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It Happens Among People

Author : Keping Wu
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Written by eleven leading anthropologists from around the world, this volume extends the insights of Fredrik Barth, one of the most important anthropologists of the twentieth century, to push even further at the frontiers of anthropology and honor his memory. As a collection, the chapters thus expand Barth’s pioneering work on values, further develop his insights on human agency and its potential creativity, as well as continuing to develop the relevance for his work as a way of thinking about and beyond the state. The work is grounded on his insistence that theory should grow only from observed life.

A Confession and Other Religious Writings

Author : Leo Tolstoy
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Describing Tolstoy's crisis of depression and estrangement from the world, A Confession (1879) is an autobiographical work of exceptional emotional honesty. By the time he was fifty, Tolstoy had already written the novels that would assure him of literary immortality; he had a wife, a large estate and numerous children; he was 'a happy man' and in good health - yet life had lost its meaning. In this poignant confessional fragment, he records a period of his life when he began to turn away from fiction and aesthetics, and to search instead for 'a practical religion not promising future bliss, but giving bliss on earth'.


Author : H. J. Day
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Bantu Prophets in South Africa

Author : Bengt G. M. Sundkler
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Originally published in 1948 and then updated in 1961 outlines the religious and social background of the Zulus and discusses the rise of the Independent Church Movement. It examines the organization and inner workings of the different Churches, their forms of worship, and the personalities of their leaders. It also analyses the blend of old and new which appears in Zulu interpretations of some aspects of Christian doctrine.

Counter Terrorism for Emergency Responders Second Edition

Author : Robert A. Burke
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Terrorism is no longer something that only happens to other countries. Attacks on US soil in the 1990’s brought the reality of terrorism home and the Sept 11th tragedy let us know that the United States is a high priority target. The goal of today’s terrorist is body count, and while traditional bombings have served them in the past, the allure of killing thousands of people with a very small amount of biological or chemical agent will prove irresistible. Our only defense on the front line is a well-prepared emergency response team. The key to an effective terrorist response is to understand and contain the hazardous materials involved. Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders, Second Edition meticulously details the characteristics, actions, identification, containment, and emergency treatment of all types of agents. Drastically updated from the 1999 edition, chapter after chapter is packed with new information on chemical agents, biological agents, and explosive, nuclear, and incendiary devices. Using his 26 years of experience in emergency services and his skills as a hazardous materials consultant in more than 15 states, the author prepares the first responder to handle everything from re-establishing control and on-scene triage to investigating the crime. Including information on pre-incident and avoidance tactics, the author provides new monitoring and detection techniques, protective equipment and decontamination, and an extensive list of resource organizations and training opportunities. The worst may never happen to your community, but will you be prepared if it does?

Bantu Prophets in South Africa

Author : Bengt Sundkler
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The growth of Bantu Churches has been a marked feature of religious development in South Africa. In his study, Dr. Sundkler traces the development of the Bantu Churches, which seceded from the Missions or split amongst themselves. The author gives a account of the life and aspirations of these purely Bantu churches and of their leaders. Dr. Sundkler's study is concentrated on the contact which took place in these churches between the old heritage of the people and the new message of the Christian Gospel.

The New Age Bible

Author : Erik Cloud
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This magical literature full of religious logic, metaphysical common sense, and supernatural wisdom has given way to a new astrological star chart reading fashioned formidably from a keyed up individual’s molded mind, body, and soul all the while exposed to everyday occurrences such as light and dark, positive and negative, genetics and environment, ECT. Th e key used for utility coded in our modern day western zodiac, four basic elements, and three states confronts many everyday problems such as health, money, love, and self-defense in an importable composition for all to use. Can modern day literature do what the literature from our past has done? Th e overall Biblical character and feel consisting of many numbers combined with letters is very similar to our current Holy Scriptures and is here to help with economic and weather conditions. Th is coupled with scientifi c prediction in cognition helping to understand the immediate present by reviewing our past history by providing eff ective future caliber predictions on both micro and macro levels in our lifetimes through the areoles of time in universal form lending to Ages similar to time travel. Could philosophical genius occult practices be construed and accepted as more than dogmatic science fi ction and/or fantasy and on to fashioned fi ndings from omnipresent God and science itself? Why not let your qualities defi ne you whatever they are? A higher state of conciseness would be the calling on to uncharted places indeed! On to a more mentally focused atmosphere as opposed to the current physical realms is where the book takes us through its profound knowledge providing for a real time utopia! Th e precision of 1 and 365 odds (even more when factored with the eastern zodiac) combined with the generality of 365 to 1 is very enticing existing in a perfect state laying somewhere in the zodiac’s twelve star signs using an ark key for utility coded within the four elements and three states! It makes us rethink all that we have learned in our educations rounding conspiracy theory by placing accepted God as more of a common factored force while not too sexual, accidental, and humane!

The Sailing Mind

Author : Roberto Casati
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This book scrutinizes the practice of sailing and its relation to philosophy of mind. Sailing brings about a peculiar human-artifact interaction which can lead to unexplored research paths. The idea behind this collection is that this interaction is better scrutinized by sailor scientists/philosophers to open up new possible pathways in research. Fascinating theoretical breakthroughs have been provided by observing sailing practices with the most well-known being Hutchins’ introduction in cognitive science of the concept of “distributed cognition.” However, in times past, sailing has both fueled philosophical metaphors, from Theseus’ ship to Plato’s image of the intellect as the boatperson of the soul, and inspired philosophers’ views (as happened to Herder during a stormy sea trip). The ecology of sailing is highly constrained: sailboats move at the surface between a compressible fluid and an uncompressible fluid. Wind originates in certain specific circumstances. Only certain sequences of actions are possible to take advantage of this ecology. The ontology of sailing is both of the boat and of the ocean/wind system. It highlights the fact that sailboats have been for centuries arguably the most complex technological artifacts in each culture that developed them, precisely because the environment they are engaging is so peculiar and demanding - almost the precise dual of Sapiens’ adaptive environment. This volume will appeal to philosophers of mind, cognitive psychologists, and marine professionals.

The Human Rights

Author : Valentin Matcas
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People believe that governments and justice systems give them their rights throughout life, through specific rules, laws, and regulations, but this is never the case. Your human rights are always yours, they are innate in you, since you are a living human being, by nature. Authorities may give you privileges, yet rights and privileges are different concepts. In fact, authorities take away your human rights, and many times, they do so with your full agreement, in a perfect legal manner. Why? Should authorities not take away your human rights, mostly when you break the law? No, since human rights are innate. While many times, authorities write these laws themselves, on their own behalf. Everybody knows it, and everybody makes it possible. While they also create the necessary circumstances for you to break these laws, in a major conflict of interest. Why? So you eventually wave your human rights, and fall into their jurisdiction, where they own you entirely, and they do to you as they please. And it happens always, everywhere, and with everybody. Yet you already know these, at least partially, if you are from the Brotherhood, according to your privileges. While you are a human being in the Masses and Brotherhood alike, sharing the same human rights, while waving them continuously throughout life, harming yourself and the entire world. Therefore, what you learn throughout this book helps you maintain control throughout life while protecting yourself, helping you understand your status, rights, privileges, and place in the world, further helping you become more aware and more responsible throughout life. While always accounting for the Higher Laws too, since all laws, higher and lower, set the boundaries of your lifestyle, development, meaning, and fulfillment in the world, while always watching you. Throughout this book, we see how it all happens, since it starts with agreements, authorities, laws, and with their ideologies and jurisdictions, ending up with you and your entire human condition altered in this world, and therefore, with all human rights that were supposed to protect you as a living human being infringed.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

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