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Debates on Islam and Knowledge in Malaysia and Egypt

Author : Mona Abaza
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This book is a comparative study of the sociological field in two different Muslim societies: Malaysia and Egypt. It analyses the process of the production of 'knowledge' through the example of the modern 'Islamization of knowledge debate' and local empirical variations.

Islam Source and Purpose of Knowledge

Author :
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In 1977 (1397 A.H.) some of the most committed and concerned Muslim scholars from around the world were invited to attend a major seminar in Switzerland to address the crisis of thought faced by the Muslim Ummah. The seminar reflected a general consensus about the need to reform contemporary Islamic thought and to redefine the intellectual and academic basis for the Islamization of knowledge At the beginning of the new Hijrah century 1981 (1401 A.H.) the International Institute of Islamic Thought was incorporated in the U.S. as an Islamic academic and research Institute committed towards working for the reconstruction of Muslim thought and the Islamization of Knowledge. As one of its first undertakings, the IIIT, in cooperation with the National Hijrah Centenary Celebration Committee and the International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan, sponsored the Second International Conference on the Islamization of Knowledge ín 1982 (1402 A.H.). Held in Pakistan, the conference provided a world-wide forum for Muslim scholars and thinkers to report developments in Islamic thought and exchange ideas. This book focuses upon 17 selected papers presented at this conference by the distinguished scholars. They embrace the critical topics of the "Perspective on Islamization of Knowledge," the "Perspective on the Islamization of Disciplines” and "Islamizing Individual Disciplines."

Understanding Islamic Law

Author : Hisham M. Ramadan
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Ramadan brings together essays to explain the history of Islamic law and its role in the contemporary world.

Living Knowledge in West African Islam

Author : Zachary Valentine Wright
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Living Knowledge in West African Islam examines the actualization of religious identity in the Muslim community of Ibrāhīm Niasse (d. 1975, Senegal). The realization of Islam was achieved through the enduring West African practice of learning in the physical presence of exemplary masters.

Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam Religious Learning between Continuity and Change 2 vols

Author : Sebastian Günther
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Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam: Religious Learning between Continuity and Change offers fascinating new insights into key issues of learning and human development in classical Islam, including their shared characteristics, influence, and interdependence with historical, non-Muslim educational cultures.

Knowledge and Beauty in Classical Islam

Author : Giovanna Lelli
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This volume offers an aesthetic reading of the Muqaddima by Ibn Khaldūn (d. 1406), a text that has been studied up to the present as a work on historiography. It argues that the Muqaddima is also a comprehensive treatise on classical Arab-Islamic culture and provides a picture of classical Arab-Islamic aesthetics in its totality. The theme of the book is the intrinsic connection between beauty and knowledge in the Muqaddima. Whenever Ibn Khaldūn deals with the problem of knowledge and science, he also deals with the problem of sensual beauty as an instrument or an obstacle to attain it. Ibn Khaldūn’s philosophy of history is necessarily also an aesthetics of history. His key-notion of “group feeling”, the physical, ethic and aesthetic virtue of Bedouin societies, is at once the origin of the ascent of centralised States and the cause of their ruin. It represents a tragic contradiction that applies to the history of the Maghreb but then takes a universal value. It reflects a range of other contradictions inherent to the "system" of classical Arab-Islamic aesthetics. These contradictions undermine the aesthetic system of the Muqaddima from within and provide decisive elements for the emergence of modern aesthetics. Offering a comparative approach, the volume is a key resource to scholars and students interested in Arabic and Islamic studies, philosophy, aesthetics and global history.

Philosophising in Mombasa Knowledge Islam and Intellectual Practice on the Swahili Coast

Author : Kai Kresse
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Philosophising in Mombasa provides an approach to the anthropological study of philosophical discourses in the Swahili context of Mombasa, Kenya. In this historically established Muslim environment, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, philosophy is investigated as social discourse and intellectual practice, situated in everyday life. This is done from the perspective of an 'anthropology of philosophy', a project which is spelled out in the opening chapter. Entry-points and guidelines for the ethnography are provided by discussions of Swahili literary genres, life histories, and social debates. From here, local discourses of knowledge are described and analysed. The social environment and discursive dynamics of the Old Town are portrayed, firstly, by means of following and contextualising informal discussions among neighbours and friends at daily meeting points in the streets; and secondly, by presenting and discussing in-depth case studies of local intellectuals and their contributions to moral and intellectual debates within the community. Taking recurrent internal discussions on social affairs, politics, and appropriate Islamic conduct as a focus, this study sheds light on local practices of critique and reflection. In particular, three local intellectuals (two poets, one Islamic scholar) are portrayed against the background of regional intellectual history, Islamic scholarship, as well as common public debates and private discussions. The three contextual portrayals discuss exemplary issues for the wider field of research on philosophical discourse in Mombasa and the Swahili context on the whole, with reference to the lives and projects of distinct individual thinkers. Ultimately, the study directs attention beyond the regional and the African contexts, towards the anthropological study of knowledge and intellectual practice around the world.

Producing Islamic Knowledge

Author : Martin van Bruinessen
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How do Muslims in Europe acquire discursive and practical knowledge of Islam? How are conceptions of Islamic beliefs, values and practices transmitted and how do they change? Who are the authorities on these issues that Muslims listen to? How do new Muslim discourses emerge in response to the European context? This book addresses the broader question of how Islamic knowledge (defined as what Muslims hold to be correct Islamic beliefs and practices) is being produced and reproduced in West European contexts by looking at specific settings, institutions and religious authorities. Chapters examine in depth four key areas relating to the production and reproduction of Islamic knowledge: authoritative answers in response to explicit questions in the form of fatwas. the mosque and mosque association as the setting of much formal and informal transmission of Islamic knowledge. the role of Muslim intellectuals in articulating alternative Muslim discourses. higher Islamic education in Europe and the training of imams and other religious functionaries. Featuring contributions from leading sociologists and anthropologists, the book presents the findings of empirical research in these issues from a range of European countries such as France, Italy, the Netherlands and Great Britain. As such it has a broad appeal, and will be of great interest to students and scholars of Islamic studies, anthropology, sociology and religion.

Women and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Islam

Author : Asma Sayeed
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Asma Sayeed's book explores the history of women as religious scholars from the first decades of Islam through the early Ottoman period. Focusing on women's engagement with hadīth, this book analyzes dramatic chronological patterns in women's hadīth participation in terms of developments in Muslim social, intellectual and legal history. It challenges two opposing views: that Muslim women have been historically marginalized in religious education, and alternately that they have been consistently empowered thanks to early role models such as 'Ā'isha bint Abī Bakr, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. This book is a must-read for those interested in the history of Muslim women as well as in debates about their rights in the modern world. The intersections of this history with topics in Muslim education, the development of Sunnī orthodoxies, Islamic law and hadīth studies make this work an important contribution to Muslim social and intellectual history of the early and classical eras.

The Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam

Author : Omid Safi
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The eleventh and twelfth centuries comprised a period of great significance in Islamic history. The Great Saljuqs, a Turkish-speaking tribe hailing from central Asia, ruled the eastern half of the Islamic world for a great portion of that time. In a far-r

Inspired Knowledge in Islamic Thought

Author : Alexander Treiger
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It has been customary to see the Muslim theologian Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (d. 1111) as a vehement critic of philosophy, who rejected it in favour of Islamic mysticism (Sufism), a view which has come under increased scrutiny in recent years. This book argues that al-Ghazali was, instead, one of the greatest popularisers of philosophy in medieval Islam. The author supplies new evidence showing that al-Ghazali was indebted to philosophy in his theory of mystical cognition and his eschatology, and that, moreover, in these two areas he accepted even those philosophical teachings which he ostensibly criticized. Through careful translation into English and detailed discussion of more than 80 key passages (with many more surveyed throughout the book), the author shows how al-Ghazali’s understanding of "mystical cognition" is patterned after the philosophyof Avicenna (d. 1037). Arguing that despite overt criticism, al-Ghazali never rejected Avicennian philosophy and that his mysticism itself is grounded in Avicenna’s teachings, the book offers a clear and systematic presentation of al-Ghazali’s "philosophical mysticism." Challenging popular assumptions about one of the greatest Muslim theologians of all time, this is an important reference for scholars and laymen interested in Islamic theology and in the relations between philosophy and mysticism.

Islamic Philosophy

Author : Oliver Leaman
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"Ever since the growth of Islam as a religious and political movement, Muslim thinkers have sought to understand the theoretical aspects of their faith by using philosophical concepts. Leaman outlines this history and demonstrates that, although the development of Islamic philosophy is closely linked with Islam itself, its form is not essentially connected to any particular religion, and its leading ideas and arguments are of general philosophical significance. The author illustrates the importance of Islamic thought within philosophy through the use of many modern examples. He describes and contrasts the three main movements in Islamic philosophy - Peripatetic, Sufi and Illuminationist - and examines the Persian as well as the Arabic traditions. Wide coverage is given to key aspects of Islamic philosophy, including epistemology, ontology, politics, ethics and philosophy of language, providing readers with a balanced view of the discipline. The second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout, including the addition of two new chapters on recent debates surrounding Islam's need for an enlightenment, and on the future of Islamic philosophy."--pub. desc.

The Theory of Knowledge

Author : Murtaza Mutahhari
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Translation of a Persian book "MASALEHE SHENAKHT" The book authored in a rebuttal to a manifesto issued in the seventies by young Muslim activists who were deeply influenced by Marxist theories. Mutahhari with ample citations from the Quran and other traditional Islamic texts discusses the concept of knowing from an Islamic perspective. He engages with a wide range of philosophers including Ghazali, Ibn Sina Kant, and Hegel.

Islam Without Allah

Author : Colin Turner
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Br> Islam Without Allah? : The Rise of Religious Externalism in Safavid Iran by Turner, Colin Terms of use This ground-breaking and controversial work locates the antecedents of today's Islamic 'fundamentalism' in 16th and 17th century Iran. Descriptive content provided by Syndetics"! a Bowker service.

Understanding Islam

Author : Frithjof Schuon
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With over one billion believers throughout the globe, Islam remains one of the most misunderstood of the world's great Revelations. In this fully revised and amended translation of his masterpiece, philosopher Frithjof Schuon offers readers a deeper understanding of Islam, the world's second largest religion. Featuring an extensive appendix of previously unpublished materials and detailed editor's notes to aid readers, this book is a must for any collection.

Islamic Perspectives on Management and Organization

Author : Abbas J. Ali
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"Scholars and practitioners who specialize in business, economics, international relations, religion, and sociology will find this book a necessary resource for broadening their understanding of the religious and cultural aspects of conducting business across cultures. The comprehensive and original coverage of the book will prove useful in understanding business, cultural, and philosophical issues related to the Islamic World."--BOOK JACKET.

Business Knowledge It in Islamic Finance

Author : Coporation L Essvale Coporation Limited
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Deals with the convergence of business and IT in the Islamic finance industry. This work contains information on the fundamentals of Islamic finance. It is suitable for professionals working in the Islamic Finance and crossovers.

Islam for Our Time

Author : John Herlihy
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Written by an American Muslim convert who has lived nearly 40 years among the Muslims, the author presents an insiders account of Islams true place within the family of religions, what it means to be a Muslim living in the shadow of the modern world, and how to cultivate a life of spirituality through the way of Islam in todays anti-spiritual environment. Within its pages, history unfolds, mysteries are unveiled, and secrets are revealed that shed light on the great human story of spiritual awakening and fulfillment. This rigorous and highly readable introduction to Islam goes a long way to remedy the lack of historical perspective and the narrowing of intellectual and spiritual scope contributing to the outer and inner crisis of the Muslim world, as well as the poor understanding of this religion in the West. Another significant merit of Herlihys book is the way it sets out the universal principles of Islam, shared with other traditional faiths, and its emphasis on the moral and spiritual fruits of the religion. This work is an invaluable resource for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, providing as it does a solid grounding in the traditional spirit of Islam. Patrick Laude, professor at Georgetown University, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Qatar Readers will find that this timely work by John Herlihy offers a sublime contribution to the field of Islamic Studies. Relevant for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, one of the books major themes is that the Islamic tradition converges with the unanimous tradition residing at the heart of each of the worlds religions. The book reminds us that the foundations of the modern and postmodern world were formulated in revolt from the sacred, which is an essential point to be recognized by anyone seeking to understand the crisis that consumes the contemporary epoch. This work provides ultimate answers to ultimate questions. Samuel Bendeck Sotillos, editor of Psychology and the Perennial Philosophy: Studies in Comparative Religion Amidst widespread miscomprehensions of Islam generated by Western media, readers who wish to understand the true nature of this noble tradition and its related spirituality will find this volume a trustworthy and illuminating guide. As a Western convert, philosopher, and above all practitioner, John Herlihy is well placed to dispel the fog of misunderstanding which often surrounds the subject of Islam. This book will be warmly welcomed by all those wishing to understand the timeless message of Islam, by seekers looking for practical guidance, and by those concerned with fostering a more harmonious global community of religions. Harry Oldmeadow, author of Frithjof Schuon and the Perennial Philosophy.

Voices of Islam Voices of art beauty and science

Author : Vincent J. Cornell
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Provides a wide depiction of Islamic doctrines, practices, and worldviews. Some 50 articles by scholars that are also practicing Muslims representing a diverse range of places, traditions, cultures, and beliefs are presented in volumes that individually address the grand traditions and beliefs of the religion; the spiritual experience of Islam; everyday experiences of family, home, and society; Islamic cultures' art, aesthetics, and science; and Muslim progressives, modernists, and other reformers.

Seek Knowledge

Author : Ian Richard Netton
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Explores various facets of the Islamic search for knowledge, with essays on aspects of Thought or Travel.