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Interface Design for Learning

Author : Dorian Peters
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In offices, colleges, and living rooms across the globe, learners of all ages are logging into virtual laboratories, online classrooms, and 3D worlds. Kids from kindergarten to high school are honing math and literacy skills on their phones and iPads. If that weren’t enough, people worldwide are aggregating internet services (from social networks to media content) to learn from each other in “Personal Learning Environments.” Strange as it sounds, the future of education is now as much in the hands of digital designers and programmers as it is in the hands of teachers. And yet, as interface designers, how much do we really know about how people learn? How does interface design actually impact learning? And how do we design environments that support both the cognitive and emotional sides of learning experiences? The answers have been hidden away in the research on education, psychology, and human computer interaction, until now. Packed with over 100 evidence-based strategies, in this book you’ll learn how to: Design educational games, apps, and multimedia interfaces in ways that enhance learning Support creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration through interface design Design effective visual layouts, navigation, and multimedia for online and mobile learning Improve educational outcomes through interface design.

User Interface Design for Virtual Environments Challenges and Advances

Author : Khan, Badrul
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The design of various virtual environments should be based on the needs of a diverse population of users around the globe. Interface design should be user centric and should strive for making the user's interaction as simple, meaningful, and efficient as possible. User Interface Design for Virtual Environments: Challenges and Advances focuses on challenges that designers face in creating interfaces for users of various virtual environments. Chapters included in this book address various critical issues that have implications for user interface design from a number of different viewpoints. This book is written for professionals who want to improve their understanding of challenges associated with user interface design issues for globally-dispersed users in various virtual environments.

Instructional Design for Learning

Author : Norbert M. Seel
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This textbook on Instructional Design for Learning is a must for all education and teaching students and specialists. It provides a comprehensive overview about the theoretical foundations of the various models of Instructional Design and Technology from its very beginning to the most recent approaches. It elaborates Instructional Design (ID) as a science of educational planning. The book expands on this general understanding of ID and presents an up-to-date perspective on the theories and models for the creation of detailed and precise blueprints for effective instruction. It integrates different theoretical aspects and practical approaches, such as conceptual ID models, technology-based ID, and research-based ID. In doing so, this book takes a multi-perspective view on the questions that are central for professional ID: How to analyze the relevant characteristics of the learner and the environment? How to create precise goals and adequate instruments of assessment? How to design classroom and technology-supported learning environments? How to ensure effective teaching and learning by employing formative and summative evaluation? Furthermore, this book presents empirical findings on the processes that enable effective instructional designing. Finally, this book demonstrates two different fields of application by addressing ID for teaching and learning at secondary schools and colleges, as well as for higher education.

Participatory Design for Learning

Author : Betsy DiSalvo
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Participatory Design is a field of research and design that actively engages stakeholders in the processes of design in order to better conceptualize and create tools, environments, and systems that serve those stakeholders. In Participatory Design for Learning: Perspectives from Practice and Research, contributors from across the fields of the learning sciences and design articulate an inclusive practice and begin the process of shaping guidelines for such collaborative involvement. Drawing from a wide range of examples and perspectives, this book explores how participatory design can contribute to the development, implementation, and sustainability of learning innovations. Written for scholars and students, Participatory Design for Learning: Perspectives from Practice and Research develops and draws attention to practices that are relevant to the facilitation of effective educational environments and learning technologies.

Mobile Technology for Children

Author : Allison Druin
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Children are one of the largest new user groups of mobile technology -- from phones to micro-laptops to electronic toys. These products are both lauded and criticized, especially when it comes to their role in education and learning. The need has never been greater to understand how these technologies are being designed and to evaluate their impact worldwide. Mobile Technology for Children brings together contributions from leaders in industry, non-profit organizations, and academia to offer practical solutions for the design and the future of mobile technology for children. *First book to present a multitude of voices on the design, technology, and impact of mobile devices for children and learning *Features contributions from leading academics, designers, and policy makers from nine countries, whose affiliations include Sesame Workshop, LeapFrog Enterprises, Intel, the United Nations, and UNICEF *Each contribution and case study is followed by a best practice overview to help readers consider their own research and design and for a quick reference

Multimedia Interface Design in Education

Author : Alistair D.N. Edwards
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What the book is about This book is about the theory and practice of the use of multimedia, multimodal interfaces for leaming. Yet it is not about technology as such, at least in the sense that the authors do not subscribe to the idea that one should do something just because it is technologically possible. 'Multimedia' has been adopted in some commercial quarters to mean little more than a computer with some form of audio ar (more usually) video attachment. This is a trend which ought to be resisted, as exemplified by the material in this book. Rather than merely using a new technology 'because it is there', there is a need to examine how people leam and eommunicate, and to study diverse ways in which computers ean harness text, sounds, speech, images, moving pietures, gestures, touch, etc. , to promote effective human leaming. We need to identify which media, in whieh combinations, using what mappings of domain to representation, are appropriate far which educational purposes . . The word 'multimodal ' in the title underlies this perspective. The intention is to focus attention less on the technology and more on how to strueture different kinds of information via different sensory channels in order to yield the best possible quality of communication and educational interaction. (Though the reader should refer to Chapter 1 for a discussion of the use of the word 'multimodal' . ) Historically there was little problem.

Interface Development for Learning Environments

Author : Joseph Frantiska Jr.
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This brief will examine and explore some tools and techniques that can be used to develop interfaces for learning environments. Interface design has been a topic in software engineering for many years. The advent of graphical user interfaces has created many remedies and challenges for the software engineer. In recent years with an increased emphasis in educational technology, instructional designers are also included in this arena. The interface can be a driver in terms of a learning environment’s ability to engage a student. It can also provide a point of information exchange and therefore learning between the student and the environment’s software. Thus, the issue of an interface is vital to the success of a learning environment. This brief will produce a variety of interfaces for various environments to allow the designer to contrast and compare them based upon the required purpose. The designer will have a toolkit filled with tools and techniques which will allow for interfaces that will engage the student and facilitate their learning. The primary audiences are K-12 and post-secondary educators who desire to create digital media based educational materials.

Learning Design

Author : James Dalziel
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The new field of learning design has the potential to revolutionize not only technology in education, but the whole field of teaching and learning through the application of design thinking to education. Learning Design looks inside the "black box" of pedagogy to understand what teachers and learners do together, and how the best teaching ideas can be shared on a global scale. Learning design supports all pedagogical approaches, content areas, and fields of education. The book opens with a new synthesis of the field of learning design and its place in educational theory and practice, and goes on to explore the implications of learning design for many areas of education—both practical and theoretical—in a series of chapters by Larnaca Declaration authors and other international experts.

Designing for Learning

Author : Association for Educational and Training Technology
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This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the 1993 annual conference of the Association of Educational and Training Technology. The contributors address fundamental issues in course design, policy and practice, particularly with regard to the efficiency of new systems.

User Design

Author : Alison A. Carr-Chellman
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User Design offers a fresh perspective on how front-line learners (users) can participate in the design of learning environments. Author Alison A. Carr-Chellman, Ph.D. challenges the universal assumption that front-line users must be relegated to the role of offering input, and that the actual design activity of learning systems must still be conducted only by experts. The book presents a new set of methods and strategies that show how the tools of professional designers can be effectively shared with broad groups of users and other participants in the process of creating their own learning. Drawing on ideas from human computer interface design, stakeholder participation, critical theory, systems theory, change processes, learning theory, and basic design theories, this innovative work is organized around the major issues associated with user-design. Areas covered include: *differences between user-design, stakeholder involvement, and user-centered design; *historical perspectives and empirical research; *user-design tools and ways of facilitating user-design; *gaining leadership support in an organization; and *conflicts that arise during user-design engagement. Accessible to all audiences, User Design can serve as a strong companion volume to traditional instructional design texts, yet is comprehensive enough to be a stand-alone text in design courses. It will appeal to instructional designers, curriculum developers, training managers/designers, community organizers, adult educators, as well as anyone interested in the dynamics of power and emancipation in learning.

The Art of Human computer Interface Design

Author : Brenda Laurel
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Deals with technologise such as cyberspace, animation, multimedia, and speech recognition. Also includes the philosophical and psychological background to creating effective interfaces.

A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning

Author : David Howard Rose
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As both an entry-level and advanced primer for UDL, A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning sheds light on contemporary educational curriculum that incorporates best-in-practice techniques for advancing learning objectives.

User Interface Design for Mere Mortals

Author : Eric Butow
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Provides information on designing effective interfaces for desktops and Web applications.

Interface Design Document Design

Author : Piet Westendorp
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User interfaces and supporting documentation are both supposed to help people when using a complex device. But often, these forms of support seem to come from different worlds. User interface designers, document designers, and researchers in both interface and document design share many goals, but are also separated by many barriers.In this book, user interface designers and documents designers from Microsoft Corporation and from Apple Computer, plus researchers from several universities try to bridge the gap between interface design and document design. They discuss opportunities for closer cooperation, and for more integrated and effective help for users of modern technology.Keywords: Man Machine Interaction; User Interface Design; Online Help Design; Document Design; Information Design; Visual Communication; Technical Communication; GerontechnologyTarget group: user interface designers, manual designers, designers of instructions for use, interaction researchers, information designers, document designers

Managing E learning

Author : Badrul Huda Khan
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"This book provides readers with a broad understanding of the emerging field of e-learning and also advises readers on the issues that are critical to the success of a meaningful e-learning environment"--Provided by publisher.

Practical UI Patterns for Design Systems

Author : Diana MacDonald
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World Wide Web Hypertext Linkage Patterns

Author : Perry L. Schoon
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The Essential Guide to User Interface Design

Author : Wilbert O. Galitz
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Bringing together the results of more than 300 new design studies, an understanding of people, knowledge of hardware and software capabilities, and the author’s practical experience gained from 45 years of work with display-based systems, this book addresses interface and screen design from the user’s perspective. You will learn how to create an effective design methodology, design and organize screens and Web pages that encourage efficient comprehension and execution, and create screen icons and graphics that make displays easier and more comfortable to use.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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Current Index to Journals in Education

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Serves as an index to Eric reports [microform].