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An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Author : Robin W. Lovin
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A few years ago, the first distinction that ethicists drew was the line between Christian ethics and philosophical ethics. However, in our global context, Christian ethicists must now, in addition, compare and contrast various ethics. Christian ethics has become increasingly multivocal not only because of a plurality of faiths but also because of a plurality of Christianities. In light of these new realities, this book will introduce Christian ethics. It will lay out history, methods, and basic principles every student must know. The author also will include case studies for further explanation and application.

An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Author : Roger H Crooks
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This book is a college-level introductory textbook in Christian ethics. It introduces the field of ethics and a variety of approaches to its study. The book is written for college students and is designed to help them develop a method of dealing with the thorny moral issues.

The Moral Disciple

Author : Kent A. Van Til
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The ability to judge good from bad, right from wrong, is a uniquely human characteristic. However, given the complexity of life, it is often difficult to discern which choice to make, where our responsibilities lie, or what the consequences of an action (or of a nonaction) will be. In The Moral Disciple Kent Van Til surveys the skills and dispositions that we need to address moral issues responsibly. This basic introduction to Christian ethics the systematic evaluation of morality highlights the centrality of Christ and the Christian faith in moral formation, and it offers an ethical framework to guide Christians as they engage a host of moral dilemmas, including those surrounding wealth, sexuality, and the end of life. Using easy-to-read prose and defining terms carefully, Van Til provides an accessible introduction to this crucial and practical subject.

Readings in Christian Ethics

Author : J. Philip Wogaman
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Contains 70 readings from the Fathers to Bernard Haring from Catholic and Protestant traditions.

Introducing Christian Ethics

Author : Samuel Wells
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This comprehensive textbook redefines the field of Christian Ethics, highlighting distinctions between ethical approaches, and offering thoughtful insights into the complex moral challenges facing people today. Redefines the field of Christian ethics along three strands: universal (ethics for anyone), subversive (ethics for the excluded), and ecclesial (ethics for the church) Offers students substantially more than many texts, most of which focus solely on issues, approaches, or key figures in Christian ethics; this books covers all ...

Christian Ethics

Author : J. Philip Wogaman
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Reviews the history of Christian thought about ethics, and discusses its views concerning politics, economics, and culture

Christian Ethics

Author : Bernard Hoose
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This book is about the state of moral theology today. It is written by an international team of academics, among them some of the best-known Christian ethicists in the English-speaking world. It is scholarly and authoritative, and it is unique in that it brings together in one volume, for the first time, all the main themes in fundamental and applied moral theology.

An Introduction to Christian Ethics

Author : Roger H. Crook
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Helping readers look at moral issues seriously, intelligently, and from a Christian perspective, this comprehensive and thought-provoking introduction to the study of Christian ethics emphasizes the use of scripture, tradition, and the Christian community as resources to help formulate a personal approach in ethical living as it describes a variety of contemporary approaches to the consideration of ethical issues; discusses the author's own methods for making ethical decisions; and explores some of the critical issues of our day. Acquaints readers with both the field of ethics in general and varieties of Christian ethical systems in particular, and assists them in the formulation of an approach that they will find valid for themselves. Combines theological, philosophical, historical, and sociological perspectives in examining moral issues. Considers sources of guidance, biblical ethics, faith working through love, Christian ethics and such contemporary issues as human sexuality, marriage relationships, issues in biomedical ethics, and the status of women. Discusses citizenship in a democracy, punishment for crime, war and the quest for peace, ecology and our moral responsibility, and much more. Offers new discussions on the ethics of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and the moral implications of cloning. For readers interested in ethics, religion and/or philosophy.

Fundamental Christian Ethics

Author : Daniel Heimbach
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In Fundamental Christian Ethics, Daniel R. Heimbach offers clarity and hope for ethically navigating a pluralistic culture. Heimbach engages with diverse ethical issues such as abortion, sexuality, religious liberty, and racism from biblical, theological, historical, and philosophical angles. He delivers a comprehensive textbook for scholars, teachers, pastors, and laypersons to understand God’s ethical reality and to cultivate virtuous character in the people of God.

Introduction to Christian Ethics

Author : Friedrich Schleiermacher
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Friedrich Schleiermacher is commonly regarded as the father of modern liberal theology and the dominant Protestant theologian between the time of John Calvin and that of Karl Barth. Yet until now his comprehensive views on Christian ethics have never been published. Introduction to Christian Ethics makes available for the first time Schleiermacher's most definitive and fully realized views on this topic. Although he was a singularly prolific writer (he left behind him a collection of books, lectures, sermons, and letters that fill thirty volumes), Schleiermacher never himself prepared a manuscript on Christian Ethics for publication. Two previously published editions were based on lecture notes and student transcriptions. Introduction to Christian Ethics is taken from the edition that utilizes the lectures of 1826 and 1827, the lectures that Schleiermacher himself felt most adequately reflected his views on the subject.