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The Jesus Myth

Author : Chris Scott
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A look at the nature of myth as a carrier of deep truth and that we all have our own internal myths about ourselves and life. Exploring what was and is meant by the term Messiah, both in the 1st century and now. "Here is a book bursting with common sense and inspiration, written by someone who has known life in all its rich complexity... It's a book that has to be read by all those who dare to ask for more" Revd Dr Terry Biddington FRSA, Dean of Spiritual Life, Winchester University.

Shattering the Christ Myth

Author : James Patrick Holding
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How To Get Rid of Jesus: Prove He Didn't Exist! A popular question posed by Christians today asks, "WWJD?" - which stands for, "What Would Jesus Do?" For more and more Skeptics of Christianity, however, the answer to this question is, "JDNE" - which stands for, "Jesus did not exist!" In this volume, edited by prominent Internet apologist James Patrick Holding, a team of Christian authors provide a series of essays giving detailed answers to those who argue for the "Christ myth." Though rejected by mainstream scholars, this theory continues to grow in popularity among popular writers and Internet antagonists. The need for Christians to be ready to give an answer to it will only become more urgent. "Here's a clear and compelling rebuttal to fallacious claims that keep resurfacing in books and on the Internet. It's well-researched, expertly presented, and ultimately convincing." - Lee Strobel, author, The Case for the Real Jesus

Seductiveness of Jewish Myth The

Author : S. Daniel Breslauer
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A collection of essays focusing on myth in Judaism from biblical to modern times, this book offers a sense of the great diversity of the Jewish religion.

The Christ Myth

Author : Arthur Drews
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Jesus Myth Man Or God

Author : James Martin Peebles
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The Jesus Problem A Restatement of the Myth Theory

Author : J. M. Robertson
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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Jesus Problem: A Restatement of the Myth Theory" by J. M. Robertson. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

Jesus and Myth

Author : Peter John Barber
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Is Jesus mythological? And is he a mere product of his cultural milieu? Through narratological and social-scientific analysis of the gospel account, Barber systematically demonstrates that there are two opposing patterns structuring the gospel. The first is the pattern of this world, which is the combat myth, with a typical sequence of motifs having mythological meanings. It is lived out by everyone else in the accounts except Jesus, because this pattern of the world is the pattern of myth-culture, which is the pattern of the old Adam and sin nature. The pattern of Jesus is the pattern intended for Adam to walk in, and is the unique pattern of the new Adam, Jesus Christ. Jesus's pattern inverts the sequence and subverts the significance of each and every motif and episode of the myth-culture's pattern. Barber shows that Jesus's "failure" to conform to this world's mythological pattern establishes that he is not mythological, and not a product of his culture. As the apostle Peter states, ". . . we did not follow cleverly devised tales [myths] when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty" (2 Pet 1:16).


Author : Ian Curtis
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Are you strong enough to handle the truth about your faith and belief? Since infancy you have been taught stories from the Bible. Did you know that they are simply myths and superstitions, gathered together from the veils of antiquity? The priests of the ancient world were seeking a new method of power and control over the masses. In this book you will be given truths and directed to paths of reality. All religions are created for control and wealth. Jesus never existed and there is no evidence that a benevolent God watches over his children. There is also the same lack of proof that an Allah, a Buddha, or a Krishna ever existed or exists today. What we have developed is a path to the total destruction of mankind. Our planet earth is being torn apart by foolish beliefs which are promoted and supported by the weaknesses of a mass of human beings who have to have a security blanket. Collectively the nations of the world are on an inevitable collision course and the cause is religion. This is the ultimate results of a child's game of, "my God is bigger than your God "

The Christ Myth

Author : Elizabeth E. Evans
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Was the entire story of Jesus nothing more than thatjust a story? Evans presents an interesting argument. According to her, many things accepted as true regarding the story of Jesus may in fact not be true. This book refutes aspects of Christ based on factual evidence combined with strong opinions of the author that may or may not be proven. Many have been conditioned to accept Jesus in certain ways without the use of reason. Evans provides us with a form of rational thinking that has been left out of our religious conditioning process. Those who are open enough to read it will find it challenging and rewarding.

The Jesus Myth

Author : George Albert Wells
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Does the New Testament story of Jesus contain any elements of historical truth, or is it pure legend? In The Jesus Myth, Professor G. A. Wells presents an up-to-date, radical, and well-reasoned argument, drawing upon his sure grasp of the wide-ranging evidence. The accounts of Jesus in the four canonical gospels not only contradict each other, but are also not in harmony with the earliest Christian documents, which never present Jesus as an itinerant preacher, a performer of miracles, born of a virgin, associated with Nazareth, or executed under Pilate. The gospels were composed after A.D. 70 by unknown individuals who could not have been eyewitnesses to the events they describe. All the earliest non-Christian testimony, pagan and Jewish, is dependent upon Christian accounts. The frequently voiced notion that there is independent corroboration of the life of Jesus from 'Roman records' or elsewhere is wishful thinking. Professor Wells has become known as the foremost contemporary exponent of the purely legendary or 'mythicist' theory, but he has recently come to accept that there is a historical basis for one strang of the composite picture of Jesus: that deriving from the lost gospel, known as 'Q'. -- from back cover.