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I ve a Feeling We re Not in Kansas Anymore

Author : Ethan Mordden
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"We have traded tales, my buddies and I; of affairs, encounters, secrets, fears, self-promotion-of fantasies that we make real in the telling." In this, the first volume in Ethan Mordden's acclaimed trilogy on Manhattan gay life, he introduces a small group of friends-Dennis Savage, Little Kiwi, Carlos, and the narrator, Bud-and chronicles their exploration of the new world of gay life and the new people they are in the process of becoming. In a voice at once ironic, wistful, witty, and profound, Mordden investigates his suspicion that all of gay life is stories and that, somehow or other, all these stories are about love.

Not in Kansas Anymore

Author : Cary Nelson
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For years, anti-Zionist activists have accused Israel of undermining academic freedom and campus free speech in both Gaza and the West Bank. Not in Kansas Anymore demonstrates conclusively that the major threats to academic freedom come from Palestinians themselves, including from both the Palestinian Authority and from paramilitary and terrorist groups, Hamas most prominent among them. This is the first thoroughly researched and documented study of the status of academic freedom in Gaza and the West Bank.

Death of the Church

Author : Mike Regele
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This is a research-based analysis of forces that are changing culture and how the church must change as well to fulfill its mission.

XML 1 1 Bible

Author : Elliotte Rusty Harold
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Updated and better than ever, this more focused revision provides comprehensive coverage of XML to anyone with a basic understanding of HTML and Web servers Featuring all-new examples, this book contains everything readers need to know to incorporate XML in their Web site plans, designs, and implementations Continues expert Elliotte Rusty Harold's well-known track record for delivering the best XML guidance available Includes coverage of the most recent XML 1.1 specification and the latest trends in XML Web publishing Companion Web site includes additional examples and reference material found in previous editions that readers may find useful

Enter Fleeing

Author : Mark Ford
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'Intriguing, Funny, Prophetic' ran the New York Review of Books headline to an admiring survey of the poetry of Mark Ford by the American critic Helen Vendler. The same words could describe Enter, Fleeing, the fourth collection of poems from one of the UK's most distinctive poets. The work gathered here displays Ford's power to amuse and startle, to move and disconcert. A number of short poems recreate moments from the poet's peripatetic childhood, while others dramatise more general states of fear and desire, of excitement and anxiety. As Vendler noted, Ford's recent work frequently addresses post-colonial issues arising from the collapse of the British Empire, as well as the paradoxes and information loops of today's globalised economy. Enter, Fleeing is Ford's most exhilarating and powerful volume to date.

May I Quote You on That

Author : Stephen Spector
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We all use language in different ways, depending on the situations we find ourselves in. In formal contexts we are usually expected to use a formal level of Standard English-the English codified in grammars, usage guides, and dictionaries. In May I Quote You on That? Stephen Spector offers a new approach to learning Standard English grammar and usage. The product of Spector's forty years of teaching courses on the English language, this book makes the conventions of formal writing and speech easier and more enjoyable to learn than traditional approaches usually do. Each lesson begins with humorous, interesting, or instructive illustrative quotations from writers, celebrities, and historical figures. Mark Twain appears alongside Winston Churchill, Yogi Berra, Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld, Stephen Colbert, Oprah, Lady Gaga, and many others. These quotations allow readers to infer the rules and word meanings from context. And if they stick in readers' memory, they can serve as models for the rules they exemplify. The lessons then offer short essays, written in a conversational style, on the history of the rules or the words being discussed. But because English is constantly changing, the essays offer not only the traditional rules of Standard English, but also the current opinions of usage panelists, stylists, and language specialists. When rules are controversial, Spector offers advice about stylistic choices. A companion website features a workbook with practice drills. This book will appeal to anyone who wants to write well. It's aimed at those who are applying to college, taking the SAT, or writing a job application, an essay, or anything else that requires clear and effective communication.

Sticky Learning

Author : Holly J. Inglis
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Educators are engaging with neuroscientists to reshape classroom practices, content delivery, curriculum design, and physical classroom spaces to enhance students' learning and memory, primarily in elementary and secondary education. Why not in seminary education?An overview of brain-friendly approaches to teaching enable seminary instructors to make concrete modifications in the structure and content of what they teach, making learning more 'sticky.'Inglis's synopsis of the use of neuroscience in the classroom and suggested action is followed by a collaborative dialogue with Kathy L. Dawson and Rodger Y. Nishioka.

Intuition Work

Author : James Wanless
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Intuition is an everyday way for everyone to connect with the divine. It's not necessary to be religious, meditate, pray, or be "psychic" to be intuitive. Our contact with the life spirit through intuition is ever-present and immediate. In Intuition @ Work author James Wanless, Ph.D. shares proven innovative techniques each of us can incorporate into our own lives to merge our intuition with strategic thinking. This is a supremely creative process that can support your own highest ideals in every area of your life. This ebook reveals ways you can personally explore how intuition is present in every moment of your life. (You'll find that it exists in many ways other than the occasional hunch.) He explains that we all want to find the path in life that will bring us happiness and love, abundance, good health, and meaning. "Intuition is the life force itself, made conscious to us through a feeling that arises from within; through our intuition we tap into the ultimate resource of all--the very source of life. By following the intuitive spirit, all that each of us can humanly be and do is directly revealed and made manifest." Dr. Wanless's investigation of the significance of intuition has shown him is how much intuition can do for us, and how easily it can be accessed. He says, "I believe our intuition is useful in a practical way, more so now than in any other time in human evolution, such that it has even become imperative for the survival of our species." Life Navigator and Mentor James Wanless, Ph.D., is a former political science professor, popular keynote speaker and seminar leader. He is the creator of the best-selling Voyager Tarot. He travels through the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, sharing the wisdom gained from his own transformative journey, combined with his professional background as a Professor of Political Science. He has focused on self-governance and the politics of the self--and his pursuit has led him to become a leading-edge authority on creative and strategic intuition. Michelle Irwin, E-Commerce Business Consultant at Sun Microsystems said of his work: "Dr. Wanless's seminar provided an avenue for understanding our roles on our team, and how our personality mix is balanced. He motivated and enlightened us as to the potential of what we can accomplish as a team." Now he shares his discoveries and his teachings with us, offering a variety of techniques and exercises to help us find and use our intuition, to benefit from our personal connection with the life force. Discover innovative techniques, tips on how to choose wisely, utilize your foresight, find new ways of relating. Create success in your life!

The Bible s Greatest Hits

Author : Henry G. Brinton
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From the creation story of Genesis to the new heaven and new earth of Revelation, The Bible’s Greatest Hits contains the top sixty-six passages in Holy Scripture. Presbyterian pastor and novelist Henry G. Brinton invites readers into discussion and debate as he reveals the significance of these passages and connects them to contemporary life. Some readers will disagree with Brinton’s selections, just as music fans dispute the choices on a greatest-hits album, but all will gain a new appreciation for the richness of scriptural insights found in the full range of biblical books, from the well-known to the obscure. Written for both private devotion and group discussion, The Bible’s Greatest Hits includes the best in biblical scholarship as well as practical connections to daily life, along with questions for reflection at the end of each chapter. The book gives Christian youths and adults an introduction to the major characters and stories of Holy Scripture, as it links their daily lives to the Bible’s most important moral and theological insights. Readers will gain the satisfaction of increased biblical literacy while being shaped by the most transformative passages from Genesis to Revelation in the course of their ongoing faith development.

Fathers and Sons in Cinema

Author : Gershon Reiter
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Popular American films are replete with story lines which involve the father-son relationship, often as the pivotal conflict or dragon which a hero must overcome to achieve success. Sometimes these conflicts are straightforward; other times they are projections of the central character's unconscious becoming conscious--in essence a modern form of myth. These American "filmmyths" serve as a visual means to project the psyche in an entertaining and easily accessible manner. Focusing on mythic structure, this volume explores 12 popular movies that deal with various aspects of the father-son relationship including the process of becoming a father, absent fathers, the rite of passage, and the turmoil between fathers and adolescents. Films examined include The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, Stand By Me, Red River, City Slickers, North by Northwest, E.T. the Extraterrestrial, Field of Dreams, Lone Star, The Lion King, Jurassic Park and The Searchers.