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International Investment Agreements

Author : United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
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This paper reflects discussions which took place during the three expert meetings convened by the Commission on Investment, Technology and Related Financial Issues during 1997-1999. These discussions dealt with existing International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and their development dimensions. The paper examines ways in which IIAs can provide for flexibility with a view towards promoting development, while encouraging foreign direct investment (FDI) and providing stability and predictability in investment relations. The paper first discusses the meaning and purpose of flexibility in the interest of in the context of IIAs. It goes on to look at how existing IIAs have provided flexibility from the perspectives of: the objectives of an agreement; its overall structure and methods of participation; its substantive provisions; its applications. The paper emphasises that IIAs, in common with all international agreements, typically contain obligations that reduce to some extent the autonomy of the participating countries. Such agreements should recognise the economic asymmetries and levels of development between developing and developed countries. The challenge for negotiators of IIAs is to find the proper balance between obligations and flexibility. IIAs should be designed in a way that allows their parties some flexibility in pursuing their development objectives.

International Investment Position Australia

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Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Australia

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The International Law on Foreign Investment

Author : M. Sornarajah
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This book is a thought-provoking and authoritative text on this fast moving field of international law.

Upgraded Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics

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Contains details of the changes to be made to balance of payments and international investment position statistics resulting from the implementation of new statistical standards from September quarter 1997. Includes a brief description of the new statistical framework, a comparison with existing frameworks, and details of the changes to be made in the next releases of balance of payments and international investment statistics. Also includes tables showing data compiled on the new basis for the periods and series covered by the June quarter 1997 issues of Balance of Payments, Australia (5302.0) and International Investment Position, Australia (5306.0) and by the September 1997 issue of International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia (5368.0). Historical series of the main aggregates are provided.

Credit and Deferral as International Investment Incentives

Author : James R. Hines
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The US government taxes the foreign income of American firms, using a system that grants credits for foreign taxes paid and permits tax deferral for unrepatriated income. This paper shows that the tax system encourages firms to restrict their equity stakes in new foreign investments, and to finance their new investments with considerable debt. These incentives are strongest for US investments in low-tax foreign countries, and exist even when transfer price regulation effectively limits the profit rates foreign subsidiaries can earn. The behavior of US multinationals in 1984 appears to reflect these tax incentives.

The Canadian Balance of International Payments and International Investment Position

Author : Canada. Dominion Bureau of Statistics
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Multinational Corporations and International Investment in Latin America

Author : Harold Molineu
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Principles of International Investment Law

Author : Ursula Kriebaum
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This book provides an ideal introduction to the fundamentals of international investment law and dispute settlement for students, scholars, and practitioners. It combines a systematic analytical study of the texts and principles underlying investment law with a jurisprudential analysis of the case law arising in international tribunals.

International Investment Instruments

Author : United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Division on Transnational Corporations and Investment
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This is the 13th volume in the series which contains a collection of international instruments relating to foreign direct investment (FDI) and transnational corporations (TNCs). It is divided into three parts which cover: additional regional instruments; investment-related provisions in a number of additional free trade, economic partnership arrangements and framework agreements not covered in previous volumes; and the text of a number of additional prototype bilateral treaties for the promotion and protection of foreign investments (BITs) not covered in previous volumes.