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Is Everyone Really Equal

Author : Ozlem Sensoy
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This is the new edition of the award-winning guide to social justice education. Accessible to students from high school through graduate school, this comprehensive resource includes many new features such as discussion of contemporary activism. The text includes many user-friendly features, examples, and vignettes to not just define but illustrate key concepts.

Is Everyone Really Equal

Author :
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Why Take Media Seriously

Author : Özlem Sensoy
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Why should we take media seriously? Research tells us that popular culture and media messages play a critical role in the knowledge we have about the world and the people and issues in it. This much-needed book will help students and teachers make sense of today's complex media environment. Each chapter examines a key concept for decoding media messages (such as representation, discourse, and corporatization) and offers detailed examples and activities to guide readers in developing their own analysis. Why Take Media Seriously? provides both a conceptual foundation for critical media literacy as well as practical guidance for engaging in this approach. Book Features: An accessible introduction to key concepts for developing critical media literacy, including recognizable examples and clear explanations. A focus on guiding students in developing their own skill-set for critical analysis of media messages. Pedagogical supports for those new to teaching and studying critical media literacy. A user-friendly text with "take away" boxes, "three key ideas" for each chapter, "vocabulary check" boxes for practicing key terms, and "look-outs" to help readers spot common media patterns.

Fault Lines

Author : Voddie T. Baucham
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"In this powerful book, Voddie Baucham, a preacher, professor, and cultural apologist, explains the sinister worldview behind the social justice movement and Critical Race Theory--revealing how it already has infiltrated some seminaries, leading to internal denominational conflict, canceled careers, and lost livelihoods. Like a fault line, it threatens American culture in general--and the evangelical church in particular."--From publisher's description.

Integrating Social Justice Education in Teacher Preparation Programs

Author : Clausen, Courtney K.
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Due to the increasingly diverse populations found in Pre-K-12 education, it is imperative that teacher educators prepare preservice teachers to meet the shifting needs of changing student populations. Through the integration of social justice education, teacher educators can challenge the mainstream curriculum with a lens of equity and collaborative equality. Handbook of Research on Integrating Social Justice Education in Teacher Preparation Programs is a critical research book that explores the preparation and teaching methods of educators for including social justice curriculum. Highlighting a wide range of topics such as ethics, language-based learning, and feminism, this book is ideal for academicians, curriculum designers, social scientists, teacher educators, researchers, and students.

Woke Religion Unmasking the False Gospel of Social Justice

Author : Wes Carpenter
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In today’s society, many, including Christians, want to be “woke.” But has woke become simply another religion, another ploy of Satan’s to shred the fabric of Christianity? As woke critical theory seeps through the teachings of the Church, many Christians are being misled by their own spiritual leaders to take part in the newest attempt for their souls. In Woke Religion: Unmasking the False Gospel of Social Justice, Wes Carpenter unashamedly addresses these heretical teachings, calling on those in spiritual authority to deny woke philosophies and cling to the teachings of Scripture. Follow Wes as he takes the reader from the stirrings of woke critical theory in Church history to the teachings that are pervading the Church today.

White Christian Privilege

Author : Khyati Y. Joshi
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Exposes the invisible ways in which white Christian privilege disadvantages racial and religious minorities in America The United States is recognized as the most religiously diverse country in the world, and yet its laws and customs, which many have come to see as normal features of American life, actually keep the Constitutional ideal of “religious freedom for all” from becoming a reality. Christian beliefs, norms, and practices infuse our society; they are embedded in our institutions, creating the structures and expectations that define the idea of “Americanness.” Religious minorities still struggle for recognition and for the opportunity to be treated as fully and equally legitimate members of American society. From the courtroom to the classroom, their scriptures and practices are viewed with suspicion, and bias embedded in centuries of Supreme Court rulings create structural disadvantages that endure today. In White Christian Privilege, Khyati Y. Joshi traces Christianity’s influence on the American experiment from before the founding of the Republic to the social movements of today. Mapping the way through centuries of slavery, westward expansion, immigration, and citizenship laws, she also reveals the ways Christian privilege in the United States has always been entangled with notions of White supremacy. Through the voices of Christians and religious minorities, Joshi explores how Christian privilege and White racial norms affect the lives of all Americans, often in subtle ways that society overlooks. By shining a light on the inequalities these privileges create, Joshi points the way forward, urging readers to help remake America as a diverse democracy with a commitment to true religious freedom.

Sexual Orientation Equality in Schools

Author : Matthew Holt
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Teaching What Really Happened

Author : James W. Loewen
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James Loewen has revised Teaching What Really Happened, the bestselling, go-to resource for social studies and history teachers wishing to break away from standard textbook retelling of the past. In addition to updating the scholarship and anecdotes throughout, the second edition features a timely new chapter entitled "Truth" that addresses how traditional and social media can distort current events and historical record. Helping students understand what really happened in the past will empower them to use history as a tool to argue for better policies in the present. Our society needs engaged citizens now more than ever, and this book offers teachers concrete ideas for getting students excited about history while also teaching them to read critically. It will specifically help teachers and students tackle important content areas, including Eurocentrism, the American Indian experience, and slavery. Book Features: an up-to-date assessment of the potential and pitfalls of U.S. and world history education; information to help teachers expect, and get good performance from students of all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds; strateiges for incorporating project-oriented self-learning, having students conduct online historical reserch, and teaching historiography; ideas from teachers across the country.

The Wiley International Handbook of Service Learning for Social Justice

Author : Darren E. Lund
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A comprehensive guide to service-learning for social justice written by an international panel of experts The Wiley International Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice offers a review of recent trends in social justice that have been, until recently, marginalized in the field of service-learning. The authors offer a guide for establishing and nurturing social justice in a variety of service-learning programs, and show that incorporating the principles of social justice in service-learning can empower communities to resist and disrupt oppressive power structures, and work for solidarity with host and partner communities. With contributions from an international panel of experts, the Handbook contains a critique of the field’s roots in charity; a review of the problematization of Whitenormativity, paired with the bolstering of diverse voices and perspectives; and information on the embrace of emotional elements including tension, ambiguity, and discomfort. This important resource: Considers the role of the community in service-learning and other community‑engaged models of education and practice Explores the necessity of disruption and dissonance in service-learning Discusses a number of targeted issues that often arise in service-learning contexts Offers a practical guide to establishing and nurturing social justice at the heart of an international service-learning program Written for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, scholars, and educators, The Wiley International Handbook of Service-Learning for Social Justice highlights social justice as a conflict‑ridden struggle against inequality, xenophobia, and oppression, and offers practical suggestions for incorporating service-learning programs in various arenas.

Shifting to Online Learning Through Faculty Collaborative Support

Author : Crawford, Caroline M.
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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools had to suddenly shift from traditional face-to-face courses to blended, synchronous, and asynchronous instructional environments. The impact upon the immediacy of remote learning was overwhelming to many faculty, instructional facilitators, teachers, and trainers. Many faculty and trainers have experience with the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of online and blended learning environments, while many faculty and trainers also do not have this knowledge nor experience. As such, the collegial workspace has developed into a collaborative work environment wherein the faculty are helping faculty, partially because the instructional designer staff and learning advisors are overwhelmed with the number of course projects that must be moved from traditional face-to-face course environments into an online environment within a short period of time. The faculty are helping each other make this move, offering course design and development support and also instructional tips and tricks that will support successful blended and online experiences that enhance learning outcomes. Shifting to Online Learning Through Faculty Collaborative Support focuses on supporting and enhancing blended and distance learning course design and development, successful tips for course design and teaching, techniques for online learning, and embracing collegial mentorship and facilitative support for course and faculty success. This book highlights the strength of collegial bonds while discussing tools, methods, procedural efforts, styles of engagement, learning theories, assessment efforts, and even social learning engagement implementations in online learning. It provides information and lessons and embraces a long-term approach towards understanding institutional impact and collegial support. This book is valuable for school administrators, teachers, course designers, instructional designers, school faculty, business and administrative leadership, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in how faculty collaborative support is playing a critical role in improving and developing successful online learning.

Devising Critically Engaged Theatre with Youth

Author : Megan Alrutz
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Devising Critically Engaged Theatre with Youth: The Performing Justice Project offers accessible frameworks for devising original theatre, developing critical understandings of racial and gender justice, and supporting youth to imagine, create, and perform possibilities for a more just and equitable society. Working at the intersections of theory and practice, Alrutz and Hoare present their innovative model for devising critically engaged theatre with novice performers. Sharing why and how the Performing Justice Project (PJP) opens dialogue around challenging and necessary topics already facing young people, the authors bring together critical information about racial and gender justice with new and revised practices from applied theatre, storytelling, theatre, and education for social change. Their curated collection of PJP "performance actions" offers embodied and reflective approaches for building ensemble, devising and performing stories, and exploring and analyzing individual and systemic oppression. This work begins to confront oppressive narratives and disrupt patriarchal systems—including white supremacy, racism, sexism, and homophobia. Devising Critically Engaged Theatre with Youth invites artists, teaching artists, educators, and youth-workers to collaborate bravely with young people to imagine and enact racial and gender justice in their lives and communities. Drawing on examples from PJP residencies in juvenile justice settings, high schools, foster care facilities, and community-based organizations, this book offers flexible and responsive ways for considering experiences of racism and sexism and performing visions of justice. Visit for additional information and documentation of PJP performances with youth.

Reinventing Racism

Author : Jonathan D. Church
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The theory of white fragility is one of the most influential ideas to emerge in recent years on the topics of race, racism, and racial inequality. White fragility is defined as an unwillingness on the part of white people to engage in the difficult conversations necessary to address racial inequality. This “fragility” allegedly undermines the fight against racial inequality. Despite its wide acclaim and rapid acceptance, the theory of white fragility has received no serious and sustained scrutiny. This book argues that the theory is flawed on numerous fronts. The theory functions as a divisive rhetorical device to shut down debate. It relies on the flawed premise of implicit bias. It posits a faulty way of understanding racism. It has serious methodological problems. It conflates objectivity and neutrality. It exploits narrative at the expense of facts. It distorts many of the ideas upon which the theory relies. This book also offers a more constructive way to think about Whiteness, white privilege, and “white fragility,” pointing us to a more promising vision for addressing racial inequality.

We Must Say No to the Status Quo

Author : Veronica McDermott
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It takes more than good intentions to make meaningful change The “spirit slashing” of injustice: that is how McDermott describes the psychic toll that marginalized students face every day. So how can you make a difference? McDermott gives you the tools to become a powerful ally, showing you how to: Better understand injustice so you can pierce the fog of privilege and embrace ally-hood Fill the gap between your desire to eliminate injustice and the attitudes and skills required to be effective Leverage your natural strengths, including your disposition, educational training, and professional position Challenge the structural barriers, practices, and beliefs that diminish opportunities for many students

Growing Musicians

Author : Bridget Sweet
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Growing Musicians: Teaching Music in Middle School and Beyond focuses on teaching adolescents within the context of a music classroom, regardless of content area (orchestra, band, choir, or general music). It provides a look at the importance of music courses in the lives of adolescents as they navigate the path between being a child and an adult. As every music student is completely unique, there is no one-size-fits-all prescriptive way of working with this age group. Rather, music educators must approach adolescents with high musical standards and aspirations to learn and achieve within music; a willingness to honor the individuality of each adolescent musician; a sense of structure, but an ability to be flexible; a desire to foster and promote a safe classroom environment where students feel empowered to be themselves and speak openly about what they think and believe; an understanding that music classes are not only safe places where students learn how to become better musicians but also better people through musical experiences focused on humanity and empathy; and a dose of humor, or at least the ability to acknowledge that adolescents are extremely funny whether or not they realize it. In addition, this book encourages pre-service and practicing music educators to mindfully examine and better understand their own teaching practices.

Mentoring Students of Color

Author :
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Mentoring Students of Color explores the ways in which race plays a critical role in mentoring youth of color and provides mentors, practitioners and researchers a critical lense for understanding the ways in which cross-racial mentoring impact youth.

Summary Analysis of White Fragility

Author : ZIP Reads
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: In this thought-provoking and incisive book, Robin DiAngelo tackles the issue of racism in America by challenging white supremacy. She asks white people to examine their culture and socialization in order to understand and disrupt racism as a system and structure. What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? Synopsis of the original bookChapter-by-Chapter SummariesKey Takeaways from each chapterHow racism is pervasive in American societyHow to identify common, yet subtle racist behaviorsAdvice to help fight systemic racism on a personal levelEditorial ReviewBackground on the author About the Original Book: In White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, Robin DiAngelo explains how white people misunderstand the concept of racism and therefore, refuse to talk about it openly. She uses her experience as a diversity trainer to explain how America is inherently racist and that all white people must be courageous enough to see their complicity in the racist system. White Fragility digs deep into white culture and history to reveal some hidden facets of white society that many wouldn't openly expose. DiAngelo's goal is to show white people how racism works at an individual level so that they can understand just how damaging it is to society as a whole--and hopefully, so they can fix it. DISCLAIMER: This book is intended as a companion to, not a replacement for, White Fragility. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. Please follow this link: purchase a copy of the original book. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Social Policy and Social Change

Author : Jillian Jimenez
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The Second Edition of Social Policy and Social Change is a timely examination of the field, unique in its inclusion of both a historical analysis of problems and policy and an exploration of how capitalism and the market economy have contributed to them. The New Edition of this seminal text examines issues of discrimination, health care, housing, income, and child welfare and considers the policies that strive to improve them. With a focus on how domestic social policies can be transformed to promote social justice for all groups, Jimenez et al. consider the impact of globalization in the United States while addressing developing concerns now emerging in the global village.

Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth

Author : Thaddeus J. Williams
File Size : 38.25 MB
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God does not suggest, he commands that we do justice. Social justice is not optional for the Christian. All injustice affects others, so talking about justice that isn't social is like talking about water that isn't wet or a square with no right angles. But the Bible's call to seek justice is not a call to superficial, kneejerk activism. We are not merely commanded to execute justice, but to "truly execute justice." The God who commands us to seek justice is the same God who commands us to "test everything" and "hold fast to what is good." Drawing from a diverse range of theologians, sociologists, artists, and activists, Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth, by Thaddeus Williams, makes the case that we must be discerning if we are to "truly execute justice" as Scripture commands. Not everything called "social justice" today is compatible with a biblical vision of a better world. The Bible offers hopeful and distinctive answers to deep questions of worship, community, salvation, and knowledge that ought to mark a uniquely Christian pursuit of justice. Topics addressed include: Racism Sexuality Socialism Culture War Abortion Tribalism Critical Theory Identity Politics Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth also brings in unique voices to talk about their experiences with these various social justice issues, including: Michelle-Lee Barnwall Suresh Budhaprithi Eddie Byun Freddie Cardoza Becket Cook Bella Danusiar Monique Duson Ojo Okeye Edwin Ramirez Samuel Sey Neil Shenvi Walt Sobchak In Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth, Thaddeus Williams transcends our religious and political tribalism and challenges readers to discover what the Bible and the example of Jesus have to teach us about justice. He presents a compelling vision of justice for all God's image-bearers that offers hopeful answers to life's biggest questions.

Critical Perspectives on Social Justice

Author : Jennifer Peters
File Size : 90.63 MB
Format : PDF
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In order for citizens to have true equality, they must be able to have equal access to social, political, and economic rights and opportunities. But what does that mean for students today? Readers will explore what social justice means in modern society and will be challenged to look at the areas in their own lives where they see a need for social justice through essays, reports, and discussions on equality, privilege and opportunity in the twenty-first century.