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Investigation Into Intestinal Transport and Absorption of an Amino Acid Amino Acid Analogue and Its Peptidomimetic Prodrug

Author : Mandana Asgharnejad
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Intestinal Transport

Author : M. Gilles-Baillien
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The aim of this symposium was to provide a framework for fruitful discussion on intestinal transport, not only for advanced scientists but also for younger people starting in this field of research. Invited lectures, communications and poster presentations were focused on four central themes, all treating the prop erties of the sole intestinal epithelium, deliberately leaving aside problems dealing with more integrative functions of the whole intestine. The importance of motility or blood circulation, for instance, is certainly capital in the overall intestinal function, but these aspects by themselves deserve another meeting. This volume has compiled the manuscripts of the invited lectures which sub stantially comprised the four sessions of the Symposium. Part 1 is designed to emphasize actual knowledge of the transport of water, inorganic as well as organic ions and molecules across the isolated intestinal epithelium. An enormous wave of investigations has emerged from studies per formed with "Ussing chambers", which roused interest in studies on absorption mechanisms and subsequently on secretory processes. This has triggered off a trend to research on isolated cells as absorption and secretion are the main func tion of the different cell types constituting the intestinal epithelium. In this first session not only the importance of the parallel arrangement of these different cellular entities is stressed, but also the role played by the paracellular route.

Handbook of Physiology

Author : Michael Field
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Here is a thorough, up-to-date survey of the physiological processes through which salt, water, and nutrients are absorbed or secreted by the intestinal tract, and of how these myriad processes are regulated. In twenty-five chapters, written by a team of leading experts, the volume addresses four main topics: the methodologies and basic principles of structure and function; intestinal ion transport; nutrient absorption; and macromolecular transport. Throughout, the contributors emphasize recent developments in the field--for example, neuroendocrine-immune cell interactions in the intestinal mucosa, the regulation of intestinal sodium transport, the cloning of the intestinal glucose carrier, the intestinal cytoskeleton, and the regulation of intestinal epithelial transport function by protein kinases and calmodulin. This is not only the fourth and final volume in the series; it is also the broadest, most contemporary approach to this important topic. As such, this book will be warmly welcomed--and often consulted--by student, scholars, professionals, and anyone researching intestinal absorptive mechanisms and their regulation.

Intestinal Ion Transport

Author : J.W.L. Robinson
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This is the fourth Falk Symposium devoted to the study of intestinal abso~ l 3 tion. As in the case of its predecessors - , I hope that the relaxed atmosphere will enable the participants from all comers of the world to exchange views, not only in this room, but also at less formal moments in the cellar, on the lake, or in the buses that transport us to different parts of the Schwarzwald. We are all eternally grateful to Dr Herbert Falk for undertaking to sponsor this meeting, and to him and his staff for the impeccable organisation which will permit us to work in such a pleasant environment. In the organisation of the programme, one or two innovations have been in troduced which are perhaps foreign to routine gastroenterological meetings. First, the average age in this room is rather lower than at most gatherings of this nature, which means that those who carry out the experiments will be responsible for their presentation; they are after all the ones who have made the relevant small observations which lead to the advancement of knowledge.

Factors that Affect Intestinal Phosphate Absorption in Vivo

Author : Katie Beth Williams
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The Journal of Nutrition

Author : John Raymond Murlin
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Vols. 7-42 include the Proceedings of the annual meeting of the American Institute of Nutrition, 1st-9th, 11th-14th, 1934-42, 1947-50 (1st-8th, 1934-41, issued as supplements to the journal).

Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Pathophysiology

Author : Suzanne Rose
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Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Pathophysiology conforms to the movement in medical education toward embracing the integration of information and incorporating the skills of knowledge acquisition and problem-solving into the learning process. Along with providing a brief review of the normal structure and function of the gastrointestinal tract, this text offers state-of-the-art information about the pathophysiologic basis of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary diseases. Although designed as a preclinical text, all medical students will find it a useful guide as they move from the study of the basic sciences and begin to address clinical situations. The book will also be useful for house officers, fellows, and practitioners of internal medicine and family medicine, as well as for gastroenterologists and hepatologists.

Biomedical Index to PHS supported Research

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Regulatory Mechanisms in Gastrointestinal Function 1995

Author : Timothy S. Gaginella
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Regulatory Mechanisms in Gastrointestinal Function includes a collection of contemporary topics in gastrointestinal research. The control of gastroduodenal electrolyte transport and the influence of drugs on bicarbonate secretion are reviewed in detail. The importance of the interactions between calcium and cyclic-AMP in intestinal secretion is emphasized in a comprehensive chapter that systematically addresses each link in the mechanisms that regulate chloride secretion. Other important topics included in the book are neural reflex modulation of intestinal epithelial transport, the influence of the microcirculation on intestinal secretion, and nitric oxide as a mediator of physiologic and pathophysiologic secretion. The expertise of the authors has resulted in a breadth of important contemporary topics covered in depth.

Handbook of Physiology The gastrointestinal system v 1 pt 1 2 Motility and circulation

Author :
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