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The Iran Iraq War

Author : Williamson Murray
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A comprehensive account of the Iran-Iraq War through the lens of the Iraqi regime and its senior military commanders.

Iran Iraq Naval War

Author : E. R. Hooton
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Based on first research and extensive use of official documentation from both sides, this is the first-ever inclusive military history of naval warfare between Iran and Iraq.

Iran Iraq Naval War Volume 2

Author : Tom Cooper
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This book describes and illustrates the key combatants and the most intense operations of Iran and Iraq. Destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and fast missile crafts are all covered in thoroughly researched text, photographs and custom-drawn color profiles, as are aircraft and helicopters supporting them.

The Gulf Tanker War

Author : Nadia El-Sayed El-Shazly
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In the 1984 Tanker War, Iraq used its superiority in airpower as an instrument in naval warfare, in a strategy designed to end combat. Iraq hoped to weaken Iran's economy and internationalize the war to force it to cease fighting, or remove the government; negotiations would follow, with Baghdad in a position of strength. Although the Iran-Iraq War was first and foremost a ground war, an argument can be made that the Tanker War contributed to the 1988 ceasefire.

Maritime Strategy and Continental Wars

Author : Rear Admiral K. Raja Menon
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Rear Admiral Raja Menon contends that nations embroiled in Continental wars have historically had poor maritime strategies. He develops the argument that navies that have been involved in such wars have made poor contributions to politial objectives, and outlines future strategies.

On Course to Desert Storm

Author : Michael A. Palmer
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Contributions to Naval History No. 5.. Traces the history of the United States Navy and the Persian Gulf from 1800 to the end of the Iran-Iraq War in 1988.

Modern Aspects Of The Laws Of Naval Warfare And Maritime Neutrality

Author : Politakis
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Iran Iraq War Shipping and Naval Movements in the Shatt Al Arab and Persian Gulf Folder 1

Author :
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Iranian Naval Forces A Tale of Two Navies

Author : Office of Naval Intelligence (U S )
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This updated resource provides a more comprehensive history, including: Iran's Persian imperial past, the spread of Islam, and the Iran-Iraq War The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) emphasizes an asymetric doctrine to ensure national security in the Persian Gulf against regional neighbors and foreign presence. The Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) employs a more conventional doctrine and focuses on forward presence and naval diplomacy. Both navies have considerable equities and are well positioned to influence and leverage the Strait of Hormuz; a vital chokepoint for the flow of resources and international commerce. Illustrated with organizational charts, and photos of key Iranian leaders, including commanders within the Navy Command and Control Leadership, as well as rank insignia graphics, maps, ships, aircrafts, missile images, and more. Check out ourMiddle East resources collection for more resources on this topic. You may also be interested in ourForeign Military History collection Other products produced by theUnited States Navy

The Iran Iraq War

Author : Pierre Razoux
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From 1980 to 1988 Iran and Iraq fought the longest conventional war of the century. It included tragic slaughter of child soldiers, use of chemical weapons, striking of civilian shipping, and destruction of cities. Pierre Razoux offers an unflinching look at a conflict seared into the region’s collective memory but little understood in the West.