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Intermediate Guitar Scales Handbook

Author : Graham Tippett
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If you enjoyed the simple and intuitive and musical method that we used in the Intermediate Scales Handbook, you’ll be pleased to know you can easily use it to incorporate exotic scales into your playing. I’ve hand-picked 15 of my favorite exotic scales and modes that I think are really useful for adding different flavors to your solos or exploring new sonic territory on the instrument. You’ll be able to incorporate these new sounds into your playing as I’ve laid out the book according to chord types you already know and probably use all the time. Then, in the final section of the book, we’ll look at two easy-to-follow methods for creating strange and beautiful chord progressions from any scale in this book. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the original Intermediate Scales Handbook, as this ‘exotic scales’ edition can easily be used as a stand-alone book. On the other hand, if you have covered the material from the original book, you’ve already paved the way for these new scales and modes to slot nicely into your improvisational repertoire.

Intermediate Guitar Scales Handbook

Author : Graham Tippett
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In this book, I’d like to show you what I discovered about teaching scales to intermediate guitarists, as well as the one thing that really made a difference to their ability to improvise in a musical way, rather than running aimlessly up and down CAGED shapes or 3NPS scale patterns. I was always puzzled as to why players with a good grasp of pentatonics lost their way when they started to learn the major scale and its modes, or any other scale for that matter. I wanted to know, so I began to study how other instrumentalists learn scales and it suddenly dawned on me where guitarists were going wrong. What I noticed was that the way in which guitarists go about learning scales in the beginning is not only unmusical, but counterintuitive and counterproductive due to a combination of the scale shapes themselves and how they navigate the fretboard. This book is aimed at high beginner to intermediate guitarists who are wondering where to go after pentatonic scales, but it’s also useful for anyone starting out with scales and will most likely save you years of wasted practice time in both cases.

Guitar Chord Scale Finder

Author : Jody Fisher
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The purpose of this book is to give you a single source to refer to when looking for information regarding the use of scales for improvisation. This is not a method. Rather, it is a reference book. You can look up any chord to learn what scales will work with it. You can also look up any scale to learn every chord it works with. You will find two fingering diagrams for every scale and several voicings for the chords. Standard notation and TAB.

Jazz Pedagogy

Author : J. Richard Dunscomb
File Size : 60.68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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DVD provides over three hours of audio and video demonstrations of rehearsal techniques and teaching methods for jazz improvisation, improving the rhythm section, and Latin jazz styles.

Learn to Play Guitar

Author : Gareth Evans
File Size : 23.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"We loved the book. The information was well paced and concise enough not to overwhelm. Any beginner would definitely benefit from having this book, and it's a great reminder for those who might have forgotten details or are looking for them.” -- Nimal De Silva, The Music Garage (Singapore) "Plenty of detail that goes into posture, hand position, thumb position, etc. The notation and strumming is really good here because it builds up in stages. In a lesson, you can introduce it in this way piece by piece and not overwhelm the student." -- Michael Hanna, Grade 8 RS.Guitar - Larne Guitar School (N.Ireland) Learn to Play Guitar is comprehensive and clear with over 180 photographic examples, illustrations and purpose made diagrams. This guitar book includes 42 downloadable mp3 tracks of full band demo and backing track with the guitar removed for you to play over. Learn to Play Guitar bridges the gaps explaining guitar techniques that can be taken for granted by more experienced guitar players. Melodies: To get you straight into playing music, numbers have been added underneath guitar tablature to assist with the rhythm. Later on, the rhythmical aspect of conventional music notation is covered so you can use it in conjunction with tablature. Rhythm Guitar: Changing between chords and strumming are presented as separate subjects initially, so that you can develop coordination in each hand independently. They are then brought together starting basic and getting more advanced until there is a rhythm guitar musical piece to play. Music theory: The major scale, minor scale, major and minor pentatonic scales and basic major and minor chord construction are explained in terms of the fret-board and reinforced by musical pieces in various styles to make the learning process practical and enjoyable. What else?: Fret-board layout, power chords, barre chords, how to string a guitar, how to practise guitar, palm muting and basic lead guitar techniques. Please Note: The eBook includes musical pieces so is not suitable for smaller screens. "This top value eBook and MP3 package covers a wide range topics essential for all guitarists. Over 100 pages with plenty of information and solid advice that a player can dip into as needed. Evans does not gloss over the often neglected area of reading notation for rhythm. There are many examples to practice (melodies and rhythm patterns) with the backing tracks. I was especially interested in the final section of exercises to keep your body guitar-ready. A very useful tool to help you progress with your guitar playing." -- Hedley Timbs BA(Mus), Grad.Dip. Teaching (New Zealand) "Awesome. Well laid out, easy to look at and there is the supplemental material to top it off. The theory may get tedious for some, it's hard to not teach theory but most people seem to have an aversion to it, the idea of discipline I think." -- Gernot Schlegel, Professional Guitarist & Teacher (Canada) "There’s two ways of learning the guitar – the first is two learn enough of the basics to fly towards playing your favourite songs competently, and the second is to intensively gain an understanding of the instrument by forming a solid foundation through taking your time with it in the early stages. The book titled “Learn to play Guitar” by Gareth Evans is of the latter approach. Through reading and learning from this book, players can discover a deep, extensive and in-depth approach to the technique, theory and everything else related to being a good beginner guitarist. Newcomers can learn positive and productive exercises to train their body to better play the guitar (not just their fingers) and across the 120 or so pages within, it’s clear that the writer has put a lot of time into figuring out the right approach for starters to take when adjusting to the standard 6-string. Would recommend this for anyone who is looking to get a really solid grip on how to play the guitar, and also to tutors who are looking at ways to improve their own tutoring abilities." -- Logan Ellis, Mgr. Spiderhands Productions Ltd (New Zealand) "Learn to play Guitar is an ideal companion to support the beginner on their new found musical journey. Highly recommended." -- Liam Cain, BMus (hons) Professional Guitarist (UK)

Fretboard Theory Volume II

Author : Desi Serna
File Size : 71.66 MB
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Book two in the Fretboard Theory series picks up where the first volume leaves off and takes your guitar playing and musical knowledge to a whole new level. You learn advanced applications and new musical concepts. There is information for rhythm guitarists, lead guitarists, improvisers, and composers. Each chapter focuses on applications found in popular music and includes familiar song references. * Gain new perspective on keys and tonalities so that you have total control over the music you play * Get to know scale formulas and new number systems so you know music from the inside out * Push to and resolve on chords using dominant function and voice leading * Change keys, borrow chords, and mix modes in order to add more variety to your chord progressions * Get jazzy by using chromatic, diminished, and augmented passing chords * Become a more proficient lead guitarist by narrowing your focus to the scale patterns preferred by the pros * Make your lead lines more melodic and give them more direction with chord tone soloing * Create new sounds and new chord progressions with the harmonic minor scale * Add more depth and dimension to your playing by using pedal point and pedal tones Video Fretboard Theory Volume II is also available as a 12-hour video series that is sold separately on the author's website. Visit the website and sign up for email lessons to sample the footage. Level: Recommended for intermediate level players on up who have already completed the first volume of Fretboard Theory.

Guitar Scales

Author : Lloyd English
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This could be the clearest most concise and useful book on Guitar Scales ever written. Ideal for the guitarist at every level wishing to have a comprehensive and functional understanding of the guitar fretboard and practical music fundamentals. This book reveals the guitar and music as elegant systems that are easy to understand if presented correctly. This course can be used in conjunction with private instruction or as a program of self directed study that has the capacity to take a novice player to an advanced intermediate level while establishing a firm grasp of guitar mechanics and the musical language. Each page is carefully laid out with clear and complete diagrams that demonstrate vertical chordal relationships as well as horizontal connections. Every scale form has been diagrammed with best fingering practices as well as suggested technical and musical exercises. Some of the most common scale sounds are covered including Major, Minor, Major Pentatonic and Minor Pentatonic complete with introductory suggestions for musical uses and accompanying technical exercises. Music notation is set at the bottom of each scale diagram page in order to provide a complete overall picture.

Underground Guitar Handbook

Author : Jason Earls
File Size : 61.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you've ever wanted to learn the newest "underground" and innovative guitar methods, this handbook is for you. Filled with cutting-edge and avant-garde techniques, the Underground Guitar Handbook contains detailed explanations and musical examples of such topics as: four-finger licks, unusual scales, diminished licks, tremolo bar flutters and gurgles, the wah-wham method, tritones and flatted fifths, Shawn Lane's "impossible" chord, speed-picking licks, pedal point phrases, new hardware ideas, atonal patterns, mysticism, finger-tapping licks, and much more. Links to the author's youtube videos in which he performs the techniques are also provided, (plus a handful of musical short stories for additional entertainment). For learning the most cutting-edge guitar techniques (many never before published), this manual is all you will ever need.

Guitar Essentials

Author : Don J. MacLean
File Size : 85.4 MB
Format : PDF
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The Key to 1004 Scales!With Guitar Essentials Scale Master Expanded Edition, you will discover how easy it is to master scales. Learn 16 scale types with 92 fingerings transposed to all keys for a total of 1004 scales.This essential guitar book is expanded to include: guitar basics, learning the fretboard, how scales are built, how to practice scales, tips and short-cuts that make learning scales a snap.Make an instant impact on your playing with Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition. Loaded with new features, this expanded edition is easy to understand and perfect for all styles of music. Scales have never made more sense.What are you waiting for? It's time to play!

The Private Guitar Studio Handbook

Author : Mike McAdam
File Size : 65.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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(Berklee Guide). Teach guitar for profit! This book will show you how to set up and develop a profitable guitar studio. Besides the ability to teach guitar, running a profitable studio needs effective systems for attracting and retaining students, ensuring that they pay on time, and smoothly handling operations issues. This book will show you the essential considerations, from choosing a space (residential or commercial), to marketing, to specific teaching aids. You will learn to: Develop and outfit an efficient studio; Set policies to get timely payments and encourage student retention; Attract students who are likely to remain long-term; Develop an authentic teaching approach customized to your own students; Find multiple revenue streams from your students, beyond lessons; Avoid common expensive mistakes.