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Journey to Jesus

Author : Jacqueline Smallbones
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JOURNEY TO JESUS is a 100-day devotional and thoughtful journey through the Gospel of Mark. The slow pace of the journey gives readers time to reflect deeply on the Jesus Mark reveals and the response required from them today. The journey with Mark is sometimes enlightening, sometimes trying; always challenging, always worthwhile. An amazing Gospel and a wonder-filled devotional journey.

A Journey With Christ

Author : Lydia Chola-Waiyaki
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Lydia was seated on her bed reading her Bible on an ordinary August morning, oblivious of what she was about to hear and what would become her life from that day forward. Her son and nephew rushed into her bedroom. Her son was shouting, "Mum, there were two angels at the gate at night!" Her son was six years old at the time. He held her face and said, "I know the names of the two angels. They are called Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael." The two boys went on to say that Angel Michael was at the right side of the gate and was holding his sword facing upwards, while Angel Gabriel was on the left side of the gate and had his sword pointing downwards. She was amazed! How did they know the names of these two mighty archangels? Instantly, she realized that her son had had a supernatural encounter, together with his five-year-old cousin! This was the beginning of a series of incredible journeys with Jesus Christ. This book records their breathtaking trips to heaven and hell, their conversations with God the Father, their encounters with angels, relatives they met in heaven, and even the twenty-four elders who worship before the Throne of God all day and all night. These accounts will reveal to you how God is using children to bring home the simple truth that the Bible is the Word of God, heaven is real, and the only way to get there is through Jesus Christ, His Son.

Looking unto Jesus or The believer gladdened in his journey Zion ward by the author of The faithful witness

Author : John Ross MacDuff
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Jesus Journey

Author : Trent Sheppard
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Jesus was human, like you and me. If the gospel is true, he still is. Christians worldwide believe that Jesus is God. But this belief wasn’t the starting point for Jesus’ earliest followers. While Jesus’ humanity was a given for the disciples, his divinity was a truth they grew into believing—it was a journey of faith. As Christians today, we are also called into a faith journey—this time, to rediscover Jesus’ humanity. Yes, we believe that Jesus is God, but do we truly believe that Jesus is human? And if so, how does that transform our own experience of being human? Through eye-opening yet down-to-earth reflections, Jesus Journey invites you to encounter Jesus again—as if for the first time—by experiencing his breathing, heart-beating, body-and-blood, crying-and-laughing humanity. Join Bible teacher and storyteller Trent Sheppard as he shines new light on the vibrant humanity of the historical Jesus through an up-close look at Jesus’ relationships with Mary and Joseph, with the God he called Abba, with his closest friends and followers, and how, ultimately, his crucifixion and resurrection finally and forever redefine what we mean by the word God. Come encounter the human who radically transforms our view of God. Come encounter the God who forever changes what it means to be human.

A Journey with Jesus

Author : James Allen
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Adapted from Journey of Decision, a Way of the Cross for adults, this children's Way engages children by having them actively participate. Fourteen readers represent characters from the passion of Jesus. Suggestions are given at the outset for props or symbolic costumes that achieve a two-fold purpose: they draw children into the story, thus helping them follow along. As in the original Journey on which this children's adaptation is based, the text combines the traditional with the innovative. It asks children to journey with Jesus not just during this Way of the Cross but during every day of their lives.


Author : Armand Puig i Tàrrech
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Collection of essays published elsewhere between 2000 and 2010 supplemented with an introduction.

The Journey of Jesus

Author : Max McLean
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This collection contains 30 stories that spotlight the Savior's journey from His birth to His ascension. Radio personality Max McLean tells the stories on a full-length CD and shares personal insight throughout the accompanying book.

33 Jesus Journey

Author : Brittany McGaffin
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A Christmas Journey for Jesus

Author : Susan Jones
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A charming Christmas picture book that teaches the joy of giving and points to Jesus, the greatest gift of all Badger tells the animals that he has a very special way to celebrate Christmas Day this year. He asks them to pack up the finest foods they can find and some special gifts—they are going to journey to another area of the forest for a celebration. But when they arrive, the animals are confused why they can’t begin tearing open gifts and enjoying all the foods . . . until Badger introduces them to the neighboring animals who live there and they experience the joy of sharing with those who don’t have as much. A Christmas Journey for Jesus is the follow-up to the heartwarming Christmas storybooks, A Birthday Party for Jesus, Everyone Is Invited to Christmas, and A Christmas Pageant for Jesus. Beautifully illustrated by Lee Holland, this picture book will offer young children a fun, relatable story of forest friends who discover that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

Journey with Jesus Part 1 At The Teacher s Feet

Author : Tammy Feil
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Journey to Jesus

Author : Florence Littauer
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In this, her premiere Bible study, renowed author and speaker Florence Littauer ? with her daughter Marita ? returns to her roots, teaching God's Word and the message of hope that it brings. "Journey to Jesus" will lead you back in time to the ancient lands of the Scriptures and uncover important truths for our world today. As you travel through the books of Genesis and Exodus, you'll meet characters such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses, and as you walk in their shoes unearth truths from their lives, you'll understand how to look for God in all the right places. But most important, as you learn how the Old Testament points to its fulfillment in Jesus Christ, you will discover God's ultimate plan of redemption for mankind and how it can change your life today. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime?a journey that will lead you to a personal encounter with the living Christ.

My Personal Journey with Jesus Revealed Through Poetry

Author : Brian Whitacre
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"My Personal Journey With Jesus Revealed Through Poetry" includes my personal testimony along with poems I have written since 1999. My personal testimony is about how Jesus walked with me and carried me through the trials and tribulations of the past seventeen years. This includes my salvation experience, my personal encounters with Satan, my time spent in mental hospitals, two times when I could have died, the loss of family and friends, and also how God provided me with a new Christian family and friends who are helping me rebuild my life and showing me how to minister to others. The three sections of poems include personal journey poems, praise and worship poems, and poems about the end times. The reason I am telling my story and being so open and honest is because I want you to know that Jesus is real and that He will save you and walk with you for eternity if you only open up your heart to Him.My name is Brian Whitacre. I was born in 1973. As a child I enjoyed school and played sports, however I didn't know Jesus. My spiritual journey started in 1993. At the age of twenty I began attending a Pentecostal Church where I was drawn to Jesus by the power of love. On April 24, 1994, I got saved as God spoke these words to me "are you willing to give up your secular music for me?" I said yes and God also delivered me from my bad temper and cursing. However, right after I got saved, I came face to face with Satan. This encounter changed the course of my life forever. Because of this encounter I ended up in a maximum security mental hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Since 1994 I have spent many long hours in mental hospitals where Jesus proved He would never leave me.

Journey with Jesus

Author : Larry Warner
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In A Journey with Jesus, spiritual director Larry Warner guides us through the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, similar to the way he's been leading people through them in person. Ignatius wanted to help everyone, no matter what age or stage of life, experience Jesus. Through prayers and Scripture readings that largely focus on the life of Christ, the Spiritual Exercises that have been so powerful and growth-inducing for so many, including Warner, can be a tool for transformation in you as well.

Jesus Journey to the Cross

Author : Jeanne Kun
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Accompany Jesus through the events of his passion, death, and resurrection in this newest Scripture guide of our popular Keys to the Bible series. In Jesus' Journey to the Cross, you can follow Jesus on his jubilant entry into Jerusalem, sit with him during his last supper with his apostles, pray with him during his agony in Gethsemane, and stand at the foot of the cross on Golgotha where—with a love unto death—he offered his life for our salvation. What a blessed way to spend the six weeks of Lent! Each of the sessions features the full Scripture text; a short commentary; questions for reflection, discussion, and personal application; “In the Spotlight” sections featuring wisdom from the saints and the church, root meaning of Greek words, fascinating historical background, and stories of faith from contemporary people.

The Last Journey of Jesus to Jerusalem

Author : William Healey Cadman
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Jesus and the Disciples Journey

Author : Pastor Revella Booker Pugh
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Have you ever wondered about the Disciples journey as individuals, with Jesus and after Jesus ascension to heaven? This book reveals to you, not only Jesus journey, His miracles, signs and wonders, but the Disciples journey as individuals. So, if you are a new disciple, want to be a disciple, or have been a disciple for many years, this book is for you.

A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and St Therese of Lisieux

Author : John F. Russell
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St. Therese invites us to sit or to kneel and to put ourselves in the presence of God. God is always with us but we need to become mindful of His loving presence within us. From that act of faith, we can begin our Lenten meditation. Ask St. Therese to accompany you and to help you to draw closer to the living God Who is Christ Jesus, the Lord.... from A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and St. Therese of Lisicux Inside you will find a short biography of St. Therese of Lisieux, an Overview of the Carmelite Order, St. Therese on Prayer, and more, along with readings and prayers for every day of Lent, week days and Sundays. May the presence of Jesus Christ and the inspiration of St. Therese of Lisieux enrich your Lenten Journey, and lead you to God's Holy Easter of Peace, Love, and Joy.

The Life of Jesus Critically Examined

Author : David Friedrich Strauss
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The Lost Years of Jesus

Author : Elizabeth Clare Prophet
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Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 provides new opportunities to engage future generations of students in the exciting and challenging world of Mathematics through a wide range of targeted print and digital resources developed specifically to meet the requirements and aspirations of the NSW HSC Mathematics syllabus. The components of this value pack include: Maths Quest HSC Mathematics General 2 & eBookPLUS + studyON HSC Mathematics General 2 & Booklet

A Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and St John of the Cross

Author : George Mangiaracina
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"O Lord, my God, who will seek you with simple and pure love, and not find that you are all one can desire, for you show yourself first and go out to meet those who seek you?" With these beautiful words, St. John of the Cross places before us God's great invitation of Love. He reminds us that it is God who fulfills our desires, God who yearns for us, and God who will come to us if we seek Him. Accept the invitation to journey through Lent with Jesus Christ and one of the great spiritual writers of the Catholic Church, St. John of the Cross. Inside you will find an Invitation from St. John of the Cross, a short biography of St. John of the Cross, a History of Lent, and St. John of the Cross on following Jesus. Each day of Lent, weekdays and Sundays, begins with: a Gospel Reading, a selection from the Writings of St. John of the Cross, a Reflection, and a Prayer. Let this book help you explore the spiritual wisdom of St. John of the Cross and the journey to God.