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The Glory of Christ and the Church Being the Whole Substance of Nine Chapters of The Glory of Christ Unveiled by J Hussey By J Babb

Author : Joseph HUSSEY
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Glory s Window

Author : Mitchell Cobb
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Clayton Howard has stopped experiencing life. A troubled childhood has left him "going through the motions". One day, he happens upon a terrible accident and he's the first to discover the youngest victim. Immediately after, Clayton's dreams lead him to the location of buried wealth. Clayton's life changes instantly as he becomes rich beyond his wildest expectations. While he considers himself extremely lucky at first, he begins to realize that the opportunity to experience life's real treasures are threatened by his greed.

Glory of the Lord VOL 6

Author : Hans Urs von Balthasar
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initiates von Balthasar's study of the biblical vision and understanding of God's glory. Starting with the theopanies of the Patriarchal period, it shows how such glory is most fully expressed in the graciousness of the Covenant relationship between God and Israel.

To a Greater Glory

Author : Peter Gartland
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Tomas Mulholland swears to avenge his dead father, murdered by Captain James Spencer-Lambert, during the 1916 Easter Uprising in Dublin. Involved in the death of a priest himself, he flees to England. There he re-encounters Spencer-Lambert, now a wealthy coal owner in County Durham. Working in Eastinglea Colliery, owned by the Lamberts, he progresses to District Overman and is held in high regard. He establishes an IRA cell, fronted as the Christian Mens Charitable Society (C.M.C.S.), working to relieve the ravages of WWII. His cousin, fellow migr Michael Railley, is second-in-command; his two sons are his lieutenants. An assortment of enthusiastic soldiers makes up the Company. As Republicanism wanes in Ireland, Tomass plans become thwarted. Michael gets alarmed as Tomass frustration changes to fanaticism, when the IRAs Army Council calls a halt to his activities.Tomas ignores them and develops his own agenda. Dermot is the runt of the Mulholland litter, years younger than Bridgett, his sister. Dermots adult brothers pay him scant regard, and his sons genteel nature perplexes Tomas, who distances himself from the boy. His fathers disregard hurts Dermot deeply. His mother discovers Dermots religious leanings, and guideshim to the priesthood. Margarets pride in Dermot contrasts sharply with Tomass bitter contempt for things religious. Their difference becomestotally irreconcilable once Dermot is ordained. Appointed curate in a parish near Eastinglea, Dermot determines to intervene when Michael Railley makes him aware of Tomass treasonous activities, but he, alerted to his sons intentions, neutralizes all interference - in the confessional. Bridgetts life too is disrupted by her fathers destructive agenda, when her beloved James joins the C.M.C.S. Losing the battle for James loyalties, she finds herself alone - and pregnant! Engulfing the lives of those who love him most, Tomass futile crusade rages on to its tragic conclusion.

Glory and the Rake

Author : Deborah Simmons
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Glory Sutton is determined to revive Queen's Well, the spa that has been owned by her family for hundreds of years. But someone doesn't want the once-popular watering hole to reopen. Could it be the Duke of Westfield? Glory finds the nobleman's sudden interest in her business unnerving, yet she must work with him to solve the myriad mysteries swirling around the age-old waters.

The Glory of His Life

Author : Watchman Nee
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This volume consists of messages culled from many given by Watchman Nee which enable us to see some of the manifold aspects of the glory of the life of Christ in us.

Heaven entered or The spirit in glory everlasting

Author : Joseph Elisha Freeman
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Glory Be

Author : Ron and Janet Benrey
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An unexpected windfall had greedy church choir members seeing green, taking sides and preparing for battle. Their weapon of choice? Practical jokes. And Emma McCall wanted no part of it…until a VW Bug appeared on her bed-and-breakfast's porch. The combatants' pranks were escalating, and only innkeeper Emma seemed to be taking them seriously. But before the pretty amateur could dust for fingerprints, an unexpected ally appeared: Glory's deputy police chief, Rafe Neilson. So when the antics became no laughing matter, the courageous single dad couldn't let impetuous Emma fight the pranksters alone….

Foundations for Soul Care

Author : Eric L. Johnson
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In this groundbreaking work of first-order scholarship, Eric Johnson makes a vitally important contribution to the field of Christian counseling. He first presents a detailed overview and appreciative but critical evaluation of the reigning paradigms in the field of Christian counseling, particularly biblical counseling and integration. Building on their respective strengths, he seeks to move beyond the current impasse in the field and develop a more unified and robustly Christian understanding. Drawing upon the Bible and various Christian intellectual and soul care traditions, and through a Christian reinterpretation of relevant modern psychological theory and research, Johnson proceeds to offer a new framework for the care of souls that is comprehensive in scope, yet flows from a Christian understanding of human beings--what amounts to a distinctly Christian version of psychology. This book is a must-read for any serious Christian teacher, student, or practitioner in the fields of psychology or counseling.

Texas Glory

Author : Joan Elliott Pickart
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THE WIFE HUNT Glory Carson couldn't believe she'd actually agreed to sexy Texan Bram Bishop's unorthodox proposition. For two weeks she would "act" as Bram's wife so the determined wanna-be-groom could learn the husband ropes and lasso himself a real bride. Glory herself had no intention of ever getting married. As a marriage counselor, she was only in this ruse for its research value—certainly not because she found the blue-eyed, blue-collar Bram husband material. And although she thought she'd conveyed this loud and clear, she never counted on Bram's love of a challenge! FAMILY MEN Tux, Bram, Blue and Gib are four unforgettable men with love as endless as the Texas sky, just waiting for women special enough to win their hearts!