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Jesse Jackson

Author : Roger Bruns
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Describes the life and accomplishments of the civil rights activist and politician, Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Jackson

Author : Robert E. Jakoubek
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* Critically acclaimed biographies of history's most notable African-Americans * Straightforward and objective writing * Lavishly illustrated with photographs and memorabilia * Essential for multicultural studies

Jesse Jackson

Author : Eddie Stone
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Traces the life of Rev. Jackson, describes his role in the Civil Rights movement, and examines his political views

The Jesse Jackson Phenomenon

Author : Adolph L. Reed
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Controversial analysis of the Jackson campaign by a black scholar who argues that his candidacy hurt the development of a viable black political movement.

Jesse Jackson Jr

Author : Chicago Tribune Staff
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For the past 25 years, it seemed like little could impede the quickly accelerating political career of Jesse Jackson Jr., the U.S. Representative for Illinois' 2nd Congressional District and son of iconic civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson. But in just a few short months, the once-promising career of Jesse Jackson Jr. has unraveled amidst investigations by the House ethics committee, speculation about an alleged attempt to buy Barack Obama's Senate seat from Rod Blagojevich, his mysterious medical leave that ultimately revealed his bipolar disorder to the public, and his recent resignation from Congress. Jesse Jackson Jr. is a collection of the most captivating and revealing articles from the past 25 years of award-winning Chicago Tribune political reporting. With fascinating background on Reverend Jackson and his up-and-down relationship with his son, this book delves the professional and personal lives of Jesse Jackson Jr. It is a straightforward, comprehensive portrait of his many successes and the shocking particulars of his recent scandals. This book captures and contextualizes Jackson's impressive political career while serving as the best resource for investigative reporting on his ongoing legal, ethical, and health issues.

Jesse Jackson And The Politics Of Charisma

Author : Ernest R. House
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On January 15, 1975, the Reverend Jesse Jackson was leading a demonstration around the White House to protest the lack of jobs for black youths. As the demonstrators marched, Jackson was shocked to discover that many of the black youths marching with him were drunk or on drugs, many of them "out of control." Abruptly, he called a halt to the demonstration and sent the marchers home. Within a few months, Jackson launched a national campaign in the urban high schools of the nation to save the black youths of his country, to get them off drugs and motivate them to work hard, study in school, develop self-discipline, and become successful in American society. A program called PUSH for Excellence, or PUSH/Excel, was an outgrowth of his Operation PUSH organization. How could something so promising end in such failure? Lots of explanations, mostly accusations, were attempted at the time, but they contradicted one another. In this book the author attempts to describe the events and analyze why they occurred

Jesse Jackson s Guide to Hymietown

Author : Christopher Jansen
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This is a funny and sarcastic fake book, which consists of an irreverent cover and 64 blank pages for entertainment purposes, and is politically incorrect (depending on your opinion). More information and more fake books inquire at: [email protected]

Summary of Mamie Till Mobley Christopher Benson Jesse Jackson s Death of Innocence

Author : Everest Media,
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I will always remember the day Emmett was born. It was July 25, 1941. A Friday. But I’m getting a little ahead of my story, because this is not where it really begins. My mother had brought me to the hospital on Wednesday. #2 The birth was a breech birth, meaning the baby was coming butt first. The agony was so severe, I thought there could be no greater pain than giving birth to a child. #3 I had decided that I wanted a boy first, then a girl, then another boy, then another girl. So I was excited to have a boy when I gave birth. But when I looked at his skin color, blond hair, and blue eyes, I knew right away that he wasn’t a boy. #4 The author’s mother did not prepare her for the world outside their home. When the author became pregnant at age 16, her mother simply dismissed it and didn’t explain how babies were made.

Jesse Jackson the Politics of Race

Author : Tom Landess
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Depicts the life of Jesse Jackson, discusses his contributions to the civil rights movement, and examines his political career and campaign for the presidency


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EBONY is the flagship magazine of Johnson Publishing. Founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson, it still maintains the highest global circulation of any African American-focused magazine.