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The Wild Blue Yonder and Beyond

Author : Rob Morris
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The complete history of a legendary World War II bomb group

Beyond the Wild Blue 2nd edition

Author : Walter J. Boyne
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The second edition of Beyond the Wild Blue, an update of the popular history originally released in 1997, is a fascinating look at sixty turbulent years of Air Force history. From the prop-driven armada of World War II to the most advanced Stealth weaponry, from pioneers like General Henry "Hap" Arnold to glorious conquests in the Gulf War, Beyond the Wild Blue is a high-flying study of the triumphs (and failures) of leadership and technology. In three new chapters, Walter Boyne covers an eventful ten years, including 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the second Gulf War, describing in detail the technological advancements that led to highly efficient airstrikes in Iraq. He also takes stock of the Air Force's doctrine and mission statements as this unique sector of the military grapples with an ever-changing world.

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Author : Travis Nichols
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An “original and haunting” novel about two wars and two generations of men (Minneapolis Star Tribune). Pensive in the wake of 9/11, a young man launches a mission to reunite his beloved grandfather, an American bombardier, with Luddie, the woman who saved him during WWII. Armed only with the address on the back of an old photograph and his grandfather’s memories, the young man begins writing letters to Luddie. Undaunted by her lack of response, the narrator travels to Poland with his girlfriend and grandfather. As they come closer to finding the site where the bombardier was shot down, the letters to Luddie become more personal—and the saga of a family with a long and storied history emerges. Beautifully orchestrated and eloquently original, this is a tale of soldiers and saviors, of burning and bombing, of fathers and sons and brothers and lovers—and of what we find when we dare to revisit the past. “A rewarding experience.” —Chicago Sun-Times “Nichols handles beautifully the hidden meanings in old family tales heard a hundred times . . . The novel often reads like a piece of music that is wonderfully original.” —Publishers Weekly “A dramatically off-kilter debut novel about wars and the men who fight them . . . We see the Bombardier, an elderly Rotarian and former mayor of a small Midwestern town, rediscovering his youthful memories. His grandson’s bewilderment over what to do about the 9/11 attacks highlights the differences between then and now. There’s a lot of meaty material here.” —Kirkus Reviews

Patches and Beyond

Author : Thomas R. Graddy
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I was the fourth child of Bob and Pearl Graddy, who had four children after me, making a total of eight. This is where I learned how to get along with people! I was a day dreamer, and among the things I day dreamed about were growing up, getting an education, and traveling to the far-away places in the world.

Taking It Like a Man

Author : David Savran
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From the Beat poets' incarnation of the "white Negro" through Iron John and the Men's Movement to the paranoid masculinity of Timothy McVeigh, white men in this country have increasingly imagined themselves as victims. In Taking It Like a Man, David Savran explores the social and sexual tensions that have helped to produce this phenomenon. Beginning with the 1940s, when many white, middle-class men moved into a rule-bound, corporate culture, Savran sifts through literary, cinematic, and journalistic examples that construct the white man as victimized, feminized, internally divided, and self-destructive. Savran considers how this widely perceived loss of male power has played itself out on both psychoanalytical and political levels as he draws upon various concepts of masochism--the most counterintuitive of the so-called perversions and the one most insistently associated with femininity. Savran begins with the writings and self-mythologization of Beat writers William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac. Although their independent, law-defying lifestyles seemed distinctively and ruggedly masculine, their literary art and personal relations with other men in fact allowed them to take up social and psychic positions associated with women and racial minorities. Arguing that this dissident masculinity has become increasingly central to U.S. culture, Savran analyzes the success of Sam Shepard as both writer and star, as well as the emergence of a new kind of action hero in movies like Rambo and Twister. He contends that with the limited success of the civil rights and women's movements, white masculinity has been reconfigured to reflect the fantasy that the white male has become the victim of the scant progress made by African Americans and women. Taking It Like a Man provocatively applies psychoanalysis to history. The willingness to inflict pain upon the self, for example, serves as a measure of men's attempts to take control of their situations and their ambiguous relationship to women. Discussing S/M and sexual liberation in their historical contexts enables Savran to consider not only the psychological function of masochism but also the broader issues of political and social power as experienced by both men and women.

Beyond Beauty

Author : Bill Terry
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Hunting the Wild Blue Poppy is the story of a remarkable journey when Bill Terry and his wife, Rosemary, joined a party of Dutch and British alpine plant hunters intent on botanizing on the roof of the world. The expedition travelled in a convoy of eight jeeps over roads that were rarely paved, frequently subject to falling rock, and, in places simply terrifying, confined to a single lane, with a cliff on one side and a precipitous drop of several hundred feet to the valley below. They crossed fifteen passes, as high as 5,000 metres (16,500 feet), where even in midsummer, the wind scoured exposed skin like steel wool. As the journey unfolds, Terry sketches the history of the region and, in particular, observes life for Tibetans under direct Chinese rule and the ever-alert Peoples Liberation Army.


Author : John Chrysochoos, Ph.D.
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Aris’s innocent early childhood on the beautiful and serene Greek island of Ikaria was painfully interrupted by World War II and the subsequent Greek Civil War. The occupation by the enemy, the following famine, the flight to Palestine and the subsequent Greek Civil War had a profound effect upon Aris’s personality. His interest in political, educational, social and societal issues while in Greece was attributed to those experiences. His subsequent travel to North America, Canada at first and United States during most of his adult life, made him fully aware of aspects of life completely alien to him, namely, xenophobic, anti-foreign and jingoistic issues, as well as sexism and racism. Current political partisanship in both the United States and Greece is affecting life enormously. The reminiscence of the blue sea surrounding that faraway island provided Aris always with peace of mind in dealing with such complex societal issues in his life.


Author : Barry Head
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HELLO. Welcome to my cottage. And yes, do please come in and make yourself comfortable. So begins this collection of intimate essays by a man, who says hes in his 90s and wanting to leave a loving farewell to humankind. Hes not quite one of us, he claims, and wants to offer us a special parting gift. His gift will be accepted by some, rejected by others, come as a source of comfort or, quite possibly, outrage. Determined to keep his last days for himself, he insists on remaining anonymous. Says the writers godson and editor, Barry Head: Like many of you who will read Swansong, Im not sure what to make of it. I found it challenging and provocative, but while disagreeing with my godfather about many things, I found what he says always beguiling in its friendly, playful, non-judgmental tone. Very quirky. So quirky, in fact, that I felt it deserved publicationparticularly as it was written as a legacy for all of us. BARRY HEAD is a painter and writer, spending most of the year in Oaxaca, Mexico. We invite you to visit and Original cover art 2007 by Barry Head

Living on Higher Ground

Author : Paul Lawrence Vann
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Living on Higher Ground is an inspirational/motivational book about Paul Lawrence Vann, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret). Living on Higher Ground is a salute to the military life. Now more than ever our troops and their families need motivation to help them fight for freedom, liberty, and hope for America.The action plan provided for each chapter helps the reader to focus on his or her goals, dreams , and purpose.

Forms of Shelter

Author : Angela Davis-Gardner
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Perched amid the leaves of the Osage orange tree in her stepfather’s backyard, Beryl Fonteyn observes the life around her—Mama’s desperate attempts to gain Jack’s approval by writing her novel, which he mercilessly critiques; her brother Stevie’s unhealthy fascination with acting out events from the Bible; and Jack’s obsession with his bees—all the while imagining that her runaway father will one day return. But as Beryl’s adolescent turmoil collides with the confines of Jack’s eccentric home, a shattering secret will divide their loyalties—and in one irrevocable moment the home that Beryl’s family has found, their shelter in the storm, will be torn apart forever. . . .

Wild Blue Wonder

Author : Carlie Sorosiak
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"It's the rarest author who can pull off laugh-out-loud hilarious, profound, and breathlessly romantic, all in the most sparkling prose. That shortlist includes Rainbow Rowell, Nicola Yoon, and now, Carlie Sorosiak."—Jeff Zentner, Morris Award-winning author of The Serpent King and Goodbye Days Last June, the summer camp Quinn’s family owns in Winship, Maine, was still a magical place. A place where wild blueberries grew no matter the season, a legendary sea monster lurked in the waters, and Quinn fell in love with her best friend, Dylan. Then the accident happened. Now it’s winter, the magic has drained from Quinn’s life, and she knows it’s her fault. But the new boy in town, Alexander, doesn’t see her as the monster she believes herself to be. As Quinn lets herself open up again, she begins to understand the truth about love, loss, and monsters—real and imagined. Perfect for fans of Morgan Matson, Jenny Han, and Jandy Nelson, this wondrous novel was proclaimed “a striking examination of love—of friends, of family, of self—as well as of grief” by ALA Booklist in a starred review.

The Poets of Connecticut

Author : Charles William Everest
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Beyond the Blue Mountains

Author : George Woodcock
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Beyond the Blue

Author : Leslie Gould
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Two Worlds. Two Women. One Love. In 1975, an American girl named Genevieve loses her mother when a plane full of orphans crashes in war-ravaged Vietnam. Miles away in the countryside, seven-year-old Lan, a Vietnamese girl, is forced out of her family home by her own brother who has joined the Viet Cong. Worlds apart, these two girls come into womanhood struggling to recover a sense of family–until their journeys suddenly converge. Lan has grown up in the harsh realities of post-war Vietnam, but she yearns for a better life for her children. Meanwhile, Genevieve marries and, faced with infertility, decides to adopt a child from the country her own mother loved so deeply. But the uncertainty and risk of international adoption threatens to overwhelm both women before their hearts and their families can be healed. Beyond the Blue is the story of enormous losses, unthinkable choices, and the transforming power of God's love for the children of the world.

The Americans at Normandy

Author : John C. McManus
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In The Americans at D-Day, the first volume of this series, John C. McManus showed us the American experience in Operation Overlord. Now, in this succeeding volume, he does the same for the Battle of Normandy as a whole. Never before has the American involvement in Normandy been examined so thoroughly or exclusively as in The Americans at Normandy. For D-Day was only one part of the battle, and victory came from weeks of sustained effort and sacrifices made by Allied soldiers. Presented here is the American experience during that summer of 1944, from the aftermath of D-Day to the slaughter of the Falaise Gap, from the courageous, famed figures of Bradley, Patton, and Lightnin' Joe Collins to the lesser-known privates who toiled in torturous conditions for their country. What was this battle really like for these men? What drove them to fight against all sense and despite all obstacles? How and why did they triumph? Reminiscent of Cornelius Ryan's The Longest Day, The Americans at Normandy takes readers into the minds of the best American strategists, into the hearts of the infantry, into hell on earth. Engrossing, lightning-quick, and filled with real human sorrow and elation, The Americans at Normandy honors those Americans who lost their lives in foreign fields and those who survived. Here is their story, finally told with the depth, pathos, and historical perspective it deserves. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

To Brecht and Beyond

Author : Darko Suvin
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In this book Darko Suvin discerns the shape of an emerging post-Individualist drama which may be to our age what the theatre of Shakespeare and Ibsen was to theirs. Suvin establishes the principles of composition of a crucial group of modern plays. He examines some major attempts and failures to replace Ibsen's "Individualist" theatre with this new "Collectivist" drama. Two particularly important and original contributions to the subject are Suvin's chapters on the Happenings in the USA and on the Paris Commune Theatre Law. The book focuses on the work of Brecht, both because of the importance of his plays and because of what Professor Suvin sees as Brecht's central position today in any cultural critique that refuses to despair.

Beyond Blue Houses

Author : Blake Hendon
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A pickup truck breakdown in a small Alabama town turns an afternoon family grave site cleanup by Andy Saylor into a two-week challenge for him, Billy Coate and Jesse Cade to take a look at their lives and with each other's help, to choose some starting and stopping places. In addition, personal events take place to further help them rise above their present station and move forward if they can keep each other alive. Encounters with an extremist group bring the three young men and their black friends together to form a common bond and struggle against the hate and its mongers. Ugly assaults, murderous invasions and cross burnings test the endurance and determination of the community and its dedicated police chief. Further south, plans for a targeted gay pride march continue despite the impending danger from the militants' load of illegal weapons and explosives. Despite the conflict, tender patient love comes to three couples in their laughable youth.

Aerospace power in the twenty first century a basic primer

Author :
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UFO Encounters and Beyond

Author : Jerome Clark
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A close-up look at unidentified flying objects discusses the history of close encounters with possible extraterrestrial visitors, as well as eyewitness accounts, case histories, and possible explanations of such phenomena. Original.

Standing in the Rainbow

Author : Fannie Flagg
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Good news! Fannie’s back in town—and the town is among the leading characters in her new novel. Along with Neighbor Dorothy, the lady with the smile in her voice, whose daily radio broadcasts keep us delightfully informed on all the local news, we also meet Bobby, her ten-year-old son, destined to live a thousand lives, most of them in his imagination; Norma and Macky Warren and their ninety-eight-year-old Aunt Elner; the oddly sexy and charismatic Hamm Sparks, who starts off in life as a tractor salesman and ends up selling himself to the whole state and almost the entire country; and the two women who love him as differently as night and day. Then there is Tot Whooten, the beautician whose luck is as bad as her hairdressing skills; Beatrice Woods, the Little Blind Songbird; Cecil Figgs, the Funeral King; and the fabulous Minnie Oatman, lead vocalist of the Oatman Family Gospel Singers. The time is 1946 until the present. The town is Elmwood Springs, Missouri, right in the middle of the country, in the midst of the mostly joyous transition from war to peace, aiming toward a dizzyingly bright future. Once again, Fannie Flagg gives us a story of richly human characters, the saving graces of the once-maligned middle classes and small-town life, and the daily contest between laughter and tears. Fannie truly writes from the heartland, and her storytelling is, to quote Time, "utterly irresistible."