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Ireland under austerity

Author : Colin Coulter
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A radical look at the Irish austerity measures and the attempts to prop up business and the banks at the expense of ordinary citizens, left to bear the brunt of conditions they did not cause. Many of these contributors predicted Ireland's rapid cyle of boom and bust, even at the height of the Celtic Tiger boom.

Austerity and Recovery in Ireland

Author : Professor of Industrial Relations and Human Resources William K Roche
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In international commentary and debate on the effects of the Great Recession and austerity, Ireland has been hailed as the poster child for economic recovery and regeneration out of deep economic and fiscal contraction. While the genesis of Ireland's financial, economic and fiscal crisis has been covered in the literature, no systematic analysis has yet been devoted to the period of austerity, to the impact of austerity on institutions and people, or to the roots of economic recovery. In this book a group of Ireland's leading social scientists present a multi-disciplinary analysis of recession and austerity and their effects on economic, business, political and social life. Individual chapters discuss the fiscal and economic policies implemented, the role of international, and, in particular, of EU institutions, and the effects on businesses, consumption, work, the labour market, migration, political and financial institutions, social inequality and cohesion, housing and cultural expression. The book shows that Ireland cannot be viewed uncritically as a poster child for austerity. While fiscal contraction provided a basis for stabilizing the perilous finances of the State, economic recovery was due in the main to the long-established structure of Irish economic and business activity, to the importance of foreign direct investment and the dynamic export sector, and to recovery in the international economy. The restructuring and recovery of the financial system was aided by favourable international developments, including historically low interest rates and quantitative easing. Migration flows, nominal wage stability, the protection of social transfer payments and the involvement of trade unions in severe public sector retrenchment - long-established features of Irish political economy - were of critical importance in the maintenance of social cohesion.

Austerity and the Labor Movement

Author : Michael Schiavone
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An overview and analysis of austerity policies and labor movement resistance in several countries. Austerity policies have become the new norm throughout both the developed and developing world. Indeed, austerity has become the new buzz word in the lexicon of politicians from across the political spectrum. At the same time austerity measures have been met with mass protest, the most famous example of which is the Occupy Movement. In the not-too-distant past it would have been the labor movement at the forefront resisting policies that arguably disproportionally target working people and their families. Throughout the twentieth century it was the labor movement that fought for all working people. However, there is an increasing assumption that the labor movement is unable to adequately defend workers from the onslaught of austerity measures. Austerity and the Labor Movement analyzes whether this assumption is indeed true. Examining the labor movements in the US, UK, Greece, Ireland, and Spain, Michael Schiavone provides a systematic explanation of the appeal of austerity policies in certain circles and why the labor movement in each of these countries has been largely unsuccessful in overturning such policies. He argues that the labor movement needs to make major changes and embrace social movement unionism if it has any hope to stop its decline and have any chance to successfully fight against austerity and neoliberalism more generally.

Higher Education in Austerity Europe

Author : Jon Nixon
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The financial crisis of 2007/2008 prompted governments across Europe to adopt austerity measures aimed at the reduction of their escalating budget deficits. Higher Education in Austerity Europe explores how the resulting cuts in public expenditure - together with the increasing reliance on the privatisation of services - have impacted on higher education directly through the reduction of public sector provision and indirectly as a result of the social and political consequences of that reduction. Moreover, it explores how the effects of these economic policies have differed markedly across the national regions of Europe, with the result that inequality has increased significantly both within and between national regions, and this, in turn, has led to social and political dislocation within and across communities. It is only by viewing higher education within this broader context that we can begin to understand the full implications of the austerity measures introduced over the last ten years. Jon Nixon draws together leading scholars to delve into the complexity of impact and response generated by these measures. Part 1 focuses on cross-European perspectives; Part 2 on the impact of austerity measures within national systems; and Part 3 on new perspectives and possibilities. The volume also includes considered responses from 'outsiders' by academics located in Asia, Australia, and the USA, providing an additional dimension to the analysis. As well as analysing the full impact of austerity measures across some of the worst hit national regions of Europe, the contributors also identifying openings and possibilities for renewal.

Trade Union Influence Under Austerity in Europe 2018 2016

Author : Barry Colfer
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Austerity Ireland

Author : Kieran Allen
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Ireland has been marketed as the poster boy of EU austerity. EU elites and neoliberal commentators claim that the country's ability to suffer economic pain will attract investors and generate a recovery. In Austerity Ireland, Kieran Allen challenges this official narrative and argues that the Irish state's response to the crash has primarily been designed to protect economic privilege. The resulting austerity has been a failure and is likely to produce a decade of hardship. The book offers a deeply informed diagnosis of Ireland's current socio-economic and political malaise, suggesting that a political earthquake is underway which may benefit the left. Austerity Ireland is essential reading for students of Irish politics and economics, as well as those interested in the politics of austerity and the eurozone crisis.

Luxury and Austerity

Author : Colm Lennon
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This collection of essays begins with an examination of the changing theories of luxury and austerity since classical times and other papers apply the theme to the history of Ireland and Britain. These papers were read before the 23rd Irish Conference of Historians in Maynooth, 1997.

Deepening Neoliberalism Austerity and Crisis

Author : Julien Mercille
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This is a book about power. It demonstrates how political and economic elites have used the 2008 crisis as an opportunity to deepen and extend neoliberal ideas and practices. From bank bailouts to austerity, Europe's and Ireland's response to the economic crisis has been engineered specifically to shift the burden of paying for a private sector crisis onto ordinary citizens while investors, financiers, bankers and the privileged are protected. The authors expose the class-based nature of Ireland's crisis resolution under austerity which serves to deepen and extend neoliberalism into every aspect of public policy. As a public policy response to the crisis, this fits with the overarching objective of neoliberalism, which is to redistribute wealth and income upwards thereby enhancing the power of corporate and political elites.

Ireland Under Elizabeth and James the First

Author : Henry Morley
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Negotiating Crisis

Author : Nicholas Kiersey
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Using the Irish financial crisis as a case study, this book explores the power of neoliberalism in forming cultural and subjective responses to contemporary world politics.

The New Ireland Review

Author :
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Ageing Through Austerity

Author : Kieran Walsh
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Demographic ageing is identified as a global challenge with significant social policy implications. This book explores these implications, with a particular focus on the pressures and prospects for ageing societies in the context of austerity. The book presents a carefully crafted study of ageing in Ireland, one of the countries hardest hit by the Eurozone financial crisis. Providing a close, critical analysis of ageing and social policy that draws directly on the perspectives of older people, the text makes significant advances in framing alternatives to austerity-driven government policy and neoliberalism, giving a refreshing interdisciplinary account of contemporary ageing.

The Life of Saint Patrick Apostle of Ireland

Author : Mary Francis Cusack
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Austerity and the Public Role of Drama

Author : Victor Merriman
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This book asks what, if any, public role drama might play under Project Austerity – an intensification phase of contemporary liberal political economy. It investigates the erosion of public life in liberal democracies, and critiques the attention economy of deficit culture, by which austerity erodes life-in-common in favour of narcissistic performances of life-in-public. It argues for a social order committed to human flourishing and deliberative democracy, as a counterweight to the political economy of austerity. It demonstrates, using examples from England, Ireland, Italy, and the USA, that drama and the academy pursue shared humane concerns; the one, a critical art form, the other, a social enabler of critical thought and progressive ideas. A need for dialogue with emergent forms of collective consciousness, new democratic practices and institutions, shapes a manifesto for critical performance, which invites universities and cultural workers to join other social actors in imagining and enabling ethical lives-in-common.

The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland

Author : Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland
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Debating Austerity in Ireland

Author : Niamh Moore-Cherry
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The austerity that followed the recent economic and financial crisis has led to impassioned debates across the social sciences and the public at large. Although Ireland was not its only victim, the depth of the interacting economic, banking, and budgetary crises has meant that the level of public interest has been especially intense. Among the hotly debated questions: What is austerity? Was it necessary? What have been its consequences? One of the defining features of the debate to date has been its tendency to polarize opinion and adopt a one-dimensional perspective. This book challenges the reader to adopt a more nuanced approach to understanding austerity and, by extension, the path to recovery. The book brings together leading national and international experts from across the social sciences to debate this traumatic period in Ireland's economic and social development. The papers were selected from a conference at the Royal Irish Academy, peer-reviewed and rewritten with the addition of a substantial introduction and conclusion by the editors. [Subject: Economics, Austerity, Irish Studies, Politics]

The Big Lie Who Profits From Ireland s Austerity

Author : Gene Kerrigan
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Ireland’s economic collapse hit with bewildering speed and cut deep into many lives. At a time when we most needed leadership, our politicians let us down, telling us we were all to blame for the recession and that we just needed to suffer a little pain to make everything right again. It was a Big Lie. This book offers an alternative view to the official cover story of austerity. It’s about the great majority of us who weren’t gambling with our future. It’s about what’s being done to us, who is doing it and why. It’s also about who benefits from this and who gets it in the neck. And what we might do about that. Gene Kerrigan delves deep into the muddy waters of the boom and crash, the chaos in the banks, the intervention by the troika and the erosion of democracy. He looks at how the Dáil and the media became full of mindless free market cheerleaders, how the country became laden down with unregulated bankers, and how the government acquiesced in imposing a destructive programme of austerity on the Irish people. Meanwhile, the elites in our society wrap the green flag around themselves, calling for sacrifice and patriotism, while they hold on fiercely to every perk and privilege. It’s time to tell the truth.

Books Ireland

Author :
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The EU Financial Crisis Austerity and Expansion

Author : Dominik Kirchdorfer
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Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Western Europe, grade: 2, University of Vienna (Institut für Europäische Integration), course: Political Economy of European Integration, language: English, abstract: In this paper I analyse the recovery plans for Ireland by the EU Commission and the Irish government, as well as the developments of the Irish economy throughout its crisis. I find that both the austerity and growth measures are of vital importance to the country's recovery and as such the same can be said for the rest of the European Union. Ireland is on its way back to a stable economy. The GDP, inflation and the current account are rising, but the country still faces challenges with unemployment and an ever increasing pile of debt. Greece and other countries affected by the crisis and now under the Troika programme, should take Ireland as an example, but the EU will have to do its part to help these countries with their growth programmes, instead of persisting on strict austerity measures alone.


Author : REV. AUG. J. THEBAUD, S.J.
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