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It Won t Be Easy

Author : Tom Rademacher
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Tom Rademacher wishes someone had handed him this sort of book along with his teaching degree: a clear-eyed, frank, boots-on-the ground account of what he was getting into. But first he had to write it. And as 2014’s Minnesota Teacher of the Year, Rademacher knows what he’s talking about. Less a how-to manual than a tribute to an impossible and impossibly rewarding profession, It Won’t Be Easy captures the experience of teaching in all its messy glory. The book follows a year of teaching, with each chapter tackling a different aspect of the job. Pulling no punches (and resisting no punch lines), he writes about establishing yourself in a new building; teaching meaningful classes, keeping students a priority; investigating how race, gender, and identity affect your work; and why it’s a good idea to keep an extra pair of pants at school. Along the way he answers the inevitable and the unanticipated questions, from what to do with Google to how to tell if you’re really a terrible teacher, to why “Keep your head down” might well be the worst advice for a new teacher. Though directed at prospective and newer teachers, It Won’t Be Easy is mercifully short on jargon and long on practical wisdom, accessible to anyone—teacher, student, parent, pundit—who is interested in a behind-the-curtain look at teaching and willing to understand that, while there are no simple answers, there is power in learning to ask the right questions.

CEO Daddy Take It Easy

Author : Tang GuoGuo
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Five years ago, she was caught in a conspiracy and had to hide in his room. After something happened, she quietly left the place. Five years later, she returned with her lovely twins. The twins had a similar face to him, and after reuniting with him, he finally, uncontrollably, fell in love with her and their children ... ☆About the Author☆ Tang Guoguo is an outstanding novel author. Her works include: and , and other fine books. All of her novels are fantastic. Both the plot and writing are excellent.

Make It Easy

Author : Stacie Billis
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Cooking doesn't have to be a chore. Why make it difficult --when it can be easy? When you're juggling a job, kids, pet, house, spouse, you-name-it -- it can be tough to resist the urge to toss a frozen meal in the oven and call it a day. Stacie Billis knows the challenge of feeding your family well, without stress. Make It Easy's 120 recipes prove that you don't have to be only a scratch cook or convenience cook. You can be both, and there's no shame in using store-bought ingredients when you're in a pinch. Stacie's got a guide to the healthiest shortcuts in the supermarket and three big tips for making it easy: 1. Go between scratch and homemade with her handy shopping guide. 2. Mix and match recipes that build on the same ingredients. 3. Break any rule that makes you want to bolt from your kitchen. With recipes for: Blueberry Almond Polenta, Country-Style Greek Salad, Slow Cooker Hoisin Pulled Pork, No-Fuss Roasted Paprika Chicken, Chili-Rubbed Steak Tacos, Salmon Rice Bowl, Parmesan Roasted Broccoli, Easy Food Processor Pizza Dough, Gingered Peach Crisp, Hummingbird Muffins, Bacon Cheddar Waffles . . . and many more!

I m Easy and I Have Bad Taste

Author : Angel K. Adams
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A modern chic's journey of self-discovery illustrating, humorously and explicitly, her inability to land (or even date) the right guy. I'm Easy and I Have Bad Taste takes a decidedly lighthearted, irreverent and brutally honest look at contemporary dating-where sex partners are in demand, but quality relationships are in short supply. Adams' chronicle of her dating successes and failures is both hilarious and genuine. She gives her account of ex-boyfriends, dates, domestication and sexual liberation with open honesty and a sense of humor. Her unabashed lifestyle proclaims an end to the sexual double-standard forced upon women for centuries. Her exploration of subjects such as drafting "The List," determining if an encounter qualifies as a one night stand, and giving dating advice to friends make this book impossible to put down. Ultimately, it is about the hope and optimism that keeps her kissing toads while trying to find her Prince Charming. After talking to friends and co-workers, Angel Adams realized she was not alone in her plight to attract the right kind of men into her life. At 29, she wondered at her inability to date 'normal- available-non-creeps' despite her long list of stellar attributes. Writing about the dating quandary of modern women in the single world came easy to Adams when working on this project. An enormous sense of humor helped too. This is her first book, and she makes her home in LA.

Math Is Easy So Easy Algebra I

Author : Nathaniel Max Rock
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There are many self-help math books available, but none are quite like this one. Math Is Easy, So Easy, first separates math topics into those which are essential and nonessential. The struggling math student (and parent of a struggling math student) must be able to focus on the math topics which will return the greatest effect in the shortest amount of time. Furthermore, math teachers and math textbooks simply try to cover too much material, the bulk of which, has no impact on a student's successful completion of math up through calculus in high school. Second, Math Is Easy, So Easy, tries to provide clarity of instruction for a few problems which cover the important aspects of the essential topics. Contrary to most math teacher instruction, it is more important and beneficial to know a few key problems well, than to try to cover many problems only superficially. If you are the parent of a student who is struggling in math, you know how frustrating it can be to get to the bottom of what your student really needs to know to survive and persist in math up through calculus in high school. You also know how important it is that your student stay in math as long as possible in high school, so that they are better prepared to enter and succeed in college. You also, no doubt, know how seemingly unreasonable your struggling student's math teacher can be in terms of communicating with you and your student. As a math teacher for many years now, Max wrote this book to help you and your struggling math student survive math with as few, "I hate math," outbursts as possible. Lastly, Max has personally witnessed many students who struggle in math in high school who then go on to mature into great engineers and scientists. This book will help your student to stay in math longer and be more successful. There is a separate book for each of six math classes: 7th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Math Analysis and Calculus. There is a single "Combo" book with all six books in one. Make sure you get the right book for your needs. Nathaniel Max Rock, an engineer by training, has taught math in middle school and high school including math classes: 7th Grade Math, Algebra I, Geometry I, Algebra II, Math Analysis and AP Calculus. Max has been documenting his math curricula since 2002 in various forms, some of which can be found on, and Max is also an AVID elective teacher and the lead teacher for the Academy of Engineering at his high school.

Math Is Easy So Easy Combo Book 7th Grade Math Algebra I Geometry I Algebra II Math Analysis Calculus

Author : Nathaniel Max Rock
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Rock separates math topics into those which are essential and nonessential so that the struggling math student can focus on the math topics which will return the greatest effect in the shortest amount of time. (Mathematics)

Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy

Author : Wolfgang Puck
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Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy is a groundbreaking cookbook in which Wolfgang Puck shares his creativity and genius so that anyone can prepare these wonderful recipes. Every element of the book aims to make it incredibly easy to create great food of the highest quality and creativity, as only Wolfgang Puck can do. In addition to more than 100 recipes, the book features numerous cooking tips as well as advice on how to select the freshest ingredients, how to adapt recipes to the season, using the right cookware, and menu and wine selections. He is creator of some of the world's greatest restaurants such as Spago and Postrio. He is known for the fast-growing Wolfgang Puck Express, a line of cooking accessories, television appearances on the Food Network, and a line of soups and pizzas. He is author of five previous cookbooks. Wolfgang Puck is one of the most visible names and faces in the food business.

Life Would Be Easy If It Weren t for Other People

Author : Connie Podesta
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Since it is impossible to change difficult people, this book offers strategies that you can incorporate into your own behavior to make relationships work better immediately.

Who Said It Would Be Easy

Author : Cheryl Faye
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Who Said It Would Be Easy? is the story of a man and woman who rely on their faith in God to live and love, despite formidable trials and tragedy. Charisse Ellison is a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old single woman who is new to her faith, but convinced that her relationship with God is the only way to have the truly fulfilling life she desires—one that includes a husband and children. Stefàn Cooper is a thirty-three-year-old bachelor who has no desire to change his ways. Tall, muscular, and strikingly handsome, Stefàn is used to getting what he wants from the opposite sex but is intrigued by Charisse’s seeming indifference to his charms. The couple’s intense romance leads them on a journey that challenges the bravado Stefàn has held on to for most of his adult life and forces Charisse to see that God’s answered prayers don’t always come packaged the way we expect. Who Said It Would Be Easy? is a story that offers hope in situations that, at first seem hopeless, and shows that through faith in an all-powerful God, even the most painful experiences can culminate in true joy and peace.

Power up Your Self Talk

Author : Michal Stawicki
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Empower Your Life Despite All of Your Problems What if shame, guilt, inadequacy, low self-esteem and painful memories of your past failures no longer plagued your mind? What if you could take full control of your life and achieve the goals and success you always yearned for with just a few easy habits? "When we tell ourselves something is too hard, or easy, or that we are successes or failures, it's self-talk." Six years ago, the prevailing thought in Michal's mind was: "It's impossible." His life attitude was "just get by," and his mind was eroded by the memories of his failures. Today, he is a bestselling author who liberated his wife from her day job, and spends most of his days empowering fellow authors and millions of readers around the globe. In "Power Up Your Self-Talk," he shares the simplest techniques that helped him and his readers to overcome the sneaky (and often brutal) self-sabotage of the mind. In this book you will learn: Why you failed so many times despite your best intentions (and how to change this) How to instantly elevate your mood to escape obstinate dark thoughts Which elephant in the room self-help gurus fail to address in most of their teachings How to overcome the resistance of years of faulty thinking Why habits are the best remedy against negative self-talk The undervalued habit that everyone can practice and tune into their self-talk (would you believe it can create new brain cells?!) The one thing you need before you can apply all the great personal development advice The easiest way to quickly rewire your brain into positivity How to steer your self-talk so self-insults and vicious internal remarks will no longer cripple your performance Two cardinal rules for preparing your battle plan with your subconscious Bonus: no bonuses! Just pure content in concise format to get you started in only moments. Power up your self-talk, empower your life and stop being your own worst enemy. Pick up your copy today by clicking the Buy NOW button at the top of this page!