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Japanese Screens in Miniature

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Japanese Screens in Miniature is a collection of six of Japan's masterpieces reproduced as actual miniature screens, with an introduction to this most colorful, exuberant, and decorative aspects of the Golden Age of Japanese art. The development of the Japanese screen as an ant form in the Momoyama period (1575-1615) presents a fascinating example of the converging influences of art traditions,history, politics, religion, and architecture.

Exhibition of Japanese Screens Decorated by the Old Masters

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Japanese Screen

Author : Peter Pauper Press
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Edo-period screen w/trees & flowering plants, 18th century. Gold foil.

The Japanese Screen

Author : Anne Mather
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Susannah had met Fernando Cuevas in London, and in a whirlwind romance had fallen wildly and irrevocably in love with him. She could hardly believe it when Fernando, on what seemed to be an unconvincing excuse, ended it all, and disappeared out of her life as quickly as he had come into it. The only thing to do, Susannah decided, was to make a new life for herself, so she took a job as governess to a young Spanish girl which would take her to live in Spain for a while. She was horrified, on arriving at her destination, to realise that the child was Fernando's daughter; that he was very much married; and that she was going to meet him again at any moment. What was she to do now?

Japanese Screen 2008 calendar

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Contemporary Sino Japanese Relations on Screen

Author : Griseldis Kirsch
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Japan and China look back on a history of friendship as well as friction, particularly in recent decades. As the People's Republic of China's economy began to grow in the 1990s, so did its political weight within Asia and its economical relevance for Japan. Covering the years from 1989 to 2005, this book looks at Sino-Japanese relations through film and television drama in the crucial time of China's ascent to an economic superpower in opposition to Japan's own ailing economy. It provides an overview of how Japan views China through its visual media, offers explanations as to how oppositions between the two countries came to exist, and how and why certain myths about China have been conveyed. Griseldis Kirsch argues that the influence of visual media within society cannot be underestimated, nor should their value be lessened by them being perceived as part of 'popular culture'. Drawing on examples from a crucial 16 years in the history of post-war Japan and China, she explores to what extent these media were influenced by the political discourse of their time. In doing so, she adds another layer to the on-going debate on Sino-Japanese relations, bringing together disciplines such as media studies, history and area studies and thus filling a gap in existing research.

The Japanese Buddhist World Map

Author : D. Max Moerman
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From the fourteenth through the nineteenth centuries Japanese monks created hundreds of maps to construct and locate their place in a Buddhist world. This expansively illustrated volume is the first to explore the largely unknown archive of Japanese Buddhist world maps and analyze their production, reproduction, and reception. In examining these fascinating sources of visual and material culture, author D. Max Moerman argues for an alternative history of Japanese Buddhism—one that compels us to recognize the role of the Buddhist geographic imaginary in a culture that encompassed multiple cartographic and cosmological world views. The contents and contexts of Japanese Buddhist world maps reveal the ambivalent and shifting position of Japan in the Buddhist world, its encounter and negotiation with foreign ideas and technologies, and the possibilities for a global history of Buddhism and science. Moerman’s visual and intellectual history traces the multiple trajectories of Japanese Buddhist world maps, beginning with the earliest extant Japanese map of the world: a painting by a fourteenth-century Japanese monk charting the cosmology and geography of India and Central Asia based on an account written by a seventh-century Chinese pilgrim-monk. He goes on to discuss the cartographic inclusion and marginal position of Japan, the culture of the copy and the power of replication in Japanese Buddhism, and the transcultural processes of engagement and response to new visions of the world produced by Iberian Christians, Chinese Buddhists, and the Japanese maritime trade. Later chapters explore the transformations in the media and messages of Buddhist cartography in the age of print culture and in intellectual debates during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries over cosmology and epistemology and the polemics of Buddhist science. The Japanese Buddhist World Map offers a wholly innovative picture of Japanese Buddhism that acknowledges the possibility of multiple and heterogeneous modernities and alternative visions of Japan and the world.

Japan Home

Author : Lisa Parramore
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Whether you're remodeling your house, redesigning your apartment or just looking for a book of design ideas, Japan Home is a beautiful and indispensable resource full of practical information, shopping resources and inspiration. Japanese interior design has long been renowned for its spare beauty, utility and grace. Today, more and more people outside Japan are incorporating Japanese features in their homes and gardens as they come to appreciate the way in which materials, colors, patterns and shapes are interwoven in a uniquely light and evocative way. Japan Home, lavishly illustrated with full-color photos and packed with practical information, is the perfect source for anyone eager to find ways to decorate or enhance their home with that special Japanese flair. The authors explore ways to create typical Japanese spaces both inside and outside the home that are tranquil yet dramatic, understated yet elegant. All designs are enriched with the distinct Japanese aesthetic.

The Art of the Japanese Screen

Author : Elise Grilli
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Storytelling in Japanese Art

Author : Masako Watanabe
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Presents 17 classic Japanese stories as told through 30 illustrated handscrolls ranging from the 13th to 19th centuries.