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Introduction to Robotics in CIM Systems

Author : James A. Rehg
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Written from a manufacturing perspective, this book takes readers step-by-step through the theory and application techniques of designing and building a robot-driven automated work cell—from selection of hardware through programming of the devices to economic justification of the project. All-inclusive in approach, it covers not only robot automation, but all the other technology needed in the automated work cell to integrate the robot with the work environment and with the enterprise data base. Robot and other required automation hardware and software are introduced in the order in which they would be selected in an actual industrial automation design. Includes system troubleshooting guides, case studies problems, and worked example problems. Robot Classification. Automated Work Cells and CIM Systems. End-of-Arm Tooling. Automation Sensors. Work-Cell Support Systems. Robot and System Integration. Work-Cell Programming. Justification and Applications of Work Cells. Safety. Human Interface: Operator Training, Acceptance, and Problems. For those interested in Robotics and Manufacturing Automation or Production Design.

CAD CAM Theory and Concept

Author : Sareen Kuldeep & Grewal Chandandeep
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Introduction | Computer Hardware And Software| Computer Graphics | Geometric Modeling | Theory Of Geometric Modeling | Geometric Transformations | Visual Realism| Introduction To Nc, Cnc And Dnc | Cnc Tooling And Machine Tools | Cnc Part Programming | Group Technology | Flexible Manufacturing Systems| Computer Aided Process Planning | Automated Material Handling| Computer Integrated Manufacturing | Glossary Of Key Terms |Reference | Index


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Primarily intended as a textbook for the undergraduate students of aeronautical, automobile, civil, industrial, mechanical, mechatronics and production, it provides a comprehensive coverage of all the technical aspects related to CAD/CAM. Organized in 26 chapters, the textbook covers interactive computer graphics, CAD, finite element analysis, numerical control, computer numerical control, manual part programming, computer-aided part programming, direct numerical control, adaptive control systems, group technology, computer-aided process planning, computer-aided planning of resources for manufacturing, computer-aided quality control, industrial robots, flexible manufacturing systems, cellular manufacturing, lean manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing. Each chapter begins with objectives and ends with descriptive and multiple-choice questions. Besides students, this book would be of immense value to practicing engineers and professionals who are interested in the CAD/CAM technology and its applications to design and manufacturing. KEY FEATURES : Many innovative illustrations Case studies Question bank at the end of each chapter Good number of worked out examples Extensive and carefully selected references

Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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The Civil Engineering Handbook

Author : W.F. Chen
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First published in 1995, the award-winning Civil Engineering Handbook soon became known as the field's definitive reference. To retain its standing as a complete, authoritative resource, the editors have incorporated into this edition the many changes in techniques, tools, and materials that over the last seven years have found their way into civil engineering research and practice. The Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition is more comprehensive than ever. You'll find new, updated, and expanded coverage in every section. In fact, more than 1/3 of the handbook is new or substantially revised. In particular you'll find increased focus on computing reflecting the rapid advances in computer technology that has revolutionized many aspects of civil engineering. You'll use it as a survey of the field, you'll use it to explore a particular subject, but most of all you'll use The Civil Engineering Handbook to answer the problems, questions, and conundrums you encounter in practice.

Books in Print Supplement

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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Object oriented Software for Manufacturing Systems

Author : S. Adiga
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I must confess that I stumbled upon the object-oriented (00) world view during my explorations into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) in search of a new solution to the problem of building computer-integrated manufacturing systems (CIM). In 00 computing, I found the constructs to model the manufacturing enterprise in terms of information, a resource that is common to all activities in an organization. It offered a level of modularity, and the coupling/binding neces sary for fostering integration without placing undue restrictions on what the individual applications can do. The implications of 00 computing are more extensive than just being a vehicle for manufacturing applications. Leaders in the field such as Brad Cox see it introducing a paradigm shift that will change our world gradually, but as radically as the Industrial Revolution changed manufacturing. However, it must be borne in mind that simply using an object-oriented language or environment does not, in itself, ensure success in one's applications. It requires a different way of thinking, design discipline, techniques, and tools to exploit what the technology has to offer. In other words, it calls for a paradigm shift (as defined by Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolution, a classic text in the history of science).

Resources in education

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Robot Control 1988 SYROCO 88

Author : Ulrich Rembold
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Containing 88 papers, the emphasis of this volume is on the control of advanced robots. These robots may be self-contained or part of a system. The applications of such robots vary from manufacturing, assembly and material handling to space work and rescue operations. Topics presented at the Symposium included sensors and robot vision systems as well as the planning and control of robot actions. Main topics covered include the design of control systems and their implementation; advanced sensors and multisensor systems; explicit robot programming; implicit (task-orientated) robot programming; interaction between programming and control systems; simulation as a programming aid; AI techniques for advanced robot systems and autonomous robots.