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Jesus Magick

Author : Baal Kadmon
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When one looks back in ancient history, there are a few great magicians that stand out. Magicians that shook the world so intensely that their influence continues to inform not only the occult, but history in general. We have Apollonius of Tyana, the great wizard and Neopythagorean philosopher, the famed Hermes Trismegistus who has influenced occultism far and wide. From the Old Testament we have the witch of Endor, Balaam and King Solomon to name a few. From the New Testament we have Simon Magus, Paul and so on and so forth. We can be here for days naming each and every magician and occultist who has influenced all of us, whether we know they have or not. One magician, however, stands out. To most he is not considered a magician at all but a prophet of God, the messiah himself...Jesus. No matter how one views Jesus, there is no doubt it that his "miracles" as people like to call them, were in fact, acts of magick. In this book we will be discussing Jesus magick and how we can tap into his power. Whether you believe Jesus truly existed as a flesh and blood human being or as simply an archetype representing an idea, there is no doubt that Jesus changed the world with his teachings or the teachings ascribed to him. In saying that, I would like to point out that this book will not argue for or against the historicity of Jesus; that is for you, the reader to decide. My goal here is to provide a way to use some of the symbology of Jesus to perform magick. It may not be the same exact magick he himself performed. As you may know from my other books, I like to give some background before I go into the rituals themselves. This book will follow the same pattern. In fact, this book will be quite heavy on history so if you want to skip right to the rituals you may if the history is not something that interests you. I for one think every occultist and magician should also be an historian. It helps put everything in context. History of humanity is in many ways the history of magick, it is very much worth learning. With that in mind, we will be discussing Jesus and his magick in context of the New Testament, with some smattering of extra canonical gospels thrown in for good measure. Before we do that, we will discuss the time in which Jesus existed and the general ideas of magick preceding and during Jesus time. Enjoy!

Ascension Magick

Author : Christopher Penczak
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Thoroughly examines the diverse aspects of an often misunderstood spirituality--from angels and aliens to reincarnation and the Merkaba--and features magickal practice, spellcraft, and thirty exercises for dimension travel, healing, meditation, and more. Original. 15,000 first printing.

The Power of Christ Vindicated Against the Magick of Apostacy in Answer to G Keith s Book Stiled The Magick of Quakerism With an Appendix Evincing G Keith s Self condemnation by His Manifest Self contradiction Out of His Own Books Etc

Author : George Whitehead
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A Descriptive Catalogue of Friends Books

Author : Joseph Smith
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Songs of Syon

Author : George Ratcliffe Woodward
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American Folk Magick

Author : Silver RavenWolf
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The author of "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" and "Angels" discusses the charms, spells, and herbs of the Pennsylvania Dutch region with its influences from native Pow Wow magick.

Catalogue Supplement Second fifteenth Supplement

Author : Guildhall Library (London, England)
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A catalogue of the library of the corporation of London

Author : London corporation, libr
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Jesus Malverde Magick Book

Author : S. Rob
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Learn to work powerful magick using Jesus Malverde the bandit folk saint. Work magick using nothing at all or perform rituals with nothing more than a piece of rope. You can even make magick bottle talismans.

The Secret Doctrines of Jesus

Author : Harve Spencer Lewis
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The Encyclopedia of American Religions Religious Creeds

Author : J. Gordon Melton
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On t.p.: A compilation of more than 450 creeds, confessions, statements of faith, and summaries of doctrine of religious and spiritual groups in the United States and Canada.

Magick Potions

Author : Gerina Dunwich
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, and Much More.

In Search of the Primordial Tradition the Cosmic Christ

Author : John Rossner
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Catalogue of the Guildhall Library of the City of London with Additions to June 1889

Author : Guildhall library (Londres)
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The Political State of Great Britain

Author :
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The Universal Instructor in All Arts and Sciences and Pennsylvania Gazette

Author :
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The Magick of Folk Wisdom

Author : Patricia Telesco
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Tap into the rich legacy of over 650 folk beliefs. An ideal reference tool for magical practitioners or anyone interested in the superstitions and customs of our ancestors. Includes explanations of amulets, celestial objects, crystals, numerology, folk medicine, and more.

Catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of the City of London Instituted in the Year 1824 M Z and additions to June 1889

Author : Guildhall Library (London, England)
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God in Real Life

Author : Rose Publishing
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God in Real Life explores: • Tough Questions About Christianity Answers difficult questions about God, Jesus, faith, love, good vs. evil, justice, pain, relationships, and life & death. • World Views Comparison This chapter addresses atheism, pantheism, panentheism, deism, finite godism, polytheism, monotheism, and Christianity, and the answers each world view offers to life's most important questions. • Who is Jesus? This section explains why Jesus came, what Jesus said, and why Jesus had to die. • Pursuing Jesus Helps us once we make that decision to trust Christ. It answers the question: "I'm a Christian- now what?" This section also gives the basics of the Christian faith and how we can live it out in real life. • Knowing Gods Will Have you ever struggled with trying to find God's will? God's will can often seem like a mysterious and unknowable secret. This chapter can help direct our path by responding to questions like, "Which way do I go?", "Can God be trusted?", and "What does God do with failure?" • What Christianity Has Done for the World This resource addresses 30 key contributions of Christianity to the world in the areas of social reform, justice, education, human rights, and freedom. It will help you understand how vastly important Christianity has been to the world we live in today. • Answers to Evolution Answer to Evolution gives us 16 reasons to doubt Darwinian Evolution, reviews some common problems with popular science textbooks, and contains quotes from scientists about the difficulties found in Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection. • Many teens have friends who are interested in magic, fortune telling, and the paranormal world: "10 Q& A on Magic, Spells, and Divination" will help guide believers through the maze of the occult, wicca, horoscopes, white "magick", astrology, ghosts, Ouija boards®, crystals, psychics, and mediums. • Why Wait? This eye opening chapter gives 24 sound reasons to wait until marriage to have sex - not only from a Christian perspective, but from a medical perspective as well.

The Encyclopedia of American Religions

Author : J. Gordon Melton
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