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A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities Part 12

Author : Jacob Neusner
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Ahlan Wa Sahlan Third Edition

Author : Mahdi Alosh
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The second-year book in the widely used Ahlan wa Sahlan program, now in its third edition, updated for effective and practical Arabic acquisition and use This textbook provides the second year of Arabic instruction in the Ahlan wa Sahlan program. Third edition revisions include the use of pausal form, all-Arabic instruction, sections on dialect acquisition, and updated depictions of Arab culture, among others. Ahlan wa Sahlan covers the first and second years of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. It is a complete educational package, comprising a workbook, beginner textbook with accompanying Annotated Instructor's Edition, intermediate textbook, video clips filmed in Syria, audio, and online exercises.

The Digital Public Domain

Author : Melanie Dulong De Rosnay
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Digital technology has made culture more accessible than ever before. Texts, audio, pictures and video can easily be produced, disseminated, used and remixed using devices that are increasingly user-friendly and affordable. However, along with this technological democratization comes a paradoxical flipside: the norms regulating culture's use - copyright and related rights - have become increasingly restrictive. This book brings together essays by academics, librarians, entrepreneurs, activists and policy makers, who were all part of the EU-funded Communia project. Together the authors argue that the Public Domain - that is, the informational works owned by all of us, be that literature, music, the output of scientific research, educational material or public sector information - is fundamental to a healthy society. The essays range from more theoretical papers on the history of copyright and the Public Domain, to practical examples and case studies of recent projects that have engaged with the principles of Open Access and Creative Commons licensing. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in the current debate about copyright and the Internet. It opens up discussion and offers practical solutions to the difficult question of the regulation of culture at the digital age.

National Forests and the Public Domain

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Lands and Surveys. Subcommittee on S. Res. 347
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Graphic Notes on the Public Domain

Author : United States. Bureau of Land Management
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The Halakhah

Author : Jacob Neusner
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The Halakhah embodies the complete Jewish Law, and contains commandments and guidelines for day-to-day living. The original commandments given by God to the Jewish people were enhanced by rabbis to offer a detailed framework to guide the lives of all Jews. In this complete, all-encompassing encyclopaedia of the Halakhah, the various laws are classified in such a way that a systematic and coherent structure is obtained. Each entry of the Halakhah is presented in a logical fashion. Where applicable, the original biblical wording is given, extended with literal abstracts from the Torah. Next, problems and questions that may arise from that law are stated and any additional information given. Finally, each entry gives comprehensive explanations and recommendations as to how these laws are to be observed in daily life where to be and where not to be, what to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say. The Halakhah, or standard Jewish Law, combines the Mishnah (about 200 CE), the Tosefta (about 300 CE), and the two Talmuds (about 400, 600 CE for the Land of Israel and Babylon, respectively). Volumes I and II contain entries pertaining to the Jewish people in relationship to God. Volume III explains how the Jewish people can restore and maintain their society in accordance with the Torah as it is explained by the rabbis. In Volumes IV and V of this study, we take up the life of the Jewish household in their encounter with God. The Encyclopaedic account therefore moves from regulating relationships between Israel and God to establishing stable and equitable relationships among Israelites and finally to actually living the Halakhah."

The Public Domain

Author : Stephen Fishman
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Find free content and save on permission fees Millions of creative works—books, artwork, photos, songs, movies, and more—are available copyright-free in the public domain. Whether your tastes run to Beethoven or Irving Berlin, Edvard Munch or Claude Monet, you’ll find inspiration in The Public Domain. The only book that helps you find and identify which creative works are protected by copyright and which are not, The Public Domain covers the rules for: writings music art photography architecture maps choreography movies video software databases collections For the first time in decades, new works began to enter the public domain in 2019, and more are entering each year. The 9th edition is completely updated to include new public domain resources and to cover the latest legal changes to copyright protection of songs, books, photos, and other creative works, as well as public domain rules outside the U.S.

Law for K 12 Libraries and Librarians

Author : Lee Ann Torrans
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Surveys those areas of the law that affect the daily operations of the school library.

Extreme Unmanned Vehicles

Author : Ian F. Mahaney
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How can cars drive, labs float, underwater vehicles navigate, and aircraft fly without anyone behind the wheel? Readers learn this and more through this text, which explores the engineering and technology behind extreme unmanned vehicles. Drones, military ROVs, CUSVs, The Gladiator, and unmanned automobiles manufactured by Toyota, Lexus, and Google are given an in-depth treatment and are accompanied by full-color photographs that bring these extreme vehicles to life. What does the future hold for unmanned vehicles? Readers are encouraged to explore this question and explore possible careers in unmanned vehicle technology that could one day unlock the answer. The text’s age-appropriate language makes learning easy, while fact boxes and sidebars supplement the material.


Author : United States. Bureau of Chemistry
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