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Iterative Identification and Control

Author : Pedro Albertos
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An exposition of the interplay between the modelling of dynamic systems and the design of feedback controllers based on these models. The authors of individual chapters are some of the most renowned and authoritative figures in the fields of system identification and control design.

Identification and Control

Author : Ricardo S. Sánchez-Peña
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This book meets head-on the difficulty of making practical use of new systems theory, presenting a selection of varied applications together with relevant theory. It shows how workable identification and control solutions can be derived by adapting and extrapolating from the theory. Each chapter has a common structure: a brief presentation of theory; the description of a particular application; experimental results; and a section highlighting, explaining and laying out solutions to the discrepancy between the theoretical and the practical.

Some Aspects of Iterative Identification and Control Design Schemes

Author : Svante Gunnarsson
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System Identification 2003

Author : Paul Van Den Hof
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The scope of the symposium covers all major aspects of system identification, experimental modelling, signal processing and adaptive control, ranging from theoretical, methodological and scientific developments to a large variety of (engineering) application areas. It is the intention of the organizers to promote SYSID 2003 as a meeting place where scientists and engineers from several research communities can meet to discuss issues related to these areas. Relevant topics for the symposium program include: Identification of linear and multivariable systems, identification of nonlinear systems, including neural networks, identification of hybrid and distributed systems, Identification for control, experimental modelling in process control, vibration and modal analysis, model validation, monitoring and fault detection, signal processing and communication, parameter estimation and inverse modelling, statistical analysis and uncertainty bounding, adaptive control and data-based controller tuning, learning, data mining and Bayesian approaches, sequential Monte Carlo methods, including particle filtering, applications in process control systems, motion control systems, robotics, aerospace systems, bioengineering and medical systems, physical measurement systems, automotive systems, econometrics, transportation and communication systems *Provides the latest research on System Identification *Contains contributions written by experts in the field *Part of the IFAC Proceedings Series which provides a comprehensive overview of the major topics in control engineering.

European Control Conference 1993

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Proceedings of the European Control Conference 1993, Groningen, Netherlands, June 28 – July 1, 1993

European Control Conference 1991

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Proceedings of the European Control Conference 1991, July 2-5, 1991, Grenoble, France

Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing 1995

Author : Cs. Banyasz
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Leading academic and industrial researchers working with adaptive systems and signal processing have been given the opportunity to exchange ideas, concepts and solutions at the IFAC Symposia on Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing. This postprint volume contains all those papers which were presented at the 5th IFAC Symposium in Budapest in 1995. The technical program was composed of a number of invited and contributed sessions and a special case study session, providing a good balance between applications and theory oriented papers.

Communications Computation Control and Signal Processing

Author : Arogyaswami Paulraj
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A. Paulraj*, V. Roychowdhury**, and C. Schaper* * Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University ** Dept. of Electrical Engineering, UCLA Innumerable conferences are held around the world on the subjects of commu nications, computation, control and signal processing, and on their numerous subdisciplines. Therefore one might not envision a coherent conference encom passing all these areas. However, such an event did take place June 22-26, 1995, at an international symposium held at Stanford University to celebrate Professor Thomas Kailath's sixtieth birthday and to honor the notable con tributions made by him and his students and associates. The depth of these contributions was evident from the participation of so many leading figures in each of these fields. Over the five days of the meeting, there were about 200 at tendees, from eighteen countries, more than twenty government and industrial organizations, and various engineering, mathematics and statistics faculties at nearly 50 different academic institutions. They came not only to celebrate but also to learn and to ponder the threads and the connections that Professor Kailath has discovered and woven among so many apparently disparate areas. The organizers received many comments about the richness of the occasion. A distinguished academic wrote of the conference being "the single most rewarding professional event of my life. " The program is summarized in Table 1. 1; a letter of reflections by Dr. C. Rohrs appears a little later.

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Modelling Identification and Control ICMIC2019

Author : Rui Wang
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This book includes original, peer-reviewed research papers from the 11th International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (ICMIC2019), held in Tianjin, China on July 13-15, 2019. The topics covered include but are not limited to: System Identification, Linear/Nonlinear Control Systems, Data-driven Modelling and Control, Process Modelling and Process Control, Fault Diagnosis and Reliable Control, Intelligent Systems, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.The papers showcased here share the latest findings on methodologies, algorithms and applications in modelling, identification, and control, integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), making the book a valuable asset for researchers, engineers, and university students alike.

Multivariable Control Systems

Author : Pedro Albertos
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This book focuses on control design with continual references to the practical aspects of implementation. While the concepts of multivariable control are justified, the book emphasizes the need to maintain student interest and motivation over exhaustively rigorous mathematical proof.