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International Governance of War Torn Territories

Author : Richard Caplan
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"Caplan examines the nature of international administration operations since the mid-1990s, their effectiveness, and the key operational and political challenges which arise. He also examines recent attempts at international governance of war-torn territories"--Provided by publisher.

International Governance of War torn Territories

Author : Richard D. Caplan
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Measuring Peace

Author : Richard Caplan
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How can we know if the peace that has been established following a civil war is a stable peace? More than half of all countries that experienced civil war since World War II have suffered a relapse into violent conflict, in some cases more than once. Meanwhile, the international community expends billions of dollars and deploys tens of thousands of personnel each year in support of efforts to build peace in countries emerging from violent conflict. This book argues that efforts to build peace are hampered by the lack of effective means of assessing progress towards the achievement of a consolidated peace. Rarely, if ever, do peacebuilding organizations and governments seek to ascertain the quality of the peace that they are helping to build and the contribution that their engagement is making (or not) to the consolidation of peace. More rigorous assessments of the robustness of peace are needed. These assessments require clarity about the characteristics of, and the requirements for, a stable peace. This in turn requires knowledge of the local culture, local history, and the specific conflict dynamics at work in a given conflict situation. Better assessment can inform peacebuilding actors in the reconfiguration and reprioritization of their operations in cases where conditions on the ground have deteriorated or improved. To build a stable peace, it is argued here, it is important to take the measure of peace.

United Nations Governance of Failed States and War torn Territories

Author : Darren Lim
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International Territorial Administration

Author : Ralph Wilde
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This is the first comprehensive treatment of the reasons why international organizations have engaged in territorial administration. The book describes the role of international territorial administration and analyses the various purposes associated with this activity, revealing the objectives which territorial administration seeks to achieve.

Exit Strategies and State Building

Author : Richard D. Caplan
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This volume provides a comparative study of exit with regard to international operations of a state-building nature. The essays focus on the empirical experiences of, and scholarly and policy questions associated with, exit in relation to four families of experience: colonial administrations, peace support operations, international territorial administrations, and transformative military occupations.

History of Military Occupation from 1792 to 1914

Author : Peter M. R Stirk
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An understanding of military occupation as a distinct phenomenon first emerged in the 18th century. This book shows how this understanding developed and the problems that the occupiers, the occupied, commentators and the courts encountered.

Post conflict Administrations in International Law

Author : Eric de Brabandere
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Drawing on the context in which the administration of territory by international actors has resurfaced, and on the legal framework applicable to post-conflict administrations and peace-building operations, this book analyses the practice of the reconstruction processes in Kosovo, East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq.

UNMIK as an International Governance in Post war Kosova

Author :
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NGOs IGOs and the Network Mechanisms of Post Conflict Global Governance in Microfinance

Author : A. Ohanyan
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Post-conflict reconstruction stretches the capacities of international institutions and they turn to NGOs to answer the challenge. This book explores how the interactions between international public institutions and NGOs have affected peacebuilding in the post-conflict situations of Bosnia, Afghanistan and Kosovo.