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Intelligent Industrial Systems Modeling Automation and Adaptive Behavior

Author : Rigatos, Gerasimos
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In recent years, there has been growing interest in industrial systems, especially in robotic manipulators and mobile robot systems. As the cost of robots goes down and become more compact, the number of industrial applications of robotic systems increases. Moreover, there is need to design industrial systems with intelligence, autonomous decision making capabilities, and self-diagnosing properties. Intelligent Industrial Systems: Modeling, Automation and Adaptive Behavior analyzes current trends in industrial systems design, such as intelligent, industrial, and mobile robotics, complex electromechanical systems, fault diagnosis and avoidance of critical conditions, optimization, and adaptive behavior. This book discusses examples from major areas of research for engineers and researchers, providing an extensive background on robotics and industrial systems with intelligence, autonomy, and adaptive behavior giving emphasis to industrial systems design.

Modelling and Control for Intelligent Industrial Systems

Author : Gerasimos Rigatos
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Incorporating intelligence in industrial systems can help to increase productivity, cut-off production costs, and to improve working conditions and safety in industrial environments. This need has resulted in the rapid development of modeling and control methods for industrial systems and robots, of fault detection and isolation methods for the prevention of critical situations in industrial work-cells and production plants, of optimization methods aiming at a more profitable functioning of industrial installations and robotic devices and of machine intelligence methods aiming at reducing human intervention in industrial systems operation. To this end, the book analyzes and extends some main directions of research in modeling and control for industrial systems. These are: (i) industrial robots, (ii) mobile robots and autonomous vehicles, (iii) adaptive and robust control of electromechanical systems, (iv) filtering and stochastic estimation for multisensor fusion and sensorless control of industrial systems (iv) fault detection and isolation in robotic and industrial systems, (v) optimization in industrial automation and robotic systems design, and (vi) machine intelligence for robots autonomy. The book will be a useful companion to engineers and researchers since it covers a wide spectrum of problems in the area of industrial systems. Moreover, the book is addressed to undergraduate and post-graduate students, as an upper-level course supplement of automatic control and robotics courses.

Innovative Product Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Author : BBVL. Deepak
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Industry 4 0

Author : Lucia Knapčíková
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This book provides a comprehensive exchange of information on current developments in the management of manufacturing systems and Industry 4.0. The books contributions establish channels of communication and disseminate knowledge among professionals working in manufacturing and related institutions. It features submissions from experts, researchers, academicians and practitioners in relevant fields, who share their knowledge from the field of management of manufacturing systems. The books main theme is Management of Manufacturing Systems with support for Industry 4.0, Logistics and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems and Applications, Cooperation management and its effective applications. Topics include Logistics, RFID Applications, Industrial and Smart Logistics, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems and Applications, New Materials and Smart Technologies for Industry 4.0, Enterprise Information Systems, Innovation and Knowledge Management, and Sequencing solutions for Lean Manufacturing.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Author : Andrew Kusiak
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Defining structure and functions of knowledge-based systems, this book presents hardware and software components of flexible machining, flexible assembly and computer-integrated manufacturing systems. Discussed are such areas as process planning, group technology and lay-out design.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 2003

Author : Gérard Morel
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Presents the findings of experts and practitioners from the major soft-computing themes Provides an overview of the theory and applications of IMS systems The Area of Intelligence in manufacturing has generated a considerable amount of interest occasionally verging on controversy, both in the research community and in the industrial sector. This proceedings looks at the broad manufacturing domain dealing with both technical and organizational issues, intelligent control is only part, albeit important, of optimal integration and control of intelligent techniques. The importance of creating a synergy of efforts aiming at efficient employment of intelligence in global technological development for manufacturing was recognized by the international IMS (intelligent manufacturing Systems) Initiative and is discussed in this proceedings volume.

Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques

Author : Öner, Sultan Ceren
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In order to survive an increasingly competitive market, corporations must adopt and employ optimization techniques and big data analytics for more efficient product development and value creation. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of new techniques and manufacturing processes allows companies to succeed during the rise of Industry 4.0. Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques explores optimization techniques, recommendation systems, and manufacturing processes that support the evaluation of cyber-physical systems, end-to-end engineering, and digitalized control systems. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as digital economy, fuzzy logic, and data linkage methods, this book is ideally designed for manufacturers, engineers, professionals, managers, academicians, and students.

Advances in Sustainable and Competitive Manufacturing Systems

Author : Américo Azevedo
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The proceedings includes the set of revised papers from the 23rd International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM 2013). This conference aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of leading edge scientific knowledge and industrial experience regarding the development and integration of the various aspects of Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems covering the complete life-cycle of a company’s Products and Processes. Contents will include topics such as: Product, Process and Factory Integrated Design, Manufacturing Technology and Intelligent Systems, Manufacturing Operations Management and Optimization and Manufacturing Networks and MicroFactories.

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Author : Mohammed Jamshidi
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The introduction of artificial intelligence, neural networks, and fuzzy logic into industry has given a new perspective to manufacturing processes in the U.S. and abroad. To help readers keep pace, this book addresses topics of intelligent manufacturing from a variety of theoretical, empirical, design, and implementation perspectives.

Intelligent Production Machines and Systems 2nd I PROMS Virtual International Conference 3 14 July 2006

Author : Duc T. Pham
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I*PROMS 2005 is an online web-based conference. It provides a platform for presenting, discussing, and disseminating research results contributed by scientists and industrial practitioners active in the area of intelligent systems and soft computing techniques (such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and knowledge-based systems) and their application in different areas of manufacturing. Comprised of 100 peer-reviewed articles, this important resource provides tools to help enterprises achieve goals critical to the future of manufacturing. I*PROMS is an European Union-funded network that involves 30 partner organizations and more than 130 researchers from universities, research organizations, and corporations. * State-of-the-art research results * Leading European researchers and industrial practitioners * Comprehensive collection of indexed and peer-reviewed articles in book format supported by a user-friendly full-text CD-ROM with search functionality

Advances of Computational Intelligence in Industrial Systems

Author : Ying Liu
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Computational Intelligence (CI) has emerged as a rapidly growing field over the past decade. This volume reports the exploration of CI frontiers with an emphasis on a broad spectrum of real-world applications. Such a collection of chapters has presented the state-of-the-art of CI applications in industry and will be an essential resource for professionals and researchers who wish to learn and spot the opportunities in applying CI techniques to their particular problems.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems II

Author : V. R. Milačić
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Manufacturing Intelligence for Industrial Engineering Methods for System Self Organization Learning and Adaptation

Author : Zhou, Zude
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"This book focuses on the latest innovations in the process of manufacturing in engineering"--Provided by publisher.

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 2001 IMS 2001

Author : M. Zaremba
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This Proceedings contains the papers presented at the 6th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, held in Poznan, Poland in April 2001. The Workshop followed the well-established tradition of such meetings organised under the sponsorship of the IFAC Technical Committee on the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (TC MIT), addressing key areas of scientific research and industrial applications in intelligent manufacturing systems. The papers in the Proceedings cover topics such as case studies of particular manufacturing processes, rapid prototyping, new concepts for the technical support of intelligent manufacturing, and methodological aspects of distributed and discrete-event systems. A number of contributions reflect the truly international character of the research in this area. Two promising technologies have generated a considerable amount of attention in the IMS community; multi-agents systems, which originate with the distributed artificial intelligence community as a software technology, and holonic manufacturing systems, which have emerged directly from the IMS community as a manufacturing technology. This Proceedings will be indispensable for anyone with an interest in the latest developments in intelligent manufacturing systems.

Intelligent Adaptive Control

Author : Lakhmi C. Jain
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This book describes important techniques, developments, and applications of computational intelligence in system control. Chapters present: an introduction to the fundamentals of neural networks, fuzzy logic, and evolutionary computing a rigorous treatment of intelligent control industrial applications of intelligent control and soft computing, including transportation, petroleum, motor drive, industrial automation, and fish processing other knowledge-based techniques, including vehicle driving aid and air traffic management Intelligent Adaptive Control provides a state-of-the-art treatment of practical applications of computational intelligence in system control. The book cohesively covers introductory and advanced theory, design, implementation, and industrial use - serving as a singular resource for the theory and application of intelligent control, particularly employing fuzzy logic, neural networks, and evolutionary computing.

Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Networked Manufacturing Enterprises Management

Author : Lyes Benyoucef
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Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Networked Manufacturing Enterprises Management addresses prominent concepts and applications of AI technologies in the management of networked manufacturing enterprises. The aim of this book is to align latest practices, innovation and case studies with academic frameworks and theories, where AI techniques are used efficiently for networked manufacturing enterprises. More specifically, it includes the latest research results and projects at different levels addressing quick-response system, theoretical performance analysis, performance and capability demonstration. The role of emerging AI technologies in the modelling, evaluation and optimisation of networked enterprises’ activities at different decision levels is also covered. Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Networked Manufacturing Enterprises Management is a valuable guide for postgraduates and researchers in industrial engineering, computer science, automation and operations research.

Process Planning Optimization in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

Author : Farayi Musharavati
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To date, reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMSs) are among the most effective manufacturing styles that can offer manufacturers an alternative way of facing up to the challenges of continual changes in production requirements within the global, competitive and dynamic manufacturing environments. However, availability of optimal process plans that are suitable for reconfigurable manufacturing is one of the key enablers - yet to be fully unlocked - for realizing the full benefits of true RMSs. To unlock the process planning key and advance the state of art of reconfigurable manufacturing in the manufacturing industry, a number of questions need to be answered: (i) what decision making models and (ii) what computational techniques, can be applied to provide optimal manufacturing process planning solutions that are suitable for logical reconfiguration in manufacturing systems? To answer these questions, you must understand how to model reconfigurable manufacturing activities in an optimization perspective. You must also understand how to develop and select appropriate optimization techniques for solving process planning problems in manufacturing systems. To this end, Process Planning Optimization in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems covers: the design and operation of RMSs, optimal process planning modelling for reconfigurable manufacturing and the design and implementation of heuristic algorithm design techniques. The author explores how to: model optimization problems, select suitable optimization techniques, develop optimization algorithms, comparatively analyze the performance of candidate metaheuristics and how to investigate the effects of optimal process planning solutions on operating levels in manufacturing systems. This book delineates five alternative heuristic algorithm design techniques based on simulated annealing, genetic algorithms and the boltzmann machine that are tasked to solve manufacturing process planning optimization problems in RMSs. After reading this book, you will understand: how a reconfigurable manufacturing system works, the different types of manufacturing optimization problems associated with reconfigurable manufacturing, as well as the conventional and intelligent techniques that are suitable for solving process planning optimization problems. You will also be able to develop and implement effective optimization procedures and algorithms for a wide spectrum of optimization problems in design and reconfigurable manufacturing."

Multi Agent Systems for Concurrent Intelligent Design and Manufacturing

Author : Weiming Shen
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Agent Technology, or Agent-Based Approaches, is a new paradigm for developing software applications. It has been hailed as 'the next significant breakthrough in software development', and 'the new revolution in software' after object technology or object-oriented programming. In this context, an agent is a computer system which is capable of acting autonomously in its environment in order to meet its design objectives. So in the area of concurrent design and manufacturing, a manufacturing resource, namely a machine or an operator, may cooperate and negotiate with other agents for task assignment; and an existing engineering software can be integrated with a distributed integrated engineering design and manufacturing system. Hence in agent-based systems, there is no centralized system control structure, and no pre-defined agenda for the system execution, as exist in traditional systems. This book systematically describes the principles, key issues, and applications of agent technology in relation to concurrent engineering design and manufacturing. It introduces the methodology, standards, frameworks, tools, and languages of agent-based approaches and presents a general procedure for building agent-based concurrent engineering design and manufacturing systems. Both professional and university researchers and postgraduates should find this an invaluable presentation of the corresponding theories and methods, with some practical examples for developing multi-agent systems in the domain.

Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Decision Making Control and Automation

Author : S.G. Tzafestas
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This book is concerned with Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and techniques as applied to industrial decision making, control and automation problems. The field of AI has been expanded enormously during the last years due to that solid theoretical and application results have accumulated. During the first stage of AI development most workers in the field were content with illustrations showing ideas at work on simple problems. Later, as the field matured, emphasis was turned to demonstrations that showed the capability of AI techniques to handle problems of practical value. Now, we arrived at the stage where researchers and practitioners are actually building AI systems that face real-world and industrial problems. This volume provides a set of twenty four well-selected contributions that deal with the application of AI to such real-life and industrial problems. These contributions are grouped and presented in five parts as follows: Part 1: General Issues Part 2: Intelligent Systems Part 3: Neural Networks in Modelling, Control and Scheduling Part 4: System Diagnostics Part 5: Industrial Robotic, Manufacturing and Organizational Systems Part 1 involves four chapters providing background material and dealing with general issues such as the conceptual integration of qualitative and quantitative models, the treatment of timing problems at system integration, and the investigation of correct reasoning in interactive man-robot systems.

Microprocessors in Robotic and Manufacturing Systems

Author : S.G. Tzafestas
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Microprocessors play a dominant role in computer technology and have contributed uniquely in the development of many new concepts and design techniques for modem industrial systems. This contribution is excessively high in the area of robotic and manufacturing systems. However, it is the editor's feeling that a reference book describing this contribution in a cohesive way and covering the major hardware and software issues is lacking. The purpose of this book is exactly to fill in this gap through the collection and presentation of the experience of a number of experts and professionals working in different academic and industrial environments. The book is divided in three parts. Part 1 involves the first four chapters and deals with the utilization of microprocessors and digital signal processors ( DSPs ) for the computation of robot dynamics. The emphasis here is on parallel computation with particular problems attacked being task granularity, task allocation/scheduling and communication issues. Chapter I, by Zheng and Hemami, is concerned with the real-time multiprocessor computation of torques in robot control systems via the Newton-Euler equations. This reduces substantially the height of the evaluation tree which leads to more effective parallel processing. Chapter 2, by D'Hollander, examines thoroughly the automatic scheduling of the Newton-Euler inverse dynamic equations. The automatic program decomposition and scheduling techniques developed are embedded in a tool used to generate multiprocessor schedules from a high-level language program.