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It s Not Over til It s Over

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I Shall Live

Author : Cora Baldwin
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Why, you may ask, did I write this testimony? Because God wanted me to witness to you and those who feel that God is not the same as he was in the Bible days. To those who may be growing weary in waiting on God and thinking that maybe God is not going to do it for me like he did it for others; maybe it's just my dream. You may be feeling like I am going to go to my grave with all these gifts inside of me. God told me to write and prove to you that you will "live" until God's will for your life is complete, that you are never too old for God to use you, to heal you, to raise you up and manifest himself in your life. Get up from that down position in your mind and spirit, speak to yourself and say "I shall live. I shall not die until God brings his will forth in my life." The devil is a liar and a loser-I shall live and have life more abundantly; that is God's will for my life. God bless you all, my brothers and sisters in the Lord and even those of you reading this testimony and have never believed in God. May you live long enough to see God work a miracle in your life. "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" (1 Corinthians 15:55).

Another God

Author : D.r. Brauner
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The year is 20—. The dream of a modern exodus awakens Scotland’s first Chief Rabbi Brew Moray. His wife Deborah, undergoing IVF, despairs of ever mothering a child. Later, in a religious radio slot Moray calls on his community to leave Scotland. His message provokes a head-on clash with Scotland’s father figure and first Prime Minister, Angus Montrose. Moray eloquently argues that his call to preserve Jewish continuity is no less radical than Montrose’s realization of Scottish independence from England. Meanwhile, unknown to Moray, Israeli agent Guriat Gaoni is covertly masterminding an audacious mission to rescue the Scottish Jewish community. Israel has learned that Scotland is secretly making a major arms deal with a loose-cannon Middle East regime. Contingent on the agreement, the arms supplier demands that Montrose pass laws to prevent Jews from leaving Scotland. The speculative fiction depicted in Another God has not come to life, not yet. But it could – after Scotland achieves independence. A rabbi’s dream could change the trajectory of one nation and save another nation from destruction. A prime minister’s Machiavellian patriotism could launch a new nation-state on an aimless course into oblivion. One woman’s miracle can produce a love-child. And another woman’s strength and daring might rescue a thousand lives. Scotland’s future history is yet to be written – or is it?

It s Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings Mother God Strikes Back Against Misogyny

Author : Rasa Von Werder
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Over 100 illustrations and glamour/nude beauties, women winning is the subject here; flame wars, sex, battle for female bodybuilding, crimes & women bandits, female aggression; the males are going infertile and extinct, geneticists Jones and Sykes prove, the Y is getting to be a wasteland. Women knock out polygamists, Scientist discovers the living Amazons, Pankhurst's early female terrorism, all symptoms that Matriarchy is coming, get ready! William Bond and Thomas Andrews help Rasa Von Werder gather the hard facts. 'It's Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings' is another blockbuster from Rasa Von Werder, a quick follow up to the successful 'Can Female Power Save the Planet.' most amazing, the bodybuilding- Progenitor development of Kellie Everts from age 19 to today, lifting weights in the nude to recent silky see-thru camisoles and boots, the progress of 'love Goddess' doesn't quit.

Totally Forgiving God

Author : R.T. Kendall
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We live in a world filled with injustice and evil, and there is nobody on the planet who has not suffered. There are famines and wars, earthquakes and tsunamis, wicked governments, racial prejudices, and diseases. We all have been hurt, attacked, mistreated, deceived, or falsely accused. God allows this. He could stop it. After all, He is unlimited in power and knowledge. But God doesn’t stop it. Why? In the third title of his series on forgiveness and his most important book to date, R. T. Kendall tackles this question head-on, demonstrating why we need to release God from the blame we put on Him when we feel He has betrayed us.

Walking in the Confidence of God in Troubled Times

Author : Dr. Creflo A. Dollar
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Even in the midst of overwhelming personal battles and troubled times, Christians can learn to stand strong and enjoy lasting peace through God's words which provide deliverance and freedom.

Dear Diary Just Thinking

Author : Bettie Jo Walker
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A Hope for All I wish you love, peace, joy and healings. Love God, love others, and love yourself with your whole heart. Make a difference for the better by sharing your love and God-given talents as you encourage those around you. Others will not have to guess that you truly care when you let them know by what you say and how you say itWhat you do and how you do it. When others think of you, let them get a good feeling and Smile!

How to Be Happy Where You Are

Author : Michelle McKinney Hammond
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Bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond encourages women to look beyond their daily activities and accomplishments to find true and lasting happiness by focusing on God's priorities. Delving into the life of the Shunammite woman (2 Kings 4), Michelle reveals a compelling story of deep longing, miraculous fulfillment, fading dreams, and the realization that God's provision never fails. In this thoughtful and enlightening book, readers will discover how to... live in joy while waiting for desires to come true surrender their longings to God's will and timing keep their faith strong in times of loss rest in the restorative power of worship create a vibrant relationship with God that never wanes This engaging look at the life of the Shunammite woman offers women a refreshing opportunity to realize the happiness God has planned for them.

The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman in the Year 2011

Author : Bola Essien-Nelson
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The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman in the Year 2011 is collection of random blogs written by Bola Essien-Nelson giving the reader an insight into her daily life. It captures, in her own unique conversational manner, the soars and dips, the losses and the victories, the whoops of joy and the frustrated cries of defeat, and pain of an ordinary woman desperately chasing after her extraordinary God. Bola hopes that, as you read this book, the words you encounter will make you smile a little, laugh out loud a lot, and maybe even tear up on occasion as you realise that you are not alone and that many of lifes experiences are universal. She hopes that you will read and come to a deeper understanding of the incredibly intense love God has for you and that this realisation will birth a new hunger in your belly to chase after God and to do so desperately.

God Used Holes In My Son s Shoes to Change My Life

Author : Rahab
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The book is about a 12 year old girl who's mom decide to leave her dad whom she was very close, than is given to an uncle which results in her running away trying to find a place to belong but instead gets involved in drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, and prostitution with attempts to end her miserable life she has a son named carl God uses holes in his shoes to give her a reason and a will to live by pointing to the holes and saying you see you not just bringing yourself down you are taking him down with you after 21 years God stepped in and her deliverance began.

The Shadow of God

Author : Charles Scribner III
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The Shadow of God is part memoir, part spiritual autobiography, and part tour of great works of art, literature, and music. In the form of a journal written over the course of a year, Charles Scribner shares childhood recollections of a household where figures like Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald were family friends. He tells stories from his own noteworthy publishing career, from his journey toward faith, and from his deep knowledge of Baroque art. Born an Episcopalian, he charts the story of his interior life and the importance of the arts in helping him choose the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual paths he would follow, including his Catholic conversion. He asks himself questions like “How far back can we trace the roots of faith?” Scribner writes with contagious enthusiasm about the pivotal truths he discovered in the novels of Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh and the inspiration he found in art, music, opera, and the Bible. The Shadow of God is a journey through memory, art, and faith that shaped Scribner’s year as it passed through the seasons, from Epiphany to Epiphany. It is a moving portrait of a man who has devoted his life to words and the Word and a work of rare power by a writer whose grace, humor, and candor will touch readers.

Diamonds Are Forever

Author : Ron Sears
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Author : Craig S. Keener
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Most Bible commentaries take us on a one-way trip from our world to the world of the Bible. But they leave us there, assuming that we can somehow make the return journey on our own. In other words, they focus on the original meaning of the passage but don't discuss its contemporary application. The information they offer is valuable -- but the job is only half done! The NIV Application Commentary Series helps us with both halves of the interpretive task. This new and unique series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into a modern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it can speak powerfully today.

Achieving Your Potential

Author : Tony Dungy
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52 selections from Tony Dungy’s New York Times bestseller The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge, now in a weekly format! With a reading for every week in the year, this book will lead you to go deeper in your work, with your family, and in your faith. Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy shares keys to maximizing and achieving your true potential—you were created for an “uncommon life.” Perfect for sports teams, small groups, or personal reflection, The Uncommon Life Weekly Challenge books will show you how to create a life of real significance and impact in your world. Read all seven! The complete Uncommon Life Weekly Challenge series includes the following: Achieving Your Potential Building Your Team Developing Your Core Living Your Life’s Purpose Maximizing Your Influence Strengthening Your Faith Strengthening Your Family

Doctrine and Difference

Author : Michael J. Colacurcio
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First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Anointed Words Dreams and Visions from God

Author : Veola Thomas
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This book I am convincted and sure of this very thing, that God who began a good work in me will continue until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am speaking from my heart the things that God have revealed to me by his spirit. I can no longer sit dormant , because of the things God is revealing to me. I want to share this book with all God's children that have a calling from God to stand up and be counted in God's kingdom. The holy Ghost is alive in me and is compelling me to speak God's living word. When you began to read this book, you will no longer be the same. This book will cause you to change your direction in life. You will began to see Jesus as the better way for your life..

360 Degree Life

Author : Billy Joe Daugherty
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What if you had a second chance to chart your life? What if you only had a few days to live? Would you love? Would you laugh? Would you give? Would you live differently than you do right now? --Billy Joe Daugherty If possible, would you do a makeover on parts of your life? Most of us would gladly say “Yes!” to a fresh start, and that’s exactly what God offers. So many people live empty and frustrating lives, which is tragic because God desires a full, productive, and satisfying life for His children. 360° Life explores how ordinary people, regardless of their challenges, can experience life-altering change through simple faith. Billy Joe Daugherty weaves material from the Bible, his own experiences, and riveting interviews with contemporary Christians to reveal how not just to survive struggles, but to rise above them. That’s the fulfilling result of a 360-degree life. “Billy Joe Daugherty masterfully leads us back to the resurrection power of Christ that breaks us free from the fears of our past to live a victorious life.” —T. D. Jakes, pastor of The Potter’s House From the Hardcover edition.

The Heart of a Woman

Author : Paul B. Tshuma
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The title is self explanatory, taking you on a journey into the heart of a Woman. To better understand and be engaged in this interesting subject matter, I will unveil this discovery through poetry and a description following each poem, in order for you to have a clear understanding of my personal experience. The heart of a Woman, is a book that takes its readers in my personal life journey, having been raised by a one special lady, my mother who chose to abandon everything in order to take care of my brother and I, who require full assistance because of the congenital physical disability in us. It is through these experiences that brought about the inspiration of telling my bibliography in a poetic style. Poetry may not be what you enjoy reading because it is hard to understand. True. I must say that you are in for a treat because not only will you read of my personal experiences but you will be taken on a journey of love in all areas, be it in two people of the opposite sax or friendship. You will get to read about my desire to someday be married and have a family. The grass does not always stay green, sometimes life is hard when your life depends on people to do things for you. Once more, you get to live the moment of my life that is faced with challenges such, a physical disability that seems to be an obstacle in achieving many things in life, pain, joy, love, care and many more. In spite of all this, the book contains words of inspiration to many who have given up on life. The books subject matter is, on my Christian life journey with Christ Jesus the son of the living God, who has brought me this far. Because of His love and grace for us, my purpose is for you to have the same joy I have in Jesus and to also have a new beginning with you mother so you can experience Gods love through the heart of a Woman.

God Is Waiting for You

Author : Tannia M. Winston
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God is waiting for you is an encounter with your destiny on the path to God, an illuminating, exciting, spiritually rejuvenating walk with God as you face real-life experiences that reveal to you who you really are. Breath-taking steps that allows you to grow in God and mature as you journey on the path to accept your assignment from Him; facing the corrupt teaching and misleading of false prophets who are denying Jesus Christ the Messiah. They have laid the damaging foundations of doubt and destruction for many lost souls. God Is Waiting for You is not only revealing to you how to walk on this path and take on your new assignment from God, but teaching every Christian that they must learn to take the authority to throw Gods Weight around! CALLING ALL CARS! Dear Children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. (1 John 2:18)

The Elements of Expression

Author : Arthur Plotnik
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More than ever in this completely updated edition, The Elements of Expression helps word users "light up the cosmos or the written page or the face across the table" as they seek the radiance of expressiveness—the vivid expression of thoughts, feelings, and observations. Nothing kills radiance like the murky, generic language dominating today's talk, airwaves, and posts. It tugs at our every sentence, but using it to express anything beyond the ordinary is like flapping the tongue to escape gravity. The Elements of Expression offers an adventurous and inspiring flight into words that truly share what's percolating in our minds. Here writers, presenters, students, bloggers—even well intentioned "Mad Men"—will discover language to convey precise feelings, move audiences, delight and persuade. No snob or scold, the acclaimed word-maven Arthur Plotnik explores the full range of expressiveness, from playful "tough talk" to finely wrought literature, with hundreds of rousing examples. Confessing that we are all "like a squid in its ink" when first groping for luminous expression, he shines his amiable wit on the elements leading, ultimately, to language of "fissionable intensity."