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Jihad and Islam in World War I

Author : Erik-Jan Zurcher
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Today s headlines are full of references to jihad and jihadists, but they re nothing new: a century ago, the entry of the Ottoman Empire into World War I was accompanied by a loud proclamation of jihad as well. This book resurrects that largely forgotten aspect of the war, investigating the background and nature of the proclamation, as well as its effects in the wider Middle East, the fears it stoked among German and British military leaders, and the accompanying academic debates about holy war and Islam. "

Nations Identities and the First World War

Author : Nico Wouters
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Nations, Identities and the First World War examines the changing perceptions and attitudes about the nation and the fatherland by different social, ethnic, political and religious groups during the conflict and its aftermath. The book combines chapters on broad topics like propaganda state formation, town and nation, and minorities at war, with more specific case studies in order to deepen our understanding of how processes of national identification supported the cultures of total war in Europe. This transnational volume also reveals and develops a range of insightful connections between the themes it covers, as well as between different groups within Europe and different countries and regions, including Western and Eastern Europe, the Ottoman Empire and colonial territories. It is a vital study for all students and scholars of the First World War.

Islamic International Law and Jihad War Law Handbook

Author : IBP USA
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2011 Updated Reprint. Updated Annually. Islamic International Law and Jihad (War) Law Handbook

Islamic International Law and Jihad War Law Handbook Strategic Information

Author : IBP, Inc.
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2011 Updated Reprint. Updated Annually. Islamic International Law and Jihad (War) Law Handbook

The Next World War

Author : Grant R. Jeffrey
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The first warning shots of WW III have already been fired The escalating terrorist attacks in the Middle East and in major cities in the West are not isolated acts of extremism. They are the first warning shots fired in a coming world war. For decades, prophecy expert Grant R. Jeffrey has been analyzing geopolitical developments through the lenses of history, religion, and prophecy. As current events unfold according to the prophecies of the Bible, Jeffrey says Islamic extremists are preparing to attack Israel and conquer western civilization–destroying our freedom. Drawing from firsthand interviews, intelligence reports, and ancient prophecy, Jeffrey reveals: ·Saddam Hussein’s role in the 9/11 attack on America ·Where Iraq hid its Weapons of Mass Destruction ·How Russia and extreme Islam will launch World War III ·The Bible’s prophecy of the destruction of extremist Islam ·How Israel will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem With Grant Jeffrey’s incisive and sometimes surprising analysis, you can understand the hidden agenda and powerful players behind today’s news headlines.

The Crusades from the Perspective of Byzantium and the Muslim World

Author : Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Byzantine History Angeliki E Laiou
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The essays in this volume demonstrate that on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean there were rich, variegated, and important phenomena associated with the Crusades, and that a full understanding of the significance of the movement and its impact on both the East and West must take these phenomena into account.


Author : Gilles Kepel
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A compelling account of the rise of modern political Islam traces the emergence of a new, militant brand of Islamic thought that appeared in the early 1970s and has been rocking the world ever since.

War and Peace in Islam

Author : Farid Mirbagheri
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Mirbagheri traces the revival of Islamic/ist movements, and embarks on a theoretical study of some of the fundamental concepts in Islam and International Relations such as the self, Jihad, peace and universalism. Contemporary cases of conflict in the Middle East are analysed to pose a challenge to the universalist discourse of Western liberalism.

PUNK D in Pakistan I W W the Islamic World War the Series Volume 1 the Start of the Staged 2009 Pakistani Civil War January 2009

Author : Batman Jones
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The United States, the United Nations, and NATO are being PUNK'D and PLUNDERED in Pakistan in the Pakistani government sponsored, I.S.I. funded, STAGED Civil War of 2009. This Jihad civil war is being run as a business proposition to PLUNDER the United States and the Western world to support the Jihad Islamic World War. Billions of dollars from the U.S., U.N., and NATO are being redirected from humanitarian aid for the impoverished population by the I.S.I. (Pakistan's CIA) - to fight India in Kashmir, to arm their military to later fight India, and just redirected to employees of the government for their own personal enrichment. Billions of U.S. tax dollars have already been redirected from Afghanistan as PLUNDER for the Jihad waging I.W.W. - the Islamic World War.

Islam Jihad

Author : Abdul Gafoor Abdul Majeed Noorani
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A.G. Noorani provides non-Muslims with the history and understanding of certain basic concepts needed to counteract the recent upsurge of ill-informed prejudice against Muslims not only in the West but also some Third World countries; and for Muslims to see through any tendency to romanticize the crude and un-islamic brutalities of fundamentalists whom he sees as imposters who are misusing the faith as a political weapon.

Jihad s New Heartlands

Author : Gabriel G. Tabarani
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"Jihad's New Heartlands: How The West Has Failed To Contain Islamic Fundamentalism" is a ground breaking book offering an insightful and thorough analysis of the most important territories where Islamic fundamentalism has taken a foothold. The author, Gabriel G Tabarani thanks to his combination of thorough research, wide-ranging travel and extensive experience in the field provides a thorough historical, political and social analysis of the key variables, historical events and most importantly their potential consequences. This extensive study, across many of the world's foremost and pertinent Islamic fundamentalist breeding grounds such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, The Levant, and The Maghreb, offers the reader an in depth look at the context of Islamic Fundamentalism's rise in prominence, profile and destabilising potential. This analysis is extended to Muslim populations living in Europe and America helping to explain the causes for the Wests failure to contain Islamic extremism both at home and abroad. "Jihad's New Heartlands", in addition to being written by one of the regions foremost experts, is a must read for any person wanting to understand the causes of Islamic Fundamentalisms rise and the consequences of its ascent in an increasingly globalised yet unstable world.

Islamic Economics and the Final Jihad

Author : David Jonsson
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Jonsson presents the history and Islamist strategy for achieving world domination without terrorism through gradual Islamization of the West by controlling currency, oil resources, free trade zones, transportation, media, and financial markets. (Social Issues)

The Israeli Palestinian War

Author : Anthony H. Cordesman
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Details how the Intifada, which was a largely popular uprising, dominated by stone throwing and sporadic acts of violence, has now become the Israli-Palestinian War, dominated by the steady escalation of a battle between conventional and unconventional forces.

Beyond Jihad

Author : Kim Ezra Shienbaum
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Non Western Muslim intellectuals discuss nature and purpose of Jihadi terrorism and the battle for Islam's future.

Islam s Mandate a Tribute to Jihad

Author : Mr. Pat
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This work is based on the religion of Islam and the fundamental Muslims who live by Islamic Sharia law and associate themselves with Sunni Islam, or the Shia philosophy of the 6th imam. Islam's Mandate separates 80 % of the Muslim ummah (family) who live in Third World countries who cannot read or write from the radical world of Islam, as well as others who continue to associate themselves with the Muslim family, but have strayed from the teachings of Muhammad and are less than Islam's Muslim in their way of life. In the book, the author deals with 1500 year old beliefs of the fundamentalist, Islams true Muslim. The questions asked and answered are, what is the true nature of Islam, and who are the real Islam Muslims in the mosques who stay hidden behind closed doors. Those who must defend against radical Islam must take them time to understand the Jihadist. It is time America pulls its head out of Muslim sand that is soaked with blood from 1500 years of Islamic aggression, and deals with the reality of what was once an oppressed tribal cult in the Arabian Desert, but is now a dominating, brutal, and repressive theocracy spreading to every corner of this planet.

Islamic Radicalism and Global Jihad

Author : Devin R. Springer
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Jihadist ideology inspires a diverse and decentralized collection of radical groups to fight alleged enemies of Islam and to attempt to “restore” a holy caliphate to unite Muslim peoples across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Islamic Radicalism and Global Jihad provides unique insights into the philosophical foundations, strategic vision, organizational dynamics, and tactics of the modern jihadist movement—with specific attention to its primary driver, Al-Qa’ida. Springer, Regens, and Edger draw heavily on Arabic language sources seldom seen in the West to explain what jihadists want and how radical thinkers have distorted the teachings of Islam to convince followers to pursue terrorism as a religious duty. With sophisticated and systematic analysis, the authors lead their readers on a fascinating intellectual journey through the differing ideas, goals, and vulnerabilities of the jihadist movement as it has evolved over time. The authors also impart wisdom from their own professional experience with terrorism, counterinsurgency, and intelligence to provide scholars, students, counterterrorism professionals, and general readers with this accessible overview of key radical Islamic thinkers and today’s jihadists.

Islam and Conflict Resolution

Author : Ralph H. Salmi
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Islam and Conflict Resolution investigates and analyzes those aspects of Islam that deal with international law and peaceful resolution of conflict in an attempt to bridge the gap between the Western and Islamic worlds. The authors seek to expose the common ground that exists between the beliefs of Islam and those of the Judeo-Christian religions that influence action in the modern world. Most importantly, they seek to clarify the Muslim belief that conflict is not permanent or unavoidable, pointing out that Islam offers many recommendations for reducing conflict at various levels of personal and interstate relations. The book encourages an intellectual effort on both sides for education that will lead to a definite understanding of each other's world so as to lead to fair treatment in policymaking and journalism as well as an end to hostility between the Muslim and Judeo-Christian worlds.

Arguing the Just War in Islam

Author : John Kelsay
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Jihad, with its many terrifying associations, is a term widely used today, though its meaning is poorly grasped. How Islam, with more than one billion followers, interprets jihad and establishes its precepts has become a critical issue for both the Muslim and the non-Muslim world. This book provides a systematic account of how Islam's central texts interpret jihad, guiding us through the historical precedents and Qur'anic sources upon which today's claims to doctrinal truth and legitimate authority are made. Making use of original sources, religion professor Kelsay delves into the tradition of shari'a--Islamic jurisprudence and reasoning--and shows how it defines jihad as the Islamic analogue of the Western "just" war. He traces the arguments of thinkers over the centuries who have debated the legitimacy of war, and demonstrates how contemporary Muslims across the political spectrum continue this quest for a realistic ethics of war within the Islamic tradition.--From publisher description.

Does the Islamic State have a connection to the First World War

Author :
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Essay from the year 2016 in the subject History Europe - Other Countries - Ages of World Wars, grade: 1,3, , language: English, abstract: To understand the foundation of the Islamic State it is of major importance to analyse the history of the relation between Europe and the Middle East. Since the foundation of the Islamic State (IS) on June 29 in 2014, analysts and historians debate about the origin and aims of it. Therefore, in the second step of this essay I will demonstrate the history of the Middle East by focusing particularly on the First World War as a starting point.

World War III Salvation of the Jews Paperback

Author : Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen
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