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Interpreting and the Politics of Recognition

Author : Christopher Stone
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Interpreting and the Politics of Recognition investigates the historical, ethical and professional dimensions of this, arguably, most widespread form of intercultural communication. Covering key topics from colonialism to representation, ethics and power, it looks at the different linguistic modalities (signed and spoken) used within communities to investigate equality of citizens. The contributors include leading authorities in their fields and use a wide spread of examples from a variety of disparate cultures – including deaf and ethnic minority groups. With eight chapters presented in three thematic sections and a foreword by Michael Cronin setting the book in its wider context, this volume will be of interest to practising interpreters, researchers and advanced students in the areas of Interpreting Studies, Translation Studies, and Linguistics and Communication Studies. Additional resources for Translation and Interpreting Studies are available on the Routledge Translation Studies Portal:

Development Elite Agency and the Politics of Recognition in Mysore State 1881 1947

Author : Byrapatna Murthy Chandana Gowda
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Political Theory In Transition

Author : Noel O'Sullivan
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During the past two decades there has been increasing dissatisfaction with established political categories, on the grounds that they no longer fit many of the facts of contemporary life, or adequately express many contemporary political ideals. Political Theory in Transition explores the principal reasons for this dissatisfaction and outlines some of the most influential responses to it. Key features of this textbook: * covers many of the important areas in political theory including: Communitarianism; Identity; Feminism; Liberalism; Citizenship; Democracy; Power; Authority; Legitimacy; Nationalism; Globalization; and the Environment * includes chapters written by some of the foremost authorities in the field of political theory * divided into four useful sections, beginning with the concept of the individual, and progressing to beyond the nation-state.

East Central Europe

Author :
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Author : Raia Prokhovnik
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Argues that the historical examination of the concept and the conceptual analysis of sovereignty are interdependent. This monograph engages with and contributes to the literatures on sovereignty from the history of political thought and political theory. It is suitable for historians of political thought and political theorists.

The Political Process and the Nationalization of the Retail Trade in the Philippines

Author : Remigio E. Agpalo
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The Politics of Nature

Author : John M. Meyer
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The Politics of Judicial Interpretation

Author : Professor of Law and Legal Constitutional History Robert J Kaczorowski
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Interpreting the Labour Party

Author : John T. Callaghan
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This publication consists of 12 essays on the principal thinkers and schools of thought concerned with the political and historical development of the Labour Party and Labour movement. It is an examination of the major methodologies and approaches in Labour studies and a critical evaluation and appreciation of much of the most interesting scholarship in this area of study. The essays have been written by contributors who have devoted many years to the study of the Labour Party, the trade union movement and the various ideologies associated with them. and goes on to examine key periods in the development of the ideologies to which the party has subscribed. This includes the ideology on inter-war Labourism, the rival post-war perspectives on Labourism, the New Left, and the contentious alliance of unions with Labour. Key thinkers analysed include: Henry Pelling; Ross McKibbin; Ralph Miliband; Lewis Minkin; David Marquand; Perry Anderson; and Tom Nairn. Each chapter situates its subject matter in the context of a broader intellectual legacy, including the works of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Theodore Rothstein, Stuart Hall and Samuel Beer, among others. This book should be of interest to undergraduate students of British politics and political theory and to academics concerned with Labour politics and history, trade union history and politics, research methodology and political analysis.

The Politics of Time

Author : Peter Osborne
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If Aristotle sought to understand time through change, might we not reverse the procedure and seek to understand change through time? Once we do this, argues Peter Osborne, it soon becomes clear that ideas such as avant-garde, modern, postmodern and tradition—which are usually only treated as markets for empirically discrete periods, movements or styles—are best understood as categories of historical totalization. More specifically, Osborne claims, such ideas involve distinct "temporalizations" of history, giving rise to conflicting politics of time. His book begins with a consideration of the main aspects of modernity and develops though a series of critical engagements with the major twentieth-century positions in the philosophy of history. He concludes with a fascinating history of the avant-garde intervention into the temporality of everyday life in surrealism, the situationists and the work of Henri Lefebvre.

Alternative Frontiers

Author : Association for Canadian Studies
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The Politics of Mis representation

Author : William C. Havard
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The Politics of Identity and the Breakthrough of Liberal Democracy in Poland 1980 1999

Author : Michael Randell Carpenter
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Disability the Politics of Education

Author : Susan Lynn Gabel
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Disability and the Politics of Education: An International Reader is a rich resource that deals comprehensively with the many aspects of the complex topic of disability studies in education. For nearly two decades, global attention has been given to education as a human right through global initiatives such as Education for All (EFA) and the Salamanca Statement. Yet according to UNESCO, reaching the goals of EFA remains one of the most daunting challenges facing the global community. Today, millions of the world's disabled children cannot obtain a basic childhood education, particularly in countries with limited resources. Even in the wealthiest countries, many disabled children and youth are educationally segregated from the nondisabled, particularly if they are labeled with significant cognitive impairment. International agencies such as the United Nations and the World Bank have generated funds for educational development but, unfortunately, these funds are administered with the assumption that «west is best», thereby urging developing countries to mimic educational policies in the United States and the United Kingdom in order to prove their aid-worthiness. This «McDonaldization» of education reproduces the labeling, resource allocation, and social dynamics long criticized in disability studies. The authors in this volume explore these subjects and other complexities of disability and the politics of education. In doing so, they demonstrate the importance and usefulness of international perspectives and comparative approaches.

Liaison Interpreting in the Community

Author : Mabel Erasmus
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Covers aspects on promoting language rights, functional multilingualism, sevice providers who work with interpreters, language planners, trainers and managers.

Recognition in Politics

Author : Julie Connolly
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The concept of recognition, and its relationship to the way we theorise identity and justice, has emerged as part of an important debate in contemporary political and social theory. With contributions from Nancy Fraser and international commentators, this new collection examines key theoretical and practical problems of 'recognition' in politics. Beyond important normative issues in social theory, such as how cultural claims to difference may be justly accommodated in liberal polities, it addresses a range of practical problems in which a politics of recognition approach casts new light on old conflicts and tensions, examining these problems within the context of processes of globalisation and increasing cultural diversity. Organised into three sections, Recognition in Politics: Theory, Policy and Practice analyses new theoretical directions, the challenges of managing multicultural societies, and social policy case studies. Featuring a recent paper by Professor Nancy Fraser based on her 2004 Spinoza Lecture, this collection examines core issues in contemporary debates over recognition, extending these debates in new and significant ways. The contributors extend the literature on recognition by applying the theory to practical, contemporary political problems. These papers reveal the capacity of the recognition paradigm to generate new insights into political problems, but also the limitations of the concept's theoretical purview. Together, these commentaries offer an invaluable road map to the most recent scholarship on recognition.

Locke s Moral Political and Legal Philosophy

Author : John R. Milton
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The International Library of Critical Essays in the History of Philosophy makes available in a systematic manner essays in the history of philosophy selected and presented by volume editors who are highly respected in their fields.

Interpreting World Politics

Author : A. P. Rana
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Essays on international relations by Indian and Western scholars are organized around four themes central to the study of world politics: international relations theory; international society; regional politics; and foreign policy. An introduction offers a critical review of international relations theory, demonstrating that its dominance by post-1945 Anglo-American studies causes it to be parochial in nature, and suggesting a basis for theoretical synthesis. No index. Acidic paper. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Minnesota Law Review

Author :
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Educating Exceptional Children 05 06

Author : Karen L. Freiberg
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This updated, thirty-fourth edition gives you articles from the best of the public press. Additional support for this title can be found at http: //