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The Italian Home for Children

Author : Christopher F. Small
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As it ravaged the world, the influenza epidemic of 1918 devastated Boston's congested North End and left hundreds of orphans in its wake. Touched by this crisis, a Roman Catholic priest and a group of Italian Americans founded the first home for Italian children in Massachusetts. Franciscan Sisters devoted 24 hours a day to providing the children with a safe, loving, and spiritual environment. In addition, the home provided educational support for its residents. Over time, the changing needs of children mandated that the agency change the nature of its services from custodial care to treatment. In 1974, in response to the changing political and social climate, the agency became the Italian Home for Children. Today, it is a nonprofit, nonsectarian residential treatment facility with a capacity for 61 children of all races, nationalities, and religions. The images in The Italian Home for Children document milestones in the organization's history: the devastating influenza epidemic, the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Christmas plays, a visit from Joe DiMaggio, trips to Canobie Lake Park in the summer, the Tony Martin benefit performance at Boston Garden, and the home as it is today--a refuge for children in the most severe crises.

Italian Home Cooking

Author : Sandra M. Finlay
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Whether you’re cooking for a quiet family meal or hosting a party, our authentic recipes will help you bring our passion for Italy into your home.Italian cuisine is characterized by its extreme simplicity, with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients. Italian cooks rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation.Dishes and recipes are often the creation of grandmothers rather than of chefs, which makes many recipes ideally suited for home cooking. This is one of the main reasons behind the ever increasing popularity of this cuisine. So Explore the Delicious Italian recipes with Sandra.

Gennaro s Italian Home Cooking

Author : Gennaro Contaldo
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When an Italian cooks dinner, it's always a meal to savour and enjoy with as many people as can be found to share it with. In GENNARO'S HOME COOKING, Gennaro shares his favourite family recipes - the ones that will feed a crowd of hungry guests, from his 90-year-old father to his three-year-old twin girls. Older generations give advice, all hands are on deck to help, and the whole family sit themselves down at the large dining table to join in the feast together. The table is like the altar - to eat, drink, discuss, argue and confess - but most of all to enjoy the wonderful food! All the recipes cater for large numbers of people, but have tips on how to adapt them for smaller groups, there are hints on how to prepare things in advance and advice on which dishes go with what, so it is full of creative menu ideas. With GENNARO'S HOME COOKING you have everything you need to make your own kitchen a little slice of Italy.

The Sacred Home in Renaissance Italy

Author : Abigail Brundin
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The Sacred Home in Renaissance Italy explores the rich devotional life of the Italian household between 1450 and 1600. Rejecting the enduring stereotype of the Renaissance as a secular age, this interdisciplinary study reveals the home to have been an important site of spiritual revitalization. Books, buildings, objects, spaces, images, and archival sources are scrutinized to cast new light on the many ways in which religion infused daily life within the household. Acts of devotion, from routine prayers to extraordinary religious experiences such as miracles and visions, frequently took place at home amid the joys and trials of domestic life — from childbirth and marriage to sickness and death. Breaking free from the usual focus on Venice, Florence, and Rome, The Sacred Home investigates practices of piety across the Italian peninsula, with particular attention paid to the city of Naples, the Marche, and the Venetian mainland. It also looks beyond the elite to consider artisanal and lower-status households, and reveals gender and age as factors that powerfully conditioned religious experience. Recovering a host of lost voices and compelling narratives at the intersection between the divine and the everyday, The Sacred Home offers unprecedented glimpses through the keyhole into the spiritual lives of Renaissance Italians.

Polyedra Presents Italian Design is Coming Home to Switzerland

Author : William Georgi
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This title aims to celebrate the past and the shared design heritage by inviting 22 leading Swiss and Italian designers to contribute with new art work, as well as showing some of their most relevant past production.

Italian Women Writers

Author : Katharine Mitchell
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Post-Unification Italy saw an unprecedented rise of the middle classes, an expansion in the production of print culture, and increased access to education and professions for women, particularly in urban areas. Although there was still widespread illiteracy, especially among women in both rural and urban areas, there emerged a generation of women writers whose domestic fiction and journalism addressed a growing female readership. This study looks at the work of three of the most significant women writers of the period: La Marchesa Colombi, Neera, and Matilde Serao. These writers, whose works had been largely forgotten for much of the last century, only to be rediscovered by the Italian feminist movement of the 1970s, were widely read and received considerable critical acclaim in their day. In their realist fiction and journalism, these professional women writers documented and brought to light the ways in which women participated in everyday life in the newly independent Italy, and how their experiences differed profoundly from those of men. Katharine Mitchell shows how these three authors, while hardly radical emancipationists, offered late-nineteenth-century readers an implicit feminist intervention and a legitimate means of approaching and engaging with the burning social and political issues of the day regarding “the woman question” – women’s access to education and the professions, legal rights, and suffrage. Through close examinations of these authors and a selection of their works – and with reference to their broader artistic, socio-historical, and geo-political contexts – Mitchell not only draws attention to their authentic representations of contemporary social and historical realities, but also considers their important role as a cultural medium and catalyst for social change.

Letters from the Italian Outback

Author : Bonnie-Jane Mason
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Bonnie-Jane McCabe (now Mason) lived this book. She wrote these letters to her family during one exciting year in her young life. Years later, she started the book, collected the letters, copied them to her computer, and organized her book in her computer. It always needed just one more editing pass to make sure its error-free. Before she was finished, a disastrous computer-crash appeared to her, to have ended her book project. This version, published from a recently rediscovered, early paper preview draft, is my gift to Bonnie, my daughter. Prepared for publication by: Selden P. McCabe, Jr. 2009

Learn Italian Level 4 Beginner

Author : Innovative Language Learning
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Italian Design

Author : Giampiero Bosoni
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"The story of Italian design, told through works selected from the collection of the museum of modern art, New York."--Cubierta posterior.

How Italian Food Conquered the World

Author : John F. Mariani
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Not so long ago, Italian food was regarded as a poor man's gruel-little more than pizza, macaroni with sauce, and red wines in a box. Here, John Mariani shows how the Italian immigrants to America created, through perseverance and sheer necessity, an Italian-American food culture, and how it became a global obsession. The book begins with the Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern culinary traditions before the boot-shaped peninsula was even called "Italy," then takes readers on a journey through Europe and across the ocean to America alongside the poor but hopeful Italian immigrants who slowly but surely won over the hearts and minds of Americans by way of their stomachs. Featuring evil villains such as the Atkins diet and French chefs, this is a rollicking tale of how Italian cuisine rose to its place as the most beloved fare in the world, through the lives of the people who led the charge. With savory anecdotes from these top chefs and restaurateurs: - Mario Batali - Danny Meyer - Tony Mantuano - Michael Chiarello - Giada de Laurentiis - Giuseppe Cipriani - Nigella Lawson And the trials and triumphs of these restaurants: - Da Silvano - Spiaggia - Bottega - Union Square Cafe - Maialino - Rao's - Babbo - Il Cantinori

Italian Farmer s Table

Author : Matthew Scialabba
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The Italian Farmer’s Table is a sumptuously illustrated cookbook featuring authentic recipes from over thirty agriturismi (working family farms that provide room & board to travelers) in northern Italy, where the cuisine served epitomizes the farm-fresh movement underway in the United States, the UK, and beyond. Visitors to agriturismi, who come from all over Europe and North America, indulge in such delights as fresh ricotta cheese made the same morning, prosciutto from free-range pigs, and organic vegetables picked minutes before serving. Professional chefs who are fluent in Italian, Matteo and Melissa have transcribed more than 150 authentic northern Italian recipes from these family farms—few of which are found in cookbooks available outside of Italy. Full-color photographs and anecdotes about the farms and their residents bring Italy’s glorious countryside to life and complement such recipes as Onion Tarts, Fried Butternut Squash Ravioli, Piemontese Beef Stew, and Goat Cheese Gnocchi with Walnut Butter. All recipe ingredients are given in both U.S. and metric measurements.

The Italian American Cookbook

Author : John Mariani
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Italian-American dishes are what we crave and what we make, what we order and what we wax rhapsodic about. The last century has seen hundreds of inspired new dishes take their place at the table alongside traditional preparations, resulting in a cuisine that is as current as it is classic. At last, here is the place to look for the tastiest and most definitive renderings of Shrimp Fra Diavolo, Steak Florentine, Pasta alla Primavera, Linguine with Clam Sauce, Spinach with Pignol is, Tiramisu, and all the other treasures of the Italian-American table. In these pages, America's premier restaurant critic, John Mariani, and his wizard-in-the-kitchen wife, Galina Mariani, update and perfect all the classics in lighter, less creamy-and-cheesy versions made with the freshest of ingredients. The Marian is make a convincing case that Italian-American cooking, far from being a watered-down version of Italian cookery, is a full-fledged cuisine in its own right. In fact, as they show in a fascinating introduction, many elements of Italian cuisine in Italy today are actually imports from the Italian-American repertoire. In 250 recipes, they reveal not only how glorious that repertoire is but also how its basic elements may be used in innovative new ways - in a Risotto with Apples and Saffron, for example, or a Pork Roast with Fennel. This is a feast of food, from antipasti and soups through pastas and pizzas all the way to dessert, and also of history and folklore, in the dozens of sidebars and archival photographs that bring to life the family restaurants and home kitchens where these magnificent ethnic dishes are prepared and enjoyed.

Fascist and Anti Fascist Propaganda in America The Dispatches of Italian Ambassador Gelasio Caetani

Author :
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Italian Family Dining

Author : Edward Giobbi
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The author of the classic Italian Family Cooking teams up with his daughter to present an array of seasonal recipes, sharing stories that evince the family's Italian countryside heritage and explain how to prepare such dishes as Strawberry Flan, Grilled Duck Breast, and Mesclun Salad.

Intimacy and Italian Migration

Author : Loretta Baldassar
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Loretta Baldassar is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Western Australia. --

Modernism in Design

Author : Paul Greenhalgh
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Ten new and important essays on design cover Modernism's fortunes in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Britain, Spain, Belgium and the USA; they range in subject matter from world fairs and everyday domestic objects to American West coast architecture and French and Italian furniture. With essays by Tim Benton, Gillian Naylor, Penny Sparke, Wendy Kaplan, Clive Wainwright, Martin Gaughan, Guy Julier, Mimi Wilms, Julian Holder and Paul Greenhalgh. "The object of this book is to diffuse myths. If modernism has, in the past, been both absurdly praised and absurdly damned, Modernism in Design seeks to lift it out of this cycle, and to demonstrate that the modern movement could offer neither Jerusalem nor Babylon ... In this, the book succeeds admirably."—Designer's Journal "While this collection of essays is aimed primarily at design historians and students of design history, hard-pressed practising designers and architects should make room for it on their bookshelves."—Design

The Complete Guide to Buying Property in Italy

Author : Barbara McMahon
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* Completely up-to-date source of information

Home Style Italian Cookery

Author : Pauline N. Barrese
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Italians in West Virginia

Author : Victor A. Basile
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Images of America: Italians in West Virginia offers a new understanding of how immigrant laborers and their communities shaped the state's regional history. Shortly after its secession from Virginia, West Virginia appointed an immigration officer to handle the wave of antebellum immigrant laborers entering the state to work in agriculture, forestry, railway construction, and the coal industries. In 1910, there were 13,286 Italians in West Virginia; in 1920, there were 14,167. This volume has over 200 photographs that have been collected from West Virginia archival collections and Italian families, illustrating aspects of the immigrant experience. The photographs highlight the regional origins of the Italians, their work, communities, leisure, ethnicity, family life, and religion.

Deliciously Italian From Sunday Supper To Special Occasions 101 Recipes To Share And Enjoy

Author : Stephen Moramarco
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Deliciously easy. . .Deliciously elegant. . .Deliciously Italian! In Italy, celebrating with a meal isn't reserved for special occasions--it's a way of life. In this delectable collection of recipes, father-and-son team Federico Moramarco and Stephen Moramarco have collected a mouthwatering selection of the finest Italian dishes for you to enjoy. • Shrimp and Lobster Meatballs • Panzanella • Stuffed Calamari • Orechiette with Potatoes and Arugula • Ravioli from scratch • Foie Gras Gnocchi • Pan Roasted Lamb with Black Olives • Drunken Pork Loin • Veal Piccata • Tiramisu • Ricotta Pie Nicolette • Sweet Ravioli with Cherry Custard Sauce From traditional family recipes that have been handed down for generations to culinary creations from renowned restaurants, such as Biba, Zazu, and Gramercy Tavern, this treasury of Italian fare will make every night a celebration. Share the secrets of food, love, and family Preparing and sharing a delicious meal is a simple yet meaningful way to spend time with your loved ones. In Deliciously Italian, authors Federico and Stephen Moramarco bring you a delightful collection of 101 tantalizing recipes--from family favorites to fabulous creations from the nation's most celebrated chefs--Tom Colicchio, Biba Caggiano, and Lynn Rosetto Kasper--and many more! Recipes such as: • Stuffed Artichokes (the Marinese family, Brindisi, Apulia) • Chicken Cacciatore (the Dellavecchia family, Nusco, Torrelledei Lombardy) • Limoncello (the Calavita family, Abruzzi) • Roasted Tomatoes with Polenta (Gramercy Tavern, New York City) • Rock Cornish Game Hens with Garlic and Olive Oil (Biba, Sacramento) • Garlic Ice Cream (The Stinking Rose, San Francisco) Whether you're cooking the traditional favorites for comfort or updated classics for a crowd, Deliciously Italian offers up a collection of culinary delights that are sure to warm your heart and liven up your dinner table. Federico Moramarco has a love of Italian food that goes back to his childhood in Brooklyn. For years, he has cooked and savored the recipes that have been in his family for generations. In addition to his love of food, he is the editor of Poetry International, published by San Diego State University, where he is an English professor.