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Interpolation by Harmonic Polynomials

Author : John Hamilton Curtiss
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Let Hn (u;z) denote the harmonic polynomial of degree at most n found by interpolation in 2n +1 points in a function u given on the boundary C of a region D of the complex z-plane. Explict formulas are derived for Hn in the case of interpolation on a circle and on an ellipse, and convergence is proved in these cases for arbitrary continuous boundary data. Various generalizations are indicated.

Comparison of Interpolation Methods as Applied to Time Synchronous Averaging

Author :
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Several interpolation techniques were investigated to determine their effect on time synchronous averaging of gear vibration signals and also the effects on standard health monitoring diagnostic parameters. The data was also digitally resampled to determine the effect of lower acquisition rates. The analysis used previously recorded vibration data taken during Health and Usage Monitoring gear testing at the NASA Glenn Research Center. The gear testing monitored the development of surface pitting fatigue on aerospace quality spur gears. Linear, cubic and spline interpolation methods were investigated. Comparisons between the resultant averages show that while there are differences in the resultant time synchronous averages, the differences are not obvious. The diagnostic parameters tested were FM4 and NA4. There are significant differences in the percent deviation curves which imply that the magnitudes of the errors increase as the sample rate decreases.

Hermite Interpolation Algorithm for Constructing Reasonable Analytic Curves Through Discrete Data Points

Author : Paul Tsipouras
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Research was conducted using winds and temperatures measured on a 1500-ft tower at a few irregularly spaced levels. The research methodology required the construction of reasonable analytic curves of wind and temperature vs height. The curves were to be capable of integration and differentiation and were to be generated and plotted by computer without human intervention. Reasonable was subjectively defined as the curve that an individual would most probably draw by hand through the same data points. Of the several techniques tried, only an algorithm consisting of Hermite interpolation between every two successive points with artificial construction of required derivatives generated reasonable curves. Derivatives are artificially constructed by a subroutine which duplicates the constraints that an individual subconsciously employs when drawing a curve through discrete data points. The report discusses the techniques investigated, graphically demonstrates the advantages and reasonableness of this algorithm, and describes it in detail. This algorithm should be applicable for fitting a continuous curve to discrete data of any sort. (Author).

Tables of Folded sin X x Interpolation Coefficients

Author : Leslie F. Bailey
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Tables of Lagrangian Coefficients for Sexagesimal Interpolation

Author : United States. National Bureau of Standards. Computation Laboratory
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Interpolation and Adjustment of Series

Author : Erastus Lyman DeForrest
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Statistical Analysis of Interpolation Methods for Determining Aquifer Elevations Using ArcGIS

Author : Caleb Scott Ubl
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Statistical analyses of various aquifer surface interpolation methods were investigated for the High Plains aquifer. The project was driven by increased groundwater withdrawal and the expectation for future increases. The products from this project were intended to be used in the future development of a groundwater-flow model of the High Plains aquifer in the study area. The High Plains aquifer consisted of the Arikaree, Ogallala, and Sand Hills aquifers. Aquifer basal elevations were interpolated using nine interpolation methods and 20 intermethods that yielded 162 unique interpolations. The most statistically valid interpolation methods for the Arikaree, Ogallala, and Sand Hills aquifers were a variant of Simple Kriging, Natural Neighbor, and a variant of Ordinary Kriging, respectively. These interpolations generated basal elevation rasters for their respective aquifers and thicknesses of these aquifers were also generated. The statistical analysis showed that the most viable general options for creating elevation surfaces were Topo to Raster and Natural Neighbor interpolations. These analyses will provide hydrologists a statistical routine to construct and compare interpolation models.


Author : J. F. Steffensen
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In the mathematical subfield of numerical analysis, interpolation is a procedure that assists in "reading between the lines." Topics include displacement symbols and differences, divided differences, formulas of interpolation, much more. 1950 edition.

Interpolation of the Gravitation Field at High Elevations

Author : Ohio State University. Institute of Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography
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Modal Interpolation Program L 215 INTERP Supplemental system design and maintenance document

Author :
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Topics In Interpolation Theory

Author : Harry Dym
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This book is devoted primarily to topics in interpolation for scalar, matrix and operator valued functions. About half the papers are based on lectures which were delivered at a conference held at Leipzig University in August 1994 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Petrovich Potapov. The volume also contains the English translation of several important papers relatively unknown in the West, two expository papers written especially for this volume, and historical material based on reminiscences of former colleagues, students and associates of V.P. Potapov. Numerous examples of interpolation problems of the Nevanlinna-Pick and CarathA(c)odory-FejA(c)r type are included as well as moment problems and problems of integral representation in assorted settings. The major themes cover applications of the Potapov method of fundamental matrix inequalities, multiplicative decompositions of J-inner matrix valued functions, the abstract interpolation problem, canonical systems of differential equations and interpolation in spaces with an indefinite metric. This book should appeal to a wide range of readers: mathematicians specializing in pure and applied mathematics and engineers who work in systems theory and control. The book will be of use to graduate students and mathematicians interested in functional analysis.

Interpolation of Operators

Author : Colin Bennett
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This book presents interpolation theory from its classical roots beginning with Banach function spaces and equimeasurable rearrangements of functions, providing a thorough introduction to the theory of rearrangement-invariant Banach function spaces. At the same time, however, it clearly shows how the theory should be generalized in order to accommodate the more recent and powerful applications. Lebesgue, Lorentz, Zygmund, and Orlicz spaces receive detailed treatment, as do the classical interpolation theorems and their applications in harmonic analysis. The text includes a wide range of techniques and applications, and will serve as an amenable introduction and useful reference to the modern theory of interpolation of operators.

Interpolation Processes

Author : Giuseppe Mastroianni
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Interpolation of functions is one of the basic part of Approximation Theory. There are many books on approximation theory, including interpolation methods that - peared in the last fty years, but a few of them are devoted only to interpolation processes. An example is the book of J. Szabados and P. Vértesi: Interpolation of Functions, published in 1990 by World Scienti c. Also, two books deal with a special interpolation problem, the so-called Birkhoff interpolation, written by G.G. Lorentz, K. Jetter, S.D. Riemenschneider (1983) and Y.G. Shi (2003). The classical books on interpolation address numerous negative results, i.e., - sultsondivergentinterpolationprocesses,usuallyconstructedoversomeequidistant system of nodes. The present book deals mainly with new results on convergent - terpolation processes in uniform norm, for algebraic and trigonometric polynomials, not yet published in other textbooks and monographs on approximation theory and numerical mathematics. Basic tools in this eld (orthogonal polynomials, moduli of smoothness,K-functionals, etc.), as well as some selected applications in numerical integration, integral equations, moment-preserving approximation and summation of slowly convergent series are also given. The rstchapterprovidesanaccountofbasicfactsonapproximationbyalgebraic and trigonometric polynomials introducing the most important concepts on appro- mation of functions. Especially, in Sect. 1.4 we give basic results on interpolation by algebraic polynomials, including representations and computation of interpolation polynomials, Lagrange operators, interpolation errors and uniform convergence in some important classes of functions, as well as an account on the Lebesgue function and some estimates for the Lebesgue constant.

Geometry and Interpolation of Curves and Surfaces

Author : Robin J. Y. McLeod
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This text takes a practical, step-by-step approach to algebraic curves and surface interpolation motivated by the understanding of the many practical applications in engineering analysis, approximation, and curve-plotting problems. Because of its usefulness for computing, the algebraic approach is the main theme, but a brief discussion of the synthetic approach is also presented as a way of gaining additional insight before proceeding with the algebraic manipulation. Professionals, students, and researchers in applied mathematics, solid modeling, graphics, robotics, and engineering design and analysis will find this a useful reference.

Interpolation Functors and Interpolation Spaces

Author :
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The theory of interpolation spaces has its origin in the classical work of Riesz and Marcinkiewicz but had its first flowering in the years around 1960 with the pioneering work of Aronszajn, Calderón, Gagliardo, Krein, Lions and a few others. It is interesting to note that what originally triggered off this avalanche were concrete problems in the theory of elliptic boundary value problems related to the scale of Sobolev spaces. Later on, applications were found in many other areas of mathematics: harmonic analysis, approximation theory, theoretical numerical analysis, geometry of Banach spaces, nonlinear functional analysis, etc. Besides this the theory has a considerable internal beauty and must by now be regarded as an independent branch of analysis, with its own problems and methods. Further development in the 1970s and 1980s included the solution by the authors of this book of one of the outstanding questions in the theory of the real method, the K-divisibility problem. In a way, this book harvests the results of that solution, as well as drawing heavily on a classic paper by Aronszajn and Gagliardo, which appeared in 1965 but whose real importance was not realized until a decade later. This includes a systematic use of the language, if not the theory, of categories. In this way the book also opens up many new vistas which still have to be explored. This volume is the first of three planned books. Volume II will deal with the complex method, while Volume III will deal with applications.

Iterative Interpolation Super Resolution Image Reconstruction

Author : Vivek Bannore
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To my wife, Mitu - Vivek Bannore Preface Preface In many imaging systems, under-sampling and aliasing occurs frequently leading to degradation of image quality. Due to the limited number of sensors available on the digital cameras, the quality of images captured is also limited. Factors such as optical or atmospheric blur and sensor noise can also contribute further to the d- radation of image quality. Super-Resolution is an image reconstruction technique that enhances a sequence of low-resolution images or video frames by increasing the spatial resolution of the images. Each of these low-resolution images contain only incomplete scene information and are geometrically warped, aliased, and - der-sampled. Super-resolution technique intelligently fuses the incomplete scene information from several consecutive low-resolution frames to reconstruct a hi- resolution representation of the original scene. In the last decade, with the advent of new technologies in both civil and mi- tary domain, more computer vision applications are being developed with a demand for high-quality high-resolution images. In fact, the demand for high- resolution images is exponentially increasing and the camera manufacturing te- nology is unable to cope up due to cost efficiency and other practical reasons.

Interpolation of Linear Operators

Author : S. G. Krein
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Theory of Birkhoff Interpolation

Author : Ying Guang Shi
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Interpolation by polynomials is a very old subject. The first systematic work was due to Newton in the seventeenth century. Lagrange developed his formula only a little later. In 1878 Hermie introduced so called Hermite interpolation. In 1906 Birkhoff published the first paper on lacunary (or Birkhoff) interpolation whose information about a function and its derivatives is irregular. It turns out that the Birkhoff interpolation problem is very difficult. The reasons are: the solvability of the problem is equivalent to non-singularity of the coefficient matrix of higher order, which of course is not easy to determine in general; should the solvability of the problem be known, it is difficult to get an explicit representation of the solution; although an explicit representation of the solution in some special cases can be acquired, it is usually complicated and is hard to study. This book is largely self-contained. It begins with the definitions and elementary properties of Birkhoff interpolation, to be followed by the formulating of the fundamental theorems for regularity and comparison theorems; also investigated are fundamental polynomials of interpolation in details. Interpolation follow.

Metric Constrained Interpolation Commutant Lifting and Systems

Author : Ciprian Foiaş
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This book presents a unified approach for solving both stationary and nonstationary interpolation problems, in finite or infinite dimensions, based on the commutant lifting theorem from operator theory and the state space method from mathematical system theory. Initially the authors planned a number of papers treating nonstationary interpolation problems of Nevanlinna-Pick and Nehari type by reducing these nonstationary problems to stationary ones for operator-valued functions with operator arguments and using classical commutant lifting techniques. This reduction method required us to review and further develop the classical results for the stationary problems in this more general framework. Here the system theory turned out to be very useful for setting up the problems and for providing natural state space formulas for describing the solutions. In this way our work involved us in a much wider program than original planned. The final results of our efforts are presented here. The financial support in 1994 from the "NWO-stimulansprogramma" for the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics in the Netherlands enabled us to start the research which lead to the present book. We also gratefully acknowledge the support from our home institutions: Indiana University at Bloomington, Purdue University at West Lafayette, Tel-Aviv University, and the Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam. We warmly thank Dr. A.L. Sakhnovich for his carefully reading of a large part of the manuscript. Finally, Sharon Wise prepared very efficiently and with great care the troff file of this manuscript; we are grateful for her excellent typing.

Interpolation Tables

Author : Henry Benjamin Hedrick
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