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New Media

Author : Martin Lister
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With this text, a team of authors from the University of West England provide a comprehensive overview of the culture, technologies and history of new media and assess claims that a media and technology revolution is underway.

An Introduction to New Media and Cybercultures

Author : Pramod K. Nayar
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This introduction to cybercultures provides a cutting-edge and much needed guide to the rapidly changing world of new media and communication. Considers cyberculture and new media through contemporary race, gender and sexuality studies and postcolonial theory Offers a clear analysis of some of the most complex issues in cybercultures, including identity, network societies, new geographies, and connectivity Includes discussions of gaming, social networking, geography, net-democracy, aesthetics, popular internet culture, the body, sexuality and politics Examines key questions in the political economy, racialization, gendering and governance of cyberculture

Parliamentary Debates

Author : New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives
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Economic Inequality and News Media

Author : Andrea Grisold
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"Despite the rediscovery of the inequality topic by economists as well as other social scientists in recent times, relatively little is known about how economic inequality is mediated to the wider public of ordinary citizens and workers. That is precisely where this book steps in: It draws on a cross-national empirical study to examine how mainstream news media discuss, respond to, and engage with such important and politically sensitive issues and trends. Clearly, economic inequalities have become increasingly prominent issues in recent public debates, not least in the context of the latest Great Recession that followed from the financial crash in 2007, and attendant austerity regimes in many countries. This holds true for the debate in the wider public sphere as well as in many fields of academic study, not least in the two specific disciplinary areas most related to this book: political economy and media and journalism studies. Yet, in precisely those two academic fields we find important and parallel 'blindspots' which underline the distinctive focus and contribution of the present book: On the one hand, key issues related to economic inequalities (much like economic processes in general), have been much neglected in the academic fields specialising in news media and journalism studies. On the other hand, the major schools of theory and analysis in mainstream economics have paid relatively little explicit attention to the evolving scope, role or implications of mediated communication. This blindspot applies to both the conduct and performance of economic processes in general, as well as to engagement with the highly sensitive sub-arena of economic inequalities which is of particular interest in this book. In essence, this book is informed by the findings of a distinctive multi-country empirical research project undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with economic, media and linguistic expertise. It explores how Piketty's book has been received and represented by news media based across four countries (Austria, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom) in the thirteen months following its publication. The primary aim of this book is to present the findings of a transdisciplinary and cross-national empirical study of news media coverage of economic inequality themes in four European countries. It focuses on the period following the launch of Thomas Piketty's (2014) high-profile and best-selling book 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' (C21). This study is informed by a distinctive theoretical perspective drawing from institutional and political economy, media and journalism studies fields as well as critical discourse analysis. It is mindful of longer-term trends of rising economic inequality as well as the rather extraordinary series of electoral processes and redistribution policy outcomes across many electoral systems over recent decades. In sum, this book offers novel insights on key features of much-neglected links between how news media select, frame and discuss issues related to economic inequality and how such story-telling links to the specific aspects of the economic and public policy factors shaping the onward march of economic inequality in the long-run"--

Media Concentration

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on General Oversight and Minority Enterprise
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Journalism and New Media

Author : John V. Pavlik
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Ubiquitous news, global information access, instantaneous reporting, interactivity, multimedia content, extreme customization: Journalism is undergoing the most fundamental transformation since the rise of the penny press in the nineteenth century. Here is a report from the front lines on the impact and implications for journalists and the public alike. John Pavlik, executive director of the Center for New Media at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, argues that the new media can revitalize news gathering and reengage an increasingly distrustful and alienated citizenry. The book is a valuable reference on everything from organizing a new age newsroom to job hunting in the new media.

The World s News Media

Author : Harry Drost
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The Media

Author : Adam Briggs
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This is a fully updated edition of the bestselling The Media: An Introduction, a collection of specially written essays designed to introduce the study of media. The book enhances its reputation as an original and insightful volume covering the whole spectrum of media. This fully updated and expanded edition offers an accessible factual and theoretical overview of the media industry and is a comprehensive empirical guide to the separate institutions that make up the media. FEATURES 7 An overview of routine practices of the media. 7 An outline of the markets and means of funding of media institutions. 7 A European, global and forward-looking perspective on the media. 7 Fully updated and expanded essays. 7 Two additional new chapters on audiences and reception. 7 Additional new chapter on 'class'. 7 Expanded sections of 'Further Reading', related web resources and stimulants to further study. CONTENTS PART ONE: What are the Media? Comics 7 Publishing Industry 7 Advertising 7 Marketing and Consumer Culture 7 News Agencies 7 Journalism 7 Newspapers and the Press 7 Magazines 7 Radio 7 Television 7 European Cinema 7 Pop Music 7 Industry 7 Technology. PART TWO: 'Outside' the Media. Economics 7 Policy: Models of Media Institutions 7 Media Effects 7 Audience Feedback 7 Active Audiences 7 Impacts and Influences 7 Approaches to Studying the Media PART THREE: 'In' the Media. Sexuality 7 Gender 7 Class 7 Race and Ethnicity 7 Youth 7 Disability 7 Nationality 7 Sport 7 News Production 7 Parliamentary Politics 7 News Photography 7 Pornography and Censorship. Editors Adam Briggs is Principal Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies at the London College of Fashion. Paul Cobley is Reader inCommunications at London Guildhall University. Contributors Patrick Barwise, Neil Blain, Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Raymond Boyle, Brian Braithwaite, John Corner, Andrew Crisell, Guy Cumberbatch, James Curran, Jessica Evans, Ivor Gaber, David Gordon, Sylvia Harvey, Joke Hermes, Andrew Higson, Patricia Holland, Anne J(TM)ckel, Ray Kent, Jenny Kitzinger, Joanne Lacey, Iain MacRury, Brian McNair, Sarita Malik, Andy Medhurst, Irene Costera Meijer, David Miller, Ralph Negrine, Bill Osgerby, Jerry Palmer, Richard Paterson, TerhIi Rantanen, Roger Sabin, David Saunders, Roy Shuker, Linda Ruth Williams, Liesbet van Zoonen.

A Novel Approach To Politics Introducing Political Science Through Books Movies and Popular Culture

Author : Douglas A Van Belle
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What if we told you that a textbook could be funny and irreverent utilizing popular books, movies, music, and television shows to introduce political science concepts? This novel approach to explaining our need for government and the intrigue of politics is a reality. Van Belle and Mash do not compromise on the content you want and need, nor do they stint on real-world political examples throughout the book. The basics and the depth are all here. The added innovation?to hook students through the popular culture theyre already plugged into. Simply put, you will never hear complaints that this is a typical or boring textbook. From references to 1984 and Lord of the Flies to mentions of The Matrix and A Clockwork Orange youll be surprised by how the core concepts of political scienceinstitutions, ideology, economics, elections, culture, national politics, and international relationsare interwoven with a highly entertaining discussion of popular culture.

Introduction to Communication and Media Studies

Author : John Joshva Raja
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Critical Political Economy of the Media

Author : Jonathan Hardy
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How the media are organised and funded is central to understanding their role in society. Critical Political Economy of the Media provides a clear, comprehensive and insightful introduction to the political economic analysis of contemporary media. Jonathan Hardy undertakes a critical survey of political economy scholarship encompassing worldwide literature, issues and debates, and relationships with other academic approaches. He assesses different ways of making sense of media convergence and digitalisation, media power and influence, and transformations across communication markets. Many of the problems of the media that prompted critical political economy research remain salient, he argues, but the approach must continue to adapt to new conditions and challenges. Hardy advances the case for a revitalised critical media studies for the 21st century. Topics covered include: media ownership and financing news and entertainment convergence and the Internet media globalisation advertising and media alternative media media policy and regulation Introducing key concepts and research, this book explains how political economy can assist students, researchers and citizens to investigate and address vital questions about the media today.

Modernization of Indian Languages in News Media

Author : Aditi Mukherjee
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Introducing the Language of the News

Author : M. Grazia Busa
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Introducing the Language of the News is a comprehensive introduction to the language of news reporting. Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, the book provides an accessible analysis of the processes that produce news language, and discusses how different linguistic choices promote different interpretations of news texts. Key features include: comprehensive coverage of both print and online news, including news design and layout, story structure, the role of headlines and leads, style, grammar and vocabulary a range of contemporary examples in the international press, from the 2012 Olympics, to political events in China and the Iraq War. chapter summaries, activities, sample analyses and commentaries, enabling students to undertake their own analyses of news texts a companion website with extra activities, further readings and web links. Written by an experienced researcher and teacher, this book is essential reading for students studying English language and linguistics, media and communication studies, and journalism.

Old Media new Media

Author : Wilson Dizard, Jr.
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At the heart of this book is an explication conveyed in overt and subtle tones of media convergence-that condition signifying a united state of media wherein all media forms and instruments come together by virtue of computers and digitization. This second edition is designed to fit the changes into a coherent pattern, detailing the transformation taking place in the media as they adjust to new information-age realities.

Introducing Journalism and Media Studies

Author : Graham Greer
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Written for beginning journalism students, this primer explains how to craft news for presentation in the best possible manner by reading, interviewing, writing, and rewriting. With information on journalism across all media platforms, this text will prepare students to do exceptional reporting for print, television, and online outlets.

Mass Media Laws and Regulations in India

Author : Venkat Iyer
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A book catalouging and explaining Indian laws pertaining to the media. The aim is to generate and disseminate knowledge about communication in Asia, and the way in which it operates and affects individuals and nations.

The Harvard Guide to Careers in Mass Media

Author : John H. Noble
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Discusses the different areas of the communications field, the careers available in each one, and the education and training required to qualify

Mass Media Towards the Millennium

Author : Arrie De Beer
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Although there are numerous publications on mass communication available, this one deals, in one volume, with all the basic elements and some of the major issues of mass communication pertaining to the new South Africa.

Media Decisions

Author :
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Marketing Media Decisions

Author :
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