Integration in K-12 Education proposes a framework to provide a common perspective and vocabulary for researchers, practitioners, and others to identify, discuss, and investigate specific integrated STEM initiatives within the K-12 education system of the United States. STEM Integration in K-12 Education makes recommendations for designers of integrated STEM experiences, assessment developers, and researchers to design and document effective integrated STEM education. This report will help to further their work and improve the chances that some forms of integrated STEM education will make a positive difference in student learning and interest and other valued outcomes.

Discourse and Literature

Author : Teun A. van Dijk
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Discourse and Literature boldly integrates the analysis of literature and non-literary genres in an innovative embracing study of discourse. Narrative, poetry, drama, myths, songs, letters, Biblical discourse and graffiti as well as stylistics and rhetorics are the topics treaded by twelve well-known specialists selected and introduced by Teun A. van Dijk.

An Integrated Approach to Curricular Contents

Author : Muşata Bocoş
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An Integrated Approach to Curricular Contents: Particular Features for Primary Schools is closely related to the elements constituting the educational and curricular reform in Romania. The content integrated approach enables the student to undergo a complete development, both on a personal and social level. Competences are acquired and developed in a progressive manner through interactive and cumulative processes leading to both specific competences (pertaining to a certain discipline) and transdisciplinary competences (competences that cross several disciplinary boundaries). Currently, the curricular integrated approach paradigm within the Romanian educational system is reflected in an explicit manner at the level of educational policies. A new evaluation system has been laid down and promoted through the National Education Law no.1/2011 which will lead to the optimization of the whole Romanian educational system. This law conceives and promotes a new evaluation system that will lead to the reconstruction and consolidation of an integrated vision pertaining to both the process of teaching-learning-evaluation and the optimization of the whole Romanian educational system. As such, the present work provides answers to some educational policy challenges and reflects on curriculum policy and educational enforcement. It will be of great use and interest to curriculum scholars, to primary school teachers and to teacher trainees. The work has a pragmatic feature, emphasizing both the authors’ thoughts and the knowledge gained throughout vast experience of teaching. Moreover, certain concrete and validated practical teaching methods are provided, in order to design the integrated activity sequences at primary school level, among which an emphasis on certain curricular aspects that are useful within an integrated approach represents the original feature of the present work and a practical feature of integrated knowledge.

Utilizing Information Technology Systems Across Disciplines Advancements in the Application of Computer Science

Author : Abu-Taieh, Evon M. O.
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Provides original material concerned with all aspects of information resources management, managerial and organizational applications, as well as implications of information technology.

Literary History Cultural History

Author : Herbert Grabes
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What Literature Teaches Us about Emotion

Author : Patrick Colm Hogan
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Literature provides us with otherwise unavailable insights into the ways emotions are produced, experienced and enacted in human social life. It is particularly valuable because it deepens our comprehension of the mutual relations between emotional response and ethical judgment. These are the central claims of Hogan's study, which carefully examines a range of highly esteemed literary works in the context of current neurobiological, psychological, sociological and other empirical research. In this work, he explains the value of literary study for a cognitive science of emotion and outlines the emotional organization of the human mind. He explores the emotions of romantic love, grief, mirth, guilt, shame, jealousy, attachment, compassion and pity - in each case drawing on one work by Shakespeare and one or more works by writers from different historical periods or different cultural backgrounds, such as the eleventh-century Chinese poet Li Ch'ing-Chao and the contemporary Nigerian playwright Wole Soyinka.