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Author : Bruce Hayes
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Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory is a textbook, written for introductory courses in linguistic theory for undergraduate linguistics majors and first-year graduate students, by twelve major figures in the field, each bringing their expertise to one of the core areas of the field - morphology, syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology, and language acquisition. In each section the book is concerned with discussing the underlying principles common to all languages, showing how these are revealed in language acquisition and in the specific grammars of the world's languages.

Introduction to English Linguistics

Author : Ingo Plag
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This successful textbook introduces beginning university students of English to the study of English linguistics. Now updated and expanded, the second edition features a more detailed discussion of the differences between British and North American English, and explains the differences in the two traditions of phonetic transcription. The major difference between this book and its potential competitors lies in its hands-on didactic orientation, with a strong focus on linguistic analysis and argumentation. Language and linguistic theory are approached from a strictly empirical perspective: given a certain set of data to be accounted for, theoretical and methodological problems must be solved in order to analyze and understand the data properly. The book is not written in the perspective of a particular theoretical framework and draws on insights from various research traditions. Introduction to English Linguistics concentrates on gaining expertise and analytical skills in the traditional core areas of linguistics, i.e. phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. The final chapter on "Extensions and applications" widens the perspective to other areas of linguistic research, such as historical, socio- and psycholinguistics. Each chapter is accompanied by exercises and suggestions for further reading. A glossary and an index facilitate access to terms and topics.

Linguistics seventh edition

Author : Adrian Akmajian
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The latest edition of a popular introductory linguistics text, now including a section on computational linguistics, new non-English examples, quizzes for each chapter, and additional special topics. This popular introductory linguistics text is unique for its integration of themes. Rather than treat morphology, phonetics, phonology, syntax, and semantics as completely separate fields, the book shows how they interact. The authors provide a sound introduction to linguistic methodology, focusing on a set of linguistic concepts that are among the most fundamental within the field. By studying the topics in detail, students can get a feeling for how work in different areas of linguistics is done. As in the last edition, part I covers the structural and interpretive parts of language—morphology, phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, variation, and change. Part II covers use and context of language and includes chapters on pragmatics, psychology of language, language acquisition, and language and the brain. This seventh edition has been extensively revised and updated; new material includes a chapter on computational linguistics (available in digital form and updated regularly to reflect the latest research in a rapidly developing field), more non-English examples, and a wide range of exercises, quizzes, and special topics. The seventh edition of Linguistics includes access to a new, web-based eCourse and enhanced eTextbook. The content from the former print supplement A Linguistics Workbook is now available in this online eCourse as interactive exercises. The eCourse is available via the Rent eTextbook link at, and may be used on its own for self-study or integrated with instructor-led learning management systems. The eCourse is a comprehensive, web-based eLearning solution. There is nothing to download or install; it is accessible through any modern web browser and most mobile devices. It features a singular new tool for building syntax trees, an IPA keyboard, a combination of auto-graded and essay questions, and classroom management tools. The enhanced eTextbook includes videos and flashcards and allows bookmarking, note-taking, highlighting, and annotation sharing. Access to the eCourse is free with the purchase of a new textbook or e-book. New print copies of this book include a card affixed to the inside back cover with a unique access code for the eTextbook. If you purchased an e-book, you may obtain a unique access code by emailing [email protected] or calling 617-253-2889 or 800-207-8354 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada). If you have a used copy of this book, you may purchase a digitally delivered access code separately via the Rent eTextbook link at

Introduction to Linguistics

Author : Ronald Wardhaugh
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This compact and engagingly elegant text, now in its Second Edition, continues to provide a succinct introduction to Linguistics. The aim of the book is to introduce basic concepts in Linguistics, and to familiarize the students with the fundamentals of modern Linguistics in a clear and simple manner. Each chapter is expository as well as explanatory with examples. Most of the examples in grammar and semantics are based on the structure of the English Language, but the principles of language study discussed in the text are applicable to any language in general. Divided into three sections, Section I: The Study of Language; Section II: The Study of Grammar; and Section III: The Study of Semantics, each chapter, besides detailing with the concepts, contains Summary and Comprehensive Questions for better understanding of the subject and enhancing comprehension skills. WHAT’S NEW TO THIS EDITION  An exclusive chapter on the Study of Language Variation (Chapter 5) with important terms such as Dialect, Accent and Stylistics.  More examples given in the grammar section.  Devotes an entire chapter to a new topic—Supra-sentential Grammar — a must for Linguistics study today. Students of Linguistics and postgraduate students of English pursuing courses in Linguistics should find this text highly useful and a handy companion for their study

A Concise Introduction to Linguistics

Author : Bruce M. Rowe
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Provides a linguistic foundation for students of all majors Assisted by numerous pedagogical aids, A Concise Introduction to Linguistics, 4/e explains all concepts in a systematic way making complex linguistic topics as easy to learn as possible. This introductory title covers the core topics of linguistics, providing the information and concepts that will allow students to understand more detailed and advanced treatments of linguistics. This student-friendly and well-balanced overview of the field of introductory linguistics pays special attention to linguistic anthropology and reveals the main contributions of linguistics to the study of human communication and how issues of culture are relevant. Its workbook format contains well-constructed exercises in every chapter that allow students to practice key concepts.

An Introduction to Linguistics

Author : L. Ben Crane
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Linguistics An Introduction

Author : William McGregor
File Size : 70.45 MB
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A fresh and contemporary introductory textbook for all students of linguistics and language studies. >

Englische Pragmatik

Author : Wolfram Bublitz
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Language and Linguistics

Author : John Lyons
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A 1981 introduction to linguistics and the study of language, for beginning students and readers with no previous knowledge or training in the subject.