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Dielectric Properties of Ionic Liquids

Author : Marian Paluch
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This book discusses the mechanisms of electric conductivity in various ionic liquid systems (protic, aprotic as well as polymerized ionic liquids). It hence covers the electric properties of ionic liquids and their macromolecular counterpanes, some of the most promising materials for the development of safe electrolytes in modern electrochemical energy devices such as batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells and dye-sensitized solar cells. Chapter contributions by the experts in the field discuss important findings obtained using broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS) and other complementary techniques. The book is an excellent introduction for readers who are new to the field of dielectric properties of ionic conductors, and a helpful guide for every scientist who wants to investigate the interplay between molecular structure and dynamics in ionic conductors by means of dielectric spectroscopy.

Application of Ionic Liquids in Drug Delivery

Author : Masahiro Goto
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This book presents recent advances in the use of ionic liquids in medicine and pharmaceutics with particular emphasis on addressing critical pharmaceutical challenges, including the low solubility, polymorphism, and bioavailability of drugs. It also provides insights into the development of the biologically functionalized ionic liquids suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Ionic liquids have been used as potential solvents or materials in the fields of pharmaceutical drug delivery and formulations because of their unique and tunable physicochemical and biological properties. Readers find explanations of the diverse approaches to the application of ionic liquids in drug solubility, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) formulation, and drug delivery systems, such as topical, transdermal, and oral delivery, with particular emphasis on recent developments. Particular attention is given to the development of ionic liquid-assisted effective drug delivery techniques for sparingly soluble or insoluble drug molecules. This book also discusses the biological activities of ionic liquids for possible applications in drug formulation and drug delivery systems. Scientists in disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and pharmaceutics find this book instructive and informative for developing ionic liquid-based drug formulations or drug delivery systems.

Ionic Liquids

Author : Douglas Inman
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As Chairmen of the Electrochemistry and Molten Salts Discussion Groups of the Chemical Society, it gave us great pleasure to welcome the confer ence Highly Concentrated Aqueous Solutions and Molten Salts, which our Groups cosponsored, at St. John's College, Oxford in July 1978. During the meeting the editors of the present volume, and those giving lectures, came to the conclusion that the verbal presentations deserved to be expanded and to be more widely disseminated in a permanent form. Thus the articles which appear in this volume were commissioned and prepared. A greater exchange of information between aqueous chemists and those concerned with molten salts is to be welcomed and to this end the present volume aims to focus attention on the borderline areas between the two in an attempt to facilitate a wider awareness of the concepts and methods appropriate to the respective specialities. Similarly, and parti cularly in the electrochemical field, a greater exchange of information be tween the academic and industrial practitioners of the subject is desirable. T!1e problems involved are not trivial but when the interactions in these largely (but not wholly) ionic liquids are better understood, this wiii surely be to the benefit of all concerned with solution chemistry. Douglas Inman, Imperial College Chairman, Electrochemistry Group David Kerridge, University of Southampton Chairman, Molten Salts Discussion Group v Preface A number of recent events led to the appearance of this text at this particu lar time.

Ionic Liquids

Author : Barbara Kirchner
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Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids

Author : Hiroyuki Ohno
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The second edition is based on the original book, which has been revised, updated and expanded in order to cover the latest information on this rapidly growing field. The book begins with a description of general and electrochemical properties of ionic liquids and continues with a discussion of applications in biochemistry, ionic devices, functional design and polymeric ionic liquids. The new edition includes new chapters on Li ion Batteries and Actuators, as well as a revision of existing chapters to include a discussion on purification and the effects of impurities, adsorption of ionic liquids on interfaces and on the electrochemical double layer, among other topics.

Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids

Author : Angel A. J. Torriero
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This set of two books dedicated to presenting the latest novel and advanced research from around the world in this exciting area. These books highlight the important properties of electrochemistry in ionic liquids – as opposed to the more commonly used aqueous and organic environments – and the many applications. Readers will find 20 chapters gathered in two books: The first volume critically discusses electrode-electrolyte interfacial processes, reference electrodes, ultramicroelectrode voltammetry and scanning electrochemical microscopy, semi-integral and convolution voltammetry, and small-angle X-ray scattering coupled with voltammetry. The structure and properties of protic ionic liquids, deep-eutectic solvents, task-specific ionic liquids, polymeric ion gels, and lithium-ion solvation, useful for electrochemical application is also critically discussed The second volumes major topics covered in this book include electrodeposition and electroless deposition, voltammetry of adhered microparticles, electrochemistry of organic and organometallic compounds, electrocatalytic reactions, oxygen reduction reaction, ionic liquids in surface protection and lubrication, current industrial application of ionic liquids, and challenges, issues and recycling methods of ionic liquids in industrial developments.

Ionic Liquids in Synthesis

Author : Peter Wasserscheid
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The second, completely revised and enlarged edition of what has become the standard reference work in this fascinating field brings together the latest developments, supplemented by numerous practical tips, providing those working in both research and industry with an indispensable source of information. New contributions have been added, to reflect the fact that industrial processes are already established, and ionic liquids are now commercially available. A must for everyone working in the field.

Ionic Liquids Properties and Applications

Author : Francesca D’Anna
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Sustainability, defined as the way to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future ones to meet their own, is one of the main challenges of modern society. Within this context, chemistry plays a significant role, and solvent nature as well as its environmental impact are pivotal issues frequently addressed. Ionic liquids, i.e. organic salts that have melting temperatures lower than 100 °C, have been frequently hailed as alternatives to conventional organic solvents. Their greenness has been mainly ascribed to their low vapor pressure and flammability. However, in addition to this, their high solubilizing ability and low miscibility with conventional organic solvents frequently allow for reducing the amount used, as well as for their recycling. Ionic liquids, especially the ones featured by aromatic cations, are frequently described as “polymeric supramolecular fluids” constructed through the establishment of feeble but cooperative supramolecular interactions like Coulomb and π-π interactions, as well as hydrogen bonds. In general, ionic liquids are also indicated as “designer solvents” as it is possible to tailor their features to specific applications by simply modifying their cation or anion structure. In this way, small changes in the ion’s structure can give rise to solvents showing very different properties. The above premises widely justify the growing interest in the properties and applications of ionic liquids, seen in recent literature (according to Scopus, more than 27,000 papers published in the last five years have “ionic liquids” as a keyword). Thanks to their properties, they have been variously used as solvent media, solvents for the obtainment of gel phases, components in the building of dye-sensitized solar cells, media for the preparation of thermochromic materials, etc. This Research Topic aims to present how structural features can determine not only the properties of ionic liquids, but also their possible employment. In this latter case, the interest arises from their ability to affect the outcome of a given reaction in terms of rate, yield, and nature of the products obtained for general use in the field of materials chemistry. This article collection is dedicated to Prof. Kenneth R. Seddon for his outstanding contribution to the formation and development of the ionic liquids community.

An Introduction to Ionic Liquids

Author : Michael Freemantle
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This is the first single-author book on ionic liquids and the first introductory book on the topic. It is written in a clear, concise and consistent way. The book provides a useful introduction to ionic liquids for those readers who are not familiar with the topic.

Ionic Liquids

Author : Suojiang Zhang
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This comprehensive database on physical properties of pure ionic liquids (ILs) contains data collected from 269 peer-reviewed papers in the period from 1982 to June 2008. There are more than 9,400 data points on the 29 kinds of physicochemical properties for 1886 available ionic liquids, from which 807 kinds of cations and 185 kinds of anions were extracted. This book includes nearly all known pure ILs and their known physicochemical properties through June 2008. In addition, the authors incorporate the main applications of individual ILs and a large number of references. Nearly 50 tables include typical data, experimental and modelling or simulation comparison, and model parameters, enhancing the application of ILs 100 figures--from QSPR, EOS and gE models to quantum and molecular simulations--help readers understand ILs at molecular level Applications illustrate the role of IL properties in industry, in particular the development of novel clean processes and products