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International Cases in the Business of Sport

Author : Simon Chadwick
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Contemporary sport is big business. Major teams, leagues, franchises, merchandisers and retailers are in fierce competition in a dynamic global marketplace. Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, International Cases in the Business of Sport presents an unparalleled range of cutting-edge case studies that show how contemporary sport business is done and provides insight into commercial management practice. Written by a team of international experts, these case studies cover organisations and events as diverse as the NBA, the Americas Cup, the Tour de France, the PGA tour, FC Barcelona and the Australian Open tennis. They explore key contemporary themes in sport business and management, such as broadcast rights, social media, strategic development, ownership models, mega-events, sports retailing, globalisation, corruption and financial problems. Each case study also includes discussion questions, recommended reading and links to useful web resources. International Cases in the Business of Sport is an essential companion to any sport business or sport management course, and fascinating reading for any sport business professional looking to deepen their understanding of contemporary management.

Handbook of Research on Pathways and Opportunities Into the Business of Esports

Author : Andrews, Sharon
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Esports have attracted considerable attention over the past few years and become an industry that is projected to continue to increase rapidly. Intersecting with the esports industry are organizations and businesses that develop and support the esports game experience. Included is the entrepreneurial spirit of gamers, who are interested in creating their own career paths through capturing and posting gaming microassists on different public venues that are driven by advertising dollars, invitational competition monetary winnings, and other forms of marketing their expertise for financial gain. All these organizations and industries form satellites of career opportunities as well as opportunities for research and enhanced forward-leaning study. Such career opportunities can be explicitly addressed within the structure of university degree and micro-credential certificate programs, some of which have begun to offer esports-directed degrees, but most of which have not yet moved from esports clubs into a recognition of the business and industry monetization of esports. The Handbook of Research on Pathways and Opportunities Into the Business of Esports addresses the intersection of esports gaming and the business and industry of esports, rather than an exploration of the video games themselves. It is the supporting and intersecting industry driven by esports and the vast opportunities this brings that are the foci of this book. Covering topics including digital learning, esport marketing curriculum, and gaming culture, this text is essential for business professionals, industry analysts, entrepreneurs, managers, coaches, marketers, advertisers, brand managers, university and college administrators, faculty and researchers, students, professors, and academicians.

Managing Football

Author : Simon Chadwick
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Managing Football is the first book to directly respond to the rapid managerial, commercial and global development of the sport and offers a thorough analysis of how the football industry can meet the challenges that flow from these developments. Expertly edited by two well known specialists in football business management, it draws together the work of a world-class contributor team to form a comprehensive analysis of the most important issues facing the managers of football businesses across the world. The cutting edge analysis examines all the important business challenges in the football industry and the management of football businesses and covers all of the key football markets including England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, North America, China, South Africa, South Korea, the Netherlands & Belgium, and Mexico. Managing Football is simply a must-read for anyone studying or working in football business management and is set to be an important landmark in this rapidly moving and globally expansive field.

Routledge Handbook of International Sport Business

Author : Mark Dodds
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Contemporary sport business is international. From global sport competitions and events, sponsorship deals and broadcasting rights to labour markets and lucrative flows of tourists, anybody working in sport business today has to have an international perspective. This book offers the broadest and most in-depth guide to the key themes in international sport business today, covering every core area from strategy and marketing to finance, media and the law. Including authors from more than twenty countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, this handbook addresses the most important issues in the world of sport business from a uniquely global perspective. Each chapter examines a particular cross-section of business and sport, encompassing all levels from grassroots to professional and elite. Divided into seven major subject areas, it offers insights from experts on: International Sport Business Strategy Sport Marketing Sport Economics and Finance International Sport Law Sport Media and Communication Sport Tourism Sport Development. The Routledge Handbook of International Sport Business is an essential resource for any course on sport business, sport management or international business.

Critical Essays in Sport Management

Author : Andy Gillentine
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This collection of essays, written by a number of respected sport management scholars, addresses many of the challenges and issues facing today's sport management academic programs. It is intended to begin a professional and scholarly discussion to identify the best, or at least the most logical, paths to follow for sport management programs and the industry with which they are so closely aligned. Contributors, invited to participate based on their recognized areas of expertise, address specific topics using their own unique voices and writing styles. In the ebook version, essays link to video introductions by the authors and to online discussion forums where readers can respond to the issues presented in the essays. From the Preface: The field of sport management stands at an academic crossroads; the essays in this book address the following and other emerging questions: Should our successful field of study continue to model other disciplines and perpetuate their successes, as well as their shortcomings, or should we determine our own specific model for academic success? How are we doing in preparing future sport managers to perform in the industry and on the global stage? Where do we belong in the scheme of academe? The book's goal is to generate discussion among sport management professors, industry professionals who serve as adjunct faculty and participate on sport management program advisory boards, doctoral students who intend to teach in sport management programs, and others who explore and critique higher education in general.

Research Methods and Design in Sport Management

Author : Damon P.S. Andrew
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Research Methods and Design in Sport Management explains research design, implementation, analysis, and assessment criteria with a focus on specific procedures unique to the discipline of sport management. The text is an invaluable resource for students and practitioners in sport management because it focuses on applied research for organizational purposes and the qualitative and quantitative methodologies pertinent to the field of sport management. Organized in four parts, Research Methods and Design in Sport Management begins with an introduction to concepts in sport management research and a discussion of the ethical issues associated with research projects. The text outlines the steps to the research process, making it an easy-to-use guide for professionals undertaking a research project as well as students writing major term papers, theses, or dissertations. Analysis of research design with discussion of specific methods used in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research helps readers to determine and design the most appropriate research for their specific needs. This text teaches readers the following concepts and skills: •How to conduct a thorough literature review •Theoretical and conceptual frameworks to guide the research process •How to develop appropriate research questions and hypotheses •Techniques for conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research •Methods for analyzing data and reporting results Multiple special elements in each chapter, including learning objectives, summaries, suggested advanced readings, and highlight boxes, guide readers through challenging concepts. A chapter dedicated to legal research in sport management provides a nonintimidating discussion of the unique elements evident in sport law research, such as legal precedence, case briefing, and special writing elements. Examples of published research in sport management illustrate ways in which various methodological tools and techniques can be used in answering research questions. Research in Action sections present excerpts from the Journal of Sport Management, which highlight research components mentioned in the text and assist students in learning how to read and evaluate research. In addition, all research examples provided throughout the text are specific to sport management, considering both sport industry settings and academic environments. Research Methods and Design in Sport Management offers readers the tools to engage in the broad spectrum of research opportunities in the growing discipline of sport management. As accreditation in sport management becomes more prevalent, Research Methods and Design in Sport Management can assist students in gaining the knowledge and skills they need in order to compete in the job market and to contribute to their future careers. For professionals, the text offers tools to ensure the research they conduct and consume can accurately inform strategic business decisions.

Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing

Author : Linda E. Swayne
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"This four-volume set introduces, on the management side, principles and procedures of economics, budgeting and finance; leadership; governance; communication; business law and ethics; and human resources practices; all in the sports context. On the marketing side this reference resource explores two broad streams: marketing of sport and of sport-related products (promoting a particular team or selling team- and sport-related merchandise, for example), and using sports as a platform for marketing non-sports products, such as celebrity endorsements of a particular brand of watch or the corporate sponsorship of a tennis tournament. Together, these four volumes offer a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the state of sports management and marketing today, providing an invaluable print or online resource for student researchers"--

American Sports A History of Icons Idols and Ideas 4 volumes

Author : Murry R. Nelson
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America loves sports. This book examines and details the proof of this fascination seen throughout American society—in our literature, film, and music; our clothing and food; and the iconography of the nation.

Events Management

Author : Nicole Ferdinand
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Written by a team of high profile, international authors, this exciting new text successfully combines theory and practice, making it a must-have for all students of Events Management. Events Management: An International Approach provides comprehensive coverage of all the most common types of events, preparing students for a future career in Events Management. Covering key issues such as fundraising, sponsorship and globalization, this text addresses the challenges and examines the realities of events management in an international context. A wide range of case studies and examples look at sporting, music, catering and fundraising events across the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Managing Sport Business

Author : David Hassan
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Contemporary sport is both a sophisticated and complex international business and a mass participatory practice run largely by volunteers and community organisations. Now in a fully revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of sports management helps to explain the modern commercial environment that shapes sport at all levels and gives clear and sensible guidance on best practice in sports management, from elite sport to the local level. The first section examines the global context for contemporary sports management. The second explores the key functional areas of management, from organisation and strategy to finance and marketing, and explains how successful managerial techniques can be applied in a sporting context. The final section surveys a wide range of important issues in contemporary sports management, from corporate social responsibility to the use of information and communication technologies. Together, these sections provide a complete package of theory, applied practical skills and a state-of-the-art review of modern sport business. Complemented by a companion website full of additional resources, this book is essential reading for all students of sport management and sport business.

Sport in Latin America

Author : Gonzalo Bravo
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The forthcoming Olympics in Rio in 2016, and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014, highlight the profound importance of sport in Latin America. This book is the first to offer a broad survey of the way that sport is managed, governed and organized across the Latin American region, drawing on cutting-edge contemporary scholarship in management, policy, sociology and history. The book explores key themes in Latin American sport, including the role of public institutions; the relationship between sport policy and political regimes; the structure and significance of national governing bodies and professional leagues; the impact of sporting mega-events (including the Olympics and World Cup), and the management and governance of football, the dominant sport in the region. Including contributions from Latin American scholars and practitioners, the book draws on important Spanish and Portuguese sources that are unknown to most English-speaking researchers, and therefore provides an unprecedented and authoritative insight into sport policy and management in the region. Including cases from sport in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru and examples from Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, this book is essential reading for all scholars, practitioners and policy-makers with an interest in Latin American sport, comparative sport policy, sport management, or Latin American history, culture and society.

Myths and Milestones in the History of Sport

Author : S. Wagg
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The conventional history of sport, as conveyed by television and the sports press, has thrown up a great many apparent turning points, but knowledge of these apparently defining moments is often slight. This book offers readable, in-depth studies of a series of these watersheds in sport history and of the circumstances in which they came about.

Sport Development in Action

Author : Alec Astle
File Size : 77.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This practical textbook explains the sport development process from a practitioner’s viewpoint, showing what actually works, how, and why. Focusing on the development of sport, the book considers the efforts of sport organisations to revitalise their sports at a community level to ensure their future relevance, growth, and sustainability. Full of real-world cases and data, as well as the voices and reflections of a wide range of practitioners, Sport Development in Action explains how to research and draw up a development plan, how to design and implement programmes and establish delivery networks, and how to monitor and evaluate initiatives. This is essential reading for any sport development course, and useful reading for courses in sport management, sports coaching, or sports studies. It is also an indispensable reference book for practitioners.

Global Sports

Author : Frank P. Jozsa
File Size : 42.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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--Book Jacket.

Sport and the Media

Author : Matthew Nicholson
File Size : 30.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Successful media relations and a sound communication strategy are essential for all sport organizations. Any successful manager working in sport must have a clear understanding of how the media works, as well as the practical skills to manage the communication process. Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, Sport and the Media: Managing the Nexus is still the only textbook to combine in-depth analysis of the rapidly developing sport media industry with a clear and straightforward guide to practical sport media management skills. The book explains the commercial relationships that exist between key media and sport organisations and how to apply a range of tools and strategies to promote the achievements of sport organisations. This updated edition includes a wider range of international examples and cases, as well as four completely new chapters covering new and social media, managing the media at major sports events, the work of the sports journalist, and the role of the sport media manager. The book's online resources have also been updated, with new lecture slides and teaching notes providing a complete package for instructors. Sport and the Media is an essential textbook for any degree level course on sport and the media, sport media management or sport communication, and invaluable reading for any sport media or sport management practitioner looking to improve their professional skills.

The Business of Sports

Author : Mark Conrad
File Size : 44.14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Additions to this second edition include: --

Sport Marketing

Author : Paul Blakey
File Size : 34.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a highly accessible text that provides detailed coverage of the key concepts, ideas, principles and techniques of sport marketing. It combines clear and concise explanations with applied case studies, supported by clear objectives, learning activities and points for reflection. UK-based examples are used throughout and the book successfully combines both theory and practice. The field of sport marketing is an exciting and fast-moving part of the sports industry that presents new challenges requiring innovative and effective solutions. Engagement with sport marketing therefore equips students with valuable transferable skills necessary for all sport managers of the future.

Sports Diplomacy

Author : Michał Marcin Kobierecki
File Size : 41.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book analyzes the place and role of sport within public diplomacy, including theoretical conceptualizations of the category of sports diplomacy as a sub-category of public diplomacy and empirical research of selected examples of the use of sport within public diplomacy. The empirical part of the book refers to three approaches to sports diplomacy and concerns the utilization of sport by states in order to shape relations with other states, the role of sport in building the international image of a state and the diplomatic subjectivity of international sports organizations. In reference to the first two approaches, the book uses comparative case study was in order to make observations and generalizations concerning sports diplomacy. Apart from that, the book includes a detailed study of the diplomatic subjectivity of the International Olympic Committee.

The Business of Sport Management

Author : John Beech
File Size : 42.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book looks at the distinctive context of sports organisations in both theoretical and practical terms. It examines sports management theories and practice within functional areas such as finance, human resource management and marketing. It also considers important contemporary issues such as risk management, the media, sponsorship, merchandising, and management information systems in sport.

Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry

Author : Chris Wolsey
File Size : 44.79 MB
Format : PDF
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The sport and leisure sectors possess unique characteristics that pose particular challenges for managers and human resource professionals. The age profile of workers, seasonality, the pressure to achieve short-term results, media intrusion, wide differences in pay between elite and community levels, and the importance of competition and consumer (fan) behaviour, all combine to set sport and leisure apart from 'mainstream’ business and management. Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to HRM in sport and leisure that examines these challenges in the context of organisational structure, systems, and individual and group behaviour, encouraging the reader to develop a strategic approach to HRM, and emphasising the importance of reflective professional practice. The book explores the full range of key issues, themes and concepts in contemporary HRM, including: the labour market in sport and leisure personal skills in HRM recruitment and selection learning, training and development evaluation and performance appraisal change management coaching and mentorship. Covering private, public and voluntary contexts, the book includes a wide range of examples and cases from the real world of sport and leisure management. Each chapter also includes highlighted definitions of key concepts, review questions, summaries and learning objectives, to guide student learning and help managers develop their professional skills. Effective human resource management and development is essential for business success, and this book is therefore important reading for any student or professional working in sport and leisure management.